2015 March 16 – Q & A with Cobra – Rob Potter

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ROB – intro  (.  Hello ladies and gentlemen.  Welcome to another wonderful Victory of the light radio show.  I want to thank you all for tuning into this for this special edition for our Cobra interview and I want to thank my modulators, the gentleman from China, who wishes to remain anonymous, and, of course, Rique Seraphico, who has been helping with modulation and, of course, the ever-talented, amazing Steven Smally, who just does such creative wonderful work on the YouTubes, and the wonderful, diligent DaNell Glade, who has done so much transcribing for us, not only here for me but for www.Prepareforchange.net, a true, wonderful friend and a light heart.  Thank you all for your wonderful service.  I’ve several announcements, as usual, before we start our Cobra interview today.  Lots of stuff going on.  We’re going to get a lot of your questions answered today, folks. Very exciting news in the world today.

But before we do, I have an important announcement to make.  I have resigned from as far as being on the round-table and the website day-to-day activities.  I’d like to make it very clear that there is no drama going on whatsoever.  I support my emissary, my friend, Cobra, and his information. And the relationship I’ll have with PFC, the council has agreed to allow me to act as a silent over-seer with occasional posting abilities and sharing of information and to move forward.  I have been strongly guided to move away to work into other aspects of my personal mission which is in regards to healing technologies and into other more spiritual information in regarding individual aspects of the unifying ourselves and raising our vibrations for the event.  And I will have a parting informational newsletter coming out on , probably around the same time as this show posts so I’d like you all to look for that.  I’m going to bring up two main points here that I’d like to leave people with.

1 – Is to be aware that the idea of is for people to remain calm and I wanted to instill hope and confidence in people in my personal writings in regards to the fact that there is a plan of redemption for the planet earth and it involves a wonderful positive enforcement of what we know of as the Galactic Codex.  I want people also to be very clear that I personally, and most of the group, and Cobra himself, we’ve indicated that we do not expect people to sit on the sidelines and just read news reports and updates of what’s going on with the planet.  We are not handing over our freedom from tyranny and our liberty to ET’s or expecting anyone to do this for us.  We as a planet and we as a people are equally co-creative and responsible for what is going on.  There is obviously, from those who follow Cobra, understand a very high technological scalar plasma field network of mind control of very advanced technology that humanity cannot possibly overcome to a large technological level.  We are expecting that the “800 pound gorilla in the room” of these hostile forces, which I like to call them, are going to be removed.  From this point forward, I expect the earth to be completely free and sovereign from any E.T. group and for us to, as a planet and as a people, to establish our own decisions on where to go from here after the event has taken place and we are free from advanced technologies and we go through what is called the reunion process.  And that will require much healing and many things to take place.

Also, the event as Cobra and I both believe, must take place with the financial re-set.  Cobra and I know the galactics DO NOT know the exact future with 6.5 billion people and their free will at play, so the exact description or everything we talk about with the event may or may not happen in the order that we’ve described or as it is intended.  This is what we believe, this is what we’re told and to me personally, this is what makes sense.  But there are no guarantees and we all must equally step up and take responsibility, not only in our communities, through activism and sharing posts and FB and networking and risking ourselves as conspiracy nuts or crazy people, but also within ourselves personally, and this requires a diligent attention to the nature of who we are and reflection to the divine source of the I AM presence or the light within.  And our connection to all beings in time and space and our relationship to the source of all that is good, beautiful and true, that I like to call the Creator.  That’s my final  message for now on information in regards to .

Again I must reiterate there is nothing wrong between Cobra and I.  There is nothing wrong with the round table and me.  There is nothing wrong with the information in Prepare for Change.  It is that my life has become very full with other projects and I need to step back from the day-to-day activities of PFC and the website and leave it in the capable hands of the wonderful leaders that are there.  We will continue to ask you to step up there and to help them coordinate the All Locations and the All Languages.  We are getting very close now to having a wonderful formula to have PFC information populated in multiple languages. So we’ll ask you to continue there.

One last announcement for you here, maybe two.  I’m very happy to announce that on March 21st I do have a webinar going on with Winston Strout, which you around the world will be able to call in and to make a conference call, join on a webinar and that information is located at the top of this transcript.  You’re going to see:  Sign up for Rob’s Webinar. That’s what I’d like you to do.  There is a small $20 fee.  That would really help me out personally right now.  I would appreciate that if you ever though of donating to maybe tune into that webinar and feel free to type in and ask me any questions about anything.  It does not have to be PFC or event related. It can be about ET questions or similar to the ones that you ask Cobra and we’ll be talking with Winston Shrout and that’s on March 21st, 2015.  That interview will be from 10 am -12 pm PST.  If you’d like, I would appreciate if you want to check in on that and come and ask me any questions.  I’d be happy to talk to you.  Also, I want to thank all of the wonderful people who have given me so much support and kind words and thank Cobra and me for what we’re doing. And believe me, for me personally, this is just coming on auto-pilot for my inner voice telling me what to do here and there’s really no thought of fame or reward in this.  This is about getting the truth out there. And as I said, I will be moving into other aspects of the truth in regards to the masters, and I will be giving more information on the true history of the planet.  I’ve received very strong guidance about some positive things.

Also, we will be tweaking a little bit some of the information on the Mt. Shasta interplanetary cultural exchange conference that’s coming up in Mt. Shasta with some tickets.  You can purchase some tickets with camping or without.  We’ve got a few tickets already sold there, but we’re expecting more to be coming in the near future.  Once again, we are going to have Omnec Onec, James Gilliland, myself, Alex Collier, Ted Mars, the amazing Scott Lemriell and Craig Campobaso will also be sharing the Stranger at the Pentagon movie and so we’re going to have a wonderful event with yoga and meditation and music and lots of fun there in the summer.  That’s August 19-23 (2015).  You can find that under my events page.

Also, I had offered last month to become ambassadors’ to the Bolivian Portal down there and the feminine vortex.  I’ve been offered a secondary type of invitation and I want to make it clear that anyone who wants to be contacted by the GFL, the Resistance Movement or the Galactic, or the Agarthan Network or the Ascended Masters, you don’t need to attend a conference or pay money.  You’ll be contacted on your own.  This is a secondary type of invitation for those who are so called to have an experience. And if you respond by sending me an e-mail to and say that you’re interested in that conference, you will get a reply.  We have a few places left and we will be taking letters of why you would like to be contacted.  To make it perfectly clear, we’d like you to realize that my idea for people, if they go on this trip, I want people who are very spiritually conscious and in tune to what this opportunity represents and you can look at my last Cobra interview transcript for more information on that.

The idea is that if your mom was away when you were 3 or 5 years old and you hadn’t seen her, mostly for like a day or two, for all of your life and all of a sudden your mom went away for a week, when she pulled up to the house and you were looking out the window and your mom was coming to your door from her car.  That kind of enthusiastic and loving trust and faith is what I would hope that you would experience if you went to Bolivia and we were to have some closer encounters with our brothers and sisters from the Stars.  So with great respect and humility I want to thank you all for listening. And without further adieu, the Cobra interview will proceed.  Thank you so much.

