2014 October 20 – Interview with Cobra by Rob Potter

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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to another special Victory of the Light Radio show. I’m your host Rob Potter, allegedly the voice of the Resistance. I’m happy to announce that I’m going to be doing the special Cobra interview today. Thanks to you all and your wonderful support of my web-site at .

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Rob – OK folks, here we are again on the Victory of light radio show. Once again, as promised, here is our emissary of light, my good friend and the voice of the resistance, Cobra. Welcome to the Victory of Light radio show once again.

COBRA – Thank you for your invitation.

Rob – It’s always a pleasure Cobra and it’s an honor to be working with you. We have a lot of amazing things have been happening on the world scene lately. Before we get to all of our questions, we’ve got a lot of questions on repeat subjects. First of all I’d like to talk to you about the financial situation. One of my sources who knows someone who has an uncle and a cousin so to speak. . . was involved in the financial re-set in the inner circle there in Reno. . . has told me that as far as they know there has been some major progress made in the RV and certain things are getting very close in place. According to their intelligence. . . and they talk to the top people. . . that some of the posts, one from John McHaffee  is actually accurate . . . and they were actually anticipating that there may be some big changes very very soon. Is this possible. Can you talk about any of this latest development, this big buzz about things getting closer. Now that I have a source who is actually saying . . . from the inside. . . is kind of confirming for the first time that they are actually expectant for things. Any comments on this. Do you see this as real.

COBRA – OK. I will put it this way; Yes, there has been a certain breakthrough. It happened between the 17th and the 19th of October but this does not mean that the RV will happen right now or the Reset will happen right now as I would put it more correctly. I would also not agree with the notion that the Dragons have purchased the Fed. Reserve . . but yes, there has been certain agreements made . . and yes there was a certain, quite significant progress, but we’re not there yet. It’s quite understanding that some people are quite excited because many people have been working for years after years of hard work and finally there are some results. But those results are not enough for the breakthrough to manifest completely.

Rob – Right. I kind of felt the same way. From what I understand there are some various papers and some agreements and signatories and certain things are being cleared but it’s really different than the actual implementation of it. I really appreciate that perspective there. The Fed Reserve. . .I mean I heard that rumor too. That was actually one of the questions that we’re going to have later so you answered that preemptively. The Fed Reserve can’t be bought. It’s basically going to be disbanded Right? (Exactly). Another thing that has been really hot on people’s minds. I’ve been getting a lot of e-mails from folks lately . . . if I don’t answer those the exact way you wrote it. I remind you all that Cobra does not comment on things that you ask for homework. Like if you say: What does he think about this book or this thing. We’re not going to watch 1 1/2 hr youtube and give a comment on it. Just don’t be offended if we didn’t answer your question, or if you had a question or comment on someone or another channel or another person. He doesn’t comment about other people too much and that’s a good thing. One of the questions I’ve been getting a lot of in various terms of course, is about this big Ebola scare that we’ve talked about before. I’ve worked with Len Horowitz who wrote the book: Nature: accident or intention, AIDS & Ebola. and he clearly proves that it’s pretty much intentional. So many people, of course, are running in the fear. If you could please comment on the Ebola situation. People think, that are speculating that it’s a plan to force vaccinations, which of course it may be. Can you a-lay people’s fears once again. It’s really big in people’s minds.

COBRA – Yes, basically what is happening is the Cabal wanted to engineer another pandemic and they have created this virus in the laboratory but then when the light forces managed to annihilate most of this and destroy most of this, they have inflated the whole situation by actually creating mass pandemic false flag, with stage actors, with hyped media campaign and the reaction to the situation is that Ebola is actually decreasing. There are countries that have been infected that are clear now already and also the possibility of getting Ebola is extremely small. It’s almost impossible for the average human being to catch that disease. Yes, there are plans that the Cabal wants to use that as an excuse for mass vaccinations. Those plans can be successful in limited isolated cases but not globally.

Rob – Right. I felt the same way that it’s been extremely hyped up. The good news is that the light forces when this plan was coming up, they basically . . . wherever it was stored, Africa or Fort Detrick, MD, they put a laser beam on that or magically to kill all the viruses. What have they done. Can you explain that.

COBRA – They have technologies that can . . . I will not go into details of their technology. They have certain technologies that can now counteract most of what they are doing.

Rob – So to be clear, this is absolutely . . . of course we know Ebola and the whole thing is manufactured as an end-game type fear thing. They basically don’t even have the virus to infect. They have small amounts, is that correct. (Yes, yes) and so they’re using these very small amounts and using all staged actors and players for that. (Yes, yes) Ladies and Gentlemen, listen to that. You heard it here first. It’s not that Ebola is not deadly, it is very deadly. It’s a dangerous disease. The light forces are here and we’re getting a lot of help from them. Even though you’re seeing on TV, don’t believe this type of stuff, it’s fear. I’ve seen a lot of light people and a lot of comments on various blogs and posts. People just kind of parroting Fox news. We have to realize . . . we have to move beyond this. Here’s a question I’ve got twice. I wanted to ask about it. Fred Bell said in his book, according to Semjase – that oil’s purpose is to act as a shock absorber for the tectonic plates. Could you comment on the purpose of oil esoterically and what it means to the planet.

COBRA – OK. It is actually also a transmitter of information. It is a liquid which connects various parts of the upper crust and transmits information between those areas.

Rob – OK, so it actually has an esoteric aspect of communication to the various elemental forces within the earth. Would that be correct?

COBRA – Yes, for the upper crust of the planet.

Rob – OK. Very good. Unfortunately folks, I didn’t get these questions in logical order today. Very very busy. We’re going to kind of jump around here. Here’s a question someone asked about the event. How will this affect children?

COBRA – They will be very happy because they will feel on some level that something very beautiful is happening and be quite excited about it.

Rob – OK, how about animals. Will animals have any type of difference? Will animals be less violent toward human. What’s going to happen there?

COBRA – Animals will become more peaceful and calm. They will also feel that something is going on.

Rob – OK. Here’s kind of a weird one. Someone asks: What happens if you’re in an airplane at the time of the event.

COBRA – Well, the airplane will fly as usual because all that basic infrastructure will work and will land according to schedule. People will realize something extraordinary is going on.

Rob – Very good. One person asked: is all meditation good and is it useful for the event. It was a very sweet person. This person said she doesn’t feel worthy to help with the event. I gave them a very strong message. Everybody is worthy. Everyone is important. Everyone’s effort is important. You’ll confirm that everyone can play a part in this event, yes?.

COBRA – Yes, of course. If you want to, you can play a part. Each person that participates counts and can make a change, can make a difference.

Rob – Generally speaking, you recommend . . . there are many types of meditations. Meditation is good. Correct? (Yes) OK. Some people have mentioned they have experienced a huge positive shift in energy since the equinox. Are there any reasons behind that.

COBRA – Yes, there has been some progress being made with the situation, with the veil, and yes, some people were able to feel that.

Rob – OK. Very good. Someone said in the picture you posted about the etheric plane that it’s divided into four layers. Is there darkness in all those layers or are the upper layers already cleared.

COBRA – Yes, there is still some negativity in the higher sub planes of the etheric planes, but less and less.

Rob – OK. I guess we could ask for a basic update. Have there been anymore major Archons or Black Nobility behind the scenes removed from the planet.

COBRA – Not lately.

Rob – Not lately. In regards to the chimera; have there been any more advancements made since we last spoke in regards to the stranglet bombs or that type of information with the chimera groups.

COBRA – Yes, there was one major breakthrough but details are classified information at this point.

Rob – OK, that’s very good Another question someone had, there was a famous video that showed a camera of some military person and according to sources the base was warned. They had some technology and there was a series of light flashers. I did see the video. Over a period of several hours – large light flashes, light explosions of some kind of took place. Can you comment on that.

COBRA – I would need to see the video to make a comment.

Rob – OK. It was a video that there were some light flashes allegedly. There were some things were happening in the underground bases. This one’s from Freddy – you mentioned a plane similar to the plasma plane but on a higher octave called buddhi mannas membrane – Is this a different name to indicate the tachyon membrane. (no, no, no). Can you talk a little bit about the plane called buddhi manas membrane.

COBRA – It’s not an actual plane, it’s a membrane. It’s a very thin layer the result of torsion forces between the higher mental plane and the intuitional plane and that membrane actually acts as a filter, which actually blocks, to a certain degree, our connection with our souls and higher planes of creation.

Rob – Right, so the higher end of the mental plane is manipulated to block the intuitional consciousness.

COBRA – This is not happening on purpose but at a certain point in history not too long ago the chimera group had some technology to influence that. It’s actually a results of the cosmic anomaly because there’s so much darkness on the lower planes, like the physical and astral plane. It creates a certain tension on the mental plane and that actually lowers the connection with the higher planes of creation.

Rob – OK. As above, so below in a similar vein: as below sometimes so above. Could you talk a little bit about: what is the hidden plasma plane.

COBRA – How do you mean hidden plasma plane.

Rob – Well, this comes from Freddy. Is it the plan of the light forces to simply clear the hidden plasma plane abyss or to transmute it and eventually erase it.

COBRA – Yes, they will transmute and it will not exist in the same way. It will be a very subtle membrane which will be a natural divide between physical and etheric.

Rob – OK. Is there any progress in stopping the flow of arms and the orders to the minor chimera groups, not the ones in the main strong holds, we’re talking about the ones on the surface running ISIS and the Ukraine. Is there some positive things coming forward towards arresting their actions.

COBRA – Yes, there has been some progress there as well.

Rob – OK. So another question on ebola here. Is it possible that the Cabal will manage to launch a mandatory ebola vaccination program in some countries.

COBRA – I have already answered this. They might be successful in isolated cases but you might remember what happened with that pandemic a few years ago when there was some vaccinations in certain countries but the whole situation just dissolved.

Rob – Right. Speaking of that, we’ve had some news that the premier of India or someone in India has indicated in official channels that they want to hold Bill Gates responsible for some unproven vaccines that have caused some damage to some Indian girls. Is that a part of the resistance movement getting that going?

COBRA – It’s not directly from the resistance movement but yes, it is an initiative coming from the light forces.

Rob – Very good. Let’s see . . .will people like Bill Gates and some of these big financial supporters be arrested along with some of the major players as well.

COBRA – At the time of the event, yes.

Rob – OK.  Here’s another chimera group questions. Once the Chimera group will be cleared, will the moon dust project and other black projects operating under the control of the negative military be ended completely.

COBRA – Yes, immediately, yes.

Rob – I guess that would mean chimera group ending is at the same time of the event is that correct. (Yes). Another question since Darcy’s mission (?) include liberating and enlightening the planet. . . How do Archons let them enter earth knowing who they are.

COBRA – Actually what they do . . . sometimes light workers can do much more effective work on the Astral planes so they try to trap them in dysfunctional families so they will not awaken and they would not help liberate the planet. But even with all the efforts of the Archons, the light forces are successful in awakening many of the light workers and light warriors and then they are successful in assisting in liberating the planetary situation.

Rob – OK. according to Alex Collier’s work, and other sources, it’s been indicated that the reptilian races that are involved in violation of the galactic codex and the very advanced programming . . . and let’s call it the implant technology that’s being used on earth now . . . that those beings themselves have been implanted and are simply running a program that they were given. Would you agree with that.

COBRA – Yes, yes, in most cases actually. I would say that every being on the dark side has been implanted and programmed at a certain point.

Rob – So, at a certain point in time . . . It’s been hard for us . . . I’ve been examining this in myself recently. When this event takes place, these beings themselves will be liberated from their implants and they will probably recoil in horror and shock at what they have been doing for a long time. Is that correct.

COBRA – Yes, for many of them that is correct.

Rob – So they are to be healed and to be pitied to a certain extent because some of their deeds have been very heinous against us. They have been as implanted and as manipulated as we have. So, I guess there is a question here. Someone’s asked: How do star seeds actually come in and incarnate here. Are there new star seeds coming here or are all the people kind of trapped in the reincarnation situation.

COBRA – There are no fresh star seeds coming from other star systems. People that have incarnated here have been inside of this recycle process for at least 25k years with extremely rare exceptions.

