2015 Jan 20 – Victory of the Light Radio Show

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ROBERT POTTER – THE VICTORY OF THE LIGHT RADIO SHOW Thursday 01-22-2015 by Pyramid One Network Radio on Mixcloud

Rob Debuts his first live show on pyramid one network and answers questions from people in the chat room.


  1. ghjkjlj
    January 23, 2015

    Regards for the first live show on pyramid one network and answers questions from people.
    May old friends appreciate all your efforts.

  2. .
    January 23, 2015

    Flying cars my @#$, we have them already, they’re called aircraft.

    Why would we want to go fast in a new beautiful free earth, come on man this is stupid.

    • babarob
      February 6, 2015

      why not really?
      1) because it would not require gas/ do i need to list the benefits of free clean energy?
      2)because i want to have breakfast in katmandhu and lunch in paris and dinner on maui is that so bad?
      3) you are free to consider advanced technology “stupid” and you can walk everywhere if you like but airplanes and cars will not around for much longer expect to see an end to fossil fuels like gasoline in the not too distant future/ start jogging its a long way to katmandhu

  3. ghjkjlj
    January 24, 2015

    Please describe in a few words the planes beyond the physical one as well the levels of physical and non-physical about you speak in the interview.
    Kindest regards.

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