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Cobra Interviews Prepare for Change

2015 Sept 23– Q & A with Cobra



Intro – Rob – Hello ladies and gentlemen.  My name is Rob Potter.  I am the host of the Victory of the Light radio show.  I’d like to thank you for coming to my website to hear this special edition of the Victory of the Light radio show on the Pyramid One Network.


I’d like to thank Bob Charles  above the equator and, of course, the ever talented John Allen at the Pyramid One Network down under holding down the fort and broadcasting in the southern hemisphere for the Pyramid One Network.  Cobra interviews end up as well as on my web page under the radio section.


As always, I have to thank DaNell Glade for her fine transcription, Mr. Sam Ritchie for his talented editing in English of these interviews, and especially this month Mr. Rique Seraphico, who’s had a extremely tough time.  We did have some modulation problems with the Internet warble so Cobra’s interview with sound modulation may be extremely trying this month.


Rique I know is going to pull a rabbit out of the hat as though he can clean things up and make it sound good.  If it’s little rough this month you may have to go to transcript mode.  I hope you understand it’s not Cobra’s fault or Rique’s or mine.  It’s just a warble in the Internet connection.  We had to re-established it 3 or 4 times during the interview.  When it got too bad we actually dropped.  Please realize the magic Rique does.  Any support you can lend to him and his beautiful music and, of course, to the group and through supporting Cobra’s work and my work we do appreciate it.  Very grateful for that.


I’d like to make a couple announcements.  I will be interviewing Corey Goode ET.  I spoke with him today after his article came out.  Really good brother, very honest, sincere and I believe he is faithful in reporting his experiencing.  After talking to him and Cobra, Corey says he can’t verify certain aspects of Cobra’s information and Cobra can’t verify certain aspects of Cory’s information through his contacts.  Just showing you the higher up elite’s and the Earth’s ground crew forces of liberation are themselves compartmentalized, including Alex Collier, which has some different information from Cobra.


This does make it more difficult for us, but we have to rely on our inner voice of truth here and make discernment as to the nature of this stuff.  Corey is being attacked now heavily.  There’s a dis-information campaign coming out.  We spoke about that a little bit today.  That’s part of the program of being in the position of a whistle blower.  And I was happy to hear that Corey’s family situation is become a little more safety oriented protecting him and his wife and his beautiful children while he goes through this process of upsetting the forces and the powers that be.  So that will be coming out after the second post of his meetings comes out I will be interviewing him.


I’ll get that up as soon as possible.  Probably not this Thursday, may be the Thursday afterwards it will come out.  You can look forward to that.  The reason I’m mentioning that on this Cobra interview is because Cobra has requested that we do an interview with him and Corey at the same time and I’m very happy I was able to make the way clear there and Corey has agreed to do that.


I have received information from Cobra confirming but we don’t have a date yet. I presume we’re going to get that out pretty soon.  This will allow them to ask questions of each other and I’ll ask questions and kind of act as a moderator for that.  I know you’re all going to enjoy that information.


I’d also would like to share that David Wilcock and Corey were talking about the pineal/pituitary gland as being important and the government secret SSP (Secret Space Program) groups and MiLab part of that technology is to develop the pineal pituitary gland.  David Wilcock did mention in Tibet ( He got this from the book of a Doctor from Mahasa and in Labsong Rampa’s book we do hear about a technique utilizing a small piece of wood or bone to make a small incision into the brain and to actually stimulate the pineal gland to create psychic abilities.  This is a very special technique with a “seer Llama†who can say when to stop the incursion into the center point between the frontal lobes.


The more natural way, of course, is develop oneself through the science of Kriya Yoga.  The master Mahavatar Babaji trained me in the science of Kriya yoga.  He actually turned his eyes upwards and looked directly into his pineal gland.  Energy follows thought and when your eyes and your awareness look into your pineal gland and you connect from the deep energy of the earth to the heavens through your crown chakra, there’s a unified field there.

With your sacred and pure intent to connect to source this technique will expand your torsion field as you enter into the silence of the sacred communion with the divine, what I call the holy spirit.


So the science of Kriya yoga has always been there, but we also have advanced technologies utilizing tachyon crystals, Cintimani stones, zero point technologies such as gem sphere.


Of course, my favorites have always been crystals and lasers.  I do sell them on my website with a stand to put one on next to your bed stand. Take a tachyonized crystal.  Lay the laser beam from the bed stand and aim the beam down on the pillow.   Align your 3rd eye and crown chakra to shoot into a laser beam into a crystal of tachyonized crystal and that is going to accelerate the photonnic energy fields and natural energies.