Rob – Right, those rare exceptions may be if they have captured perhaps an E.T. craft. I’ve heard they will kill the E.T.’s physical body and force their soul in a human body.

COBRA – Those things were happening in the past.

Rob – They have happened in the past. I asked you a question last time about the Seres race and you said you’ve heard of them. Can you tell us what you know about the Seres race? S E R E S.

COBRA – This race has been involved in a certain amount of genetic engineering in the past and has been contacted by the light forces, by the Galactic Confederation quite recently and have crossed into the light.

Rob – Ok, so at some point in time they were negative and now they’re positive.

COBRA – I would not describe as negative, simply uneducated.

Rob – Uneducated in their genetic manipulations. Another question: Are some star seeds leaving the surface of the planet via – different ways, such as re-blending with their higher selves while a walk-in replaces their bodies.

COBRA – Again, if people are describing this as ascension, this has not been happening since 1996. There have been some walk-in exchanges, but people who have gone through those exchanges have just shifted from physical to etheric or the astral plane and have not left quarantine earth.

Rob – OK, we have a couple questions from China. I’d like to answer those because they’re few and far between. There’s a few questions about Xi Jinping. does he know about the spiritual forces. Does he know about ascension and the events on earth. In other words, they are asking: is he a positive guy, the chinese chairman. Is he in preparation for the event.

COBRA – OK. I would say he has a certain amount of understanding but to a certain degree.

Rob – Is he generally along for the ride or is one of the cabal of the western forces.

COBRA – OK. He is cooperating to a certain degree with the light forces, but it is not known when the event happens, which degree, when things get a little bit more intense, how he will react.

Rob – OK, some people have asked about the situation with the Dragon societies. How many are there and is there more unification amongst these groups since we last talked? Has there been any progress along the higher levels on what the plans are for moving forward.

COBRA – Yes, there has been some good signs lately, in the last few weeks especially and this is very good because the situation was not very nice a few months ago. So, yes, I would say there is improvement.

Rob – Very good. Another question about the Chinese Dragon societies. Everyone seems to think that they are kind of running the show. Is that correct on the financial level, with their large economy. Are they kind of the . . .now. . the go-to kind of person to team to help initiate this process. Are they very much involved or are all countries equally involved.

COBRA – It is a global process.

Rob – OK. Next question. Cobra, are the solar flares contributing to activating our DNA strands and if so, are there any difference between first, second and third wavers. I presume that meant those people who are going to be lifted into space ships.

COBRA – Yes, the solar flares are influencing our DNA and are assisting in the activation of the DNA’s. I will not comment on the second part of the question.

Rob – OK. You talked a while back about how Israel holds the keys to Atlantis, and so it’s a sacred area. Can you explain more about that.

COBRA – Basically, I have mostly already answered that question. Israel was one of the Major vortex points at the time of Atlantis. There is a very strong Goddess vortex in that area and they built a strong colony at the time of Atlantis and this is the reason why the Archons wanted to always control this area.

Rob – OK. This is kind of a funny question but I think it’s one that a lot of people who are new or are coming out. Could the resistance movement message become more main stream. When will it be time to call out publicly those that deceive humanity. I feel of course that it’s always been time, we’re on it. But do you see the resistance movement becoming more main stream.

COBRA – It will become more mainstream ONLY after the event.

Rob – OK. We did have the US or at least they said on the news that the US was involved in bombing of Syria. Can you talk about that, that the US actually took place in the bombing.

COBRA – Yes they did.

Rob – As awful and as tragic as it is, how was that allowed to take place. The military guys can’t stop that?

COBRA – It is simply that the negative military still has too much power (?) to stop this.

Rob – OK. So the negative guys in the military don’t have to answer to the good guys. The good guys are not completely in control of the US military. Is that correct.

COBRA – No, they are not in control.

Rob – Here’s an interesting thing. The chimera group has infiltrated militaries of all major nations. After the Congo Archon invasion of 1996 they put physical strangelot bombs on most US military bases and some military bases of other nations. This year in 2014 the RM and Galactic Confederation started clearing chimera groups and these bombs. The question is: you said the event will not happen until the chimera group and the weapons are removed. They’re wondering why you said there were possibilities in 2012 and 2013, of the event taking place. Did they not know about the chimera bombs at that point or it was possible that they could have cleared them then.

COBRA – No, they couldn’t clear them. The RM was considering taking a huge risk and triggering the event even with the existence of those bombs, but then of course it was guided that that risk would be simply too great.

Rob – Yes, that’s logical. At the event when all their negative technologies including etheric implants and scalar wave technology are cleared from the earth, will all human infants born after the event be able to keep their past life memories immediately.

COBRA – There are also other factors involved. It is simply there is still the membrane between the physical and etheric brain, but the memories will be much easier for any of the newly incarnated souls to remember their past lives.

Rob – So the reason they wouldn’t be able to is there is a membrane. How long will this take to heal.

COBRA – Well, it’s a natural thing and usually if a human being is not absolutely awakened, certain amount of memory is lost. In the same way that you forget what you had for breakfast last Monday.

Rob – Someone asked about the cracks in the matrix that you mentioned. People are wondering exactly if you could define that a little bit more. What is a crack.

COBRA – A crack in the matrix is . . an area when the light from beyond the veil is coming inside of the quarantine earth.

Rob – OK. And without commenting on a person here . . but someone has asked a question . . . David Icke’s information . . . my opinion definitely seems to be in atunement and alignment with my feelings and your information. Would you agree.

COBRA – Yes, he has brought a lot of awareness about many things but I would not agree to all the details, but basically, yes, he has brought a lot of interesting intel and a lot of awakening.

Rob – OK. Ben Fulford’s latest article he said the goods guys have control of the weather. I’m not sure what that means. Does that mean the good guys have taken down the HAARP. Would you agree with that statement.

COBRA – I would not agree completely. I would just say that there has been some . . .The light forces were able to counteract some of the HAARP activity, especially in Asia.

Rob – OK. Very Good. You made briefly a comment that there are different groups with different origins with different stories with different vibrational frequencies and different structures. With that said, this particular being . . . that this person is talking about. . . said they came to this planet to help remind the African American’s of their star group – which is partially Annunaki and partly Reskian (?) to help them return to their star family on a planet named Riks (?) in a galaxy named Iulian (?) which is not too far from the milky way. Have you ever heard of anything about that group. (NO, no). That’s probably a channeling. Kauilapele (), our good friend has made a post recently talking about a massive arrest coordinated from the Hague. I think the number was 1,027 Cabal criminals arrested including sex trafficking, human slavery and some of the lower minions in the Cabal. Was this orchestrated by the RM. Was this to get dirt on the higher ups and twist some arms.

COBRA – I would say this was coordinated by the light forces and I will not specify who was behind this. But yes, it was a good progress on the lower levels of the minions of the Cabal.

Rob – Very Good. Here’s a funny question, not sure where it’s coming form. Will Mexico and Canada become part of the US of A. (No). I didn’t think so. OK. People are wondering what‘s going to happen with Big Foot after the event. Will they remain hidden, come out. Will we get to meet them eventually as part of our star family. (yes). Some people have been asking about . . . you mentioned the light cities. I think there was some confusion in their mind. There’s many talks of J.J. Hurtak of the very large planetary motherships coming down and touching upon the earth and James Gilliland says they will power up. Eventually at some point we will probably have some very large light cities descend to the earth, is that correct.

COBRA – Yes, that is correct.

Rob – Can you comment any more about that.

COBRA – I will not want to comment. It is part of the ascension plan. I will not release that until the situation with the chimera group is a little bit better.

Rob – OK. Good. Will there be new light cities that form on the surface and if so, what would you suggest for those people who are seeking to create a light city? Will this be in general vortex areas. Will this be privately held property. What would you suggest for people. I know the area around Dom? is certainly moving forward and some of the Anastasia information in Russia is creating very wonderful, kind of loosely affiliated commune type societies. What do you recommend for the rest of the world in regards to creating light cities or preparing or for people who are really ready to make a change and be the way-showers. What would you recommend for these people to create a light city.

COBRA – OK. The first thing you need to do is create harmonious interpersonal relationships within the group. Usually that happens, when people try to manifest a light city or a community of light, the Archons infiltrate their subconsciousness and they trigger their patterns and the conflicts being and the project is ruined. So when you have a harmonious group with the high level of harmony and cooperance, high level of integration, then that group can begin to manifest a light city on the physical plane.

Rob – OK. Here’s a question here, we know you’re not into divination too much, but there is syncronicity in the Universe and I don’t always hang on every word of astrology or Tarot cards, but can you tell us a message behind the Tarot. There are 22 Major arcana as indication of self empowerment. Is there something that we should be aware of of the tarot or can you just talk about the tarot and what that is.

COBRA – It is a divination system which actually creates a portal to various stages of consciousness. It can be a useful tool for awakening.

Rob – OK. So you can use it as a kind of what is happening to you in your life, is that correct. (yea, also). Will people be reunited with their twin souls after the event.

COBRA – OK. After the event, the process of reunification with the twin souls will start.

Rob – Very Good. Here’s an interesting one. It goes hand in hand with another one that people asked. After the event, will people be able to make contact with their family members that have passed on. Will there be a process, will it be telepathic, will it be open or will it still be more difficult.

COBRA – The light forces will have certain technology quite shortly after the event where people will be able to have contact with their loved ones on the other side.

Rob – Wow, that is awesome. Really exciting to hear that kind of change going to be able to take place very soon. Another question asked: You know there’s some heart felt questions . . . from mothers of course – about missing children. Dr. Bell named some pretty high numbers as well as some other sources that through the years of abductions and lost children and humans taken from the earth numbering as high as 6 million. Would you agree that’s a possibility.

COBRA – Yes, that number is very high.

Rob – Yes, that number is high. Will the people that have missing children who have been pining and wondering what happened . . . Will these types of things be able to be known. We have so much reconstruction going on in everything. Will these types of emotional calming information to help people understand what happened . . . will that be available after the event.

COBRA – Yes, of course. People will be able to be reunited with those children one way or the other and have contact with them. A lot of healing will happen after the event about the situation.

Rob – There’s a question here – will we be able to teleport after the event. I say yes, of course, in my mind. The question is: how soon do you think that technology of the . . . I guess we could call it a mini star gate . . . be available for the general public.

COBRA – That will take quite some time. This needs to happen certain amount of time after the first contact.

Rob – Andrew Basaigo () who was at my conference, talked about his time with the government back in the 70’s with the government time travel and mostly the jump room technology. He’s having some physical side affects. I think the govt. technology probably does have some . .. I guess we could call it . . . bugs in it and doesn’t make it the safest or best mode of transportation. Is that correct. (Yes). Of course the ET’s have this detailed down. Is this teleportation on the physical plane kind of a new technology for the Federation?

COBRA – No, of course not.

Rob – OK. Because I was under the impression that some of the aspects of the teleportation technology as far as the little door frames that you step through and go might be new. But they’ve had, even that type of technology, for many, many thousands of years. (yes). Or millions even maybe. Some people want to know about the mission of Maitreya. He has a weekly meditation of course with the person Benjamin Creme who wrote the book : The Reappearance of the Christ. Could you comment a little bit about that.

COBRA – Yes, he has meditation groups and he has done some good work in spreading information, but his interpretation is not completely aligned with the truth.

Rob – OK. One of the things he mentions is that . . . the Urantia books talk about these beings who are just, very highly evolved and just manifest on the physical plane like an Ascended Master. Can you talk anything about the being they call Maitreya, that he does exist as a positive force.

COBRA – Yes. That’s actually code name for one of the Ascended Masters. And yes, He will appear at a certain point after first contact. He is not present on the physical plane, on the planet right now.

Rob – OK. Very good. In our last interview Cobra, you stated that the Annunaki were not mining for gold here on earth. If you were correct, can you explain who was digging for gold in Africa over 200,000 years ago. I don’t know how they know that. That might be from the, I’m guessing, the Tellinger information (). It seems that there is clear evidence that some civilization was interested in extracting huge amounts of gold from this planet.

COBRA – There was some gold mining but not to the scope that was presented in certain articles and also the time frame might not be exactly correct.

