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Bob Fickes: Be Here Now: A World with Two Realities (VI)


Source: http://www.bob-fickes.com/2015/04/be-here-now-a-world-with-two-realities/

Be Here Now: A World with Two Realities

A message from Bob Fickes
April 13, 2015

In Tibet they say that this Universe is presented to us by our mind as a reflection like a moon on water. The world around us is a reflection on the screen of our mind from our eyes looking at the real thing outside of us. We never see the real thing, only its reflection in our mind.

When we enjoy this world and live in the Now, we enjoy right now for whatever appears right now. There is no distraction from thinking about the past or the future. This is Be Here Now.

But there is another Be Her Now. There is the world of Ku. Ku is beyond this Universe. In fact the whole universe is suspended like a golden egg in Infinite Space. Space is also Eternal Now. It is the only thing that never changes or disappears. Ku is beyond the reach of Time and has no past or future. Ku is Infinite Unmoving Consciousness.

This entire universe is called Maya. It appears to be here like a dream, and exists only as a reflection on our mind in the vastness of Ku. The universe appears and disappears over and over again in the vastness of Space.

When we have a life in this universe, what we see now will be gone tomorrow. Even this body does not last long compared to the Infinite Life of Ku. Unless we find our ground in the Consciousness of Ku, we are at the mercy of change and one day everything disappears in death.

In Enlightenment we discover both realities exist as our self. Ku is nothing but Infinite Consciousness that goes on even after death takes our body away. This is our true nature to be just Infinite Consciousness beyond this universe and beyond our body/mind. But because we have a body/mind, Ku will always have a reflection of some experience in our mind. The moon appears and disappears and then the sun appears and disappears. This is an endless cycle as long as we have the mirror mind. Both the Reality of Silent Ku and the Reality of experience in the world coexist. In Enlightenment we experience both Realities joyfully and completely. Be Here Now has two Realities: be here in this world now and see things as they are, plus Be Here in the Eternal Now of Ku.

The problem then presents itself: how much can I see now? The universe has both gross and subtle dimensions. If I only see the physical things in front of me, my vision of this universe is incomplete. Our view of the physical dimension is only a small portion of what is happening in this universe. When our view is incomplete, we miss details and make mistakes. There is more to this universe than meets the eye. The only way we can see the rest of the universe happens in meditation when our consciousness expands to Infinity. Consciousness in meditation can perceive all the details of both the gross physical world and the subtle dimensions of the Reality of Heaven.

This is what happens in Real Enlightenment. We experience Infinite Ku beyond this universe and our body/mind learns to sharpen our senses to perceive both the gross and subtle aspects of this universe.

Buddha said to see things as they really are. Does this mean to only see the physical is it really is? Or does it mean to see the full range of gross and subtle perception as the universe really is in its entirety? Or does it mean to see that this universe is just a reflection in the mirror of the mind and the only thing that is permanent is Ku?

Actually Buddha’s Teaching is very deep. It includes all three views. Only when we have all three views, do we see the entire experience of Be Here Now and get the Real Enlightenment.