When David and Corey were talking about the Earth’s energies, that’s what the Akashic records are located in the mineral kingdom.  These stones take 30 – 40 million years to grow.  Quartz crystals are on the average of at least 20 million years old.  Diamonds are 50 million.  That contains a lot of information and history that has gone on on the planet in the Akashic records and those records are released vibrationally into the ambient field of your own merkabah or light force field, your masculine/feminine vortex or torsion fields. This science is called vibrational resonance.

The way this works, folks, is we do have endocrine glands, these are where the first units of biochemistry come from affecting consciousness. They produce hormones, which is the first unit of biochemistry that accesses consciousness so you actually have 7 different endocrine glands and 7 different levels of feelings and 7 different chakras or force centers at the etheric levels and when these are stimulated by a balanced natural field, you can get balanced hormones and balanced feelings and help you unify the intuitional mind into the higher self through the rainbow bridge head.

Some of  you  are aware of some of the esoteric words I’m saying there.  For those of you who look up the higher self, the Alta major center and the upper triad of the chakras and do your own research. Learn about  Kriya yoga through autobiography of a yogi by Pramahansa Yogananda and the SFR.

From this inquiry you’ll see the soundness of these natural developmental tools to counter affect some of the negative technologies that we know are kind of dampening our human fields.  The Onus is on us, no more arm chair critics sitting around and complaining about why and who’s not doing what.  It’s up to us to prepare the way to have plans ready, to be peaceful and non-violent and to move forward.  We must be prepared and already in action to create alternate viable models of societal infrastructure and cohesive integration for our new earth.


So I’m going to ask you all to do your best to listen carefully here to this interview from our emissary of light Cobra who cuts to the chase, who has his own viewpoint, a lot of information about the transparent liberation of this planet and what we’re going through.  We can look forward to these interviews.  And again, thanks to all the people that made this possible, for you for listening and the kind words of support have been received by many of you.  Keep your eye out, we do have some more Cintimani stones. They will be out very soon.  Keep looking on my website.  Thank you very  much.  Victory to the Light.  Here comes Mr. Cobra.




ROB-  OK ladies and gentlemen.  Now straight to the Corba interview.  It’s always an honor and a pleasure to be with my friend and emissary of light, Cobra.  Lots of things as usual taking place in the world that we will get into here today.  Things are escalating as I have predicted.  They’re going to get even wilder on the spin zone, as some people call it, in the govt. disinformation program and now more than ever discernment is required.  I always do appreciate Cobra’s dispassionate, very calm, demeanor and non-reactive information that he’s giving. And so, once again, it’s an honor to welcome you to the show Cobra. Thank you for coming on again.


COBRA – Thank you for your invitation.  It’s a pleasure to do interviews with you.


Rob – I hope things are going well for you wherever you are in the world.  China, Africa, whatever, but I’d like to start off, speaking of disinformation.  You were attacked a little bit this week on the Agarthan website.  A lot of people asked me about it, the usually “hair on fireâ€, what is this and what do you think’.  I finally read the post.  I have to say, I looked at it.  It made a lot of conclusions and judgments as if you support everything in BRICS, as though you are part of the IMF or the United Nations agenda or a front man for the world bank.


It’s completely ridiculous.  I was just interviewed by the Red Dragon ambassador group and my friend Louisa and that team there. They were pretty positive in understanding about that negative post.  They were kind of concerned, you know, about what is going on.  A lot of Cobra people were.  As far as I’m concerned, the people who wrote the article didn’t have any evidence.


They were making a lot of prognostications about you based on their extrapolations from your post. This was not directly form your information as you presented it. I don’t want you to comment so much on that, but this type of thing really is increasing and it seems that there are a lot of people with a certain amount of information and they seem to jump off a path of following and they want to attack others.  This is going to be increasing, isn’t it?


COBRA – Okay.  The situation is that many people are starting to spread information from their understanding and they have not done work on it themselves.  They have not transformed their inner shadow, and when they begin to do something like this, when they begin to expose themselves, and this kind of work more and more energy floats them and triggers that inner shadow and instead of working on themselves they tend to project this on other people.  And also the non-physical entities that are still present to a certain degree on the etheric plane are triggering those kinds of attacks, because this is about the most effective way of dividing the positive forces on the surface of the planet, and I’m simply amazed how people easily fall for those tricks.  I would say about the estimation of the light forces is that 50% of the bloggers are susceptible to this kind of manipulation and will start to attack others.  People who are claiming to be . . . I would put it this way, people who would really be representing Agarthan network would never attack anybody else publicly.