Rob – Yea, I would say time frame. There are evidences in some of the Mayans in the Central American cities of people entire . . they found ruins and excavated sites where there have been . . . it looks like everyone evacuated the cities mysteriously. Dr. Frank Strange has indicated that some of these civilization were invited to the inner earth. Can you confirm. Were some of these civilizations that were left without a trace, did they go to the star ships or…?

COBRA – OK. Certain people went to the star ships and yes, huge amounts of people went underground to the Agarthan network.

Rob – Great. Thank you. Down there in New Zealand they would like your opinion on their latest elections. They were wondering if they were rigged. They were lobbying for change and they felt that the results were really the opposite of what was expected and polled. Can you talk about anything that is going on in New Zealand at this time.

COBRA – I think you have already answered their own question. Yes, the Cabal has also a presence in New Zealand because there is quite a strong movement of awakening with the Maori people in New Zealand and also some other groups are quite strong there. The Cabal wants to suppress this of course.

Rob – Yea. I was just interviewed by a guy named Vinny Eastwood () and he was talking about their Prime Minister in a, not so friendly way, and they shut down his youtube. He had over 3 mill subscribers. He was quite gobsmacked by that. Lots of censorship going on in youtube. We’ve talked about this before. The dark guys are still managing to sensor and to put some monkey wrenches in the computer freedom of speech. Is that correct. They’re still able to do some things. Is there potential for this to be completely irradicated, their influence over the internet, or are we going to be dealing with this until the event.

COBRA – We are going to be dealing with this until the event.

Rob – You mentioned previously that all changes to society would be completed by 2025. Is this still the plan. (yes, that’s the plan). A couple other people you talked about the death process and the crowning kind of the . . . forcing into the reincarnation process. This is one of the biggest questions of course of humanity in the quarantine planet where Ascended Masters aren’t teaching us true cosmic heritage and our past lives are not revealed to us. People would like a little more information about what happens when you die. Would you say there’a bottle neck on the astral plane after we die. Do we have soul contracts and agreements that must be filled?

COBRA – OK. You can always change your soul agreement and soul contracts. What is very important is your level of consciousness when you die because that determines pretty much where you are going. If you are aware and you can orient yourself and not be trapped into the Archon traps. You can actually cross over the higher astral plane where you can have a pretty nice existence for quite some time.

Rob – How could people do that. Is there a specific technique at the time of death that some people can remember. In India they’re very much have a lot of stories and promises if someone is able to focus on something at the moment of their death. Let’s say that someone can’t focus in at the moment of their death but they realize they’re dead. They’re outside their body. What . . . or if you know you haven’t died yet . . . so you don’t know either perhaps . . . but could you give a description of what someone might do. Let’s say they’re outside their body, they see their mangled body. . . .excuse me folks, but let’s say we had a car wreck. What would that person do.

COBRA – OK. The main thing is to focus on their inner light, inner self, higher self and go by that guidance.

Rob – There are some stories that when you astral travel. . . I’ve heard stories of certain Egyptians expecting things to come from the East or whatever . . . is there any place physically that when someone is free and they’re traveling and they’re out of their body, are they free to go around the earth to see the earth in the astral plane or is there always a guide right there with them. Is this guide part of the false matrix. What happens there.

COBRA – There is certain amount of freedom and there are guides around and the guides themselves are manipulated, so there are many well-meaning beings on the astral plane and some of them are simply manipulated by the Archons.

Rob – OK. So on the higher astral plane of the earth, the earth’s higher astral plane, it is a positive existence then.

COBRA – To a certain degree, yes. It is still controlled by the Archons and the Archons put certain limits on what you can experience. Same with your physical life, you can experience many wonderful things although we’re in a quarantine status.

Rob – They would like to completely control the higher astral pane. They can’t possibly control it all. Is that right.

COBRA – They can not.

Rob – OK. Good. There’ a question: Is earth a master class if we chose to be here. (No)

COBRA – No. (no). It’s not a class. It’s not a school. Its something completely different.

Rob – What is that.

COBRA – It’s an occupied area that needs to be liberated.

Rob – Let’s see – there’s a question here, and this is kind of an interesting thing in general – How many hybrid civilizations have the greys seeded using our DNA.

COBRA – They were not able to use our DNA because those genetic experiments were not successful as they hoped.

Rob – OK. Good. The word is that they were time traveling to extract our DNA so they can reinstate their race before they died out because they lost their ability to procreate. (Fred Bell) Is there any truth to that

COBRA – No I would not agree with that. They were not time traveling.

Rob – Did they loose their ability to procreate.

COBRA – It was greatly compromised because their genetic material was not as good as they hoped.

Rob – Yes, that is what he said as well (Fred Bell). Can you talk about the relationship between ancient Greece and the Pleiadians.

COBRA – Basically, not only the Pleiadians, but also the Sirians have inspired great philosophers and have actually triggered the arise of the Greek civilization from a certain group called The Brotherhood of the Star.

Rob – Here’s an interesting question: Sheldon Nidle talks about light chambers and he says we will be healed during 3 days after the event. I’m not sure if he meant in light chambers or in just the coming down of the scalar technology will create a great healing. Will there be light chambers and advanced healing technologies made available that soon after the event, within 3 days. (No, no no) There’s a lot of people going through a lot of depression lately. I have gotten some really hopeless type of things. Is this a major Archon attack, last ditch effort – really affecting people or do you think that people are kind of realizing that their lives have been in vain in a false matrix and it’s kind of a natural process of increased light.

COBRA – It’s more of a quite intensified Archon attacks lately. People need to understand that those depressions are artificially created.

Rob – OK. Here’s some question from some people in the Philippines. They have some small islands West of the Philippines called the Spratly Islands. China is making claims that it’s theirs and they want to build some fortifications over it, much like the tussle between China over their islands there. What’s so important about these islands when it’s nothing but insignificant land. Is there any real story behind that.

COBRA – It’s not just insignificant land. There’s many tunnels that hid gold. Of course the gold is not there any more. Many Chinese think there is still gold there and they want that gold.

Rob – OK. They think it’s still there (yes). but it’s not is it. (It’s not). Has any of the gold taken by the RM been returned to the surface. I guess that would be classified. Has it been returned to the surface. (No, no, not yet). You mentioned that some of Admiral Byrd’s story is somewhat false. Can you comment on weather the smoky god story of Olof is true or if that is false.

COBRA – OK. It’s a fictional story which mixes some facts with fiction.

Rob – So, it’s a completely fictional story, the father and son never went in.

COBRA – Yes, the Smoky God, it’s a 19th century book and is a piece of fiction. It’s not something that happened by a story that wanted to convey certain truths mixed with certain, I would say, not exactly correct understanding of what is happening below the surface.

Rob – OK. We’re getting toward the end of our time here. I wanted to again thank you for spending your time with me here and sharing this information. Last month’s was very well received. I received a tremendous amount of input. People, If I didn’t get to your questions, I apologize. We had lot of questions and we had some repeats there. Well try to get to you next month. Cobra, in regards to the current situation on the earth, there seems to be . . .of course, the propaganda machine is running full speed. We have the Ebola scare . . . which I appreciate and thank you very much and I’m sure many of you will be hearted to hear that information and we can disregard what is happening in the media at this time. Tremendous suffering is taking place around the planet. Can you give us any comments on the progresses in Ukraine. Recently Russia said that their Ruble was going to be devalued and the government was making statements for the people not to panic. Can you comment what was going on in Ukraine and Russia.

COBRA – There are still certain things running behind the scenes. There are light forces trying to create certain break throughs to decrease the level of violence in Ukraine. This hasn’t been completed yet.

Rob – There’s still lots of things taking place. OK. One last thing, let’s talk about the good news of the coming open contact with our space family. Do you see there are many different ET races from within our solar system on different planets that are here. Eventually these beings will come forward, the people missing in the Bermuda triangle, many people of Contact will come out to support the information at the time of the event. Is that correct.

COBRA – Yes, that is correct.

Rob – Can you tell us any good news about the Pleiadians space ships and when we may be seeing our space family, the Ashtar Command, and the Andromedan councils. Will these ships be seen much more regularly at the time of the event or much more slowly and gradually.

COBRA – It will be slow and gradually but when it starts it will be amazing.

Rob – Yes, it will. I would like you to give us a good message of Love, hope and peace to our people from the Victory of Light radio show as a parting gift. Any positive message for them.

COBRA – Yes, I would say there have been certain breakthroughs throughout this weekend that will result in big changes, although it will take some time. Do not loose hope. Things are happening. Watch where we are fighting for it will happen and will be here for all of us and for all of our futures to eternity.

Rob – Thank you very much. I agree with Cobra. It is the Victory of the Light. It is assured. It is taking place as we speak. It has taken many thousands of years, many millions of years. It’s time that we all become involved. Again I want to remind you all: . Cobra. . Check it out and sign up and get notifications of the latest information. Thank you so much Cobra. Victory to the light Brother. Thank you

COBRA – Thank you for your attention and Victory of the light.

End. Rob Potter –


  1. 2014 October 20 – Interview with Cobra by Rob Potter | The Promise Revealed | Forever Unlimited
    October 24, 2014

    […] 2014 October 20 – Interview with Cobra by Rob Potter | The Promise Revealed Soundcloud Audio & Transcripts of the Interview https://thepromiserevealed.com/2014-october-20-interview-with-cobra-by-rob-potter/ […]

  2. Bob R
    October 24, 2014

    CURRENT ANALYSIS, Posted on NESARA 10/24/2014
    current geopolitical analysis

    The following is from a trusted source. Hope the analysis is correct, but that the timing for the end of the resistance to change is shorter than projected.

    Multiple sources are reporting that as of October 17th, 2014, the Dragon

    family has taken over control of the international operations of the Federal

    Reserve Board and that as a result, the cabal’s ISIS and ebola campaigns,

    which were negotiating tactics, will be wound down.

    Under the deal, the United States, Europe and England, respectively, will be

    issuing their own domestic currencies.

    However, the world’s reserve currency will no longer be controlled by the families that used to own the Fed, the sources, including pentagon and CIA officials, said. A Chinese government source was unable to confirm that a deal had been reached. Nonetheless, he did note that China, Indonesia and Japan had been printing dollars of their own under the old regime but that all new creation of dollars world-wide will stop in October.

    This implies that any new currency issued internationally will be something

    other than dollars; most likely a basket of currencies centered on the Chinese


    A British MI5 source, for his part, says “Europe is in no condition to make

    any agreements based on the future use of the Euro. Italy, France and Germany all need to expedite the issuance of domestic currency and this is now a recognized fact.”

    Moreover, there are still major power groups, notably in the Middle East and

    the US, that are unwilling to accept this deal, dragon family sources say. As

    a result, geopolitical turbulence is expected to continue until the final

    resistance groups are subdued and controlled.

    A dragon family member says they will push for complete cabal defeat by the

    Chinese lunar New Year , which falls on February 19th in 2015.

    A high level “G7 source” independently confirmed that as a result of the new deal, “The New Economic System will be developed founded on the truth

    namely that there is Abundance of resources, not scarcity.” If a deal has been reached at the highest levels of Eastern and Western esoteric power, then there will be many public signs appearing.

    Published on Oct 17, 2014 This is one we’ve been waiting for! Yes, the

    Ambassador confirms that the Family is now the lawful owner of the Federal

    Reserve that has waged war on humanity for over 100 years. They are responsible for operating the largest and most oppressive criminal operation, an extortion racket and human slave trade, in the history of the world. They totally failed in their mandate to serve humanity; and their mandate has not been renewed.

    Instead, steps are being taken to transform society, restoring people’s natural rights along with principles of limited government (Republics) outlined in the founding documents of the united States in America. Again, he admonishes us to look in the mirror and to stop aggression, greed and the illusion of self importance.

    Hale Ali’i > It’s true, they have taken control.

    I have a close source that states as of last week it is done. The Rothchilds are no longer in control and dragon family has paid our trillions in debt. We just have to ride it out another little bit and this will all become transparent to the entire planet.