Rob –  Alright ladies and gentlemen.  Once again, here we go with another wonderful interview with our emissary of light, Cobra, the true voice of the Resistance here giving us the real latest updates and Intel on what’s going on and we’re going to move into lots of different stuff here today.  We’re going to get right into it.  First of all, Cobra, welcome to the show.  Once again, thank you so much for doing me the honor of coming here on the Victory of the Light Radio show.

COBRA –  Thank you for your invitation again.

Rob – It’s always my pleasure.  One thing I forgot to ask last month. It was shortly afterwards, but there were reports that there were four or five reporters had received direct satellite information confirmation of planes that hit the 9-11 towers and that they weren’t as we were told and that they had actually intended to start their own network. The very famous journalist, one of the top ranked in the USA according to mainstream media, was Brian Williams.  And three of his partners and four other journalists were killed – I think within 72 hours under mysterious circumstances, including one who had a heart attack four hours after the Edward Snowden interview.  Can you confirm if these are Cabal related hits?

COBRA – Yes, most of them were, unfortunately.

Rob – Yea, that’s not good.  Of course we’ve had the latest news here. The information in regards to Putin was reported missing.  I did just get Intel which I was checking right before the interview here that he has actually surfaced and said that, it would be boring without drama.  I didn’t think anything too big was going on.  He has ordered in response to . . . I believe Finland is massing some troops for an exercise on the border.  He is actually, Putin, I’m speaking of, has mobilized some troops to the north in what he calls a snap readiness.  Can you comment on this situation?

COBRA – He is just having the troops in readiness to counteract any possible offensive that could be orchestrated from the side of the Cabal.  So he is not having any aggressive tendencies, but he just wants to make sure that Russia is defended against any type of crazy behavior.

Rob – Very good.  It’s really kind of strange. Benjamin Fulford had announced that Alexander Romanov showed up at his house battered and bruised and claimed that Putin was behind 9-11.  Can you comment on that type of stuff?

COBRA – Well, obviously Putin was not behind the 9-11.  This is a false statement and that particular individual sometimes has good Intel sources and sometimes not so good Intel sources – speaking about Romanov.

Rob – Okay.  It seems as though there’s been lots of stuff going on behind the scenes here quite powerfully in the financial situation, but I want to go a little more into . . . I’m going to jump around here again. Some people were wondering:  What is the current situation of the group called Annukai?  I personally have just considered them one small group involved on the earth a long, long time ago.  But James Gilliland has mentioned that they have been returned to the light and are positive and they are now assisting the liberation of planet earth.  Can you comment on that?

COBRA – Yes, of course. Many groups which were a part of the, I would say, Draco/reptilian empire are now working with the positive Alliance because they finally realized that the changes happening in this universe is something that can benefit all races.  So there are many various factions and races throughout this sector of the galaxy which are working together with the cosmic alliance for the planetary liberation.

Rob – Thank you for that answer, folks.  I would like to refer you to the book called UFO Contact from Planet Iarga, by Wendelle Stevens and a pseudonym of Stefan Denaerde, which goes into the group from the Vegan system and the planet Iarga where they have also indicated that they were part of what they called the rebellion and have changed their ways now.  Another interesting comment here – people have a lot of stuff.  You recently commented that the Beatles were MK-Ultra influenced.  I actually was a physical trainer to the Beatles manager and president of Apple records.  His name was Peter Brown.  He was the best man at John’s wedding and he was the best man at Paul McCartney’s wedding.  Him and I became friends for some years and I knew him quite intimately. And I personally asked him that question.  When I read his eyes and looked in his face . . . you know, I asked him about them faking Paul’s death as well and he just laughed and said, ‘We had no idea what people were doing.’ He says . . . I didn’t know about MK-Ultra at that time, but he seemed very sincere about this thing with Paul’s death.  Can you comment?  Do you have any intelligence?  Has Paul been replaced?  I mean, it seems outrageous, far fetched to me to believe that they can just find someone that looks exactly like him with that much talent – is very far out there. Plus, I was back in a private area at The Forum when he had a concert there, and I saw his cousin and he looked so much like him. I just find it really hard to believe.  Is Paul McCartney . . . did he die?

COBRA – He was not replaced.  No way.  This is not true.

Rob – Okay.  I would like some details on if they were MK-Ultra influenced. Is this from afar? Is this in some of their travels – things were attempted?  They certainly do not seem to be lifetime victims. Is that correct?

COBRA – There were some episodes in their lives. There were some attempted programming, but they were not extensively programmed, as are pop stars in this decade.  It was not so extensive. It was not so intense, but yes, there was a certain degree of MK-Ultra programming done to them as well.

Rob – Was this in their youth or after they’d achieved a modicum of fame?

COBRA – There were episodes of this in their childhood, in their youth and later.  But they were short episodes with less intensity than you would encounter in people like Lady Gaga, for example.

Rob – Right. So this was an actual program?  Was it intended that they were to become . . .they didn’t have full-blown handlers, and this type of thing, correct?

COBRA – No, no.  They were not that deep in the program.

Rob – Okay.  A lot of people have asked me questions.  Can you talk about what kind of things took place?

COBRA – Well, you see the Cabal controls the music industry to a point.  They shape the opinion of people. So the style of music, the lyrics – all those things have been influenced by the programming. Not completely, but the lyrics to a degree, yes.

Rob – Okay, so a little bit of lyrics.  That clears that.  We’re not looking at a major MK-Ultra folks.  A lot of you had lots of questions and, of course, people actually tell me that Ringo says that Paul died.  They obviously haven’t even responded to it.  It’s an alleged interview with George Harrison and it’s gotten way too much press.  Another thing in America, of course, I don’t pay it much attention, but I’m putting a warning out that my body is sacrosanct and no one’s going to force me to do vaccinations, but there seems to be a big push here in the USA.  Can you talk about their attempts to quote “make adult vaccinations mandatory”.  This sounds like their end-game move with the FEMA camps and from our intelligence from what you’ve told us, this seems way in the past; from America perspective seems like a “Hail Mary”.  What is going on with this attempt to make vaccinations mandatory in America?

COBRA – Yes, they tried to do that.  My intel says that they might be successful in certain areas to a certain degree but not on a national scope in The United States.  You might want to know that in Europe and in most countries vaccinations for children are mandatory. So it’s not something new.  It is something that is actually happening in many parts of the planet already.

Rob – Yes. And my work with Len Horowitz, we fought this. Thank goodness, in California you can actually opt-out but they kind of hide that fact from you and don’t let you know, but you can do that.  A lot of people are talking about immigrations.  I’ve gotten a few questions on this. I don’t know what sparked it, but it seems I get these questions in a roll here.  A lot of people have been facing problems with immigration and stuff and some people are wondering directly after the event, will people be able to move freely immediately or married people be taken off restrictions? I mean there are people actually legitimately married who are forced to stay in like Brazil, or whatever, and they are wondering if this is going to be released soon, or is this just still confusion and ignorance?