Rob – Obviously, they think, as we know, that website was started by someone who was in contact with someone who was in contact with someone who was in contact with the Agarthan network.  Since we’re going to go there, I have been reading their website.  It certainly seems my contact with Luis in South America there and learning first hand of his trips to the inner earth, the Agarthan Network and the Great White Brotherhood that things are not as it seems. There were very different Agarthan civilizations/ worlds.  This is indicating that there are different kinds of levels of consciousness down there in the and I’d kind of like you to give us a little bit of the landscape.


Originally I thought there was 2 different sides.  I thought there was the Reptilians and the Grey-type government, Draco, Mantoid type thing, tall whites and whatever, and then there was this very positive spiritual network of the Ra’s. My understanding from my experience there are several major light Agarthan groups. More specifically starting with the RA Yolo, sitting beneath the Bermuda triangle, Eastern Brotherhood of the Star, somewhere near the Carpathian Mountains. The positive alliance beneath The Matto Grasso called Poiseidid The Ra group beneath Luxor and the Giza complex and of course RaMa in the Himalaya’s.  Ra-Mu in Mt. Shasta, and, of course, many others throughout the world I wouldn’t have a clue of.

In your experience, can you give us a little bit of the landscape down there, not specific locations and stuff, but I’d like to hear about the very positive groups.  Were some groups evacuated – they couldn’t support themselves during the invasions?  What’s going on down there?  This group that’s talking about each type of groups looking down on humans as vermin.  This doesn’t really fit in with my positive Agarthan network.


COBRA – Okay.  So you would like to have an overview of the current situation down there or how it was in the past?


Rob – How about a little bit of both.


COBRA – Okay.  Generally throughout human history there was a few main factions down there.  There was, of course, the Reptilian/Draco faction, who has a strong impact throughout the planet.  Actually, those reptilian factions had contact with criminal elements on the surface, and some of those criminal syndicates made their own subterranean networks, especially under larger cities throughout the world.  They were working hand in hand with those reptilians and with the Draco’s.


Then there were the so-called escape groups – those people who were escaping from the surface – because they didn’t like it there and they went underground.  They created their own break-away civilizations.  Some of them are from ancient Greece, from ancient Egypt, even Atlantis.  When there were drastic changes on the surface, many people went underground, literally, and created their own break-away civilization there.  And many of those civilizations began to connect with each other and so the Agarthan network was formed.


Since the fall of Atlantis, this was growing and growing.  It was a loose network of independent structures that was connected to a certain degree and they have their own unique way of development, and after the Archon invasion in ’96, some of those groups cut contact with others for security reasons and they went in their own different unique way of expression.


Many of those groups were infiltrated after the Archon invasion of ’96. There was a lot of fighting going on in those underground [areas].  Many people have died, especially in the time frame from 1996 – 2001 or 2002.  Tens of millions of people died down there because of security reasons. Many of those groups cut off contact with the surface.  And then, of course, we have the Resistance Movement.  I have spoken about the Resistance Movement many times.


In the last 2 years, there were many changes – changes for the better I would say.  The vast majority of the reptilian presence was removed.  The only thing that was left that was there originally was the Chimera group with their own stronghold.  I will be speaking about that at some other time.


And there was a very important development in late November, early December, last year, when there was an official contact made between the RM and the Eastern Agarthan Network and the Blue Dragons.  There was a certain link created and a certain integration and reunification process has started between various factions that were, until then, independent.


There was a great deal of transformation and even challenge for the Eastern Agarthan network because there were mixed elements still present there.  As the contact was made with the Resistance, those mixed elements were exposed.  As a result of that transformation, one great part of that Eastern Agarthan network is now connected with the RM quite strongly.  And some other parts actually cut connection with the rest of the Agarthan network that tried to connect with the Cabal.  And there were quite many operations at the beginning of this year to fix the situation.  And now the situation is much better.


Rob – Okay.  I have a couple questions.  When you said the break-away civilizations from Atlantis.  This is obviously after the Atlantean cataclysm that took place.  Some of these weren’t really breaking away. They are basically just surviving in groups and just going down with the technology they could muster to create their own locations, correct?


COBRA – Some of them were actually escaping from the cataclysm, but even before that happened, many groups went down because they didn’t like the condition of the surface because in the late Atlantean period the dark forces were growing stronger and stronger.  And the majority of the light forces were actually forced, in order to survive intact with full light presence, they had to go underground.


Rob – That’s kind of like the Telosians from Lumeria who had already been building their civilization until the final cataclysm caught them by surprise.  They planned to have more underground facilities created at that time.  So it seems as though there’s been obviously these different subterranean cultures have their own, I guess probably because of their isolation, have had some of their own cultural viewpoints in regards to universal law and contact. So even amongst them it seems there’s quite a bit of, I guess we could call it, variances. Would you agree?