    I just choose to believe they are correct because for the past year everything

    I have been told ahead of time has come to fruition. Crossing my fingers and

    toes…. 🙂

    • babarob
      November 6, 2014

      thank your souces confirm my intel as well except that the dragon society only paid the FR’s debt. However they do not control a bankrupt institution that is obsolete, criminal in nature and will eventually be exposed and the worlds largest racketeering and ponzi scheme. When the FR’s true history of corruption is revealed to the public it will shock the living daylights out of most of us. I predict people will be shakimg their heads at how foolish we have been allowing these crimnals to run such an evil program for so long. May the arrest process speed up to hasten the healing.

  3. PJ Musante
    October 25, 2014

    I am a gifted clairvoyant and I can see past lives easily. They have been fully attacking us lately, and I thought maybe one of our outer planets in retrograde was to blame (it probably was both). I AM WONDERING HOW YOU KNOW THAT THE EVENT WILL HAPPEN LIKE YOU BELIEVE IT WILL HAPPEN. ISN’T IT A CULMINATION OF EVERYTHING UNTIL WE REACH A CERTAIN POINT? THANKS! 🙂

    • babarob
      October 26, 2014

      The planets affect the body through the magnetic influences the planets exert on our Aura’s or Biomagnetic body. thus the science of astrology generally is a road map but we have free will so the Planet impel they do not compel.
      The information of of the intended plans for planetary liberation is directly from benevolent spiritual ET space family who have been working on arrsting the hostile forces who are currently exerting control of the world geopolitical system. These Et forces are working with earth people who have lived beneath the suface in an underground network called agatha.

      These people have revealed the organized and planned mass arrests of criminals within the worlds political and financial institutions world wide. Exactly How it will go down when it happens remains to be seen. There are still classified agendas which are not prudent to reveal to the public at this time as it may jeopardize operations.

      I have been a contactee for over 40 years and my work on http://www.prepareforchange.net was done because resistance forces requested me to do so. My ideas are most likely a pretty good estimate of what will transpire. Many of my explanations and predictions will definitely come to pass but how and when these changes take place is in a constant state of flux. Hold fast to the truth and the truth will abide in you.

  4. Starte Christ
    October 25, 2014

    Thanks much.

  5. ghjkjlj
    October 25, 2014

    Thanks Cobra and PFC for the great interview with interesting and awaited news!


    May be also taken into consideration the necessity of a parallel blog of the RM or Prepare For Change with the scope to prepare questions for Cobra after some discussions between the bloggers. Discussions from which may result a prevalent question and question details concerning a issue.

    In order to spread the truth, we must at first have the confirmation of the truth we spread, and this kind of blog moderated by RM or PFC may be a good source of truth.
    Only spreading a supposed truth (as each of us consider to be the true) may be based in fact on many disinfo, and may last the nowadays confusion, isn’t it?.

    In respect of good results the blog may provide access for anonymous posts followed by moderation of an administrator who deletes contents which are inappropriate.

    Don’t forget that not everyone worldwide has his own PC or broad band net connection. Many of us use the office PCs or public ones, therefore the access on the blog or forum must be anonymous (without open ID, google account, wordpress, live journal, and so on).

    Sadly Cobra’s blog do not work in this way, while fortunately http://prepareforchange.net/ allows this way of access for comments.

    With kindest regards

    • babarob
      October 26, 2014

      thank you for your insight

    • ghjkjlj
      October 26, 2014

      Thank you for taken into consideration the post!
      In order to make it efficient may you allow to start with 2 important discussion themes:

      1 – How will our society look like in 2025?
      If classified, please release as much as possible to understand the general lines of this issue:
      How will the human body look like? How will humans be born, living and how will they die? How will look the DNA and how long the life span of middle aged nowadays people?
      Will we have any kind of ascension? (at least more octaves of 3rd density, if not the lowers of 4th density?), What happen if the plan will not be completed till 2025?

      2 – What does the end of duality consist in??
      As is known nowadays, we learned about a so named ‘illusion of duality’, about which we may understand that is a metaphysical phenomenon by which a conscience (self conscious entity, having thus an ‘ego’) perceives itself separated from a whole in which he is part of. Isn’t it?
      Does the ‘Duality’ consist in something broader than this?
      How many degrees (levels) of duality does exist, or as case may be imposed? (Many questions are already raising about these)

      Until a supposed blog or forum moderated by RM or PFC will start, please indicate us in which section of PFC website may we start a discussion on these issues?
      With kindest regards

  6. Joe
    October 26, 2014

    Cobras claim on the RV is not entirely true. Though the entire RV event has not taken place in mass, many thousands have already exchanged their currencies as has been verified by Tony Renfro and DC of the TNT CC which are available to anyone who wants to listen to them. By the way, those conference calls are listened to by over 25 to 40 thousand listeners including 44 different countries and as well as many three letter agencies. So those TNT calls are not insignificant by any stretch and by the end of the day over 250,000 have already listened to the replay recording.
    Both Tony and DC stated on their latest CC, on Oct. 24th that they have copies of receipts from some of their contacts, (to which they claim they have over 40 world wide), said they’ve known since last Oct of 2013 many bankers and politicians have already exchanged and recently in the last few months, select groups of common people were also allowed to exchange their currencies as well, so I’ll believe Tony and DC who have over 40 sources of intel, some including the US treasury, high politicians in the Iraqi government and so on then the limited source that Cobra has at his disposal about what is happening from the day to day on goings and understandings of what is happening with the RV in Iraq.
    The world cannot stop Iraq from becoming internationally tradeable with the rest of the world. They have crossed all their “t”, and dotted all their “i” and there is nothing in the way for their Dinar to revalue anymore to a reasonable lever where it was before the war which was 3.22 US. They have a newly seated and voted on, coalition government that equally supports all three provinces and religions. Their budgets have been voted on for 2014 and 2015. The HCL dispute has been completely settled, there is nothing left to do to RV internationally.
    Remember, my comments come 6 days after this Cobra interview was posted so many things can happen in the matter of a week or so, as they have.

    • babarob
      October 26, 2014

      The dinar can be exchanged anytime it has never not been able to be exchanged anywhere in the world. So yes people can exchange dinar but although the worlds currencies have been revalued on paper the reality is the follow through and implementation HAS NOT occured yet. So anybody with large amounts of dinar would trade their money in yet.

      I know people who are involved in this process and my information from them is; first that they send out some dis info to see who is leaking information. secondly there is an investigation into the tony guy and he may have some idictments coming for other financial situations not related to dinar.

      My source who travels to Reno regularly has inicated they are expecting implementation of the RV any time now in fact they were expectant for it to happen since some major hurdles were recently over come. Still no real action there is no real evidence of any RV’s though it seems Zibawe was in place to be th first in a test run type scenario.

      There are different cicles of groups that will benfit from the RV. the first is military and the people involved in this process for many years they will get the highest rate. Then the next group will be the humanitarian groups will be funded. After that will be different and lower rates for individuals.

      So to be clear I will respectfully disagree with you the RV has not happened or been implemented world wide at this point in time. Cobra strongly feel that his sources are correct and the world wide RV will not happen until the VENT and mass arrests begin simultaneously. At this point he is correct. The Reno groups are trying to get some trading platforms to begin projects and get the money flowing so it can be used for good however this has not taken place yet.

      They people in charge are working very hard to make it happen. I hope it happens yesterday but although all of the legal paerwork and signatures are supposedly finished and have paved the way for the RV it has not happened so obviously the criminals are still in control. the good guys will continue to work hard and hopefully things will happen eventually the ET benevolents will assist behind the scenes to locate and monitor the mass arrest processes.

      • Joe
        October 26, 2014

        Rob, your feeding into disinformation yourself when you choose to believe the lies about Tony that have been spread for a number of years by those who he exposed to authorities. He has spilled the beans on many RV gurus who have taken advantage of people and their Dinars. He currently has security for himself and his family as does DC, who by the way currently works for the CIA and has for many years, in case you didn’t know. They both have had many death threats against them both and continue to. Yes they are being listened to and watch constantly and that’s why they have to remain squeaky clean like no others.
        They are transparent and we know who he is but we don’t know who everyone else is, just like Cobra, who remains hidden. If you can trust Cobra who remains hidden from the public, why can’t I trust someone who remains more transparent than anyone else I’ve ever see on the internet, including Cobra?
        There have been many false rumors about Tony having several heat attacks, about him being arrested several times to which none of it is true but that doesn’t stop those who he has exposed as shills from continuing to dirty his name. Some of these shills have been arrested and some still have yet to be arrested after the RV, (Tony’s words, not mine). Tony has said several times there will be some RV group leaders who think they will be able to exchange but will get the surprise of their life when they get arrested instead. Tony and DC are working WITH the CIA and other security groups which makes them a great target by bankers who want to continue their financial crimes upon humanity without any repercussions. Why do you think Tony and DC are being watched by these 3 letter agencies? Because they are a perfect target to draw out these unscrupulous people and get rid of them.
        Tony has never asked for a dime from anyone and has never asked for anyone else’s Dinar, Dong or any other currencies, that was the reason he left the group he was previously in and decided to start a group of his own that just gave out the facts he gets from his intel team. A handful of his intel team recently split off from him because they have a different view of the cabal and who’s behind certain movements that what Tony believes but that not a problem fro Tony as he’s said several times. He doesn’t always agree with everything other people want to believe in. So do I and I suspect, so do you as well Rob. Rob, doesn’t it strike you as odd that Tony has never been arrested of doing anything illegal after over 4 years of doing his conference calls? Don’t you find it odd that Tony and DC are being asked to sign a 44 page NDA (non Disclosure Agreement), with their contract currency exchange when they exchange and have to remain silent for 15 years after all this happens? Don’t you find it odd that thousands of people have already exchanged their currencies for an already agreed RV rate over a year ago and yet the most listen to guys in Dinarland; , Tony and DC still cannot exchange? It’s because of the amount of information they’ve been getting and been exposed to that much of which they still cannot tell the general public do to sensitivity and things going on behind the scenes. Cobra does the same thing, No?
        Rob, instead of listening to lies and blatant attacks on Tony by his many enemies and detractors who all seem to have some kind of axe to grind perhaps it would be best to listen to some of these conference calls and make your decision from there.

        • babarob
          November 6, 2014

          Trust who you want i dont listen to anybody except one person whom i trust. I have no axe to grind against tony or any of the others in fact i feel many are honest and up right individuals who want justice and a proper system of finance that can pave the way towards a universal economic model than will alter the way our society functions economically so drastically that it will take a lot of effort to unravel the mind control inspired veiws of money that has runied our planet by encouraging greed and allowing so much corruption. My sources indicate the Tony character is under investigation that is al! I dont know for sure or really care because i do not follow this dinar aspect of the process so much because it obviously not the mainstay of the new economic system. If people think it through it will obviously not work if everyone is given a million dollars. The dinar guru certainly has been wrong on his predictions at least 100 times. In fact to me those who even listen anymore and obsess are the delusional ones. People can spend their time any way they want but as i said it is nothing more than a distraction that keeps people in a constant state of emotional turmoil if they allow themselves to to get attached to the outcome.
          the nda agreement? i have no clue what they are signing but if it will hasten the process of revaluation it is a good thing. The
          RV is real and a positive aspect of redemption that will allow for rapid healing but this will come through the new rules and iron clad system that will reject all theft and corruption. I am not concerned if so and so has a good rate of exchange or whatever. Its about transparency and integrity and accountability for good works to be done by the collective responsible leadership that will affect all people. I will accept that some people who get large sums will do good things with this money. I certainly would put money into advanced healing technlogies and try to provide for orphaned children or create water projects if had access to these types of funds but my main point is the focus should not be about the RV for individuals with dinar but RV for honest governments a just system to see that the starving people of the world are fed and health care food shalter and clothing are provided to those in need.

