William LePar: Helping those in Need – Part 1 – the Council (VI) (DM)

If an individual truly wishes to add to creation, add to the world, improve THE world, then it would be only wise to start first with themselves and their immediate situation.

Suzanne Lie: Roadside Assistance – Arcturians and Galactic Family (VI) (DM)

YOU are the creator of your life, but you are also the editor. Furthermore, there are many versions and frequencies of your SELF who may or may not be in alignment.

“We Are All One” – The Guardian of New Music of the Realms, Adama, (Ascended Masters) One Who Serves and Ashira (VI) (DM)

When the moment comes in what you call the “Event” you will find that this is the complete movement and shift for Gaia herself and for all those that are ready to come with her, as well as all of those who are staggering behind who will be assisted by those of you who go forward.

Natalie Glasson: Your Current Flight of Ascension – Commander Ashtar (VI) (DM)

This time upon the Earth, which will span all of your lifetime, is a period of powerful awakening. Everything within you has the opportunity to awaken and blossom into the magnificence of the Creator.

Ann Dahlberg: Messages from Judas Iscariot (VI) (DM)

Prepare for a celebration of a kind you have not seen in your world.

Global Meditation with the Love Mantra Tomorrow (VI)

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Global Meditation with the Love Mantra Saturday Evening – May 30, 2015

Health News Headlines for May 30, 2015 (VI)

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Top news headlines for May 30, 2015

These ‘Big 6′ Chemical Companies Now Make 50,000 Different Pesticides (VI) (DM)

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At what point can we start calling pesticide makers the true pests that need to be eradicated? At this point the number of pesticides in the world is beyond alarming; it’s (literally) sickening.

(VI) DM) Europe leads the world in eliminating trans-fats /Analysis reveals more than one-quarter of all supermarket food contains toxic trans-fats / Adios, Trans-fats: FDA Poised To Phase Out Artery-Clogging Fat

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1. Consumption of trans-fats is strongly associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, and has been linked to several types of cancer. A growing number of countries in the WHO European Region have recognized that taking action to eliminate trans-fats may bring significant health gains, and new data indicate that such action is highly effective in reducing trans-fat consumption among the population.

2. It is not a big secret that the processed food industry thrives on selling people junk foods made from cheap, addictive and often synthetic ingredients. However, a major loophole in the regulatory system has made it easier than ever for junk food manufacturers to also add hidden trans-fats to their already unhealthy products, with more than one-quarter of all supermarket foods now ridden with this artery-clogging poison.

3. Now, the Food and Drug Administration is expected to take action soon to phase out much of the remaining trans-fats in the food supply. The agency first announced its plan back in 2013. And, any day now, the FDA is expected to announce a final rule that could amount to a near ban of trans-fats.

(VI) DM) Food Babe videos: What I Used To Look Like Before The Food Babe Way / The Food Babe takes aim at her critics / The Dirty Secret About What You’re Eating

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Vani Hari aka the Food Babe discusses the toxic food additives in our food supply and her work to make companies more accountable and transparent with their ingredients.

Hollow Earth CC (VI) (DM)

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Update on revolutionary health products that help with your ascension

Meredith Murphy: Your New Relationship with Money – Part 3 – AA Michael (VI) (DM)

Learning to imagine that which you have not yet experienced, and feeling tremendously good while you imagine it, is a great gift to yourself. We want you to really take that in. Learning to imagine that which you have not yet experienced, even briefly, and feeling tremendously good while you imagine it, is a great gift to yourself.

Matthew Message – May 23, 2015 (VI) (DM)

Earthquakes in Nepal in ascension context; Earth’s energy field of potential; Illuminati history; historic exploitation of Earth populations; lightworkers; love-light in everyday life

Ron Head: Safety – The Council (VI) (DM)

We choose today to speak about the subject of safety. And so, naturally, we shall begin by taking a look at fear.

Swetlishoff: A Discourse on Authority – AA Gabriel (VI) (DM)

I would like to have discourse on the quality of love known as authority. Through one’s embracing of the enlightening qualities of love, one becomes the central guide and authority of one’s life.

Mike Quinsey: SaLuSa Update (VI) (DM)

This Age will prove to have been very successful in guiding you back to higher levels of consciousness, and indeed it was always the plan for those who were beginning to awaken to their true selves.

GaiaPortal Update (VI) (DM)

Shadow remembrances clear as Hue-manity awakens further into Higher Energetic Light Mastery.

Health Ranger launches world’s first search engine that favors New Media while banning corporate and government propaganda

The official beta launch announcement is here! The world’s first privacy-protecting search engine that bans corporate propaganda and government disinformation is now ready for webmasters to submit their sites for indexing. What is the name of the new search engine? Good Gopher!