COBRA – As I have said, the certain very strong unification process has started and those cultures are keeping their own individual identities, but they are accepting universal law, galactic codex and universal understanding that is actually present throughout the universe.  The basis of unconditional love is the basis of that enlightened society and those factions are more and more aligning with this.  Of course, it is a process.  It doesn’t happen overnight, but I would say the situation down there in, the vast majority of places, is much, much better than it was even a year ago, and many of those places are pure light and love already.


Rob – Well, that’s wonderful news.  Also, I’d like a little more explanation when you said the Chinese Agarthan network.  Are these individuals from Chinese society that went down some time ago or are these more recent underground Agarthan networks of the Chinese – what you would call the Eastern Alliance, I guess?


COBRA – The Eastern Agarthan network is actually present there for thousands and thousands of years, and actually are connecting with the surface.  It was actually the other way around. They are contacting the surface.  They were the ones who were the source of the Blue Dragon spirituality and now they are connecting again with the Eastern Alliance, in a certain way, to give guidance in this process of planetary transformation.  They are giving guidance for the financial reset and for the formation of the Eastern Alliance on the surface.  There is a connection.


Rob – That’s very good, and to re-iterate for some people.  When you talk about the Resistance, you’re talking specifically about the group from Planet X that cleared the Draco’s and the Cabal from their planet and petitioned the Confederation to come here and start to help remove this negative force, is that correct?


COBRA – Yes, that is correct, but I would like to add that many people from the Agarthan networks have been integrated in the RM the last 15 years.  There was a wave that was integrated in the early 2000’s, and there was another wave which has been integrated since late 2014.


Rob – I guess when you say integrated, do you mean trained in the process of engaging these hostile forces as non-violently as possible?


COBRA – It means that they are integrated in the RM society.  It means that they are officially accepted because they match with their vibrational frequency and they match with their goal and their vision and I would say their cultural blueprint.


Rob – Okay.  So I guess I was reading some of the Agarthan website and they seem to  talk about some of these . . . We spoke a little about this before this show. I’d like you to elaborate a little bit on some of these other groups that are down there that kind of see us as humans – kind of made it sound like they were gangs with attitudes against humans kind of thing.  Is that very prevalent?  Are there many of these semi-evolved civilizations that maybe just a little higher technology and are still looking down on us?  Is that very prevalent down there?


COBRA – Not any more.  There were crime syndicates that were actually working for the surface mafia with the Cabal.  They were mixed.  Some of them were good, some of them were bad.  They were not much more evolved than the surface populations and there were certain groups that broke away from those crime syndicates groups that wanted to be more positive but still mixed.  So much of this has been cleared.  Some of those people have joined the light, some of those people were actually removed from below the surface of the planet – teleported to other places, and some of them joined the confederation, and a certain small faction of them had to go to the central sun.


Rob – Okay.  Well that clarifies that a bit.  I’m going to be interviewing Corey Good ET and I’ve been listening to some of his stuff lately on trying to prepare myself.  You know, as I’ve said before, I think he’s sincere and I believe that.  I don’t necessarily think he has anything that he’s purposefully misleading us with, but he seems to give, and you have confirmed a lot of his information, he seems to have given quite a clear picture of the extraterrestrial landscape out there as far as the human interaction going on and regards to the fact that there’s been different groups going up there and all of this type of thing.  Can you comment as to the accuracy of most of his information?  From your perspective, not as a final answer of course, but from your perspective and from your information, is most of his information regarding the space fleets and the delineation of the different groups up there correct?


COBRA – What I have from my sources is he was really involved in the Secret Space Program (SSP) and his description of what he saw in the SSP is very correct as to what was happening, let’s say 10 years ago.  So there were actually different factions of the SSP, but this is an arbitrary division because those factions merge into one another.


For example, the so-called corporate faction is connected with Solar Warden because the same people controlled both from the top as I’ve said before.  Many people were recruited in both SSPs without knowing the true objective from the top.


And, of course, there were many positive cells that were infiltrated in both SSPs from the start. Actually, the Resistance Movement has managed, even before it was part of the RM, in the ’70’s when it was called the Organization, has infiltrated a cell into the Solar Warden program back in 1976-1977.  I would say that most of his description of life on the Lexus and the bases that were on Mars is quite accurate.


Actually, he released some details that he could not possibility find anywhere on the Internet and they are absolutely correct, because I have also received them from my sources, let’s say 15 years ago.  And, actually, when I read his article, just memories came up from little details that I knew 15 years ago and I just forgot, so it was a very good synchronicity.


