(VI) Dianna & Georgi Stankov: The Arrival of Beautiful “Loosh” / Travis & Georgi Stankov: Ascension Dreams of the PAT: The Big ID Shift

Thank you very much for sending me the “beautiful loosh”. I had never heard of this esoteric word and had to check it first. If I have not heard of this term, this should most probably hold true for most PAT and hence they can learn something new from your discussion on “loosh” energies, which we have entered [into] now and which imbue our energetic environment.

Phil LightBody: Sirian Mothership (VI) (DM)

All this talk of pandemics [is] to lure you into accepting the many vaccinations. Take care not to yield to this as it will affect your mental coherence and performance. All of this will be included in the announcements coming, with NESARA, Disclosure, etc.

Bob Fickes: The Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine (VI) (DM)

My friend Hideki told me about a special attunement for the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. I have used this in my meditation for the past week with wonderful results. It is very simple. We look to Mother Earth and she always has everything we need.

Méline Lafont: Magnetic surge of energy (VI)

The physical bodies are assimilating so much of the current energy stream which enters our consciousness to settle within our Human experience. We are adapting to everything around and within while shifting into gears.

MASS UFO Sighting over COLORADO News Report (VI)

Good report and show that sightings are increasing.

Dr. Mercola Interviews Sharyl Attkisson (Full Interview)

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Natural health expert and Mercola.com founder Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Sharyl Attkisson, a five-time Emmy Award winning investigative journalist about her newest book, "Stonewalled: My Fight for Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation, and Harassment in Obama’s Washington."

ZAP Mid-Week Update – April 30, 2015 (VI)


Riots expected after Greece orders all government funds to be transferred to central bank (VI)

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The financial situation in Greece has gotten so bad that the government just ordered a mandatory transfer of all cash reserves from state-owned enterprises to the Greek central bank in order to avoid a complete economic collapse.

Health News Headlines for April 30, 2015 (V) (DM)

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Top Health News for April 30, 2015

World’s First Public Testing for Monsanto’s Glyphosate (V) (DM)

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The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) today, in conjunction with the ‘Feed The World Project’, launched the world’s first glyphosate testing for the general public. The project, with specific focus on women and children in the U.S., is offering the first-ever validated public LC/MS/MS glyphosate testing for urine, water and soon breast milk.

New Study: Goats Who Eat Monsanto GM Soy Produce Abnormal Milk (V) (DM)

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Monsanto likes to say (with the FDA’s help) that their Round Up Ready GM soy is substantially equivalent to its non-GM counterparts. But a new study proves that GM-fed goat milk is completely abnormal; is human milk next?

The film ‘Doctored’ exposes AMA conspiracy to monopolize healthcare (V) (DM)

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Freedom in today’s America is mostly an illusion, especially as it pertains to healthcare. The medical industry is now so completely mired in corruption that people are dying left and right from government-approved drugs, vaccines, and surgeries that are speciously considered to be “safe and effective,” while “alternative” and natural remedies that actually work are vilified and unjustly regarded as quackery or fraud.

Coast To Coast: Predictions for 2015 and Beyond (I)

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First hour guest, futurist Paul Guercio of the Merlin Project, shared updates on current events and politicians based on Merlin’s predictive timetrak technology.

Bob Fickes: Walking in the Moonlight (VI) (DM)

Tonight take a walk in the Moonlight. Let your mind relax and be like the moon silently observing everything.

Caroline Oceana Ryan: A Message to Lightworkers – the Collective (VI) (DM)

This week’s message of wisdom, love, and encouragement comes from the Collective for Baltimore, for Nepal, and for everywhere on our Earth in need of hope and peace.


The goddess principle of feminine energies and transcendence has indeed increased its energetic sphere of influence. The goddess energy of pure potential, unconditional love and benevolent creation has been delivered onto the earthly shored.

The City of Light Sedona Update: “Order of the Four” (VI) (DM)

I see myself entering through one of the 5-story high “Gates of Life” into the City of Light. The streets are busy with life and from the looks of many excited happy people. I can see they have found love in some strange way…whoopie!

Health News Headlines for April 29, 2015 (VI)

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Top Health Headlines for April 29, 2015

Mike Adams: Water purification breakthrough revealed… (VI) (DM)

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I’ve been testing the AquaTru unit in my lab for six months, and in this article I’m publicly sharing my lab results which include astonishing removal efficiency for toxic heavy metals as well as stunningly high removal rates of elements which have radioactive isotopes (such as cesium, strontium and uranium).

How Monsanto’s Glyphosate is Generating Deadly Antibiotic Resistance (VI) (DM)

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More and more individuals are becoming aware of Monsanto’s evils, especially concerning its best-selling herbicide Round Up and its carcinogenic ingredient glyphosate. But we’re just learning about the registration of said chemicals in the form of GM crops as antibiotics. And we’re just learning how these chemicals are fueling the ever-expanding issue of antibiotic resistance.

Big Pharma will never solve the world’s health problems because it makes too much money off disease (VI) (DM)

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One of the most fraudulent industries in America today, the pharmaceutical drug racket, has very little to do with actually healing people, and everything to do with generating obscene profits for corporate executives and their vast network of drug dispensers. After all, where would Big Pharma be financially if it developed real cures for sick patients who would naturally no longer need pharmaceuticals once they’re healed?

Why the attack on Doctor Oz was such a farce: 600 million prescriptions a year are backed by no scientific evidence at all (VI) (DM)

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Hilariously, the Washington Post, USA Today, NPR, Fox News and even the Associated Press often get their science talking points from convicted felons, fraudsters and hucksters who claim to have a monopoly on "science."

How the oceans can clean themselves: Boyan Slat at TEDxDelft (VI)

18-year-old Boyan Slat combines environmentalism, entrepreneurism and technology to tackle global issues of sustainability. After diving in Greece, and coming across more plastic bags than fish, he wondered; "why can’t we clean this up?"

Bob Fickes: Early Morning: A Gift from Mother Earth (VI) (DM)

Mother Earth is a great loving mother. She provides a safe home for all kinds of living beings: plants, animals, human beings, gods and angels. The Earth is a Temple where any being can find peace and love.

Fran Zepeda: Cup of Love – Yeshua and Mary Magdalene (VI)

You know the Truth That All Are Love, All Are Divine and all are immense in their scope of delivering Love to the World. We come together to deliver this message to show you the immense Union of Love that you hold with All, with the World, with Humanity.

Matthew Ward Message – April 22, 2015 (VI) (DM)

Pre-birth agreements, soul contracts, free will, karma; Germanwings Flight 9525; massacre at university in Kenya; options for souls whose lives end prior to contract completion; various roles in agreements; negative, positive effects of light intensity; invalid assertions; extraterrestrial help

Taryn Crimi: “The fate of the world rests in your hands” – Angelic Guides (VI) (DM)

Today we would like to focus your attention upon the topic of probable outcomes. In a sense we would like to discuss your role as a creator being and the power that you hold in determining what kind of a world you wish to create.