Specifically designed to combat the root mechanics of aging using a smart, flexible, long-term program. This system helps your enjoy higher energy, lean body mass, youthful aging and an overall healthier lifestyle.

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Product Description

Dear Promise Family,

I am happy to announce a new product line that is very aligned with total health. My history working with Dr. Fred Bell included traveling for 10 years with the National Health Federation for over 10 years. I have been a massage therapist for over 35 years so my reputation as being a health oriented individual is well known.

While working with Dr Bell we came into association with John Anderson the main creator formulator for Isagenix. John had his own company many years ago and Fred Bell was a close friend of his and we sold many of his vitamin formulations. Fred called John a genius when it came to formulating vitamin and nutritional products.

My current work is closely tied into health and nutrition as this is key to reaching higher states of consciousness to integrate our feelings. The science of electrical pre-cursation and utilizing Pyramids and Tachyon products to combine with solid healthy diet and nutrition is something I consider indispensable to total health. This is why I do promote health products on my site.

These products are all top of the range and provide more support to bolster my Healthy World Organization product site. These sites do not conflict in their products and I support both of these product lines.Both of these sites deliver great products and I do appreciate the income that they provide.

I am especially excited about Product B and I will recommend you call me so I can share with you how you can order this product. Please call me at 530-925-3502 or 530-918-8236 and I will help you order some “Product B” as a discount one time sample or I will help you to sign up to become a Isagenix Team member.

If you do sign up and use this amazing product line to enrich your life you may share this information with others. You will also  receive some commissions which will be a positive thing for you and for those with whom you aid into a healthier and happier life. You will also receive discounts on the entire product line. If you choose to join and sign up for yourself you may go here: Sign Up For Product B and Isagenix Now

Please take the time to become familiar with Product B from the information I have provided below and if you need help signing up please do call me 530-925-3502 or 530-918-8236 if there is no answer please leave your name and number and I will have an Isagenix expert help you with anything you need.

As many of you know the DNA is the blueprint that contains the codes that recreates every cell. You may also be aware that it looks like a ladder that is twisted. When we are born we have 48- base pairs per turn. As we age we lose “steps” in our laffer which decreases the information in our cells. By the time we are 50 we have as few as 10 base pairs per turn.

There are many factors which assault of DNA on our world that cause this degradation over time. These factors can be mitigated by a healthy lifestyle as well as proper nutrition. “Product B’ as you will find restores and strengthens the “Telomeres” . Telomeres are like the plastic end of a shoelace which keeps the shoelace fabric from unraveling.

Telomeres are the “Shoelace” caps on our chromosomes on the end of each DNA.

Each time the cell divides telomeres become shorter, which means important DNA information is lost during each cell division. Shortened telomeres are linked to aging and degeneration.

The Nobel Prize was awarded to Bill Andrews’ team for discovering telomerase, the enzyme that strengthens the telomeres.

Because Product B addresses the core of your cells…DNA, subsequently,it addresses all issues in your tissues. They found that lengthening telomeres reverses effects of aging.

Better memory, heightened mental clarity, focus, and creativity,more youthful skin, hair and nails are only a few of the many results people are noticing with Product B.

I personally  have notice a vast improvement in my health by using Product B. It was instrumental in my recent 35 pound weight loss and I hope you will take the time to look into this product and make it part of your daily nutritional regimen. Do enjoy the information below and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.  Many have had life changing results in a few months.

Victory To The Light

Rob Potter