Ralph and Marsha Ring Part 2 Audio and Transcript

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Ralf Ring Part 2 Rob Potter: Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you’ve had a good week. This is Rob Potter of the Victory of the Light Radio Show. I’d like to thank my producers, John Alan, from the Land of Wonder from Down Under, the big cheese at the top, Bob Charles at the Pyramid […]

Transcript – Ralph and Marsha Ring – March 15, 2017

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Ladies and gentlemen, I keep forgetting that you get that intro on this show. It’s a pretty big thing, kind of tongue in cheek, but Pyramid One Network – I’d like to thank them, of course, Bob Charles, John Alan, and my savior, sound guy, Chris Spell, there in North Carolina, who’s done a tremendous […]

GoldFish Report No. 102 [6-18-17], Celebrating 100 GoldFish Reports ‘Uniting the Light’ with Special Guests

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This was quite an event organized by Louisa. I had not met several of those on the panel (I’d met Rob Potter and Kent Dunn), and I felt it was an excellent broadcast. And it seemed all of us were having some fun with this! I was, of course, at Kona Coffee and Tea, and […]