MASTERING TIME Through Your Personal Numbers
with Master Numerologist

The broad definition of Numerology is: the study of cycles and patterns in Time through the symbols of Numbers.

It doesn’t matter which calendar system you are using, the symbols 1-9, plus zero, describe frequencies, and will always indicate the same opportunities and traits in each cultural translation.

These commonly used frequency symbols- the Numbers in Time,  are descriptors of a very simple, LINEAR into NON-LINEAR coding system that provide the key to what is coming to you Next, and the probable outcomes based on knowing what Time is and how use it to your advantage, through your own personal Timing cycles.

It’s NOT magic, it’s frequency.  And, understanding YOUR personal timing cycles can save you from having do-overs on certain mundane topics so you can finally make some headway in your own manifestational mastery.  

For those who are seeking simple, no-fuss, naturally occurring tools NOW for clarification of Self awareness and direction toward personal expansion, and success,  Ms. C has an ever expanding bag of options and resources to share for connecting the dots along your Time experience as an awakening Multi-Dimensional Creator Being.

Ms. C has successfully assisted to Illuminate options and opportunities for personal expansion in all of her consultations, workshops, and talks.   She has received invitations to speak on NUMEROLOGY, and the Simple Language of Time  from Universities and community organizations, and has also appeared on a variety of media programing.   She has hosted talk radio programs, appeared on access TV, focusing on sharing her simple techniques for using numeric frequency keys for practicing Now in the Time classroom as a simple way of maintaining Joyful personal power and momentum.

Personal sessions open up a whole new way to look at Time, how and where your personal Time wave is designed for success and mastery. Personal sessions and coaching, using your own Time map,can gently reassure your Dreams and show you the pathways for your success as well as harmony in your relations and partnerships, business and personal.

These empowering personal sessions with Ms. C are currently offered via Skype, or by phone, and include calculations and Translation of your primary Number frequencies for a better grasp of your innate gifts and talents, and a view of the opportunities before you, within your own Timing map.

Participants are offered, not only validation of their own deeper Knowing, but also applicable personal references and instruction on how to work with your own basic personal Time cycles, with insight on how to translate them into usable daily templates for better creative flow in the immediate Time cycles of your own personal journey.

Ms. C works with you to bring you closer to your own goals and intentions for Self realization with a joyful, yet, direct style of delivery of the pertinent frequency opportunities that are ready for you to utilize more fully, and with more Self responsibility in the direction of your deeper preferences for experience.   These sessions are perceptually expansive, as the reality of Time is finally grasped for how it serves as a gift for your Self Awakening, and the dynamics of the POWER OF NOW.


20 minute sessions are suitable for immediate, or, specific questions regarding Timing opportunities, and, as follow up after a longer personal sessions for sustaining your newly accessed momentum.

45 minute sessions allow for more comprehensive introduction and translation of personal frequencies in effect for you currently.

60 minute relationship/partnership sessions focus on highlighting the gifts and talents of the individuals concerned, such as parents and children, life partners and spouses, management and employees.

In these group sessions consideration is given to all parties regarding what they bring to the relationship, and how to emphasize those gifts, as well as mediating compatibility, style, and preference issues that are present in ALL relations.


I am sending this email on behalf of the positive influence which Ms. C’s numerology reading had upon my current situation in life. Not only were the interpretations of my life path number detailed in a precise and appropriate manner, but her ability to pierce the veil and apply her insight upon life’s treacherous journey proved to be unique and inspiring for anyone who seeks a higher calling in life’s journey. Much respect to Ms. C for her passion and sincerity toward numerology and life in general.Lee


“It is with great pleasure and absolute sincerity that I recommend the services and professional consultancy of Ms. C. Ms. C has proven to be of significant help to myself personally as CEO of many projects and entities as well as my core management team. I can honestly say without her guidance and specific and unique skill sets we would have floundered and struggled with key events, challenges and deadlines.

Ms.C brought a calming and infectious positive demeanour to our team meetings with her which enabled us to better see the natural ebbs and flows of energies and timings. Her advice allowed us to know when to push and when (more importantly) when not to, and allow things to unfold.

If you are unfamiliar with such teachings and help then it will certainly prove at times to challenge you and your teams. However, if you listen and work with Ms.C till you gain the experience from her work you will soon see you not only must now work this way with projects but you will dance with the rhythms that where always there but you had previously failed to see.

I am very proud and honoured to now call her not only a key member of our consultancy team for all Naturally Better projects but also a good friend as it is impossible not to end up loving her as much as her work.”

Dr Jeremy Ayres DO, ND, SBRCP, CEO


“Ms. C is the very best at what she does. As a time translator, or what so many others refer to as a numerologist, her work has been excitingly accurate. I’ve even used her techniques in my daily life for both entertainment and to guide my now. Herr methods are clear, concise, and fun. I’ve rarely known one so willing to share all she knows with her entire being for the altruistic purpose of giving, yet that’s exactly what one gets with her in the room. She are a professional, an energetic force, and a wonder.”

Barb Karnes


I consistently learn new things from her whenever we re-connect. Her craft has been honed through years of application and experience, and is guaranteed to expand and uplift even the most “awake” minds out there. If you are serious about expansion and growth – if you’re prepared to put in some genuine effort to see the world through myriad new sets of lenses – then you will certainly gain much from a consultation with Ms. C.”

Paul Conant


If you are looking for an enlightening reading of your numbers, Ms.C will not disappoint! I can’t wait for an excuse to ring her up with more questions about my numerology! Oh, and tell her I sent you!!

Karen Adams


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