GoldFish Report No. 102 [6-18-17], Celebrating 100 GoldFish Reports ‘Uniting the Light’ with Special Guests

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This was quite an event organized by Louisa. I had not met several of those on the panel (I’d met Rob Potter and Kent Dunn), and I felt it was an excellent broadcast. And it seemed all of us were having some fun with this! I was, of course, at Kona Coffee and Tea, and […]

Letter inspires me to blog

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This was a letter I got from a follower about a Facebook post I shared from someone else. I decided to respond and got carried away so I am making this a post on my blog for the world to see. Its old news for some but it may add to your arsenal to share with the ignorant masses.

Hi Rob, 


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  Dear TPR Family, I have been quite busy as usual so this Newsletter will be quite full of information and updates. As some of you may know I am very busy preparing for a series of appearances in various locations this summer. I am whipping up some cool slideshows and presentations for people to […]

ThePromiseRevealed – NEWSLETTER AND BLOG #4

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ThePromiseRevealed – NEWSLETTER AND BLOG #4

ThePromiseRevealed.Com NEWSLETTER AND BLOG By: Rob Potter   Dear Promise Friends, My Hopi and Navaho “Water is Life Project” article is taking longer than I anticipated as the documentation required is voluminous. My work on this site and PFC is also consuming large amounts of time. However tremendous progress is being made on the PFC […]

ThePromiseRevealed.Com Newsletter / Blog Issue #3 – By: Rob Potter

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ThePromiseRevealed.Com Newsletter / Blog Issue #3 – By: Rob Potter

ThePromiseRevealed.Com NEWSLETTER AND BLOG By Rob Potter Dear Promise Friends, I wanted to give you a little personal update before I start to share some interesting information for you all to enjoy. I have finished my move to Rosarito in Baja Mexico. I am simply following my inner predilection to be able to spend my […]