The White Laser Healing System

with Tachyonized Pyramidal Photoporation Chamber




How to remove photoporation chamber

How to remove photoporation chamber



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The Promise Revealed is proud to announce the worlds most Advanced Laser Healing System.

The White Laser Photonic Field Generator includes a fiber optic cable with Pyramidal,Tachyonized Crystal Tip and a holographic Photoporation resonator chamber to be combined with a Radionics Frequency enhancer and a sound infused applicator and will come with an entire Sacred Geometry library program of healing symbols administered in counter rotating fields of  rainbow colored laser light filtered through a 12 Tachyonized bead set of crystals and semi precious stones. This quantum entanglement photon light field will have innumerable dark matter vortexes and event horizon interfaces which will open the human aura to the multiverse of time and space. The healing potential will be infinite.

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This device is so out of this world and so advanced I really don’t know where to begin. Without revealing all the proprietary information and design that we are creating right now let me just say that this device is extremely powerful.


Please do enjoy the video and the photo library that we have taken of various aspects of this machine in action.

This video shows only a few of the sacred geometric shapes that we are projecting into the laser into the crystal for this demonstration video.



Please note the incredible photonic field displays emitting from the laser infused Tachyonized crystal ball. The vibrational energy emitted from this awesome spectacle cannot be described in words and must be experienced to be believed. We do offer a Tachyonized Crystal Ball and a single laser, called The Tachyon Photon Wand that is amazingly powerful in its own right. One of my favorite Light body enhancers is to combine lasers with Tachyonized Crystal Balls.


As wonderful and fantastic as that combination is it can only approximate the feeling from this advanced White Laser system.


We have also screen captured a series of various different pictures which are part of our symbol library. This symbol library will eventually include all the Reiki symbols, The Tibetan Mandalas,  The Indian Yantras, The Crop Circles, the Mayan calendar glyphs The Aztec calendar glyphs, The Buddhist symbols and an unnamed plethora of sacred Geometric forms and energy shapes.


This wonderful device will incorporate Orgone, 528 love frequency’s of the Solfeggio scale, the Schuman resonance, Rife frequency’s and Photporation technology. This is designed to enhance healing scalar fields infused with full spectrum UV laser, and Rainbow colored light, infrared in a combination.

I’m so excited about this device that I’m releasing certain aspects of this to the public before we have a finished final product. So enjoy the Photo Gallery and the video. If you are interested and would like to learn more we are processing inquiries. Feel free to fill out contact request form or to leave a message!







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DSC00475Rob is Assisting The White Dragon Society Scientist in the Lab Here

White Laser Manual

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