2014 Nov 09 – Victory of Light Show – Interview with R. Scott Limriel

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Victory of the Light Radio Show Nov 10th Rob Interviews Scott Lemriel author of the “The Seres Agenda” you may learn more at his website www.paralleltime.com

This show is fantastic as Scott really informs us about what is the political situation for planet earth on a galactic level. He gives a very in depth understanding of implants how they will be removed and how we can find the answers for ourselves through soul travel and out of body projection. A great show do not miss it.


  1. ghjkjlj
    November 16, 2014

    Question for Cobra’s next interview, nov 2014:

    We think we may feel already justified ourselves to know more about Cobra.
    But don’t worry, we don’t need to know his name, nationality, race, age, height, so on.

    But concerning his very advanced knowledge we need to know at first if he is an earthly human born or if he is rather an ET who supposedly works on Earth for the so known liberation.

    If he is a common earthly human, we need to know: how did he work on himself in order to gain a so high metaphysical knowledge?
    In a percentage, how is his previous life recall? (how much does he remember previous lives?)
    Is he a good metaphysicist?

    If he is an ET working on Earth, then is somehow his voice modulation a consequence of the fact that he has an improper human language? If he is an ET, is he a higher density one (4th, 5th D) who lowers his vibration in order to come in contact with us?

    With kindest regards for all his work!

  2. ghjkjlj
    November 19, 2014

    Question for Cobra next interview –
    may you allow to ask 2 important discussion themes:

    1 – How will our society look like in 2025?
    If classified, may Cobra release as much as possible to understand the general lines of this issue:
    How will the human body look like? How will humans be living and how will they die? How will look the DNA and how long the life span of middle aged nowadays people?
    Will we have any kind of ascension? (at least more octaves of 3rd density, if not the lowers of 4th density?), What happen if the plan will not be completed till 2025?

    2 – What does the end of duality consist in??
    As is known nowadays, we learned about a so named ‘illusion of duality’, about which we may understand that is a metaphysical phenomenon by which a conscience (self conscious entity, having thus an ‘ego’) perceives itself separated from a whole in which he is part of. Isn’t it?
    Does the ‘Duality’ consist in something broader than this? As we know there is an absolute duality and a relative duality, ego and soul extension separated from Source, and the ego separated from all.
    How many degrees (levels) of duality does exist, or as case may be imposed? (Many questions are already raising about these)

    Until a supposed blog or forum moderated by RM or PFC will start, please indicate us in which section of PFC website may we start a discussion on these issues?
    With kindest regards

  3. Lawrence
    November 20, 2014

    Hi Rob, … so glad that we are able to get your radio programs on recordings again. I used to get them on utube before. And thanks for turning us on to Scott. That connection to Omnec and what she says and recommends did grab me. I had only vaguely know of Scott because of a C2C appearance last Spring I think it was. Your interview was so very much better, .. no comparison. ….. So I have ordered his book and listening to their Norway conference on utube.

    Hoping all is well enough for you now friend. Thank you for these recordings

    • babarob
      December 2, 2014

      Thak you for your nice compliments. Excellent that you have oredered his book. You can meet Omnec and scott in shasta next summer at my conference see my front page slider banner ticket sales will alaunch in january!