I could not receive confirmation of his recent conferences, off-world conference and I would be very happy if he could provide more confirmation, more so as proof about that.  But I would say that generally his information is very solid and he is actually awakening many people to the reality that there were SSPs.


There was much going on and the situation is quite much more complex than most people have imagined until recently.  If people are confused because some of my intel is different from his, I would simply say that the situation on this planet, in this solar system, is very complex and nobody sees the whole picture.  Altogether, all of us can create the whole picture.


Rob – I think that’s really true.  I think at some point here, obviously after the event, the whole picture will be presented to us in a much clearer fashion.  Would you be able to confirm . . . He talked about the southern space colony there where the people think that the earth has been destroyed by nuclear war.  Can you confirm the existence of that base or that type of situation on Mars?  What is going on on Mars?  Is it still contained bases from ICC or the negative SSP or negative E.T?


COBRA – I can confirm there were many bases like this, and yes, it is true that people were cut off from information from Earth, and, yes, they were told that the Earth population has been destroyed in nuclear war. That is completely true.  According to my information, those bases have been liberated and cleared.  What is remaining are very special SSP bases that are connected with the Chimera group and only those are still remaining.  They’re not many of them, but those that are are connected with strangelet bombs and are not yet cleared.


Rob – Okay.  Thank you for clarifying that.  It seems another thing some people have asked about and talked about in relationship to other planets is obviously not all planets contain oxygen.  I’ve been told that by Howard Venture who was on the moon in the, I think it was late 50’s and early 60’s, or maybe mid 50’s.  He maintained that it’s very hot.  There is some oxygen.  Apparently we’ve had enough descriptions from Mars to hear that it’s like at a very high altitude.  It’s kind of hot and at the same time very cold with the high altitude factor kicking in.  Can you talk to us a little bit about . . . I’m wondering about the gas giant Jupiter.  What is life on there?  Is there a physical plane existence on Jupiter at all?  Would there be any type of positive or negative physical bases on the planet Jupiter?


COBRA – There are no bases on Jupiter, because Jupiter doesn’t have a solid surface.  There are actually platforms and ships floating in the atmosphere, yes.  And there is actually plasma-like presence in the high atmosphere of Jupiter, which is not exactly physical, but not also completely etheric.  It’s . . . There are plasma life-forms that are quite different from what we’re experiencing here on this planet as you would define light.  And, of course, there is etheric and astral life on Jupiter and there is bacteria life inside some of the Jupiter’s moons.  And of course there are physical bases of the light forces on and especially below the surface of the 4 major Jupiter satellites, the Galilean satellites.


Rob – Thank you.  That corresponds to what Dr. Frank Bell talked about to me privately.  He said there is life, spurious life there, a different type of consciousness.  He also mentioned that there is a life on the mental plane there, but I appreciate that.


COBRA – Yes, of course.


Rob – I kind of cut you off there.  I didn’t realize you were going to say something else.  Do you have anything else to say about Jupiter?


COBRA – I just wanted to say about IO, which has a lot of volcanic activity, life is a little bit of a different form.  You have certain of the bacteria that can survive in high temperatures in sulfur-rich environment.  If scientists would send a probe there, they would find it.


Rob – Okay.  I would like to know also, can you talk about Saturn? It’s been called the Law of Karma, or Satan, or the Opposer.  It’s a large planet, and in astrology, it has a lot of influence, and I want to talk about that in a little bit too.  Can you talk about what type of life is on Saturn?


COBRA – It is quite similar because all the gas giants have blob life forms, because gas giants have the right environment for those plasma life forms to form.  Plasma life forms are like big bubbles, big clouds of plasma, and they need a lot of electric discharge that is formed in the atmospheres of gas giants that survive.  And, of course, some of the Saturn moons have conditions to form life, bacteria life, and still others have a sub-surface ocean, and that ocean has in certain depths the right conditions to form bacteria life.  I’m not sure if there are bases on the various moons of Saturn.  There are bases of the light forces, and unfortunately, there are certain locations that I will not mention in the Saturn system that still hold some Chimera strongholds, some implant stations.


Rob – Okay.  Thank you.  And some of the original, spiritual contact of the E.T.’s from the solar system back in the ’50’s. . . There are many different groups which I feel were credible which refer to a Saturn Tribunal.  Is there a higher dimensional confederation presence on Saturn or were these spoken about on the moon, if you know anything? I’m talking about the Saturn Tribunals.


COBRA – Yes.  (Thank you).  I know exactly what you’re talking about.  The Galactic Confederation has a presence in all major bodies and around all major bodies in the solar system, including Saturn.


