2015 June 24 – Q & A with Cobra

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Latest Updates: Exclusive: Join the Promise Revealed Inner Circle Or Sign up for the Free Membership and get access to Newsletters, Special Offers. Also, be sure to check out: Galactic and World News with Mr. Truthseeker YOUTUBE VERSION   Rob Potter Interview with Cobra June 20, 2015   Rob – Hello ladies and gentlemen.  Welcome to […]

Webpage Status – June 26, 2015

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Webpage has been down. Hopefully I can start posting soon.

The Pleiadians 2015: Economic Collapse, Revolution and More! – Vid (VI) (DM)

The Pleiadians channeled by Barbara Marciniak 03/21/15. Topics include 2015 predictions, extraterrestrials, Anunnaki, chakras, advanced technology, psychedelic drugs, demons, space wars, fracking, Malaysia plane, the 6th trumpet, revelations and more.

2015 June – VoL Show – Guest Alex Collier

2015 June – VoL Show – Guest Alex Collier

Robert Potter Victory of the Light with Guest Alex Collier 06-25-2015 Part 1 by Pyramid One Network Radio on Mixcloud Talk with Alex Collier and Robert Potter Part 1 06-25-2015 Alex Collier states be contacted with a race of extraterrestrial humans who belong to the constellation Andromeda . The first time I began to experience […]

2015 May – VoL Show – Guest Sam Osmanagich

2015 May – VoL Show – Guest Sam Osmanagich

Rob Potter Victory of the Light with Dr. Sam Osmanagich Bosnian Pyramids on 05-19-2015 by Pyramid One Network Radio on Mixcloud Sam Osmanagich authored and narrated a 12-episode documentary “Search for Lost Civilization” for the state Bosnian television FTVBiH (2007) which was based on his book: “Civilizations Before the Official History” (2005). Osmanagich lectures extensively […]

(VI) Méline Lafont: Solstice Portal in Neptune energies / Children of the Sun: PLANETARY COHERENCE TRANSMISSI ONS

1. Well, it is most definitely clear that we have taken another major leap towards oneness and the SELF expression in unity.

2. Solstice, June 21 ~ Factory Farming Transmission; Full Moon, July 2 ~ Deforestation Transmission

(VI) Ann Dahlberg: The True Life – Sananda / Natalie Glasson: From Origin to Synthesis – the Andromedans (DM)

1. I am Sananda and have come to talk with you today about life. The true life.

2. We are working with your soul and all of humanity to bring forth the divine will and plan of the Creator upon the Earth.

(VI) Sandra Walter: Solstice Focus: Crystalline Consciousness / Anrita Melchizedek: Pyramid of Shambhala – the Elders – Vid

Our Solstice Gateway is a crystalline focus, and it is recommended to use every facet to amplify and accelerate our crystalline consciousness.

Health News Headlines for June 20, 2015 (VI)

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Top health news for June 20, 2015

Stop DARK Act barring states from passing their own GMO labeling laws: Sign the petition! (VI) (DM)

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If passed, House Resolution 1599, which has been dubbed the "Deny Americans the Right to Know," or "DARK," Act, will not only bar individual states and local governments from passing GMO labeling legislation but also restrict food manufacturers from practicing their First Amendment right to make voluntary non-GMO claims on their products.

Amy’s Kitchen to Launch First Non-GMO, Organic Drive-Thru (VI)

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As McDonald’s continues to lose money each month as millions reject its GMO-loaded fast food, a company called Amy’s Kitchen is making an awesome move towards making real food more accessible than ever before. The company is launching the first 100% non-GMO, organic-based drive-thru that will offer a host of locally sourced meals.

3 fat-processing techniques that can cause a heart attack (VI) (DM)

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The more society insists that foods be cheaper and widely available in any store at any time, the more people travel down the road of deteriorating health. As long as low cost and convenience reign supreme in our food choices, people are destined to inhale processed foods for the rest of their lives.

(VI) (DM) David Wilcock Update: Secret blockade of our solar system by “Blue Avians” – Vid / Cobra Update: Implants

1. Update from David Wilcock on the dark cabal.

2. Cobra: Plasma implants were first put into surface humanity population 26,000 years ago. Each time just before an individual was incarnated, he was re-implanted again. In this way, the surface population was kept in amnesia for the whole 26,000 year cycle.

Suzanne Lie: The Top of the Ladder – the Arcturians (VI) (DM)

Thought forms are the alphabet for Light Language. From the top of the ladder, everything appears different, as reality is no longer limited to the third dimension. From your new perspective, the physical world is something that you observe rather than live.

