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Dear Promise Family,

I am so happy and amazed and excited by the excellent quality of this video set created by master TV and Film Producer Harold Reyes. He has spent countless hours of time and with love has crafted an amazing DVD set of the 2014 MT Shasta Ascension Portal Conference. You may now enjoy the highlights of this wonderful conference in your own home.

You will have front row seats to all of the presentations by our speakers Michael El Legion, Robert Perala, Byron Belitsos,Tricia McCannon, James Gilliland , Rob Potter, and Andrew Bassiago and even a surprise guest appearance by Winston Shrout . There is also included several musical guests Shamballa and Matisha.

You will enjoy the following information

  • The truth about the governments time travel programs from Andrew Bassiago who was there and did go to Mars using ET Technology. Astounding Presentation!
  • The fascinating story told in person by James Gilliland. You will see his amazing footage of real Space Family Ships of light and the undeniably real videos and photos taken by James at the ECETI Ranch. These are so important for those of us who need the proof and evidence. If you want to know the truth?? Here it is. Included are the pictures of some unique looking ET’s or space family, as I like to call them.
  • The truth about the earths quarantine status and the Luciferian rebellion and what is changing now in regards to divine intervention. Byron Belitsos shares about the revelations in the Urantia book and the ongoing information still being received by the sensitives in the Urantia inner circle. This mission continues….learn about it here.
  • Robs detailed presentation on Ascension consciousness and spiritual teachings from Venus and many other important revelations to help you develop your own contact experiences and garner a balanced and grounded approach to understand the ongoing process of interplanetary cultural exchange.
  • Robert Perala puts it all in perspective in his engaging style with love and humor he background details and sincere honest perspective lends a familiarity with this information that will buttress you’re your own experience in a tangible way.
  • Michael El Legion will astound you with his familiarity of the Space families ongoing process for planetary liberation. His numerous ET experiences including witnessing with Rob, Gabriel Green, and the Military “Resistance Member” of a space ship in the desert allows Rob to call him a REAL contactee.
  • Tricia Mc Cannon shares her wealth of knowledge on the ancient mystery schools and many other subjects showing us the long term association and truth message that is so important for us to realize in these times of great change. Her mystical nature is bought to the fore in her insightful presentation

I hope you will enjoy these videos please make your purchase today as these prices will change soon. We are currently working on a Cloud based system for you to see these videos online and to possibly download them one time from only one computer. Don’t miss out on this valuable information Purchase now

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I want to again thank all of the volunteers like my tech expert Simon who made this conference possible with their kind assistance. I also would like to especially thank all of the attendees without whom this never could have taken place. My love and respect to all of my presenters is abundant and filled with gratitude.Without the amazing talents of Harold Reyes this super professional version would not be possible he is a genius and a master. If you are in search or a producer please contact me I will forward your information to him.


Finally I want to invite you all to Shasta next summer 2015 to join me Rob Potter your host in Mt Shasta where the ongoing process of Interplanetary Cultural exchange begins with Omnec Onec. Omnec is the first openly public ambassador from outer space to reveal herself to the general public. This brave sweetheart is a gem of a pure joy and humor and deserves my heartfelt gratitude for perseverence to share the Truth all of these years. I have a long deep interest in her mission when in 1978 I first heard a radio interview she gave on some station . Michael El Legion shared it with me and it changed my life in the knowing inside that Omnec was telling the Truth as she was sharing her lifes story.You will be able to meet her and hear her story for yourself  if you will join us. She will be presenting with us this summer August 19th-23rd. This will be her first appearance in the USA in over 20 years! Please don’t miss this opportunity to ask her questions and join us for the warmth she radiates in her infectious smile.I will also be presenting Alex Collier who has not spoken or presented in person publicly in over 7 years. We will be joined again by James Gililland , Scott Lemriel, Anja Shafer and Ted Mahrs.Sign up for the early bird special which we hope to launch before New Years. See info here: Summer Shasta Conference