Rob – Okay.  And this is a physical presence?


COBRA – Physical and non-physical both.


Rob – Okay.  I guess I wanted to go a little bit into some other people’s questions here. We’re about halfway in with my personal queries here and we’ll come back to some of those.


Another thing that’s very important to me, I’ve mentioned this before in our previous interview.  When you had mentioned that there were some reptilians and some holographic clones coming from Syria, when I heard about this going on, I was kind of away from the Internet, but when I finally got to it, I absolutely got it and an immediate download that there are Chimera – there is some stuff taking place there as far as some negative forces moving into Europe unfortunately under the guise as refugees.


I was wondering with this condition here, with the serious situation in Europe, it seems to be that the Cabal has kind of clamped down – made things a bit worse for the people. This could be used as an opportunity for humanity to come together and to support these, for the most part, 99.9% innocent people that have fled their lives.  It just breaks my heart.


Women and children walking for weeks – because they’re not terrorists, because they’re fleeing war, because they’re fleeing Cabal constription and being killed and fleeing for their lives and they’re being seen as people who are coming to take from these foreigners, from their financial system, from the societal infrastructure, and, yes, it would put a burden on people, but this is really . . . this challenge.  Would you agree with me that it’s an opportunity for humanity to come together in compassion, to heal this situation and, if so, what do you recommend besides meditation or some suggestions that world leaders might take from this interview to help ease this humanitarian crisis that the world now faces – we as a planet, as a people for our brothers and sisters from Syria?


COBRA – The answer depends on who you are addressing.  If you’re addressing world leaders, they are quite much aware of what is the cause of this situation, and they could resolve this very easily if they wanted to.  They have a lot of intel.  They have enough understanding of the situation in Syria it could be easily resolved.  On the human level, of course, the vast majority of those people are people who have been put in certain situation and they need assistance and support.


Some of them are war refugees, and some of them are economic migrants, but nevertheless those people need assistance.  And there is a certain process of balancing necessary so that all parts of the equation are supported.  People who are fleeing the countries, and people who are receiving those refugees, so there needs to be a balance, a dialogue, because there are always two sides of the coin.


Some of those people have been bribed to come to Europe.  Some of those people are not behaving nicely. So all this needs to be taken into consideration and meditation as we had, helps to resolve those tensions, so people react more calmly when there is tension which escalates.  Russia is taking some steps.


Rob – Cobra, my question to you is, you mentioned that the global currency reset is a bit of a misdirection.  It’s really not that important to the global financial meltdown.  Corey Goode ET, not to bring him up too much here, but he had also recently stated that he felt that one of the prime bombs on humanity to really shock us into change, which he suggested that one of the big humbling aspects of the financial system would be a breakdown in the economic system for us to realize that it’s a Ponzi scheme and that we’ve been had and manipulated by a central banking system.

This part of your original information  which resonated with my inner guidance. The resonance was a big part of me coming on board with you and understanding the Event, because I thought, what a brilliant move. The best way to get everyone’s attention but through the financial system.


Since the financial system is the main blood flow of the dark force, so it’s made sense for me for this to take place.  Of course, all of us around the world are struggling, especially the light workers, especially those innocent people.  I gave $20 the other day to a mother with a child sitting on the street with a sign.  I really felt bad.  This was not a drug addict.  This was not someone who’s taking advantage of the system.  I could tell this was a desperate mother – the look in her eye.


These types of things are increasing all over the planet, and the financial system really needs to be healed. Can you give us, again, for those people who ask so many questions financially every month and worry about their personal situation?  Could you give us a little bit of positive hope of progress of the light forces and what is intended for this new financial system?


COBRA – I’ve said this many times.  After the reset of the financial system, people will receive a part of the money from the global collateral accounts, because this money belongs to the people.  They will receive some funds directly. They will receive funds for the investment in the infrastructure, and the whole situation will be much, much, much better after the Event.


Before the Event, I am not expecting any great improvements, and there will be terrible events in the market, but the actual financial reset will be a very sudden event that will happen exactly at the moment of the Event itself.


Rob – Thank you very much for that.  Also, I personally from my perspective, really, because of the issues so confusing with these data dumps that will take place at the time of the disclosure and the Event, post Event, to the media. Can you tell us is the Resistance Movement have a very clear detailed educational program for people to understand the past economic system? What got us to this position and what is expected for us in how to relate to the new financial system as it takes place?  I realize that this cannot be shared completely because the Cabal would know the game.  Do you have plans in relationship to this? Is that correct?