COBRA – After the event the borders will be eliminated as soon as it is realistically possible.  Sometimes it takes a few days or weeks to dismantle boarder crossings or to train officials, but yes, the intent is immediately after the event to completely erase borders on this planet.

Rob – Okay, very good.  One person says that, ‘Cobra talks about important Goddess vortexes around the world quite a bit, so I’m curious, are there important God vortexes around the world too, masculine vortexes.’  We have the one in the Himalayas. (It) is a masculine vortex – is that correct?

COBRA – Yes, of course. There are also important God vortexes around the planet as well.  Many of them are in high mountainous areas around the planet.  Some of them are in major cities around the planet.  Some of them are on some islands on the planet.  So there are various locations for them as well.

Rob – Thank you very much.  I’ not going to say names, because we don’t comment on other people’s work here, but some people say many people like blank-blank and blank-blank think that the moon is being used with Saturn to control the 3D reality.  Is this true?

COBRA – Okay.  It was true to a great extent because the moon and the Saturn were used as portals for the reptilian entities throughout human history until very recently and there were Chimera bases on the dark side of the moon and also on the moons around Saturn. There were big . . . most of the natural stargates, negative stargates, through which a few entities came, there were many Draconian ships around the Saturn rings until quite recently, but this is no longer the case.

Rob – Can you comment . . . My sources have indicated that there . . . from the solar councils . . . messages from long ago that people from Saturn are actually the progenitors of the red race and they were brought here from actually other places many, many, many millions of years ago before.  But some of the red races were seeded from Saturn.  Can you talk about life on Saturn?  Is it physical?  Is it astral?  What is the situation there?  And those races there, the positive and benevolent solar councils had nothing to do with these portals and these reptilian ships in the atmosphere. Is that correct?

COBRA – The information that you’re quoting is coming from a very old source and it’s not absolutely correct. But I would say, yes, there is life on the astral and etheric plane on the planet itself – on Saturn – of a positive nature.  There were positive ET bases and there still are on the moons of Saturn and the whole situation was quite complex, but not any more.  Now, the whole region is in the hands of the light forces.

Rob – Yes, and the forces that I indicated were of the light force of the solar councils . . .

COBRA – Yes, but those solar councils . . . this is very old information.  It’s not exactly how it happened and it is no longer true.

Rob – Can you explain about what the situation was there?  Were those informational exchanges to the contactees of earth during the 50’s and 60’s when this was primarily coming out.  Were those individuals on Galactic Federation moon bases? Were they physical or were they etheric or astral races?

COBRA – Most contactees had non-physical contact.  Some of them, yes, had physical contact.   Some of them were in genuine contact with the Galactic Federation personnel and some of them were in contact with different Secret Space Program people.  There was a secret Nazi space program back when . . . way beyond the end of WWII.  And some of those people were negotiating with the Galactic Confederation.  Some of them crossed over into the light as early as 1950‘s and some of them went to higher dimensions, actually in the original planet Venus, and, yes, there were solar councils and the purpose of those councils was to administer and regulate light flow in different parts of the solar system and at that time this solar system was quite compartmentalized so different races have different regions where they could move.  There was not much free movement.  It was very sectored and you could move on a need to know basis or a permanent basis, but not freely throughout the solar system.

Rob – Okay, so some of them had benevolent agenda’s and were making contact with various earth groups working within their parameters of their specific influence, correct?

COBRA – Basically, I would say that most contacts in the 50’s was of a positive nature.  The negative contacts came in the 60’s especially after the secret agreement between the US government and Zeta Reptilians and other Draco-type individuals or races.

Rob – While we’re out there in the local solar system.  What is the situation with the Chimera?  Are we completely cleared in the solar areas?  Is there still some minor Chimera bases in the solar system now?

COBRA – It is not completely cleared yet. There are certain locations, which have not yet been liberated, because they have technical support of those exotic weapons, which the Chimera group has.  It’s a quite delicate situation.  Nobody wants to blow up the whole sources (?) themselves.  The light forces have to be careful.

Rob – Okay. This is a little old news, but there has been lots of . . . of course the original NASA videos of sphere’s and we had Alex Collier viewing giant ships around the sun with the energy beams. Can you talk about how big those ships were – what they were doing and what was going on there?

COBRA – Okay, basically Galactic Confederation has huge ships, some of them inside the solar system and some of them in the vicinity of the solar system inside of the Oort cloud.  The purpose of those ships is to direct energy flows from the galactic center because the galactic central sun is becoming more active and in order to sustain life on this planet and to keep the solar system in balance, those ships need to balance the energy flows, monitor the activity of the sun, balance the activity of the sun, and some smaller mother ships are also close to the planet earth and they are monitoring the activity of the tectonic plates.  They are monitoring, of course, all the nuclear weapons. They are monitoring the activity of the Chimera group, and if there’s any dangerous situation they intervene.

Rob – Okay excellent. So these are the super Luminal’s from the pure positive planes and the very high levels of security, correct?

COBRA – Yes, yes.

Rob – Okay.  Getting a lot of questions, of course, . . . David Wilcocks has come out with some new information there. Of course, a lot of people are talking about it, and it’s . . . for me, it’s a little bit of a tabloid thing because they allegedly have a bird pheno type. But a lot of people are asking, ‘Can you talk about the Blue Avians?’  Is this confirmed in your circle?

COBRA – You’re speaking about David Wilcock, I suppose.

Rob – Yes, I’m  talking about the information . . . He claims there is a group called the Blue Avians.

COBRA – Yes, Okay.  I can explain.  Actually, what he’s referring to is the resistance people called the Central Civilization.  The Central Civilization is the civilization located in the central region of this galaxy close to the Galactic Central Sun, and it is, of course, the civilization in the galaxy which the spirituality amongst humanity of man expanded outward throughout the galaxy and started creating the network of life.  And those spherical ships belong to the Galactic Confederation and belong to the central civilization which is actually founded the Galactic Confederation millions of years ago and the so-called Avians are nothing more than angels.  When those angels manifest on the physical plane they have wings.  This is the simple explanation of what is going on.

Rob –  Okay.  Excellent.  So these are angelic realm beings who in their interactions, which JJ Hurtak talks about, folks, in The Keys of Enoch, there are certain types of areas that they create artificial areas where multiple different dimensions communicate and I guess they would appear as Blue Avians.  This is a very positive benevolent force.  It’s kind of as if we’re having the Galactic Confederation elders coming in to a closer location here to oversee this situation on a little closer monitoring. Is that correct?

COBRA – Exactly.  Those beings did not have much direct interaction with this planet until quite recently.  Maybe you remember a little bit more than one year ago, we opened the Iona Portal (Yeah.) and a certain being from the central civilization started to interact with the solar system a little bit more as a result of that activation and now as certain star gates are opened, the central civilization is becoming more active in preparation for the event.  They’re actually the teachers and instructors of various Ascended Masters of various commands like the Jupiter command, the Ashtar command, the Pleiadean and the Andromedaan fleet, the Syrian fleet, the Arcturian fleets.  So they are actually coordinating this multi-dimension operation which is now happening inside the solar system.  Some of those ships are too big to be energetically . . . They would have too much influence so they are not placed inside the solar system.  They keep those huge mother ships in the Oort cloud around the solar system.  The smaller ones, some of them are located inside the solar system, and they are cloaked. They are not visible physically. They are not visible to the technologies the Cabal has.  The Cabal has been given indirect knowledge of their presence.  But they do not interact with the Cabal.  They do not interact on that frequency.  They only interact with positive consciousness.

