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Karen Dover: The illusion of “patterning” (VI) (DM)


Source: https://truthcodes.wordpress.com/2015/05/07/the-illusion-of-patterning/

The illusion of “patterning”

A message from Karen Dover
May 7, 2015

It can be challenging to allow the human logical mind to reach out for patterns and understand that the patterns are no longer supported. At this time many of the foundation patterns that are taught to the human race in TRUTH are coming up for personal “review”. This may see scenarios presented to us at a personal level that appear to be “similar” to “previous” scenarios in our life experience to date. The illusion that is presented in order to prevent us moving into the expansion that lies just beyond said pattern is what we are asked to focus upon and not the illusion itself.

For example imagine you are driving along a highway on a hot day. In the distance “appears” to be a heat haze. It may appear as you drive towards it to be something that almost appears “real” but driving on along the highway the heat haze is never actually driven through. As you approach it, it disappears and appears further along the horizon.

In the old 3D earth created construct there are illusions that are driven by our deepest fears that resemble the heat haze in the example above, however like the example above, if we keep on along the highway and keep moving and allowing the momentum of the expansion, then the illusion will be moved through. It may appear a little further in front of you but once you have driven through a few of these “illusion” heat hazes you understand how they work and you then pay little attention to them. However, the first time you ever encounter a heat haze on the highway (perhaps you have lived in a cold country and never had the experience personally), you will have no reference point for it. You may have seen it on TV but personally as an experience there will be no reference point.

So we reach the present moment of expansion, and as we move more fully into the creation of the New Earth waking reality, we will gather reference points in TRUTH. These are always reference points that we can personally validate through experience. This is in stark contrast to the reference points that are taught to us within the old 3D earth created construct that are not personal and cannot be validated through experience.

To use another example, if your parent was terrified of water, chances are that learning to swim for you would have been through someone other than your parent; however, every time your parent was near a body of water you would unconsciously pick up their body language and adopt their reference point for large bodies of water. As a child, prior to talking and experiencing this, you would have anchored a deep “fear”, but this fear is a reference point that sits hidden. After all you may have learned to swim, however, the primal fear taught unconsciously by your parent sits within your cellular structure and will be triggered at many points until you dissolve said trigger.

At this time we are asked to allow ourselves to have the EXPERIENCE that is being presented and to understand that in many instances these experiences will initially be presented as a fear. In order to dissolve and release a fear, it is necessary to first of all acknowledge and see the fear, then allow the understanding of where it comes from, and then the understanding of whether it is our personal fear or has simply been adopted through earlier experiences.

Memories work to trigger the emotional responses that are sitting hidden. Often we associate memories with happy times OR sad times but memories are always distorted and always changed. Each time we take a memory out to look at it, we change it through our emotional reaction to the memory. It is this emotional reaction that is overwritten on top of the initial experience. So when a memory comes up for viewing, we are never re-experiencing the actual event. This is not possible. (We cannot drink the exact same cup of coffee again for example). We are only ever having an emotional reaction to a recorded reference point of an experience which can never ever be experienced again.

This may be triggering to understand. It implies that somehow our memories are false but our human life experience is only ever EXPERIENCE in TRUTH. Once the experience is experienced, then it is no longer active. It sits in neutral. Only EXPERIENCE is an active process, something the old 3D earth created construct hides in plain view. It is why we are taught to plunge ourselves into nostalgia through films, music and fashion. To take us out of the now moment and disempower our energy signature as we become but viewers to our own life experience.

Many within the human race are sitting in a cinema watching their own lives internally, unaware that they are doing this. As this is not supported, for it is not TRUTH, it is now breaking down. The triggers at this time are to jump start or kick start us out of neutral. A car that is in neutral does not go anywhere. It has to be in at least first gear before it can start moving. Within the old 3d earth created construct, we are persuaded to sit in our vehicles in neutral simply “waiting”.

Energy requires an activation. To interact with energy, we need only ever interact with scenarios that are presented to us. To be ACTIVE in our outer waking life experience initially may invoke huge fear. We are asked to take back the responsibility for our own emotions and life experience. This is in direct contrast to that which we have been taught to live within the old 3D earth created construct.

Belief structures, such as “I cannot make this movement in my life without X doing Y” is not TRUTH. We are the ones who are living our EXPERIENCES. They are personal. While they might involve those whom share this planet with us, we have been taught to hand our life experience to those around us. This sees huge frustration and anxiety arise within us as we place the impetuous on external circumstances. We keep a tight hold of the belief systems, seeking to justify them often by the non-action of those around us but this is the illusion. Taking the first step in anything may be challenging, but we are stepping into a new way of living and being in our human life experience upon this planet.

We are supported at all moments of all moments. Our connection to Christed [energies] and to GOD supports our expansion. While we may not see the whole picture or any part of the picture that we are asked to interact with, GOD does. We are never given anything that we do not have the tools for internally. FAITH and TRUST are not adjectives they are verbs, they require action. Just as LOVE is a verb and an action, LOVE in TRUTH is not passive. We have simply been taught that it is.

The energies are now building, pushing us past personal prison walls, and the outer life experience requires only our TRUST and FAITH in the process [and] to look deep within and understand that we are being asked to move into an expansion of LOVE at all moments of all moments. Our human logical mind has no reference point for this until we personally create and VALIDATE the experience. It is from this validation of experience that we build the foundation for our lives in the New Earth and begin to build from a foundation of the LOVE that IS in TRUTH.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.