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ZORRA’S HEALING CALL TONIGHT! – Sunday, August 16, 2015


Testimonies will be covered tonight. –MrT.

Source: http://www.hollowearthnetwork.com/page/490165778


August 16, 2015


Time: 5 PM Pacific – 6 PM Mountain – 7 PM Central – 8 PM Eastearn!

This is a special night when we will hear live from our HEN Family. What it was that gave them pain relief. What brought them back to health and energy? How they helped their family for better relationships and upliftment. Did it come from Zorra and Saryya’s Healing Pulse? Did it come from SOUL? CORE? StemFit Active? ZeroPoint Global Frequency products? From Laminine? Remember, the other half of receiving is “giving.” And tonight we look forward to those who HAVE received to GIVE! This is how we contribute to the health and upliftment of our HEN Family! See you there!

WEB PAGE:  BlogTalkRadio.com/HollowEarthNetwork.com

Q & A: 1-347-637-2383 – 50 Lines! Please save for those needing healing!

If you do not have a healing to request, please use listen-only:

Telephone, listen only: 1-857-957-1110 + 439724#

International: CLICK HERE + 439724#

After call, telephone playback: 1-587-957-1119 + 439724# Ref: 125#


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