Rob – Yes. In that line, I’ve heard some interesting information in regards to the opening of an Arcturian portal on the earth on the inner planes, which is going to allow people who are of the sensitive vibration to tune into, to help to create unique synergistic activations for themselves and their personal lives and will help the true leaders of the spiritual community to move forward into a more synergistic aspect of leadership, which will not be one of a hierarchical system of control, but will be more like a true harmonious circle where synchronicity and the intuition will play roles in the creation of things.  Is it true, the question from that little back ground there, is that there are some portals being taken and there are some new energetic activities with all of these higher dimensional beings here.  We’re looking at some very powerful aspects moving in the bathing of the subtle frequencies of the planet to uplift the people.  Can you talk about the Arcturian portal?

COBRA – Okay, basically the Arcturian Command, or the Arcturian race, (?) is quite active in the solar system and around this planet the last few decades.  They have star gates with their own (method) of opening their portals.  Soon after the Archon invasion in 1996 there is a huge star gate – Arcturian’s star system is a huge star gate.  One of the most important star gates for this local sector of the galaxy and the Arcturians are now directing the energy through that star gate, through various portals around the planet.  The purpose of those portals is to activate the higher minds, not just in the interest of humanity, but the masses as well, to connect the mind with the intuition and to integrate the mind and the emotions into a balanced personality.  This is one of the main purposes of those star gates.   I would not talk about the locations of those star gates because these are quite important strategic points.  Some of those portals tend to trigger quite strong reactions of natural forces like volcanic eruptions.  There can be earthquakes in those areas because very strong energy are being traced through those portals.

Rob – Yes, also in my contact with my Bolivian friend down there, he had indicated that quite a bit in his information that much of the vibrational shift is taking place through the radiations of the magma core within the earth.  Can you talk about the multi-dimensional aspect of the life streams and the shifts in the physical plane and how this kind of vibrational upliftment is affecting us all?

COBRA – So you are speaking about the magma core or about the life stream experience on the planet?  They are different things here.

Rob – Yeah, I guess well from what I understand, what you’re telling me, and from these other (?) a lot of their stabilization is directed to the magna at these energetic points and in a sense I guess they’re letting off steam so things don’t get too drastic.  It’s kind of like releasing pressure in various areas so that it’s more harmonious. Is that correct?

COBRA – Yes, exactly.  Without the interference from those mother ships the surface of this planet would not be able to sustain life right now.  We would all be dead.  There would be drastic cataclysms on the planet years ago.  They are doing whatever is possible to balance . . . to stabilize the surface of the planet, and yes, some of those portals are used as standing points to which the accumulated tension can release and sometimes this is accompanied by earthquakes or volcanic eruptions.   If those earthquakes or volcanic eruptions are not weather modification. They are actually a natural release of tension by the planet who is a living being and has experienced a tremendous amount of stress from the surface population.

Rob – Right.  And this makes it very important for the surface population to take responsibility and to act as the ground crew in various portals and vortexes and that’s why our meditation and what I call divine intervention is very important for us to not wait on the galactic forces, to not expect them to do things for us but for us to be completely involved, correct?

COBRA – Yes, correct.  You see there is a certain pattern that is quite universal for beings to wait for somebody else to do their job.  It is the same pattern with earth’s surface population and it was unfortunately the same pattern to a certain degree for other cosmic places.  They were waiting for humanity to awaken and humanity was waiting for divine intervention.  Basically both parties need to do their job.  Both parties are responsible for the successful outcome of this.

Rob – Right.  Would you agree that after the first contact is taken place that humanity must really come together and determine it’s own choice and who we are going to interact with as far as the inner dimensional and galactic federation of light?  There may be different elements of other physical ET groups that may not be of the highest levels who may wish to have different types of treaties with us.  We should be pretty careful and clear in where we’re going from there, correct?

COBRA – There will be no races that have negative agenda’s presented to humanity and each human being will make his or her own choices who to connect and under which conditions.  So the first contact is basically an individual event. It’s not a mass scenario.  It is a mass scenario in a certain way, but each individual will need to make an individual choice: Do I  want to connect?  Do I want to communicate with other races, or not?  Nobody will be forced to communicate.  No one will be forced to make contact, but contact will be made and it will be distributed through mass media and people will be informed and of course each individual will make individual choices of how the contact is being made.

Rob – Okay we have a couple fun questions here. I thought this was kind of cute because it kind of sounds like the goose that laid the golden egg, or the money tree. Someone says, you talked about a replicator and a lot of people are like, ‘Replicator, that sounds great.’  Can you talk about what it is and what it can replicate?  Are there size limitations?  Go into more details on this.  As I understood it, it’s being used by the Venusians. They use it for food and possibly some other things.  Can they replicate parts for their ships that break down?  What is a replicator?  How do the galactics use it.  How will we be able to use it?

COBRA – A replicator is a machine that translates the etheric plane into the physical matter. So you have a design of an object on the etheric plane.  You can actually design the computer on a graphic design program and create a mould on the etheric plane and you press a button and the whole thing materializes on the physical plane.  It’s a very simple physical process of transition of etheric matter into the physical matter and they use the same technology to materialize or dematerialize a mothership or ship from the etheric to physical, in and out of our reality.  And basically it’s possible to manifest whatever you wish from the etheric matter. So there will be no limitations after a certain point when human beings are healed and purified enough internally not to misuse that technology.

Rob – Okay.  That brings up an interesting question for me personally.  Do they have maps of all these etheric things?  Dr. Frank use to go on board the ships and they would say, ‘What do you want for dinner?’  He would say, ‘Spaghetti and meat balls.’  I asked him, ‘Is that an animal? Where did it come from?’  He said, ‘No, they replicate it.’  But it’s like synthesized vegetable protein. They would taste like it.  Where do they get the etheric mold’s, so to speak?  Do they just access it from the Akashic records or do they have files on this kind of thing?

COBRA – It’s like a computer program which specifies the molecular structure, the atomic structure, the  chemical ratio of elements and the shape of the object, the size, texture, the physical properties, then those things are manifested on the physical plane.

Rob – Okay.  Thank you.  We have another interesting question.  What is the real story between the shroud of Tourin?  Is it real or is it fake?

COBRA –  It’s a real object which was created in the 13th century.

Rob – Okay,  Dr. Frank he under the opinion that the grey’s had done it.  How did they create it in the 13th century?  Was this a Cabal type of thing to get the masses hysterical in a religious sense or was this . . . How was this created?

COBRA – It was a Templar creation and you might note that there was quite a thriving business of creating relics, parts of things, and it was quite a profitable business, because every Church and every mosque wanted to have a piece of Christ, or Mary, or any other saint and this shroud was part of this process because some of those objects were charged with magical rituals and were quite powerful.