(VI) (DM Something Marvelous is happening NOW- Neville Goddard Exercise – Vid / Peggy Black: The Matrix of This Dimension – the ‘Team’

We continue to remind you that you are pure conscious energy and light. You are infinite and limitless. These concepts and ideas are being offered to you in many forms and many sources. We are also messengers to spark your awakening to your own unlimited magnificence.

Steve Rother: THE TIME OF LOVE: Energy Exchange – the Group (VI) (DM) / Online Conference: The Economic Reset – Vid

You have stepped into something new and we will explain some of the process. During the next month or so, you have a unique opportunity. This has to do with the energy coming into the planet in new forms.

Mike Quinsey: SaLuSa Update (VI) (DM)

The stage has been set for an announcement of our intentions. And once that step has been taken, they will escalate into a whole series of them. You have patiently waited for such a time, and when it arrives you will not be disappointed.

(VI) GaiaPortal Update / Fran Zepeda: You Have Entered a New Phase of Your Awakening – Lady Nada

1. Movements of Celestials among Gaia inhabitants reaches into depths of all.

2. This is not a time for assessment, or judgment of your progress. This is a time of complete letting go and surrendering to your Higher Self, for it will take you further into your journey of Ascension the more you trust it.

Health News Headlines for June 19, 2015

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Top health news for June 19, 2015

(VI) (DM) Denver implements urban farming program, allowing residents to sell produce in front yard stan ds / “Smart” Villages Incorporate High-Tech and Sustainable Agriculture

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1. Passionate about health and the great outdoors, Coloradans are insistent on producing more food locally, a move that would greatly reduce carbon footprints, provide more transparency and supply communities with fresh produce year-round.

2. After seeing this news, I decided this is the type of town I want to live in! You may feel the same, too. The UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network has pioneered a new footprint for eco-villages that makes housing more affordable and organic food more accessible for people in Malaysia.

Carrageenan and your gut microflora (VI)

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Carrageenan is a "natural" food additive derived from red seaweed and processed with a chemical to neutralize its acidity. Introduced to the food industry in the 1930s, carrageenan is a popular ingredient added to foods as a thickening agent to improve the texture and solubility of products. This product has been shown to alter the gut microflora and weaken the body’s immune system.

Georgi Stankov: Escalation of War Propaganda Between the West and Russia Heralds Our Imminent Move to New Lemuria

The escalation of dangerous war propaganda between the West and Russia has reached a new peak. … The legitimacy of the ruling cabal is now sustainable destroyed and the next step will be their ousting from power.

Aurelia Louise Jones: The New Lemuria – Adama; forward by Georgi Stankov (VI) (DM)

This message from Adama on New Lemuria was channelled in the 90s and it reveals a numbers of aspects in the Ascension process in the current End Phase that should be highlighted one more time for the sake of better understanding.

Suzanne Lie: SIXTH CHAKRA AND GAIA SPEAKS – Gaia – Vid (VI) (DM)

Today, we will present the information about our Sixth Chakra and we will hear from Gaia and Her Sixth Chakra

(VI) (DM) Ann Albers: The Unfolding Order – the Angels & Message from Ann / Just add love

1. There is, in all things a greater order trying to emerge in the universe. There is purpose in all things, all actions, all events, even if you cannot see it at the time. There is a beautiful plan unfolding for your life if you will only trust your heart in each moment.

2. Joy is your birthright, and joy is to be found in the moment when you accept that what is in front of you, right here, right now is exactly what your soul needs in this moment to learn more about love!

Meredith Murphy: The Solstice: Celebrate the Return to Love – Sanat Kumara (VI) (DM)

I am Sanat Kumara and I am here with you in this communication, to share with you about this time in your world, about the upcoming Solstice alignment, about your lives, what is emerging, what is possible, what is important and what might be the most significant aspect available to you, in your experience now; the experience of the return of love.



Health News Headlines for June 18, 2015 (VI)

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Top health news for June 18, 2015

(VI) (DM) FDA Phasing Out Trans-fats Due to Health Concerns – Vids (VI) (DM)

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The FDA on Tuesday ruled that trans-fat is not ‘generally recognized as safe’ for use in human food.

Stop taking statin drugs; high cholesterol leads to longer life (VI) (DM)

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Statin drugs to lower LDL cholesterol are prescribed to more than 13 million Americans, and almost all men over the age of 60. Research published in the Annals of Nutrition & Metabolism in April 2015 now shows that, as you age, having high cholesterol is beneficial.