COBRA – Yes.  Of course, educational material are ready to be released at the time of the Event and afterward.


Rob – Okay, thank you.  Of course, we have the age-old question that usually comes up.   Can you talk about the etheric and lower astral realms in relationship to the Chimera?  Is there on-going clearing taking place on the Earth?  Are we still in quite an accelerated rate of clearing there?


COBRA – Yes, there is still cleaning going on of . . . The vast majority of entities have been removed from the lower astral and etheric.  On the plasma plane, there is still work to do, but there is progress being made daily.


Rob – Okay.  I’ve been watching a tremendous amount of videos in regards to, of course, the weather.  This has been an unprecedented month for weather as far as global flooding in Spain, Argentina, Utah, Europe. All over the world tremendous amounts of flooding has been causing dramatic flooding and massive property damage.

I’m kind of curious if you could talk a little bit about what percentages are the result of the natural changing of the vibrations of the planet and the purification of the elementals and this being a necessary aspect of the earth cleansing and what part of this is definitely Cabal related.  If you could talk about that percentage of natural vs. cabal created weather changes in any particular areas in regards to the Cabal influence in the weather.


COBRA – The vast majority is the result of the response of nature to the increased influx from the galactic center, and, actually, without the assistance of the Galactic Confederation, we would have drastic cataclysms already. So we are in a buffer zone.  The galactic forces are assisting us to keep the planet stable, and after the Event, the weather situations will begin to calm down because the consciousness on the planet will right and this will allow the forces of nature, the etheric beings, who deal with this galactic energies more harmoniously.  I would say that the mass consciousness of humanity does influence weather, not just the Cabal, but the combined fears and projections of humanity do influence weather – not just weather technology of the Cabal.


Rob – Okay.  We thank you very much.  I really appreciate that.  I felt the same thing that this type of thing is coming.


I‘ll ask you did you see the pictures taken at my summer conference at the closing ceremony?  It shows literally almost a blue purplish sphere with some dots inside the center of the sphere.  Have you seen this yet?  (No).  I’ll get them to you for our next event.  I’m kind of curious if you would be able to comment on those.


Let’s get back to some of our people’s questions here.  (Okay)  Someone wants to know about astrology becoming redundant.  Was it a false contract to keep us imprisoned in the 3rd dimension?  According to Dr. Bell, the stars impel, they don’t compel, and it’s basically the science, the magnetic influence, the planets on the human biology effecting our hormones and our endocrine glands and chakras, and that if we are completely enlightened and attuned to source, that astrology has no effect.  Fred says a man makes his own destiny. He said for the average person enmeshed in human life, that the planets certainly do have effects and can affect our feelings and consciousness.  Can you talk about astrology and it’s validity or redundancy at this point in time?


COBRA – Basically, I have already answered this question, but I’d like to add that astrology on a planetary scale can be a very useful tool that we can use to further the planetary liberation process, because planets do have energy fields and those energy fields create interference patterns and those interference patterns influence the planetary situation quite much. And if we ride through the wave of those interference patterns, we can improve the situation. We can speed up the process towards the Event.


Rob – Okay. Thank you.  Someone had a question here and I’m not really testing you.  It’s a good question.  I kind of thought it was interesting.  It said there were a lot, I don’t know how many billion you said, of souls trapped inside the veil 26,000 years ago.  You say Archons control the souls that incarnated.   Why didn’t they just prevent 144,000 souls Orders of the Star that came, what was it, 12,000 years ago from the Sirius group?  Do you understand the question?


COBRA – Yes. The Archons do not have total control on the incarnation cycle.  They would have, I would say, 80% of control.  Because, if they would have total control, there would be no way to escape the matrix and there would be no way to liberate the planet.


Rob – That answered that quick and easy.  You mentioned that there is the ascending and descending aspect of soul. Souls start, as Omnec Onec mentioned, from a raw primordial soup and evolves upward into human consciousness.  And, of course, we have a higher type of soul consciousness that is coming down into things.  How can we tell the difference of which person is which type of soul?


COBRA – All those that have descended from higher realms will have a certain memory of that connection, which is quite natural for them, and those souls who have evolved from the matter do not have that memory.  For them, it is actually climbing out of the mountain for the first time.


Rob – Okay. You said, I’m not sure if it was this last one or the one before, you said, that the darkness, the primary anomaly, has no use to us whatsoever, so this whole experience with darkness has no benefit to us whatever.  No benefits at all.  Is Cobra saying we could have experienced it without directly experiencing it?  The question is, I guess, the random anomaly has really no use.  Would it have been possible for us to just know about it without experiencing it?