Rob – Okay  interesting.  I’m selling a piece of Jesus. Let’s go on eBay tomorrow.  All right a little lighthearted thing.  More serious, some people have talked about the reactivation of the large Hadron collider in Switzerland coming in July.  Steven Hawkins has made a public statement: it could jeopardize the future of the equilibrium on this planet.  That seems very serious.  Would you agree with that and of course the galactics are watching this?  What is the situation with the large Hadron collider in Switzerland?

COBRA – Okay. First, the activation is not coming in July. It’s scheduled to come at the end of this month.  Second, Steven Hawkins did not say that it would jeopardize the future of the universe. He said that if there would be accelerators with energies strong enough, strange things would happen.  But the large hadron collider has far little energy to do something like that.  What could happen is they are trying to create conditions to maintain the Strangelet and Toplet bomb.  This is how they are trying to maintain their control.   But what is interesting about this accelerator in Switzerland is that the Resistance Movement always had, I would say, a strong presence since the beginning of the project and they can stop many things and they can block many things and they can interfere.  So I don’t see any danger from the activation of that collider in the near future.

Rob – Okay. The person was paraphrasing Hawkins. I guess they said equilibrium of the planet, not the universe.  It says here, a question someone asked is there was a Polish plane crash in Smolensk, Russia.  The president-elect Kazinski and 95 other government members died.  Was that an accident or an assassination?  Were there explosives?  Do you now who’s responsible for that?

COBRA – It was not an accident.  It was an assassination orchestrated by the Cabal.

Rob – Holy Smokes. That is another big one to go down in the books of crimes against humanity.   Of course, we talked about the Slovakian and Slovenian and the Czech Republic people there and of course we have other people asking:  Can you talk a little bit about the Dutch Royal family?  They seem to have a very strong relationship with people in the USA.  Are they involved with the Cabal or the Royal families mostly figureheads?  I mean, the Queen of England and that group seems to be very involved in the day-to-day management of a lot of negative plans.  What’s the situation with the royalty in the Netherlands?

COBRA – Okay, some of the royal families are more connected and more closely tied to the Cabal, some of them less.  It depends on the country.  The situation in the Netherlands is that many members of that family are quite connected and are actually part of the black nobility of Europe.

Rob – Okay.  Yeah, I figured they got that big beast computer there and all that stuff going on.  Some people are wondering if you could talk about orgonite and shungite?

COBRA – Okay.  The orgonite is an invention, I would say, which tries to influence the  etheric plane and it tends to dissolve negative energies on the etheric plane.  Shugite is a stone, but actually it’s a certain material which can actually be a very strong protector against the negative energies and against negative energy fields.

Rob – Okay. Thank you for that.  This next question is kind of one that I’ve kind of been thinking about a lot lately and I’ve mentioned in our pre-interview here that, the event is an intended plan of action.  Of course, with the free will of 6.5 billion humanity and different things going on, exactly how it’s going to play out.  There are intentions and plans, but there may be some things that may not go exactly according to plan.  Of course, I’m pretty sure that it’s not going to get too out of control but one of the questions here, which I thought was pretty good, kind of addresses that issue.  The question is:  What will be the sustaining force for all the “good things” that will be given to human kind after the event?  The event means the end of tyranny, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the human selfish nature.  When the financial system shuts down, it’s been suggested to me that there will still be lots of people out there who will have unethical activities going on at least with people individually.  They may not control the entire system, but we may have a humankind selfish nature to deal with.  What’s going to be working on that?  Is it going to be an energetic shift?  Can you talk about any pockets of personal and human greed, selfishness, violence at the time of the event?

COBRA – Okay.  First, the light forces will be monitoring the situation of the planet.  The law enforcement will receive Intel on any possible disturbances, for example, individuals trying to steal, be violent or keep anybody – something of that nature.  Those individuals will be arrested.  With regards to individual selfish acts of human beings, they will still continue after the event to a certain degree. But as the understanding encounters in the people rises, the tendency in this direction will be less and less.  It is not possible and not realistic to expect that human nature will change over night.  Of course it will not.  With the positive vision and a positive bright future for humanity, people will begin . . .  They will have a tendency to act in a more positive way.  Most of the people will have positive tendencies and will have a tendency to act positively in most situations.  And those individuals who are not will be the minority.  And because of the sheepish nature of those human beings, those who will be selfish in their core will try to hide it and not act it out.

Rob – Very Good.  This was taken from one of your, I remember, previous interviews somewhere you had. I’m not sure exactly.  I want to thank you all for writing to me from foreign countries and different languages and sometimes your questions . . . the translation . . . I don’t quite understand it, but . . Cobra I think you’d mentioned that India and Russia are going to be instrumental in revealing the truth and the question was:  Why were these two countries kind of chosen?

COBRA – India and Russia both have very unique positioning inside the BRICS alliance.  First, both countries have a long history of ET contact, and second, the controlling Cabal has significantly less influence in those countries than in most other countries. So they are the first countries that are strong enough, stable enough and have been conquered enough that they can potentially be the first to release material related to disclosure.

Rob – Very good.  Thank you.  Another very interesting little question.  Can you comment on the Siberian recluse, Anastasia, who is responsible for an entire movement, quite a bit in Russia, of a positive nature and kind of a . . . She sparked an inspiration from her teachings that is kind of been a powerful effect to both what we would call a new society, a renaissance, in Russia with people creating entire communities based upon a very positive new social construct much like domineer.  Where did she come from?  How has she managed to stay in touch by the powers that be?

COBRA – Well, she had profound spiritual experiences.  She has a lot of background with ancient Siberian shamanic traditions and she just communicates that to the masses.

Rob – Okay.  Very Good.  We have a question here, it kind of goes that different people have different ideas of what they are studying and what they’re tuning into.  For me, there’s always the one infinite source of creator and there are various aspects of this light force that’s moved through our civilization either through ET groups or through great beings and teachers that have been coming here. And there are different names and compartmentalization and secularization of religions, but . . There’s an interesting question here:  It says that Sophia is the goddess of wisdom.  We don’t hear too much about her.  Isis, Ishtar, etc., – everyone’s talking about these.  Could you tell us something about Sophia – Goddess of wisdom?

COBRA – This is a Goddess archtype from Greek civilization that actually means wisdom.  Wisdom is an aspect of knowledge, and actually connects the mental plane with the higher intuitional plane.  It’s the enlightened mind which creates wisdom.  Goddess Sophia is bringing that wisdom into the physical world.

Rob – Very good answer.  I appreciate that.  Someone’s quote something – one of your . . . Actually, I won’t read the entire part of your blog-post. It’s called the Veil.  It says the mass meditations that 70% of the Veil on the astral plane and 35% of the Veil on the etheric plane have already been removed.  It is important that we continue the mass meditations.  I think that was back in 2012.  Is it scheduled to happen (?) on May 20-21st and will become completed on Dec 21st, 2012.  Some people wanted to know where are we with this removal of the veil?

COBRA – Okay. There has been quite much of an advancement in this. On the astral plane, I would say about 90%. On the etheric plane, I would say about 70% has been removed.