De-Google your life: How to avoid Google surveillance and protect your personal data (VI) (DM)

Google has evolved from being a company which once merely provided Internet users with a free search engine and email to becoming an all-encompassing entity that monitors nearly everything you do.

(VI) (DM) 20 Herbs that can help fight cancer / Mediterranean Diet: Eating Omega 3s, And Veggies May Fight Uterine Cancer / Tomato-rich diet may lower cancer risk,study shows / Top ways broccoli helps fight cancer

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1. Here are twenty herbs that just might help your fight against cancer.

2. Add cancer to the list of ailments that the Mediterranean diet can help protect you from. A new study published in the British Journal of Cancer finds that women who consumed a Mediterranean diet lowered their risk of uterine cancer by 57 percent, a significant number.

3. Live Science published a study which found that women who had higher levels of lycopene in their bodies had a 45 percent lower risk of developing kidney cancer compared to those women with the lowest levels of the antioxidant.

4. In a study from Roswell Park Cancer Institute, researchers found that individuals who ate broccoli three times a week showed a 40 percent reduction in their rates of bladder cancer.

(VI) (DM) Busting the Cancer Myth: It Isn’t Just a Disease of Old Age / Why won’t Big Pharma ever cure cancer? They reaped $100 billion on cancer drugs in 2014

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1. Funny how they will make up lies when they can’t readily explain why there has been a 3000% increase in cancers (as estimated by some) for all ages in the past 100 years, or why cancer rates are expected to soar over 70% in the next 20 years.

2. As reported by NBC News, spending for cancer drugs and treatment topped $100 billion in 2014; a "new milestone." In fact, year-over-year spending on cancer rose 10 percent last year from 2013.

Health Headlines for May 28, 2015

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Top health news for May 28, 2015

Turmeric treats depression without side effects (VI) (DM)

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The new breakthrough research concluded that curcumin was as effective as Prozac in treating depressive disorders but lacked any serious side effects and was well-tolerated by patients across the board.

Physicians: Quackery at its finest (VI) (DM)

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There should be deep concern and appall at the alarmingly poor state of health of the American people. American medical doctors have utterly failed the American people, their trusting patients aka customers. Were doctors to become true healers instead of hookers for the pharmaceutical industry, maybe then the American people would have a true shot at regaining their health.

(VI) (DM) Bob Fickes: Communicating with our Heart / Meeting the Challenge and Taking the Step / No More Masks! Just be Natural!

1. It is not about messages from the Masters as much as it is about tuning in to the abundance of Wisdom that exists deep inside of us.

2. But in order to be truly great and take the next step in our life to change our self and try something new takes courage. We have to rely completely on our self and trust that our heart is right no matter what our mind is dictating to us.

3. Just be natural and be who you really are. This is the first step to finding people who really love you.

James Tyberonn: The 2015 Bio Crystalline Shift! – Part 2 – AA Metatron (VI) (DM)

Masters do not assume that the ‘Crystalline Shift’ biologically is only occurring in new births of what is termed the ‘Crystal Children’. The Human Genome Project recently released academic findings after a long study. The findings stated that human DNA was changing, and that the environment of humanity was one of the factors in DNA shift. We tell you they are only just beginning to understand the mechanics of shift, and are as yet many decades from recognizing the cosmic, multidimensional and divine aspects that factually contribute to such change. But we tell you that the crystalline change is happening in many of you, not simply in newborns, but also to humans of all ages, all races, all genders in the same biology to the new.

(VI) (DM) Victory: Taco Bell & Pizza Hut Are Going to Remove Artificial Ingredients from [Menu Items] / McDonald’s is Losing So Much Money it Stopped Telling Us How Much – Fast food giant loses [money] 11 months straight

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In yet another set of victories for the healthy consumer, fast food giants Taco Bell and Pizza Hut have announced that they will be removing artificial ingredients from their food items; a change undoubtedly sparked by our collective desire for food that is free of questionable ingredients.

(VI) (DM) Crops being drenched with cancer-causing glyphosate immediately before harvest / Call to action on a Monsanto Roundup class action suit

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1. Vast quantities of non-organic crops are deliberately doused with the carcinogenic herbicide glyphosate (trade name Roundup) in order to provide farmers with a more profitable harvest.

2. A civil suit accepts a preponderance of evidence instead of evidence that proves guilt without any doubt. This civil suit demands a jury to hear it. It’s simply suing Monsanto for false advertising with Roundup, the world’s best-selling herbicide.

(VI) Cobra: Free the Colonies! Update and Videos / Recent UFO Sightings

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1. Free the Colonies! Activation is coming soon. In order for people to have more understanding about the situation in our Solar System, I will explain a few things about various breakaway civilizations and their space programs.

2. Recent UFO sightings from around the world.