History of the Promise Headband

When the war with Atlantis ended, so did most all of the technology that was created during that time. Those that survived the devastation of Mother Earth went deep below ground to start over until a time would come again, to bring forth their ancient world. THAT TIME IS NOW.

One of the ancient technologies that are now available is “The Promise Headbands” which are hand-made with exact precision from ancient times! These headbands are instrumental to all those on the surface with re-aligning the body’s chakra system as well as assisting in the activation of the pineal and pituitary glands.

These headbands also assist all those on the surface who wear them, with sub-surface communication by heightening all of our “Clairs”.

The original headband was given to Col. Billie F. Woodward (now retired) aka Zaraya, from his father, Zorra, a Lemurian from Mu, now living in Hollow Earth in the city of Telos located beneath Mt Shasta California. The headband was brought to surface Earth to be shared with the surface population to assist them in improving their intuitive skills and throughout the ascension process.

These headbands originated in Ancient Lemurian times, brought from the Biosphere Planet “Mu” or Lemur. They wore them as communication devices and everyday wear!

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