Rob – Okay.  Someone wants to know where we are with the code name Doom33.

COBRA – Okay.  One aspect of this has been cleared, but there is still some elements which needs to be taken care of, because this Doom33 scenario does not involve only the Illuminati and the Cabal. It also involves the Chimera group in a certain way.  So it is a little bit more complex than we have been expecting.

Rob – You had mentioned some time ago that . . . I think it was back in Sandy Hook, or whatever, there was a virus put in the financial system, and to quote you “when this will be necessary for the operation of the light forces”.  That was published on June 18, 2012.  This virus is still in there capable and ready to be in place, correct?

COBRA – Yes, of course. It receives regular updates, so it’s up-to-date with the current developments of the worldwide program of the computer program of the planetary global financial system of the Rothschilds.  So it’s up-to-date and operational and it’s there waiting for the right moment.

Rob – Okay. You also posted on March 10, 2014, ‘Quarantine Earth End Game’, about the . . . this may go to the Veil, but I think you’re calling it here The Etheric Archon Grid is the main factor delaying the event.  Which percentage of the Archon grid is left to clear?  Is that synonymous with the word the Veil? Or is that different?

COBRA – This is one part of the Veil and I was speaking about the etheric part, but there is also the plasma part.  I will discuss about the plasma part in later updates and the plasma part is the one that is now the main obstacle.

Rob – Good and we call it the Archon grid.

COBRA – It’s part of the Archon grid, yes.

Rob – Okay.  Some people have claimed that they have closed the Congo portal and all this stuff.  People ask, what is the problem to close the Congo portal and do the Archons have any reinforcements?  Are there any more coming in here at this time?

COBRA – No, the portal does not need to be closed.  It needs to be healed and purified.  And, yes, there have been some people doing missions in that region that have been partially successful, but there is still work to do.

Rob – Thank you, very much.  Here’s an interesting one dear to my heart.  Can you confirm or deny rumors of Michelle OBama is in reality a man and his/her name is really Michael Lavon Robinson?

COBRA – I have not been checking into this very deeply, but I would agree with that.

Rob – Yeah. Wow, that’s a barn burner there.  I did see some interesting stuff.  When I looked at her shoulders, I was thinking something there and that’s just another thing that would distract humanity.  They can pull out of the hat at the time of . . . I’ve had some sources tell me that when things are a positive nature coming over, they will always will intersect some horrible distraction to take people away from any positive momentum of something real.  This might be a last drop thing to bring this out.  Can you talk about the children? Are these obviously mind controls?  Are they under any control? Do they know what’s going on?

COBRA – You mean children in general?

Rob – I’m talking about Obama’s kids.

COBRA – Ah. Of course, they have had a certain degree of mind programming, like children of important people, but they are not a major factor in the planetary situation.

Rob – No, of course not.  But do they know that . . . who is their alleged mother if Michelle Obama is really a man?

COBRA – Well, I don’t have this information.

Rob – Okay.  Okay.  Okay.  Another interesting question.  I actually ran into some of these at the Galactic Wisdom conference in Washington.  Some people brought them up and there’s an area in northern California that some reputable sources have indicated that came from some sort of ancient Lemurian temple complex that was destroyed and they call them Andarian Lemurian Crystals.  They’re kind of like a glass crystal type thing and people say they’re monatomic.  Can you comment on those?  Have you seen them?  They have a unique color structure.

COBRA – Yes, I have seen them.  They are a type of obsidian – a kind of obsidian, which is not that rare and it’s a good business for some people to sell those.

Rob – So it’s natural occurring obsidian then? (Yes).  Can you talk about what are monatomic elements?

COBRA – Monatomic elements are usually they produce them from noble metals and they have a very special physical characteristic and one of those characteristics is connection between the physical plane and the higher plane.  The monatomic gold, for example, can connect human consciousness with beings in higher dimensions quite directly.

Rob – Are these elements . . . Can they be created?

COBRA – Yes, of course.

Rob – Okay. So, this is just for me personally, but is this have to do with the outer shell of the electrons and the balance of the electrons and their interactions with the dimensional planes?

COBRA – Yes, because each electron here in the atomic shell is actually a little portal – a little star gate.  The electron is a wave. It’s a hyper-dimensional worm-hole you might say. And it can transmit information. It can transmit energy. And if those electrons are in right position, they can very effectively connect physical plane with higher energies, with higher dimensional beings.

Rob – Excellent, Dr. Bell trained me well.  I’m really liking this interview Cobra.  Getting lots of great information – little tidbits here.  Here’s another interesting question and I know, of course, there’s billions and millions of cultures out there, folks, but maybe you can give us a little overview on this one.  A kind of little, interesting twosome tidbit . . . maybe we can refer to a particular group if we know anything about this group. But can you talk about our galactic brothers and sisters?  Do they practice what we would call the tradition of marriage?  I’m sure it’s completely different.  Could you talk about marriage or unions of souls?  They live a very long time.  Do these come together and break apart? Are they kind of twin flames that last their entire 3,000 year lifetimes?  Talk about marriage on any planet that you know about. Maybe give us an idea . . .

COBRA –  Okay. Throughout the entire universe, marriage is a ceremony or a ritual of a positive nature that deepens the soul connection between twin souls.  This is what it usually is.  It is not a religious ceremony. It is not something that binds you in any way.  It deepens the connection and confirms the connection between you and your twin soul.  This is originally what marriage was meant to be, and it is inside of this galaxy and other galaxies throughout the universe.

Rob – Okay.  Are there unions like this without twin souls?

COBRA – They are possible, but in most cases, in the balance within the universe, people do meet their twin souls.

Rob – So in most of the universal planets they will remain unmarried unless they are with their twin soul. Is that correct?

COBRA – It’s up to their individual decision.  Each being in this universe makes their own choices regarding this.

Rob – Okay.  Here’s an interesting question that might be pertinent very soon, we hope.  What is the likelihood of our Internet access to the Victory of the Light information and other alternative news sights being censored during the Event?  Rob’s website is so important to me I would die (no, ha, ha, I’m adding that in there).  They want to know . . . What is the likelihood that we’ll get censored at the Event and some breakdowns in our communication networks?

COBRA – This is extremely unlikely.  There might be problems with the Internet service providers locally but Internet as a whole, as an information network, will mostly remain in tact.

Rob – Very Good.  I guess the other question is: If it does happen, what do we recommend that people are going to do?  I guess it would be to go to the television. There’s obviously going to be radio out there. Correct?

COBRA – Yes, those two are options, but also there are people who can create alternative Internet networks in their own regions and they can be quite effective and they can be connected through their own independent nodes to the Internet and receive intel from Internet.

Rob – Okay. I’ve received some very strong intuitional guidance that I was going to be working more with interplanetary network that will be coordinating information to the various earth-based networks in the future and this is going to be is probably being planned and it has some sort of model in place by the Galactic Federation, correct?

COBRA – Yes.

