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(VI) (DM) Nancy Tate: Wake up Call: Hatonn: Your Creation Is Arriving / Ann Albers: Focus – the angels / Shariq: Passion to Create: The Time Segment Application for Manifestation


Source: http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/Wakeup%20Call/MWmesages/August2015/Hatonn08-04-15.htm

Wake up Call: Hatonn: Your Creation Is Arriving

Messenger Nancy Tate
A message from Hatonn
August 04, 2015


I am here today to give you an insight as to what will be coming in the coming months. It is about to break loose and it will hit the fans in a few days. It is going to be so fantastic that some of you won’t believe it.

As I say these things, I realize that it could confuse some of you. It could be that there will be those who will not be able to comprehend, much less see the changes that are already in place and will be exposed. It is a matter of many of you seeing these changes because you have not only been a part of their creation, but also a part of the ones who will be incorporating them into your life’s mission.

I am Hatonn and I come once more through this one, because we will be working together in the times to come. It will be a reunion of sorts, and in that it will be a re-enactment of that which we have already done on another parallel. That parallel is designed to meld into this one once enough people are able to see the promise that it holds for them.

I speak of the economic, as well as the societal images that so many of you have given to this parallel [that] I speak of. It is through your part in it that it is going to be what you have designed and created through your dedication to creating that which you have agreed to on a soul level. There is much that is going to come into your lives around the planet, and as the pieces fall into place it will be an easing into the peace, joy and Love that you have been focusing on. All the pieces of the puzzle will evolve into a way of living that is right in front of and within you, which means it will no longer be a puzzle. It will be the way of life that you have already created through your power of transformation and dedication to that which you feel is the wondrous way of bringing this planet and your lives to a heaven on earth and beyond.

I will speak of one more issue in this message, and that is of your ideas that have already come to fruition. They have done so because you have been steadfast about them, and now you are seeing proof of your power. For those of you who are still struggling with being able to bring forth what you think you desire, ask yourselves if it is clear within your beingness, or if there are a number of deciding factors that you are working through. This is what is bringing the results of your choices to a middle ground. Is it this, or is it that which you desire and intend for your life? This is where you are giving yourself what may feel like emptiness in your life, or confusion about why you haven’t been clear yet. To this I say trust in your inner guidance and what feels like the dream you have carried for so long. Is the dream [of] what you really desire right now, or has it changed to suit the energies of Now? Allow yourself to answer that question and then go forth in what feels wonderful and free flowing. This is the power that you have in the inner knowing and bliss that you are able to bring to your lives.

I go now and encourage you all to see what it is that is in front of you and assess it as part of what you have created. Then bless the next step and the next that you take in joy, and the power of what you can create and live in bliss. I love all of you so much and I see the power that you have to create all that you desire and intend for your lives. Love is the truth of who you are and the Oneness of you all.

Thank you dear Beloved Hatonn,

Welcome back! Love, Nancy Tate

Website: http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/




Messenger Ann Albers
A message from the angels
August 1, 2015

angelslookingleft_bluegold (1)

There is perfection in all things and never a need to worry! The worst that can happen is that you end up in glorious bliss in heaven, or you end up on earth letting go of control and finding you are deeply and dearly loved anyway. In truth, many of your worries and concerns are simply chances to learn greater faith and to learn to see the opportunity for growth when life presents challenges.

There is never once a time when you are not, in some way, at some level, creating or allowing for the circumstances in your life. We do hear you… “Why would I create pain? Why would I allow suffering? Why would I experience lack?” Dear ones it is only because your vibration. Your energy is attuned to that particular experience. So when you find yourself in such a situation, stop worrying. Don’t beat yourself up. Remind yourself that you are a powerful, infinite being, connected with the source of all love, resources, and inspirations. You are never alone.

Focus with great faith upon what you lovingly desire, rather than what you fear. Ask your angels to help gently and kindly remove any fears or unconscious patterns blocking you from having what you wish for. Sit and breathe for a few minutes each day and please allow us to assist you in changing your energy field. When your energy changes, your life changes. It is simply the law of cause and effect.

Website: http://angelmessages.visionsofheaven.com/



Passion to Create: The Time Segment Application for Manifestation

A message from Shariq
July 27, 2015

In these times of quick and sometimes turbulent change, it might seem as if there is a sense [of] urgency around an issue or situation. This must be solved now or else…

This frequency of the old time program loop that somehow if something is not accomplished by a certain time, all is lost is no longer as relevant as before.

We have moved into a new time paradigm of time segments whereby each time sequence is independent of the other and is no longer linear.

So what appears to be urgent, what appears to be a short amount of time to get things done can actually be a very long period of time if we insert a sequence in between, a time segment that overrides the apparent deadline or urgency.

For example if there is a bill to pay and money must be created to meet this deadline, the sense of fear, of loss of control is a survival mechanism of the 1st chakra, to solve the problem in a vibration of urgency and fear.

If we change the fear to a passion to create the miraculous time segment that will solve your problems, then miracles can occur and manifest.

To do this we can simply ground the energy of fear through our grounding cords (magnetic coils turned on by commanding it) and change our attention point to something that makes us happy, like an ice cream, or balloons, or the beach, [or whatever].

This shift in attention point allows for the energy to shift into a happy vibration that allows for passion and creativity to flow.

Now we are aligned with the true God Goddess frequencies [that] we are.

Now our root chakra is vibrating in a higher vibration of possibility.

Now we can create a miraculous event, a solution in a time segment before the apparently urgent deadline.

Simply visualize the solution arriving and being in your hands. Feel it. Make it real. Feel the emotions, the relief at having solved the situation.

Then ground this emotion and visualization to the Earth through your grounding cord with love.

Insert this time segment of the solution before the apparent urgent deadline in the sequence of time you are creating, by commanding it, as the creator of your reality.

And watch how the next time segments unfold!

This is how the energy works. And you can do it again and again. The Universe is simply following your command, O Creator.

How do you create?


Shariq Mahbub
Website: www.goldsunhealing.com

About Shariq

Shariq (“Rising Sun”) is a Spiritual teacher, author, clairvoyant, healer, medium and channel for the Ascended Masters, Archangels and other Galactic and Cosmic beings of light available to assist humanity at this exciting time of planetary ascension.


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