  7. Joe
    October 26, 2014

    Here’s the latest intel conference call from Friday Oct. 24th 2014 for anyone who wants to hear it instead of just taking my word for it. http://events.instantteleseminar.com/?eventid=61551597

    • babarob
      October 26, 2014

      These conference calls repeatedly make statements and give information which is in correct. they must have said the RV will happen tommorow 400 times but it never happens. I wonder why people would still use this source as a information station when the information is repeatedly shown to be wrong. Granted some things may be correct and even well intended but it seems to me too many people do not understand what the RV means for the world and that it is NOT about a bunch of obsessed money worshipers getting money for themselves.
      The RV is about finacial transparency honesty and empowering the nations of the world to take cntrol and print their own money free from central banks and the fiat currency slavery debt system which has ruined the planet for thousands of years. When this takes on a mass or even a small scale the world will know.
      that is just my opinon

      • LW
        October 26, 2014

        Why do people still listen? Social programming, for starters. The bad guys know how things like the Law of Attraction work, so creating a perpetual state of anticipation in the minds of millions of people works to their advantage. Those who truly understand what it means to assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled no better.

        • LW
          October 26, 2014

          *know better*

      • Joe
        October 27, 2014

        Rob, you not listening close enough to what Tony and DC are saying. They can only pass on the info they get from their sources and if their sources are saying that it was supposed to happen then why not take that at face value instead of shooting the messenger which anyone can do. So the info Tony and DC is not (incorrect), it’s in fact quite accurate and true according to the intel they are given by their sources.
        If the people who are calling the shots decide to change things on the fly as they please then it makes perfect sense that we’d hear countless times where things were supposed to happen but din’t because were dealing with hundreds of players behind closed doors who chose to do what they want to hold up this RV process.
        All gurus can be pooled into the same category as claim the RV will happen is such and such a date but they are only messengers as well, I’m not about to shoot them too just because they can’t control any changes that come down the pike in a moments notice from politicians and bankers and let’s not forget the cabal as well.
        Tony and DC are the biggest Dinar Gurus and so therefore they are the biggest targets that people like to blame when things don’t go our way.

        • babarob
          October 28, 2014

          exactly so whats the point of waiting for this? people are still obssessing and are psychological slaves of the money debt slavery system // when the te cmes it will come/ great progress has been made but the sytem is not airtight and the naughty people blocke it again/ these messengers are not needed in my opnion as they simply are living a groundhog day type of existence. // personaly i dont give a flying walenda about all the talk it will happen in due course //// nothing can stop this vital aspect of the planetary redemption / the real gold is in the spiritual changes within peoples awareness / the rv is about freeing the nations of the world to create their own money and not be held hostage and manipulated by the central banks/ this will allow progress to hapen if the leadership is transparent and just! a bunch or people getting dinars exchanged is not the key the world changing it is only one aspect that must occur to prepare for interplanetary cultural exchange / u people can watch the alleged second news drama unfold with bated breath and let your feeling rise and fall with tthe tides of expectation and disappointment/ way too much drama for me / im busy trying to heal the planet trimming one cannabis bud at a time…. haha lets not take it too seriously
          may your dinar exchange well my friend…………someday someday we shall over come someday

