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Hollow Earth Conference Call Replay & Important Notes (VI) (DM) – Update


There was a Hollow Earth Conference Call Saturday. Sorry I did not post a notification. The call crept up on me and I was out most of the day on Saturday. Here is the link to the replay. –MrT.


May 23, 2015


Telephone Replay: 1-857-957-1119 + 439724# Ref No: 113#

Anne’s notes topic highlights:

Yes, the RV will happen! Do not give up your Dinars! – Behind the scenes – Boeing’s new aircraft design – Nibiru/Planet X? – Zorra destroying the asteroid – Who is protecting Planet Earth – Veil is lifted, claim your power – ISIS? – space wars in our solar system? – They “passed on.” Where are they? – Strange sounds? – Neutron bomb, Yeman? – Talk about Ascension 2016-17 – Will Ascended return? – Cancer? – Flat Earth? – % Earth in 5D? – StemFit – Encoders – SOUL/CORE – LOVE – He had gout/ she was incontinent


Here are some important notes from the call that was done two months ago on March 21, 2015. –MrT.


March 21, 2015


Telephone Replay: 1-857-957-1119 + 439724# Ref No: 109#

Oil companies have been notified to wean themselves off of oil. They have not really done so since this warning, so Prime Creator will be stepping in. Rigs will be capped or simply not produce any oil anymore and oil companies will be left high and dry. This will happen around the world after the currency revaluation exchange has taken place. Cars will be converted to run on water or hydrogen from water or electric.

At the 1:49:00 mark you will hear that Egypt has gained entrance to the Akashic records in the Sphinx. Israel and Egypt are now reading them and they are finding out the true history of the world. A young archeologist from Cairo, Egypt discovered the tone that enabled entrance into the chamber that holds the history of the world. He did so using a primitive device known as xylophone. He played the tone in the hallway where they had discovered the sealed chamber and the door opened. This has not been publicized yet primarily because they do not know everything that it consists of. Zorra says it consists of far more knowledge than our history books will ever tell. It reveals the true history of the ancient ones, ones that had the knowledge to turn the world into harmony and peace. I don’t expect to made public until the cabal is removed from power.

Zorra said Obama has been meeting with Ashtar and Prime Creator in female form and they have been encouragement him to give an announcement of ET disclosure. If he goes forward with a full disclosure announcement, he will be divinely protected. Ashtar and Prime Creator in female form wearing a robe and sandals and will be on either side of him when the announcement is given. All technologies that were exchanged with ETs since 1954 will be brought forth. The cabal and agencies of the corporation such as CIA and other Intel agencies will be powerless to stop the announcement. The media will be given freedom to transmit this announcement world-wide. It will be heard in every country and every village. This announcement will happen after the currency revaluation. After the announcement, sightings and UFO activity will step up significantly to where we will see the fullness of the ships but there will not be any chaos. Writers in Hollywood are being given ideas and stories from the Galactic Federation and Zorra (most likely telepathically) for new scripts for new movies to bring a positive light to extraterrestrial beings. Zorra says we are very close to full disclosure. Prepare for reunion with the inner and hollow earth beings first, then ETs from elsewhere.

Sealed entrances to the inner earth and the hollow earth are currently in the process being opened.

We won’t have long to find out how much pans out, and I am sure there will be more updates.