Rob – Thank you, very much.  Someone says that if in the future there will be no use of money, there will also be no personal ownership of property as we know it now. Is that correct?  I mean, obviously, the energetic shift and the way people perceive of the lack and the money and the debt-slavery system and those programs will have to be undone.  Can you talk about private ownership of property after the event?

COBRA – Yes, gradually this will be phased out, but I would say gradually.  People will need to expand  their consciousness enough not to get attached to their property.  This will take some time.

Rob – Very good.  A couple easy questions here.  Are the men-in-black still in existence on the surface of the planet?

COBRA – Yes.

Rob – Even that their memories are being erased before we’re born in this life, would any of our behaviors still be influenced by our past lives?

COBRA – Okay.  Human beings are influenced by their past life experiences until they clear them. So this will still need to be cleared and people will still need to go through a clearing process.

Rob – This brings up an interesting question for me.  Everything’s kind of occurring in the same time zone.  Can you talk a little bit about parallel lives and time continuums and time lines?  I spoke to Alex Collier the other day and tried to get him on my show again here, but he said we’re actually behind in the time-lines for what the Galactic Federation had intended for this time.  Can you talk a little about. . .  Can you heal a simultaneous time line or are past lives occurring currently?  This is really hard for our physical linear minds to wrap our minds around.  Can you give us a little picture there?

COBRA – Well, the term simultaneous time lines is actually a misinterpretation of the fact that when you are in the higher frequency you can remember everything at once.  But time is still happening in linear sequence.  Something happened before something else happened.  But, yes, we are behind the schedule.  I think everyone can agree with that.

Rob – Yes. It is really down here.  Are twin souls born around the same time?  Do we have that phenomena on earth or has that been disrupted?

COBRA – It has been severely disrupted by the Archons.

Rob – Here’s an interesting question.  There was a gospel of Thomas found in a bottle around 1945.  Was that real?  Do you know about that one?  (Yes.)  Is that a good representation of the gospel of Thomas?  Is it a good version to look at?

COBRA – I would say it is one fragment because most of what we have now are just fragments and later copies.  They are not originals from the 1st century.  They are mostly copies from the 4th century and later.

Rob – Are there plans to release the details of the Victory of the Light forces in the deep underground bases and to reveal to us what took place with the Archon invasion where victories were made?  Will we get that kind of history?

COBRA – Yes, most of that Intel will be released to the public shortly after the event.

Rob – Now the emerald tablets actually had a way to determine a clone and the word was they were testing their leaders if they could say the word ‘Klininginginging smith’.  Allegedly a reptilian tongue couldn’t say that.  Are there any other ways for us to tell if there is a clone of a human?

COBRA – I would not agree with that Intel that you have just released. (Okay.) I would say you can detect the reptilian by the energy field.

Rob – Okay.  There is some people here that are kind of concerned about the financial aspect of the event.  They’re in their late 70’s and 74.  They have health difficulties.  Obviously they can’t go back to work.  They paid off their mortgages.  They saved their money.  And they bought some gold. It’s gone down 50%.  Some people say it will go down again.  They’re wondering about . . . they have some of their money in pensions.  They’re a little concerned.  What is going on for those dear people who worked very hard and are elderly?  What is going on with this financial re-set?  Will all this be taken care of?  Will their pensions be looted before the event or what?

COBRA – This will be taken care of by the time of the event.  But before the event the situation is not very nice.  I agree with that.  Many people have severe financial trouble because the control of the Cabal on the financial system is extremely strong at the moment.  We just have to survive this period one way or the other and then . . . So when the event happens, it will be much easier.

Rob – Okay.  We’ll leave with a couple of fun questions on the lighter side here.  We got two more minutes.  Anyway, the ET societies . . . If you could tell us when they’re not on a mission here in our . . . trying to heal our stuff.  What do the ET’s do for fun?  What are their hobbies?

COBRA – Well, they like to socialize. They like to party. They like to visit different locations throughout the universe.  Most of the time, they have a good time.

Rob – Very good. So it’s pretty similar to us. They enjoy socializing, music, and things like that.  That’s really wonderful.  We look forward to meeting them soon.  I hope that things will go forward and that our prognostications and our work is providing a solid base of understanding for people to know that we’re moving forward.  And, again, Cobra. . .  I thank you so much for coming on here again. And thanks for your wonderful interview with lots of great intelligence today.  Thank you so much and Victory to the Light.

COBRA – Yes.  Thank you, everybody, and the breakthrough is near.



  1. Aukje Veldhuis
    March 19, 2015

    Thanks to you Rob and Cobra for the good intel again.

    In the Netherlands good there not be a possibility for donor giving in the of paying with the Euro * IDeal payments. Rob is it possible to can pay also with the Quantem Products of new Energy healing.

    I have a young son (age 22 Year) and have Multiple Sclerose at his young age?

    Could the patients with this cure illness get another way of healing. Because he is negative lately a lot, and thinks that he better good be dead and a lot of negativy of life has for him no value because he is by his illnes very lonely friends leave, girl friend leaves, status of money and he can’t work no more and a lot of suffering by this and being afraid that he can’t walk with his legs.

    Because the hospitals (neurology) are always trying to give those patients vaccins and a chemical tablets, could you ask Cobra how they can be healed in a nature way? maybe for your new interview with him

    Or maybe that Aäron my son, could have physical healing from an Extraterrestrial/Celestrial being. As a mother i am feel so sad about him, for those things he can’t doing now or in the future.? and after the Event about this healing proces for humans ?

    again kind regard from Aukje Veldhuis (Netherland)

    • Kim
      March 23, 2015

      Regarding MS and your son.
      There is a Dr.Terry Wahls and she has created The Wahls Protocol.
      Using diet & supplements to cure MS.
      She is at the University of Iowa in Iowa City, Iowa
      She has a book called, The Wahls Protocol.
      She herself suffered from MS and she used herself as the guinea pig
      to solve the disease.http://terrywahls.com/

      See the website I embedded.
      Good luck

      • Twyla
        March 31, 2015

        no such website 🙁

    • Teasy Love
      March 27, 2015

      dear Aukje,
      it sounds like Aaron is also a very sensitive being …
      there are so many sensitive beings nowadays that get labelled with various things …
      what helped me (and many others) very much is connecting with likeminded, likehearted people, or people who are in the same situation …
      what also helps is finding offline or online groups and communities that can be open and supportive …
      often we look at the physical problems and forget the deeper needs that are often so essential …
      i also live in holland and found there are some very good support groups for people that have been given these very distracting labels …
      since you mentioned extraterrestrial beings, to give some examples of online communities, try:
      remember that we ourselves are all extraterrestrial beings and many healers are available right here and provide great solace to any suffering
      my blessings to you <3

  2. Karen
    March 19, 2015

    For the next Cobra interview, can you ask about the possibility of Earth being flat? There are individuals coming forward indicating that a round earth is actually another lie that humanity has been “told”. If the earth is flat, what are the repercussions on our consciousness? Letting go of force-fed “truth”?

    • babarob
      March 20, 2015

      Thank you however we must not believe everything that is not ralistic or based on obvious evidence.