  8. COBRA : Transcription de l’entrevue par Rob Potter le 20 octobre 2014 | Stop Mensonges
    October 26, 2014

    […] Rob – Une fois de plus, comme promis, voici notre émissaire de la lumière, mon bon ami et la voix de la résistance"The Event" (l'Evènement) va bientot arriver !. Lire la suite … », Cobra. Bienvenue à l’émission radio de la Victoire de la Lumière !  COBRA – Je vous remercie de votre invitation. Rob – C’est toujours un plaisir de Cobra et c’est un honneur de travailler avec vous. Nous avons beaucoup de choses étonnantes quiQui est Cobra ?. Lire la suite … » se sont passées sur la scène mondiale ces derniers temps. Je tiens tout d’abord à vous parler de la situation financière. Une de mes sources, qui a un oncle qui a participé au re-montage financier à Reno…, m’a dit qu’ils savent qu’il y a eu des progrès importants réalisés dans le réévaluation et que certaines choses sont déjà bien en place. McCathy John prévoit qu’il peut y avoir de grands changements très bientôt. Est-ce possible ? Voyez-vous cela comme réel ?  COBRA – OK. Je vais mettre de cette façon ; Oui, il y a eu une certaine ouverture. Cela s’est passé entre le 17 et le 19 Octobre, mais cela ne signifie pas que la réévaluation ou la réinitialisation se produira bientôt. Je ne dirais pas que les Familles du Dragon ont acheté la FED, mais oui, il y a eu certains accords conclus, et oui il y avait un certain progrès très important, mais nous n’y sommes pas encore. Certaines personnes sont très excitées car après y avoirGloire, Avoir, Pouvoir, les 3 défits que nous devons affronter.. Lire la suite … » travaillé pendant des années d’arrache pied enfin il y a des résultats. Mais ces résultats ne sont pas assez complets pour finaliser complètement le processus. Rob – Droit. J’ai un peu ressenti la même chose. J’apprécie vraiment ce point de vue là. La Réserve fédérale ne peut pas être acheté. Elle va essentiellement être dissoute ? L’une des questions c’est de cette grosse frayeur avec l’Ébola dont nous avons parlé avant. J’ai travaillé avec Len Horowitz qui a écrit le livre “Nature : accident ou intention, le SIDA et Ébola” et il prouve clairement que c’est très intentionnel. Tant de gens, bien sûr, ont peur. Quel est votre opinion sur l’Ébola. Les gens pensent que c’est un plan pour obliger à la vaccinationEBOLA, cette maladie inoculée par vaccination. Lire la suite … ». Pouvez-vous calmer la peur des gens une fois de plus. C’est vraiment grand dans l’espritVaincre la maladie (ou la créer) par la volontée de l'esprit. Lire la suite … » des gens.  COBRA – Oui, en gros ce qui se passe est que la Cabale a voulu concevoir une autre pandémie et ils ont créé ce virus dans le laboratoire ! Quand les forces de la lumière ont réussi à guérir les malades, la CabaleUpdate important de Stopmensonges.com suite aux attaques sur l'Admin et le site. Lire la suite … » a augmenté son intervention pour étendre la pandémie sous fausse bannière, avec des comédiens payés, avec une campagne hystérique dans les médias en réaction à la situation, car le virus Ébola est effectivement en baisse. Il y a des pays qui ont été infectés qui sont le clairement d’ores et déjà, mais la possibilité d’avoir l’Ébola est extrêmement faible. Il est presque impossible pour l’être humain moyen d’attraper cette maladie. Oui, il est prévu que la Cabale veut utiliser cela pour lancer une campagne de vaccinations massive.   Rob – Droit. Je sentais de la même manière que c’était très hystérique ! Les bonnes nouvelles sont que les forces de la lumière ont agit où c’était stocké, en Afrique ou Fort Detrick, MD, ils ont mis un faisceau laser magique pour tuer tous les virus. L’ont-ils fait ? Pouvez-vous expliquer cela ?  COBRA – Nous disposons de technologies capables d’agir ! Je ne vais pas entrer dans les détails de leur technologie. Ils ont certaines technologies qui peuvent désormais lutter contre la plupart des problèmes qu’ils font. Rob – En fait, ils n’ont même pas le virus à infecter. Ils utilisent des acteurs et des intervenants que pour de la mise en scène. (Oui, oui) Le virus EbolaEBOLA, cette maladie inoculée par vaccination. Lire la suite … » une maladieVaincre la maladie (ou la créer) par la volontée de l'esprit. Lire la suite … » dangereuse mais les forces de la lumière sont ici et nous recevons beaucoup d’aide de leur part. Même si vous voyez à la télévision, ne croyez pas ce genre de choses, c’est fait pour créer la peur ! Autre chose, Fred Bell a dit dans son livre, selon Semjase – que le but de l’huile est d’agir comme un amortisseur pour les plaques tectoniques. Pourriez-vous commenter le but d’huile ésotérique et ce que cela signifie pour la planète. COBRA – OK. Il est en fait aussi un transmetteur d’informations. Il s’agit d’un liquide, qui relie les différentes parties de la croûte supérieure et transmet des informations entre ces zones. Rob – OK, si elle a effectivement un aspect ésotérique de la communication pour les différentes forces élémentaires au sein de la terre. Serait-ce correct ? COBRA – Oui, pour le gratin de la planète. Rob – OK. À propos de l’événement, comment cela affectera les enfants ?  COBRA – Ils seront très heureux parce qu’ils sentent à un certain niveau que quelque chose de très beau se passe et ils sont très excités à ce sujet. Rob – OK, au sujet des animaux, sentiront ce qui va se passer et comment vont-ils réagir, seront moins violent envers l’homme ?  COBRA – Les animaux deviendront plus paisible et calme. Ils sentent également que quelque chose se passe. Rob – OK. Qu’est-ce qui se passe si vous êtes dans un avion au moment de l’événement.  COBRA – Eh bien, l’avion volera comme d’habitude et se posera selon le calendrier prévu. Les gens réaliseront que quelque chose d’extraordinaire se passe. Rob – Très bien. Est-ce que toute méditation est bon et utile pour l’événement. Vous confirmez que tout le monde peut jouer un rôle dans cet événement, oui ?  COBRA – Oui, bien sûr. Si vous le souhaitez, vous pouvez participer. Chaque personne qui participe à la collecte aux des d’accusation et peut faire un changement, peut faire une différence. Rob – Il existe de nombreux types de méditations. Certaines personnes ont mentionné qu’ils ont connu un énorme changement positif dans l’énergie depuis l’équinoxe. Y a-t-il des raisons derrière cela ?  COBRA – Oui, il y a eu des progrès réalisés, la situation a évolué avec la levée du voile, et oui, certaines personnes ont pu le sentir. Rob – OK. Très bon. Quelqu’un a dit dans l’image que vous avez posté sur le plan éthérique qu’elle est divisée en quatre couches. Y a-t-il dans l’obscurité toutes ces couches ou les couches supérieures sont déjà effacé.  COBRA – Oui, il y a encore une certaine négativité dans les sous-plans supérieurs des plans éthérique, mais de moins en moins. Rob – OK. Je suppose que nous pourrions demander une mise à jour de base. Est-ce que les Archontes ou noblesse noire, qui agissent dans les coulisses, ont-ils été supprimés de la planète ?  COBRA – Pas dernièrement. Rob – Pas dernièrement. En ce qui concerne le groupe chimèra ; Y a-t-il eu des progrès réalisés depuis plus de notre dernière rencontre avec leurs bombes exotiques dangereuses ?  COBRA – Oui, il y avait une percée majeure, mais les détails sont confidentielles à ce stade. Rob – OK, il y avait une célèbre vidéo qui montre une série de feux lumineux. J’ai vu la vidéo. Sur un période de plusieurs heures – la lumière a de grandes bouffées, des types d’explosions de lumière ont eu lieu. Pouvez-vous nous en parler.  COBRA – J’aurais besoin de voir la vidéo pour faire un commentaire. Rob – OK. C’était une vidéo qu’il y avait comme des éclairs de lumière. Il y avait des choses se passaient dans les bases souterraines. Ce son de Freddy – vous avez mentionné un plan similaire au plan de plasmaPlasma et mise à jour de la situation planétaire – Cobra. Lire la suite … », mais sur une octave plus haut appelé membrane de buddhi manis – Est-ce un autre nomNous les esclaves. Lire la suite … » pour indiquer la membrane de tachyons. (non, non, non). Pouvez-vous nous parler un peu plus sur le plan appelé “membrane de buddhi manis”.  COBRA – Ce n’est pas un plan réel, c’est une membrane. C’est une couche très mince créée par les forces de torsion entre le plan mental supérieur et le plan de l’intuition et que la membrane agit effectivement comme un filtre, qui bloque effectivement, dans une certaine mesure, notre lien avec nos âmes et nos plans supérieurs de la création. Rob – Bon, alors l’extrémité supérieure du plan mental est manipulé pour bloquer la conscienceVaincre la maladie (ou la créer) par la volontée de l'esprit. Lire la suite … » intuitive.  COBRA – Ce n’est pas le cas sur le but, mais à un certain moment dans l’histoire pas trop longtemps, le groupe chimèra avait une certaine technologie pour l’influencer. C’est en fait un des résultats de l’anomalie cosmique parce qu’il y a tant d’obscurité sur les plans inférieurs, comme le plan physique et astral. Il crée une certaine tension sur le plan mental et qui réduit effectivement la connexion avec les plans supérieurs de la création. Rob – OK. Comme ci-dessus, qui est en bas dans la même veine : comme ci-dessous parfois si haut. Pourriez-vous parler un peu : quel est le plan de plasma caché.  COBRA – Comment voulez-vous dire plan de plasma caché. Rob – Eh bien, cela vient de Freddy. Est-ce le plan des forces de la lumière simplement effacer le plan caché du plasma ou à transmuter et éventuellement l’effacer.  COBRA – Oui, ils vont transformer et il ne sera pas exister de la même manière. Ce sera une membrane très subtil qui sera un fossé naturel entre physique et éthérique. Rob – OK. Y a-t-il des progrès dans l’arrêt de la circulation des armes et les ordres aux groupes de chimères mineures, pas ceux de la principale forteresses, nous parlons de ceux travaillant avec l’ISIS et ou en Ukraine. Y a-t-il des choses positives à venir pour arrêter leurs actions ?  COBRA – Oui, il y a eu des progrès là-bas aussi. Rob – OK. Donc, une autre question sur le virus Ébola ici. Est-il possible que la Cabale parviendra à lancer un programme de vaccination obligatoire Ébola dans certains pays.  COBRA – J’ai déjà répondu à cela. Ils pourraient avoir du succès dans des cas isolés, mais vous pourriez se rappeler ce qui s’est passé avec cette pandémie, il y a quelques années quand il y avait certains vaccins dans certains pays, mais la situation dans son ensemble est dissoute. Rob – Droit. En parlant de ça, nous avons eu des nouvelles que le premier ministre de l’Inde ou quelqu’un en Inde a indiqué dans les canaux officiels qu’ils veulent tenir Bill Gates responsable de certains vaccins non prouvées qui ont causé des dommages à certaines jeunes filles indiennes. Est-ce une partie du mouvement de résistance devient ce que cela va ?  COBRA – Il ne s’agit pas directement du mouvement de résistance, mais oui, il s’agit d’une initiative venant des forces de la lumière. Rob – Très bien. Voyons… des gens comme Bill Gates et certains de ces grands bailleurs de fonds seront arrêtés avec certains des principaux intervenants.  COBRA – Au moment de l’événement, oui. Rob – OK. Très bon. Voici un autre question sur le groupe chimèra. Une fois que le groupe Chimera sera effacé, le projet de poussières de lune et d’autres projets noirs opérant sous le contrôle de l’armée négative sera complètement terminé ?  COBRA – Oui, tout de suite, oui.  Rob – Je suppose que cela voudrait dire fin du groupe chimèra est en même temps que l’événement n’est-ce pas ? (Oui). Une autre question car la mission de Darcy (?) Comment les ArchontesBriser la programmation des Archontes. Lire la suite … » peuvent les laisser entrer sur la terre et savoirRemplacer la Foi par le Savoir.. Lire la suite … » qui ils sont ? COBRA – En fait ce qu’ils font… parfois les travailleurs de lumière peuvent être très efficace le travail sur les plans Astraux alors ils essaient de les piéger dans des familles dysfonctionnelles pour qu’ils ne se réveillent pas afin qu’ils n’aident pas à libérer la planète. Mais même avec tous les efforts déployés par les Archontes, les forces de la lumière ont réussi à éveiller un grand nombre de travailleurs de la lumière et des guerriers de lumière et puis ils sont réussi à aider à la libération de la situation planétaire.   Rob – OK. selon l’œuvre d’Alex Collier, et d’autres sources, il a été indiqué que les races de reptiles qui sont impliqués dans la violation du codex galactique et la programmationBriser la programmation des Archontes. Lire la suite … » très avancée… et appelons-la technologie de l’implant qui est utilisé sur la terre maintenant… que ces êtres eux-mêmes ont été implantés et sont simplement dans l’exécution d’un programme qu’on leur a donné. Seriez-vous d’accord avec cela ?  COBRA – Oui, oui, dans la plupart des cas en fait. Je dirais que chaque être sur le côté sombre a été implanté et programmé à un certain point. Rob – Donc, lors que l’événement se déroulera, ces êtres se seront libérés de leurs implants et ils vont probablement être dans l’horreur et choqué de ce qu’ils ont fait depuis des lustres. N’est-ce pas ?  COBRA – Oui, pour beaucoup d’entre eux. Rob – Donc, ils doivent être guéri et à plaindre dans une certaine mesure parce que certains de leurs actes ont été très odieux contre nous. Ils ont été aussi implanté et que manipulés comme nous l’avons. Quelqu’un a demandé : Comment les graines étoiles viennent effectivement se incarner ici. Y a t-il de nouvelles semences d’étoiles à venir ici ou sont tous les gens sorte de piège dans la situation de la réincarnationQue faire de votre vie ? . Lire la suite … ».  COBRA – Il n’y a pas de graines étoiles fraîches provenant d’autres systèmes stellaires. Les gens qui se sont incarné ici ont été à l’intérieur de ce processus de recyclage il y a au moins 25.000 ans avec des exceptions très rares. Rob – Ces rares exceptions près sont peut-être lors de la capture d’un extra-terrestre. J’ai entendu dire qu’ils tuent le corps physique de l’extra-terrestre et pour forcer son âme à aller dans un corps humain.  COBRA – Ces choses se passaient dans le passé. Rob – Ils l’ont fait dans le passé. Je vous ai posé une question la dernière fois sur du groupe de Sérès et vous avez dit que vous avez entendu parler d’eux. Pouvez-vous nous dire ce que vous savez à propos du groupe de Sérès ? COBRA – Ce groupe a été impliqué dans un certain nombre d’opérations de génie génétique dans le passé et a été en lien avec les forces de la lumière, la Confédération Galactique tout récemment et a traversé la frontière vers la lumière. Rob – Ok, donc à un moment donné, ils se sont révélés négatifs et maintenant ils sont positifs.  COBRA – Je ne dirais pas que négatif, tout simplement inculte. Rob – Inculte dans leurs manipulations génétiques. Une autre question : Y a-t-il des êtres qui ont quitté la planète par votre intermédiaire, de différentes manières, comme re-mélange avec leurs êtres plus élevés et d’autres qui réintègrent les corps libres.  COBRA – Encore une fois, si les gens décrivent ce qu’est l’ascension, cela n’a pas été produit depuis 1996. Il y a eu quelques échanges, mais les gens qui sont passés par ces échanges ont juste changé de physique vers le plan éthérique ou astral et n’ont pas quitté la terre. Rob – OK, nous avons quelques questions en provenance de Chine. Il y a quelques questions sur Xi Jinping. Connait-il les forces spirituelles qui agissent sur la terre et que sait-il à propos de l’ascension et de l’événement qui arrive. En d’autres termes, ils demandent : est-il un gars positif, le président chinois. Prépare-t-il l’événement ?  COBRA – OK. Je dirais qu’il a une certaine quantité de compréhensionAnalyse sur Alain Soral et les échelles de niveaux de compréhension.. Lire la suite … », mais dans une certaine mesure. Rob – Est-il un homme de la cabale des forces occidentales ?  COBRA – OK. Il collabore à un certain degré avec les forces de la lumière, mais on ne sait pas quand l’événement se produit, qui mesure, quand les choses deviennent un peu plus intense, comment il va réagir. Rob – OK, certaines personnes ont posé des questions sur la situation avec les sociétés de dragon. Combien sont-ils et y a-t-il plus unification entre ces groupes depuis notre dernière conversation ? Y a-t-il eu des progrès sur les niveaux plus élevés pour aller de l’avant.  COBRA – Oui, il y a eu des signes encourageants ces derniers temps, au cours des dernières semaines en particulier et c’est très bien parce que la situation n’était pas très bien il y a quelques mois. Donc, oui, je dirais qu’il y a une amélioration. Rob – Très bien. Une autre question sur les sociétés du dragon chinois. Sont-ils les plus impliquées dans le nouveau système financier ou tous les pays sont également partie prenante.  COBRA – Il s’agit d’un processus global. Rob – OK. Question suivante. Cobra, sont les éruptions solaires qui contribuent à l’activation de nos brins d’ADN et, si oui, y a-t-il une différence entre la première, deuxième et troisième période. Je suppose que cela voulait dire ces gens qui vont être enlevées dans des vaisseaux spatiaux. COBRA – Oui, les éruptions solaires influencent notre ADN et aident à l’activation de l’ADN. Je ne vais pas commenter sur la deuxième partie de la question. Rob – OK. Vous avez parlé tout à l’heure à propos de la façon dont Israël détient les clés de l’Atlantide, et c’est donc un espace sacré. Pouvez-vous expliquer plus à ce sujet.  COBRA – Fondamentalement, j’ai la plupart déjà répondu à cette question. Israël est l’un des points de vortex majeurs de l’époque de l’Atlantide. Il y a un vortex très fort de la Déesse dans ce lieu et ils ont construit une colonie forte au moment de l’Atlantide et c’est la raison pour laquelle les Archontes voulaient toujours contrôler ce domaine.  Rob – OK.  Quand sera-t-il temps de désigner publiquement ceux qui trompent l’humanité ? COBRA – Cela va devenir plus courant UNIQUEMENT après l’événement. Rob – OK. Nous avons appris aux informations que les États-Unis étaient impliquées dans la guerreQue feriez vous avec 2 Billions de dollars par an ? . Lire la suite … » en Syrie. COBRA – Oui, ils l’ont fait. Rob – Pourquoi les militaires ne peuvent pas arrêter cela ?  COBRA – C’est tout simplement que l’armée négative a encore trop de pouvoir mettre fin à cette situation. Rob – OK. Alors les gars négatifs dans l’arméeQue feriez vous avec 2 Billions de dollars par an ? . Lire la suite … » n’ont pas à obéir aux gentils. Les bons n’ont pas complètement le contrôle de l’armée américaine, n’est-ce pas ?  