COBRA – It is not possible to resolve the primary anomaly without direct experience, because you cannot understand something you have not experienced.


Rob – Okay.  The other question here that I thought was quite interesting.  Why is the human race so important in regards to prophesy and ascension related models of the universe as a whole?  Are there other races that need our help in order to advance evolution as a whole?


COBRA – It is not the human race that has such importance. It is more of that this planet is more important as it is the last stronghold of the dark forces, and when this planet is liberated, the war is over.


Rob – Okay.  There’s lots of talk in different aspects – even within the beneficial positive spiritual E.T. contacts that we get – that there seems to be some type of harvesting.  Could you kind of explain that?  Is that not a proper term?  Does this mean a lot of different groups go back from where they came from?  What is this term harvest? Is that strictly harvesting of the archon-reptilian network description?  Can you talk about harvests?


COBRA – Some channeling sources use that term to describe ascension and other sources use that term to describe stealing of the soul energy by the archons. So it’s a loaded term, I would say.


Rob – Okay.  That’s a good way, I guess.   Well, actually, I want to ask another one first.  I think it’s more important.   We’re getting close to the end of our time here.  The question is: what is the situation with politics in space and other beings?  Is there peace and unity within every race?  Source would have an easier time connecting with beings that aren’t on earth.  So I’m thinking that the rest of the universe is pretty well balanced. Is that correct?


COBRA – Okay.  The rest of the universe lives in peace and harmony simply because beings in the universe are a reflection of the sea of universal love.  That connection was cut artificially with implants in this sector of the universe millions of years ago, and the last remnant of that factor is planet Earth and to a very small extent the universe.


Rob – I’m going to ask one last question here.  I’m going to bring it back to earth so to speak.  Could you talk a little bit about what is going on right now with this Iran nuclear deal?  I know it’s just a political cover, but they seem to be kind of pumping it up and misdirecting it.  Do you see that as a complete Cabal misdirection – this Iran nuclear deal – just more fear porn?


COBRA – Yes, exactly.


Rob – I guess, I do have one more question I wanted to get into.  I guess that’s going to be in regards to this, of course. We’re coming very close here allegedly tomorrow, the 28th. Things are going to change.  Someone posted in Etheric Liberation, one of my favorite direct voice channel communicators.  I know you are really like me when it comes to channelers. I’ll grill them like a murder suspect. But Cosmic Awareness who is the source of this message is one I have always respected . . . I was reading this message and there have been three different human instruments for this same source of information, and I found it to be extremely accurate for the most part.


I was reading information from Cosmic Awareness in regards to clones in 1979 and reptilians.  It was quite dangerous for the channel at the time, who’s name was Paul Shockley. I forget who #2 was, but #3 Cosmic Awareness is Will Berlinghof and his group just came out and said that this time will see mostly a ramp up of the Cabal’s unveiling of their true NWO plan. They indicated that the pope’s visit is to appear to be benevolent to try to bring us all together….under a NOW agenda.  I would agree and say it’s kind of a NWO plot.


They may bring up carbon tax and our responsibility in imposing this type of elitist martial law where only the rich can afford to use high technology that pollutes and they’ll put a scale on it.  We know it won’t be successful, but this awareness indicated this uptick in the vibrational window is going to be more of a, let’s call it, a Cabal-related exposure of their program.  Would you agree with that?


COBRA – Okay.  Whatever will happen in the next few days will not have a drastic impact on the planetary situation, so whatever speeches are being made, whatever those situations are, they are temporary and they will not change the destiny of this planet.


Rob – Well thank you very much Cobra.  That’s a good ending note.  I’m really confident as well.  I do feel that things are going to get a little bit worse on our tectonic plate movements.  I know the galactics are here preventing wholesale destruction as you’ve mentioned many times.  I think if we can literally weather the storm and raise our vibrations, we are going to make it a lot easier.  Is that correct?


COBRA – Yes.


Rob – Alright Cobra, do you have any final messages for people – any words of hope or upcoming information that they could look forward to in regards to the Victory of the Light?


COBRA – Yes, actually, I will put it this way: the last days of September are going to be quite intense energetically and I would ask everybody: do not get provoked.  Stay in your center and after all those thought forms of drastic cataclysms and asteroids and NWO are collecting because nothing will happen, this will make room for a fresh start, and I will release quite much intel after the end of this month.


Rob – Well, that’s really exciting Cobra.  Thank you so much again.  I’m sorry for some of the technical issues here Rique and for everyone else.  It gets a little jumpy here and Victory to the Light.  It’s been a pleasure and we’ll do it again next month.  Thank you so much Cobra.


COBRA – Thank you and Victory of the Light.



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