    • vedika
      March 21, 2015


      I too have come across the claims made by particular group keen on proving that the earth is flat. However, I enquired from a very trusted group in touch with the Sirians(galactis.net) and they suggested that there is no reality or truth in earth being a flat planet.
      Therefore,in my general opinion, whoever has presented those flat earth ideas either lack the understanding and the nature of our universe or are deliberately keen on misleading their readers, you know, sort of hijack the curious people’s broader views,esp during phenomenal reveleations about the universe. Reasons could be many. But our beautiful Mother Earth is not flat 🙂

    • Teasy Love
      March 27, 2015

      i remember reading Cobra answering this question in a previous interview … i remember him saying that he doesn’t agree with the flat earth idea, but please google this to make sure 🙂
      i don’t know if he also mentioned the origin of this, being some old religious doctrine and tradition from a specific group of beings …

      i would say that you can see things from multiple perspectives, including a 2D perspective, which to me is also true, and you usually end up with quite a flat picture 🙂
      yet for me it’s important to take all dimensions into account, which includes 3D, but also the higher dimensions, which are so often forgotten or left out …
      i feel that’s also where the energy of the current emphasis on and repetition of “flat earth” comes from … an energy to keep the focus on separation and distraction rather than what really matters: our own source …

  3. Cobra Interview 3-16-15 with Rob Potter (Q&A) | Kauilapele's Blog
    March 20, 2015

    […] 2015 March 16 – Q & A with Cobra – Rob Potter […]

  4. yoesh
    March 20, 2015

    no transcript yet?

    • babarob
      March 22, 2015

      read it and weep with happiness lol

  5. Karen
    March 21, 2015

    Since this is showing as a posting, I will just add the following:

    In response to my question it was suggested that I don’t think even a little. I did not make a claim or a statement but, rather, asked a question which I do believe is necessary… questioning is about discernment. I personally, have not seen a planet rotate nor have I personally seen a planet from a point of view of being able to see the whole thing. I have seen images taken by NASA and who do they work for? And why are they colored they way they are? – someone’s graphic representation? Additionally, something round can be flat or flattish – obviously there is depth to the planet (i.e. a pie, plate, Frisbee) in other words not be a sphere.

    As far as thinking, that is exactly what I am doing versus just hanging on tightly to what I think I know.

    Anyway, I am not saying I believe or disbelieve but when we have had so much dis-information, it is plausible to think that anything can fall into that category not to mention we have all been conditioned to use our minds in a very set way; shapes, time, color, sound, etc. I have had very abstract dreams that defy all those things, have had meditation experiences that defy those things… so far I can’t recreate those dreams in this world/dimension/state of “waking” consciousness but does that mean it does not exist?

    I like the way Cobra provides his answers, without apparent judgement and since I have not had the benefit of seeing the planet from a spaceship I thought I would just ask.

    I was a little surprised at the response I received given the premise of the work on this website would require a newcomer to have an open mind.

    • Alpine Snowdrop
      March 22, 2015


      I do understand your concern, I think it is reasonable of you to ask a question in a world where mind control has been rampant. There are many different shapes concave, convex, sphere, oval, whatever, we are free to hypothesize when we haven’t seen the earth from above in physical form. Also, is it the same shape within other dimensions, how does it appear in the astral or etheric? We also do not know everything because of the veil, and the extent of mind-control we have been under. I appreciate your warrior spirit to challenge and question things in pursuit of truth:)


    • babarob
      March 22, 2015

      Sorry to have offended you I got a lot of those questions but for me it is obvious. I do realize there are many other things that are just as outside the box as a flat earth that i take for granted. i meant no judgement personally but i guess i failed. you have seen films of rotationg planets and the telescopes are available so this is no longer a secret that the earth is round.
      the good thing is that you are open and questioning all information and this is good so i respect you for being open minded. always best to do your own research on something like this as cobra would just be another “authority” that you may be accepting without your own experience. Either way i will share with you strongly the earth is a sphere.
      Warm regards

  6. Phoenix
    March 22, 2015

    Rob, I finally had a chance to listen and read along, WOW, this is the BEST Cobra interview to date! Jam-packed with startling and sobering revelations, confirmations, corrections and clarifications. Thanks to everyone for submitting great questions!

    On a lighter note, I am relieved to know that after the event, I will still be able to eat spaghetti and “meat balls” from the replicators. 😀

  7. julio c vidal
    March 22, 2015

    can you ask Cobra about ALLEN Michael and the Everlasting Gospel book he pretty much explain that this planet is a healing planet for the souls who went to a very bad Solar Nuclear blast and he said he is the one the bible talked about in Revelation about the little book that will come and bring the last message .Did you know about it ?

    • babarob
      March 22, 2015

      I know allen michael, this is complicated but there elements of his information that is correct and he is a genuine contactee the prophesy of him as “comforter” as he says may or may not be true . cobrra would not know of him and will tell you use your own discernment,. He is a sincere person and seeks truth in my opinion!

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  10. lilium flower
    March 23, 2015

    Thank you Cobra and Rob,much blessings!!!

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  13. Anke
    March 26, 2015

    Heartfelt thanks to Cobra and Rob for an exceptionally powerful interview!
    It feels like a whole different level of information.
    A joy to listen to! _/\_

  14. Astrid
    March 27, 2015

    thank you Rob and Cobra

    what about the flight crash of German Wings?
    what about CERN?
    you tell that CERN can no more do any dangerous things
    but in some news I read about the connection of the plane crash
    and CERN…. (black magic and human sacrifice

    • babarob
      March 27, 2015

      Astrid ,
      we answered Cern question that there are agents involved there and nothing drastic will be allowed to occur. The plane crash I am not sure if it is cabal related it is a minor thing compared to other programs, but It is good to question all story lines.

      • Astrid
        March 27, 2015

        thank you for answering

        you are so right about major things
        I believe in my consciousness and that I create my own reality

        so in my reality we are ascending to the 5 dimension
        all together…. yes and this thougts are new in me
        but our frequency is raising more and more and there is place for
        this wonderful planet earth…. the earth I carry inside
        reflects outside

        love Astrid

  15. Demitra M. N.
    March 27, 2015

    In the last interview with Cobra, someone submitted a question regarding Paul McCartney and whether or not he actually died in 1966. Cobra responded in the negative; that McCartney had not died. Fine.

    However, because much research by a great many people over the years has determined that the McCartney before 1966 has significant differences to the one that would later head Wings in the 1970s, I feel compelled to ask a slightly reworded question regarding McCartney, if that’s okay.

    If McCartney did not in fact die in 1966, and the whole “McCartney is Dead” matter was a music industry hoax — a means of repackaging The Beatles, for example, is it more accurate then to say that McCartney was at that time “replaced” with either a talented musician look-a-like (as in: completely different DNA, different person altogether) or that a “clone” of McCartney stepped in after 1966 and took his place (as in: the same DNA but not the original model) ??

    I’d really appreciate it if someone asked Cobra this question at the next opportunity. Thanks.

    • Uncle Frank
      March 28, 2015

      Are you serious? We were lucky to get one Paul McCartney. There are no two Eric Claptons, no two Stevie Wonders and no two Paul McCartneys.

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