COBRA – Non, ils n’ont pas le contrôle. Rob – Voici une chose intéressante. Le groupe chimèra a infiltré les forces armées de toutes les nations majeures. Après l’invasion du Congo Archon de 1996, ils ont mis des bombes stranglettes physiques sur la plupart des bases militaires américaines et certaines bases militaires d’autres pays. Cette année, en 2014, la résistance et la Confédération Galactique a commencé à enlever les groupes chimèra et ces bombes. La question est : vous avez dit l’événement n’arrivera pas jusqu’à ce que le groupe chimèra et leurs armes soient supprimés. Ils se demandent pourquoi vous avez dit qu’il y avait des possibilités en 2012 et 2013 que l’événement ait lieu. Ne saviez vous pas l’existence des bombes chimères à ce moment ?  COBRA – Non, ils ne pouvaient pas les faire disparaître. La résistance envisageait de prendre un risque énorme et de déclencher l’événement même avec l’existence de ces bombes, mais bien sûr, il a été décidé que ce risque serait tout simplement trop grand.  Rob – Oui, c’est logique. Lors de l’événement lorsque tous leurs technologies négatives y compris les implants éthérique et la technologie des ondes scalaires seront effacés de la terre, tous les nourrissons humains nés après l’événement seront en mesure de garder leurs souvenirs de vies passées immédiatement.  COBRA – Il y a aussi d’autres facteurs impliqués. Il y a tout simplement encore une membrane entre le cerveau physique et éthérique, mais les souvenirs seront beaucoup plus facile pour les âmes nouvellement incarnées pour retenir leurs vies passées. Rob – La raison pour laquelle ils ne seraient pas en mesure de le faire est due à cette membrane. Combien de temps cela prendra pour guérir.  COBRA – Eh bien, c’est une chose naturelle et habituellement si un être humain n’est pas absolument réveillé, certaine quantité de mémoire est perdue. De la même façon que vous oubliez ce que vous aviez pour le petit déjeuner lundi dernier. Rob – Quelqu’un a demandé sur les fissures dans la matrice que vous avez mentionné. Les gens se demandent exactement si vous pouvez définir que un peu plus. Qu’est-ce qu’une fissure.  COBRA – Une fissure dans la matrice est… une zone où la lumière au-delà du voile vient vers la terre. Rob – OK. Et sans se prononcer sur une personne ici… mais quelqu’un a posé une question… Les informations données par David Icke semblent être en alignement avec vos informations. Seriez-vous d’accord ?  COBRA – Oui, il a apporté beaucoup de conscience de beaucoup de choses mais je ne suis pas d’accord avec tous les détails, mais en gros, oui, il a apporté beaucoup d’infos intéressantes et beaucoup d’éveil.  Rob – OK. Le dernier article de Ben Fulford il dit que les gars de biens ont le contrôle de la météo. Je ne sais pas ce que cela signifie. Est-ce que cela veut dire les bons ont pris sur le HAARP. Seriez-vous d’accord avec cette déclaration ?  COBRA – Je ne suis pas complètement d’accord. Je dirais simplement qu’il y a eu certains… Les Forces de la lumière ont pu contrecarrer une partie de l’activité HAARP, en particulier en Asie.  Rob – OK. Kauilapele (www.kauilapele.wordpress.com), notre bon ami a parlé d’une arrestation de masse coordonnée par La Haye. Je pense que le nombre était de 1.027 criminels de la Cabale arrêtés, y compris pour le trafic sexuel, l’esclavage humain et certains des serviteurs inférieurs à la Cabale. Était-ce orchestrée par la résistance ? Était-ce pour obtenir la saleté sur les hauts placés et tordre quelques bras.  COBRA – je dirais ceci a été coordonnée par les forces de la lumière et je ne vais pas préciser qui était derrière tout cela. Mais oui, c’était un bon progrès sur les niveaux inférieurs des sbires de la Cabale. Rob – Très bien. Les gens se demandent ce qui va se passer avec Big Foot après l’événement. Vont-ils rester cachés, ou sortir. J.J. Hurtak parle des très grands vaisseaux mères inter-planétaires qui vont descendre et toucher la terre et James Gilliland dit qu’ils vont pouvoirGloire, Avoir, Pouvoir, les 3 défits que nous devons affronter.. Lire la suite … » aller les voir. COBRA – Oui, c’est exact. Rob – Pouvez-vous commenter plus à ce sujet.  COBRA – Je veux pas faire de commentaires. Cela fait partie du plan d’ascension. Je ne vais pas parler jusqu’à ce que la situation avec le groupe chimèra soit réglé. Rob – OK. Bon. Il y aura de nouvelles villes de lumière qui vont être créée sur Terre. Que recommanderiez-vous pour ces gens qui veulent créer une ville lumière ?  COBRA – OK. La première chose que vous devez faire est de créer des relations interpersonnelles harmonieuses au sein du groupe. Habituellement, cela se produit, quand les gens essaient de manifester une ville lumière ou d’une communauté de la lumière, les Archontes infiltrer leur subconscient et ils déclenchent leurs habitudes et les conflits étant et le projet est en ruine. Ainsi, lorsque vous avez un ensemble harmonieux avec le niveau élevé de l’harmonie et coopérance, haut niveau d’intégration, alors que le groupe peut commencer à se manifester une ville lumineuse sur le plan physique. Rob – OK. Pouvez-vous nous en dire un message derrière le Tarot. Il y a 22 arcanes majeurs comme indication de l’autonomisation. Y a-t-il quelque chose que nous devons être conscients avec le tarot ? COBRA – Il s’agit d’un système de divination qui crée en fait un portail vers différentes étapes de la conscience. Il peut être un outil utile pour l’éveil. Rob – OK. Les gens seront-ils réunis avec leurs âmes jumelles après l’événement.  COBRA – OK. Après l’événement, le processus de réunification avec les âmes jumelles va commencer. Rob – Après l’événement, les gens seront en mesure de prendre contact avec les membres de leur famille qui sont décédés. Ce qu’il y aura un processus, ce sera télépathique, faut-il être ouvert ou si ce sera encore plus difficile ?  COBRA – Les forces de la lumière auront certaines technologies et très peu de temps après l’événement, les gens seront en mesure d’avoir des contacts avec leurs proches, de l’autre côté.  Rob – Wow, c’est génial. Sur les enfants disparus. Le Dr Bell parle de 6 millions d’enfants enlevés par an. Diriez-vous que c’est une possibilité ?  COBRA – Oui, ce nombre est très élevé. Rob – Oui, ce nombre est élevé. Est-ce que les gens vont pouvoir comprendre ce qui s’est passé et guérir leurs blessures après l’événement.  COBRA – Oui, bien sûr. Les gens vont pouvoir être réunis avec les enfants dans un sens ou dans l’autre et avoir un contact avec eux. Beaucoup de guérison aura lieu après l’événement de la situation. Rob – Quand serons-nous en mesure de nous téléporter après l’événement ?  COBRA – Cela va prendre un certain temps. Cela doit se faire certain laps de temps après le premier contact. Rob – Andrew Basaigo (www.projectpegasus.net) qui était à ma conférence, a parlé de son temps avec le gouvernement dans les années 70 de voyages dans le temps. Est-ce la téléportation sur le plan physique est un type d’une nouvelle technologie pour la Fédération ?  COBRA – Non, bien sûr que non. Rob – OK. Certaines personnes veulent connaître la mission de Maitreya. Il a une méditation hebdomadaire des cours avec la personne de Benjamin Creme, qui a écrit le livre : Le Retour du Christ. Pourriez-vous nous en dire un peu plus à ce sujet ?  COBRA – Oui, il a des groupes de méditation et il a fait du bon travail dans la diffusion de l’information, mais son interprétation n’est pas complètement aligné avec la vérité. Rob – OK. Une des choses dont il parle, c’est que. . . les livres d’Urantia parlent de ces êtres qui sont juste très très évolué et seulement manifeste sur le plan physique comme un Maître Ascensionné. Pouvez-vous parler de choses sur l’être qu’ils appellent Maitreya, qu’il n’existe en tant que force positive.  COBRA – Oui. C’est en fait le nom de code pour l’un des maîtres ascensionnés. Et oui, il apparaît à un certain moment après le premier contact. Il n’est pas présent sur le plan physique, sur la planète en ce moment. Rob – OK. Très bon. Dans notre dernière interview Cobra, vous avez dit que les Annunaki étaient contre l’exploitation minière de l’or sur la terre. Si vous aviez raison, pouvez-vous expliquer qui creusait l’or en Afrique il y a plus de 200.000 ans. Je ne sais pas comment ils le savent. C’est à partir des informations de Tellinger (www.michaeltellinger.com). Il semble qu’il existe des preuves claires que certaines civilisations était intéressées à extraire d’énormes quantités d’or de cette planète.  COBRA – Il y avait des mines d’or, mais pas à la dimension qui a été présentée dans certains articles et aussi le durée n’est peut-être pas tout à fait exacte. Rob – Dans certaines villes Mayas d’Amérique centrale, il semble que tout le monde a évacué ces villes mystérieusement. Dr Frank étrange a indiqué que certaines de ces civilisation ont été invités par la terre intérieure. Pouvez-vous confirmer. Certains civilisations ont disparues sans laisser de trace, sont-ils allés aux vaisseaux des étoiles ou…?  COBRA – OK. Certaines personnes se sont rendus aux vaisseaux d’étoiles et oui, d’énormes quantités de gens se sont cachés dans le réseau Agarthan. Rob – Grand. Merci. Là-bas, en Nouvelle-Zélande, ils aimeraient votre avis sur leurs dernières élections. Ils se demandaient si elles ont été truquées. Ils faisaient du lobbying pour le changement et ils ont estimé que les résultats étaient vraiment à l’opposé de ce qui était attendu. Pouvez-vous nous parler de tout ce qui se passe en Nouvelle-Zélande en ce moment.  COBRA – Je pense que vous avez déjà répondu à leur question. Oui, la Cabale a également une présence en Nouvelle-Zélande. Il y a un important mouvement correspondant à l’éveil des Maoris en Nouvelle-Zélande ainsi que d’autres groupes qui sont très puissants là-bas. La Cabale veut les supprimer, bien sûr ! Rob – Oui. J’étais juste interviewé par un gars nommé Vinny Eastwood (www.thevinnyeastwoodshow.com) et il parlait de son Premier ministre de façon pas très sympa, et ils ont fermé son compte youtube. Beaucoup de censure passe encore sur youtube. Les gars sombres gèrent encore la censure sur internet n’est-ce pas ?  COBRA – Nous allons avoir affaire à eux jusqu’à l’événement. Rob – Vous avez mentionné précédemment que tous les changements de la société seraient achevés d’ici 2025 ! Les gens aimeraient un peu plus d’informations sur ce qui se passe quand vous mourez. Diriez-vous que c’est comme le goulot de la bouteille sur le plan astral après la mort. Faites nous avons des contrats de l’âme et des accords qui doivent être remplis ?  COBRA – OK. Vous pouvez toujours modifier votre contrat de l’âme et des contrats de l’âme. Ce qui est très important est votre niveau de conscience quand vous mourrez parce que détermine à peu près où vous allez. Si vous êtes au courant et vous pouvez vous orienter et ne pas être pris au piège dans les pièges Archon. Vous pouvez effectivement traverser le plan astral supérieur où vous pouvez avoir une assez belle existence pour un certain temps. Rob – Comment les gens peuvent le faire. Y a-t-il une technique spécifique au moment de la mort que certaines personnes peuvent faire. En Inde, ils sont très bien ont beaucoup d’histoires et de promesses si quelqu’un est en mesure de se concentrer sur quelque chose au moment de leur mort. Disons qu’ils sont en dehors de leur corps, ils voient leur corps mutilé… excuse moi, mais disons que nous avons eu un accident de voiture. Qu’est-ce que cette personne peut faire ?   COBRA – OK. L’essentiel est de se concentrer sur leur lumière intérieure, moi intérieur, une meilleure estime et aller par cette orientation. Rob – Il y a des histoires lorsque vous êtes voyage astral. J’ai entendu des histoires de certains Égyptiens qui voyagent et ils sont hors de leur corps, ils sont libres d’aller autour de la terre pour voir la terre dans le plan astral ou y a-t-il toujours un guide lavec eux ?  COBRA – Il y a un certain degré de liberté et il y a des repères autour et les guides eux-mêmes sont manipulés, donc il y a beaucoup d’êtres bien intentionnés sur le plan astral et certains d’entre eux sont tout simplement manipulé par les Archontes. Rob – OK. Donc, sur le plan astral supérieur de la terre, plan supérieur astral de la terre, c’est une existence positive ?  COBRA – Dans une certaine mesure, oui. Il est toujours contrôlée par les Archontes et les Archontes mettre certaines limites à ce que vous pouvez éprouver. Même avec votre vie physique, vous pourrez découvrir beaucoup de choses merveilleuses, bien que nous sommes dans un état de quarantaine. Rob – Ils aimerait contrôler complètement le volet supérieur astral. Ils ne peuvent pas éventuellement contrôler tout cela. N’est-ce pas ?  COBRA – Ils ne peuvent pas. Rob – OK. Bon. Est-ce que la terre est une classe de maître si nous avons choisi d’être ici.  COBRA – Non (pas). Ce n’est pas une classe. Ce n’est pas une école. C’est quelque chose de complètement différent. Rob – Qu’est-ce que ?  COBRA – Il s’agit d’une zone occupée qui doit être libéré ! Rob – Combien il y a de civilisations hybrides faites avec les gris en utilisant notre ADN ?  COBRA – Ils n’étaient pas en mesure d’utiliser notre ADN parce que ces expériences génétiques n’ont pas réussi comme ils l’espéraient. Rob – OK. Bon. Le mot est qu’ils sont venus pour extraire notre ADN afin qu’ils puissent se régénérer avant de mourir parce qu’ils avaient perdu leur capacité de procréer ?  COBRA – Non, je ne serais pas d’accord avec cela. Rob – Est-ce qu’ils perdent leur capacité de procréer.  COBRA – Elle était fortement compromise parce que leur matériel génétique n’était pas aussi bon que ce qu’ils espéraient. Rob – Pouvez-vous nous parler de la relation entre la Grèce antique et les Pléiadiens ?  COBRA – Fondamentalement, non seulement les Pléiadiens, mais aussi les Siriens ont inspiré de grands philosophes et ont effectivement donné la civilisation grecque à partir d’un certain groupe appelé la Fraternité de l’Étoile. Rob – Sheldon Nidle parle chambres de lumière et il dit que nous serons guéris pendant 3 jours après l’événement. Je ne sais pas s’il voulait dire dans des chambres lumineuses ou juste la descente de la technologie scalaire va créer une grande guérisonComment supprimer les attaches de nos relations passées ?. Lire la suite … ». Il y aura des chambres lumineuses et des technologies avancées de guérison mis à disposition que peu de temps après l’événement, dans les 3 jours.  Il y a beaucoup de gens qui sont en dépression ces derniers temps. Est-ce une attaque majeure Archon, qui affecte vraiment les gens ?  COBRA – C’est une attaque Archon assez intense ces derniers temps. Les gens doivent comprendre que ces dépressions sont créés artificiellement. Rob – OK. Voici quelques questions de certaines personnes aux Philippines. Ils ont quelques petites îles à l’ouest des Philippines a appelé les îles Spratly. Chine formule des allégations que c’est à eux. Qu’est-ce que c’est si important au sujet de ces îles où il n’y a rien. Y a-t-il véritable histoire derrière cela ?  COBRA – Ce n’est pas seulement une terre insignifiante. Il y a beaucoup de tunnels qui cachaient l’or. Bien sûr, l’or n’est plus là. Beaucoup de Chinois pensent qu’il y a encore de l’or là-bas. Rob – OK. Vous avez mentionné que certains de l’histoire de l’amiral Byrd est un peu fausse. Pouvez-vous commenter temps l’histoire de dieuQui est Dieu ?. Lire la suite … » Olof si elle est vrai ou fausse ?  COBRA – OK. C’est une histoire fictive qui se mêle des faits de la fiction. Rob – Donc, c’est une histoire complètement fictive, le père et le fils ne sont jamais allés dans.  COBRA – Oui, le Dieu Fumeux, c’est un livre du 19ème siècle et est une œuvre de fiction. Ce n’est pas quelque chose qui s’est passé par une histoire qui a voulu transmettre certaines vérités mélangées avec certains, je dirais, cela ne permet pas de comprendre ce qui se passe sous la surface. Rob – OK. Nous arrivons vers la fin de notre émission ici. Je tenais à vous remercier encore une fois pour passer votre temps avec moi et de partager ces informations. Cobra, en ce qui concerne la situation actuelle sur la terre, il semble que la machine de propagande est en marche à toute vitesse. D’énormes souffrances se déroule encore autour de la planète. Pouvez-vous nous donner des commentaires sur les progrès en Ukraine. Récemment la Russie a déclaré que leur Rouble allait être dévalué et le gouvernement faisait des déclarations pour ne pas paniquer. Pouvez-vous commenter ce qui se passe en Ukraine et en Russie ?  COBRA – Il y a encore certaines choses en cours d’exécution dans les coulisses. Il y a des forces de la lumière qui essayent de réduire le niveau de violence en Ukraine. Ce n’est pas encore achevé. Rob – Il y a encore beaucoup de choses qui doivent se produire. Une dernière chose, nous allons parler des bonnes nouvelles du contact à venir avec notre famille de l’espace. Voyez-vous, il y a beaucoup de différents Extra-Terrestres à l’intérieur de notre système solaire sur ses différentes planètes qui sont ici. Finalement, ces êtres se présenteront comme les personnes disparues dans le triangle des Bermudes, et ces nombreuses personnes donneront des renseignements au moment de l’événement. N’est-ce pas ?  COBRA – Oui, c’est exact. Rob – Pouvez-vous nous dire de bonnes nouvelles sur les vaisseaux spatiaux Pléiadiens et quand nous aurons la chance de voir notre famille de l’espace, l’AshtarCOBRA : Rapport sur L'Activation du Portail Pléiadien . Lire la suite … » Command, et le Conseil d’Andromède. Est-ce que ces vaisseaux seront vus beaucoup plus régulièrement au moment de l’événement ou à petite dose au début.   COBRA – Ce sera lent, mais peu à peu quand cela démarrera, ce sera incroyable. Rob – Oui, il le fera. Je voudrais que vous nous donniez un bon message d’amour, d’espoir et de paix pour notre peuple de la Victoire de l’émission de radio La lumière comme cadeau d’adieu. Tout message positif pour eux.  COBRA – Oui, je dirais qu’il y a eu certaines avancées tout au long de ce week-end qui se traduira par de grands changements, mais il faudra encore un peu de temps. Ne perdez pas espoir, les choses avancent ! Regardez où nous nous battons pour cela ! Cela se fera et sera là pour nous tous et pour notre avenir à tous à l’éternité ! Rob – Je vous remercie beaucoup. Je suis d’accord avec Cobra. C’est la victoire de la Lumière ! C’est assuré et cela se passe pendant que nous parlons. Il a fallu des milliers d’années, des millions d’années pour y arriver ! Il est temps de nous impliquer tous ! Encore une fois, je tiens à vous rappeler à tous le site : http://www.prepareforchange.net. Et le site de Cobra. http://www.2012portal.blogspot.com. Merci beaucoup Cobra. Victoire au Frère lumière. Merci  COBRA – Je vous remercie de votre attention et de la Victoire de la lumière.   Fin. Rob Potter – https://www.thepromiserevealed.com/ Traduit et mis en page par Filibert pour Le Grand Changement à partir des documents posté par : https://thepromiserevealed.com/2014-october-20-interview-with-cobra-by-rob-potter/ […]

