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(VI) (DM) Linda Robinson: “Your Internal Compass” – AA Zadkiel / Shanta Gabriel: The 8-8-8 Lion’s Gateway Portal: Aligning with True Mastery to Create a New Foundation of Love – AA Gabriel


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“Your Internal Compass”

Messenger Linda Robinson
A message from Archangel Zadkiel
August 2015


Greetings Beloved Ones,

This is Archangel Zadkiel, along with Lady Amethyst, of the Seventh Ray of Transformation and Manifestation. We are being joined by a host of the Angelic Realm. Today, we wish to bring you a Message of Light about your internal compass.

Your internal compass is your internal center. It is the part of you that keeps you grounded. At the same time, it allows you to soar through the multi-dimensions. It is the part of you that you turn to in times of silence. It is the part of you that keeps you on your intended course and helps you maintain your focus. It is the part of you that helps you remain true to yourself. It is the part of you that is eternally enduring.

Tuning in to your inner compass is especially important in this time of expanded energy. The higher dimensional energy that you are currently experiencing offers many opportunities. You are being presented with many appealing options for the next step on your path. It may feel as if you have come to a fork in the road that has many directions branching off at the fork. Each direction presents a different opportunity.

More than one possible direction or experience may interest you. Sometimes, it is helpful to turn to your internal compass to see what each direction or path represents. One path may represent what you feel others have expected of you. Another path may be what you have always done, and it would represent a continuation of this. Another path may represent what others are doing. Still another may present a completely new experience. There may be even more than one path that represents a new experience.

It may not be a question of one path being right and another being wrong. It is considering which path resonates with you and makes your heart sing. It is about which one will take you to the next step on the path of your purpose and mission in this incarnation. 

This is where turning to your internal compass can give you guidance on what resonates with you. Your internal compass resides in your heart center. This is where you go to gain clarity about your mission and to stay on course.

Each person has a unique mission in each incarnation. Your mission incorporates your talents, skills, and values. These aspects are blended with your special energetic signature to form the person you are. When you tune in to your heart center, you are in harmony with who you are, and this leads you to your special mission.

If you wish to have greater clarity about your mission, you can make this request to the Universe and your guides. Then, tune in to your inner compass and guidance for the answer. It may come in several forms. You may have an idea that seems to float into your awareness. You may see a book that draws your attention, or you may have a conversation with someone who sparks an idea within you. When you remain focused in the moment and are in tune with your internal compass and guidance, you can recognize the signals more easily. Then, your internal compass helps to keep you on course with your mission.

You may wish to tune in to your inner compass by placing your attention on your heart center and focusing on your breath. As you focus on your breath, you are remaining in the moment and centering yourself. Then, your attention can rest in your heart center. 

As you breathe in and out, you become aware of yourself as a Spark of the Divine. You realize that you are much more than the external circumstances that surround you. You know, within your deepest knowing, that you are part of a great web of life that is universal. 

As you continue to bask in this knowing, you become aware that this knowing is part of your internal compass. It is always there guiding you when you allow it to impart its universal knowledge to you. It is there leading you to your mission and to highest good. It is there leading you to peace within your Soul.

The more you tune in to your internal compass, the stronger it becomes.

When you tune in to your internal compass throughout the day, it imparts what you need to know at that moment. Then, when you come to the fork in the road, the various choices that are presented to you seem much more manageable because you are aware of your role in the vast universal play of life. The path or paths that most closely resonate with your mission seem to tug at your heart strings, as the others fade away.

It is as if your internal compass is guiding you, and you begin to glide through daily life with ease and grace, no matter what external circumstances arise, because you are connected with a greater plan. You are part of the great cosmic plan where you have your unique role, just as others have their unique roles. With each person playing his or her role, the cosmic dance of life moves in a harmonious manner.

Beloveds, we are always here to work with you when you call on us. We are all working for peace, harmony, and greatest good.

Know that you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst, joined by a Host of the Angelic Realm…and we surround you with Love.

And so it is.

