2015 May – VoL Show – Guest Omnec Onec

Rob Potter Victory of the Light Interview with Omnec Onec May 2015 by Pyramid One Network Radio on Mixcloud

The woman who came form Venus who will be appearing in Mt Shasta at Robs conference. Rob discusses deeper metaphysical questions and subjects that are not normally asked. Omnec shares her incredible story and some details about her previous lives that will amaze many and and be an inspiration to some and controversial too others. Behind it all a wonderful kind soul is happy to share her knowledge.

Omnec Onec | Emissary from Venus
“The most important thing that people on earth have to learn is to replace criticism and judgment with love and acceptance.”
Omnec Onec was born on a higher level of density on the planet Venus called the Astral Plane and came to earth with her own physical body in 1955. In the Nineties, she became publicly known with her autobiography FROM VENUS I CAME (today part 1 of THE VENUSIAN TRILOGY). This unique “autobiography of an extraterrestrial” was first published by the UFO investigator US Air Force Colonel Wendelle C. Stevens in 1991 in the USA. In this book, Omnec portrays the life on the astral level of Venus and describes why and how she was born there and why as a child she was given the opportunity to lower her vibrations, to manifest a physical body and to come to Earth at the age of seven in order to later in her life work as a spiritual teacher and fulfill her life cycles on earth. It is Omnec’s mission to share her spiritual knowledge and unconditional love with the people on earth and to help raising the human consciousness.

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Order Omnec Onec’s book or other publications or send an email to contact@omnec-onec.com.
Come to see her this summer at Shasta Conference https://thepromiserevealed.com/event/mt-shasta-summer-conference-2015/