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  13. Joe
    October 28, 2014

    In one breath you ask why people should not wait for this RV and then in the next breath you believe they should wait for your Shagrila moment to arrive, whose being more unrealistic here? How long will it take to bring in your idealistic lifestyle to the masses Rob? Who will create the technology to replace the money that we currently use to bring us our current life? Do you believe aliens will pop out of the sky and hand it to us?
    Do you think these new technologies will simply build themselves? We still live in a monetary world and to think it’s just suddenly going to jump from that to some fairy eyed new age everything is available to all of us is delusional. The very ones you admonish in negativity that will receive this wealth will also be the very same ones who will make the difference in that transition point from a monetary system to one that no longer uses or needs money. To think it will be any other way is just pie in the sky.

    • babarob
      October 28, 2014

      dont take it persoanally it is just my opinion these questions are answered on prepareforchange.net and yes they will definitely at some point be poping up and giving us new technology in the mean time after the reset w will have funds available for these things in an honest transparent and just financial system which will very soon transition to a cashless system when are able to absorb the concept and be educated as to how money really is not needed as abundance will be available for all.
      clearly we will have factories to build new technology etc etc.
      the rv will happen i dont expect people to wait for anything i hope they will be come involvd and help in the education of people as to why arrests and massive changes are necessary to heal our world. as u know extremely complex situation. all i am saying is the expectancy and and time spent watching and following this is a wast of time in MY opinion since we have very little influence on this process. it will get done at the right time cobra is adamant it wont happen until the EVENT / the good guys are trying to get it done with or without the event. i hope they can get it done if you like i will share with you here some intel from a private source look in your email and this is from someone very high up commenting on what took place .

    • babarob
      November 6, 2014

      there will be funds witt the rv nut this will allow governments to create their own money free of central bank and cabal according to my sources in Reno.Yes certain groups will get some humanitarian funds. The event is not about my shangrila moment this is about the destiny of planet earth to be liberated. It will be very different and possibly like a shangrila compared to what we have now in some respects. The idea has been bought to the masss how long until this process starts is unknown but once it starts things can transform very quickly.
      The technology is here and has already been created but getting to the people openly must wait for the arrest process to begin but once this happens it will transform very fast if we allow it organize ourselves and prepare.
      Yes eventually the Space family who is always popping out of the sky will eventually land openly and in a process of interplanetary cultural exchange hand us many wonderful technlogies as our spiritual maturity rises to an acceptable level. First the criminals currently in power must be removed. The money system will basically remain the same but it will be just honest transparent and will be UNCORRUPTABLE! Benevolent forces will mentor our society into more harmonious way. The shift is not so much about money as it is a spiritual transformation of the consciousness of the people of earth.

      I dont admonish anyone in negativity but it is my opinion that perching in a chair and waiting for the Event and the revaluation to come is a waste of time. Becoming part of the process and engaging in networking and sharing of spiritual awareness is more productive. The
      rv and currency reset is not about all of the people with dinar. This is the pie in the sky that so many feel will change their lives. My sources indiate that the bulk of peple with dinar will get meager returns unless they are established as humanitarian grups with actionable well thought out plans. Some of these people will get funds but the majority do not know how to use the funds and many may end up like lottery winners as human nature and greed may be an influence.
      The transition will come in its own good time the sooner the better for every one.

  14. Cobra Interview - BottomLiningIt.com
    October 28, 2014

    […] 2014 October 20 – Interview with Cobra by Rob Potter […]

  15. Joe
    October 28, 2014

    Fair enough, but in the meantime there are millions of Iraqi’s who are ready to explode out into their streets and start rioting because their newly seated government has promised them for the past month they were going to receive back pay starting from the beginning of the year and they have yet to see any tangible results because a few self serving US politicians who seem to think they can hold back the entire planet from financially progressing and moving on.
    This game being currently played by the US administration is going to blow up in Iraq so why should these politicians care one iota what happens elsewhere in this world. I suspect, that’s what many of them might actually want. This current situation is a real serious powder keg and I’m sorry Rob, the Iraqi people are not going to wait for Manna to come down from heaven to relieve their suffering, God knows they’ve suffered enough at the hands of western corruption and egos.
    How much more do you really think those Iraqi people can take? They are already at a breaking point.

  16. ghjkjlj
    October 28, 2014

    Question for Cobra next interview –
    may you allow to start with 2 important discussion themes:

    1 – How will our society look like in 2025?
    If classified, may Cobra release as much as possible to understand the general lines of this issue:
    How will the human body look like? How will humans be living and how will they die? How will look the DNA and how long the life span of middle aged nowadays people?
    Will we have any kind of ascension? (at least more octaves of 3rd density, if not the lowers of 4th density?), What happen if the plan will not be completed till 2025?

    2 – What does the end of duality consist in??
    As is known nowadays, we learned about a so named ‘illusion of duality’, about which we may understand that is a metaphysical phenomenon by which a conscience (self conscious entity, having thus an ‘ego’) perceives itself separated from a whole in which he is part of. Isn’t it?
    Does the ‘Duality’ consist in something broader than this?
    How many degrees (levels) of duality does exist, or as case may be imposed? (Many questions are already raising about these)

    Until a supposed blog or forum moderated by RM or PFC will start, please indicate us in which section of PFC website may we start a discussion on these issues?
    With kindest regards

  17. mete sepken
    October 30, 2014


  18. mete sepken
    October 30, 2014


    • babarob
      November 1, 2014

      not sure what u mean here the website is up!

  19. ghjkjlj
    November 1, 2014

    Which may be the truth resulting from the video and news?



    Is it true, only in part, or not??

    May we have an answer or a comment from Cobra if possible.

    • babarob
      November 6, 2014

      I do not comment to much on others blogs only specific questions

      • ghjkjlj
        November 6, 2014

        Thanks for answer!
        However we have the right to discuss publicly the item.
        May you forward a question on subject to Cobra for the next interview?
        Kindest regards.

  20. Joe
    November 6, 2014

    Rob, it would seem you have fallen into the same belief which is Tony and DC have never made a single prediction. All they have said was “according to our intel, it looks good or may happen within such and such a time frame”. That’s not predicting anything nor is it being wrong either because those that control that RV event can and have changed their minds over 100 times. It doesn’t mean Tony’s intel was wrong, it only implies those who control the event have refused to allow it to happen, every single time.
    Anyone bothering to pay attention would know this but people hear what they want to hear rather than what is actually being said by Tony and DC. Shooting messengers must be a past time sport here in North America because we seem so good at it.
    I’d like to add that according to latest info today, over 400,000 people have already exchanged their Dinar over the past 7 days so as far as people not getting to RV, sorry for all you out there, it’s already happening and it continues to grow into this coming weekend. So all the nay sayers out there who like to rain on other people good fortune will now have to go sulk somewhere else.
    The RV is here and there’s no stopping it.

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