All rights reserved Linda M. Robinson

Email: Linda@PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com
Website: www.PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com



The 8-8-8 Lion’s Gateway Portal: Aligning with True Mastery to Create a New Foundation of Love

Messenger Shanta Gabriel
A message from Archangel Gabriel
July 31, 2015

Graphic Art by Ellen McDonough 

Dear Ones,

Every year on August 8 the Earth aligns with the Galactic Center of the Universe to create an extremely beneficial portal to accelerate ascension energies within you. This Lion’s Gateway allows intense Light waves from the Great Central Sun to stream through our Sun and anchor new solar codes for Mastery and higher aspects of Love onto the planet. This year offers a rare triple 8 Lion’s Gateway Activation, as 2015 (2+0+1+5=8) adds another 8 to the equation, creating an even more powerful portal into the higher realms of Divinity.

The 8-8-8 Lion’s Gateway Portal opened July 26 to inspire new balance between your heart’s intelligence and your thinking mind, creating a connection that will become your new reality; a reality so deeply aligned with your soul that it provides a platform for a profound inner foundation of Love. This alignment with the Galactic Center inspires your deepest connection to the Christed Heart within you. As you taste this new reality, the doorway opens, gently revealing to you the Harmony that is possible when you relinquish fear and open into a new alignment with Divine Love.

The Peace that prevails during this portal period gives you a clear indication of what you have been craving in your heart. The expansive ability to love with your whole heart and mind is the new level of energy being offered in the 8-8-8 Alignment. This gives you the freedom and inspiration so you can choose Love as your only reality and expand your energy field to live in a state of true Peace within your heart.

As inviting as it sounds, this may be uncomfortable for some. Most people are not used to the level of expansion that a state of Peace entails, as most are familiar with their energy field functioning in a contracted state to feel safer in the new frequencies that are electrifying the nervous system.

However, the activations that are being provided on a daily basis during the Lion’s Gate Portal are offering your energy system a lift in Light Frequency so you can have a true experience of pure alignment within your being. Your Pituitary/Pineal Center, which is connected by pure Light to your High Heart, is the focus of activation for you at this pivotal time.

Your work as a Light Bearer of new consciousness is to fully open to the perception of this unfamiliar reality as one of Love and Alignment with your Soul’s gifts. The Lion’s Gateway is the portal where you can allow this connection to your Soul to be the consciousness that inspires your life.

“Name it and claim it” becomes a useful process for creation of your new reality. The recognition and focus of your balanced mind/heart connection trains your energy system to work in a new way; one that will fulfill your soul’s requirement for a sense of Harmony and Peace within your heart. As you establish Love as your new basis for living, it precedes the unfoldment of expansiveness and levels of freedom in every area of your life.

Throughout the shift in consciousness occurring through the Lion’s Gateway, be aware of the Masters and Archangels at work to keep the focus of Alignment in the forefront of your awareness. The portal you are experiencing is not a mental construct, but a demonstration of one of the most powerful alignments you have ever experienced. The more refined energies that have been awakening those who are preparing the way for all humanity has enabled the purity of the portal for this year. New clear alignments that are directly connected to your individual Soul are now possible through the work by many who have been committed to the ascension of all beings on the planet at this time.

Throughout the energetic gateway period that is occurring now until after August 8, take the time to open your inner portal of awareness through focus on your Third Eye Chakra. Ask to align with the frequencies of Christed Light from the great Central Sun, and allow yourself to feel the activation of your Pineal/Pituitary Center. Claim Love and Peace as your only reality and let it anchor in your High Heart. As this new Christed Light energy flows through your physical being, it raises your energy centers to the new harmonizing frequencies of the Lion’s Gate Portal in pure alignment with your most Divine Source.

Allow the brilliance of this pure alignment to activate the frequencies in your lower chakra centers and become very aware of your ability to connect this energy to the Earth. Imagining your deep connection with the Earth allows this new frequency of expansive heart-centered energy to openly expand and create a new foundation for your life.

You are guided in this process by the illumined beings actively holding frequencies for all humanity to awaken. The 8-8-8 portal is the time allotted for a new galactic year of mastering your Heart and Mind connection. Use this time to activate freedom and new life within you so [that] you can bring forth your Soul’s gifts into your new reality of Love. Feel the support from the Archangels and know deeply in true faith that you are loved.

And so it is.

Archangel Gabriel from Shanta Gabriel

Copyright: July 30, 2015

Website: www.ShantaGabriel.com

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