Rob Potter and David Adair Part 2 12-08-2016

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Rob interviews David Adair a child prodigy who was building rockets at age 11! He was a friend of Dr Fred Bell who said David was “chock-full of great ideas and a great gift to earth science and technology”. Rob and Dave discuss his Rockets and the special program made for him with a team run by general Curtis Le May to build his advanced rocket design that took 2 years to finish. He was 17 years old when the rocket Pitholem had its first test flight from White Sands NMto Area 51 at Groom lake in Nevada.

Shortly after it landed he blew up the engine to save the world from the Military Hawks who had visions of sugar plums and first strike capability to be used with his revolutionary engine.

David has such an amazing life and has so many stories to tell thisfirst show will barely touch scratch the surface. David has kindly agreed to do a series of interviews with me andI am honored to re introduce him to the world. He retired at 50 and has stepped out of public life until the passing of his wife Joanna.

David is ready to roll so look for him on the conference speaking circuit soon.

We will tap into David’s amazing life experiences and releasethis series of interviews over time.


David Adair is an internationally recognized leader and expert in the field of space technology spinoff applications for industry and commercial use. He has worked as a research scientist in the fields of engineering, jet engine technology, rocket science and nuclear physics.

At age of 11, David built his first rocket. It was a cryogenic liquid fuel engine that was six feet tall, 200 pounds in weight and had enough thrust to push it to an altitude of 52,000 feet and at a speed of 1,600 miles an hour with radio control guidance and parachute recovery. The rockets got bigger and faster from that point on.

Today, there are only two types of rocket engines used today by the space agencies around the world liquid fuel and solid propellant. At the age of 17, David built a rocket engine that was neither one, it was an “Elector-Magnetic Fusion Containment” engine, the first of its kind. It was launched on June 20, 1971 from White Sands Missile Proving grounds for which he was awarded “The Most Outstanding in the field of Engineering Sciences” from the United States Air Force.

David was invited to join the United States Navy, in his tour from 1972 to 1982 it was filled with engineering challenges and accomplishments and awards for serving with distinctions. During this time David became a pilot, diver and a certify jet engine technician.

After the Navy, David formed his own research company called Intersect, inc. and for the next three decades David worked in his laboratory and is a professional speaker on the subject of Space Technology Transfer where his work continues to the present.

David s website is
He has a great youtube presence as well type in his name and enjoy. You can follow several of his best interviews here

and here

and here

David Adair with Host Rob Potter on Victory of Light Radio Show Part 1 12-1-2016

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Rob interviews David Adair a child prodigy who was building rockets at age 11! He was a friend of Dr Fred Bell who said David was “chock-full of great ideas and a great gift to earth science and technology”. Rob and Dave discuss his Rockets and the special program made for him with a team run by general Curtis Le May to build his advanced rocket design that took 2 years to finish. He was 17 years old when the rocket Pitholem had its first test flight from White Sands NMto Area 51 at Groom lake in Nevada.

Shortly after it landed he blew up the engine to save the world from the Military Hawks who had visions of sugar plums and first strike capability to be used with his revolutionary engine.

David has such an amazing life and has so many stories to tell thisfirst show will barely touch scratch the surface. David has kindly agreed to do a series of interviews with me andI am honored to re introduce him to the world. He retired at 50 and has stepped out of public life until the passing of his wife Joanna.

David is ready to roll so look for him on the conference speaking circuit soon.

We will tap into David’s amazing life experiences and releasethis series of interviews over time.


David Adair is an internationally recognized leader and expert in the field of space technology spinoff applications for industry and commercial use. He has worked as a research scientist in the fields of engineering, jet engine technology, rocket science and nuclear physics.

At age of 11, David built his first rocket. It was a cryogenic liquid fuel engine that was six feet tall, 200 pounds in weight and had enough thrust to push it to an altitude of 52,000 feet and at a speed of 1,600 miles an hour with radio control guidance and parachute recovery. The rockets got bigger and faster from that point on.

Today, there are only two types of rocket engines used today by the space agencies around the world liquid fuel and solid propellant. At the age of 17, David built a rocket engine that was neither one, it was an “Elector-Magnetic Fusion Containment” engine, the first of its kind. It was launched on June 20, 1971 from White Sands Missile Proving grounds for which he was awarded “The Most Outstanding in the field of Engineering Sciences” from the United States Air Force.

David was invited to join the United States Navy, in his tour from 1972 to 1982 it was filled with engineering challenges and accomplishments and awards for serving with distinctions. During this time David became a pilot, diver and a certify jet engine technician.

After the Navy, David formed his own research company called Intersect, inc. and for the next three decades David worked in his laboratory and is a professional speaker on the subject of Space Technology Transfer where his work continues to the present.

David s website is
He has a great youtube presence as well type in his name and enjoy. You can follow several of his best interviews here

and here

and here

Asha Deliverance With Host Robert Potter and Victory to the Light Radio Show 11-23-2016

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Rob interviews several grass roots activists who have been called to stand in solidarity with over 300 Indian tribes from North America. The people on the ground at standing Rock are brave souls. We owe a great deal of respect and support to all for their constant dedication.

JaneneYazzie and Kern Collymore are human rights and Indigenous Rights Advocates that live and work on the Navajo Nation. They founded Sixth World Solutions, a company working to promote sustainable development through community-led projects and policy that protects local governance authority and tribal sovereignty. They are currently employed with the Little Colorado River Watershed Chapters Association whose mission is to create a community-led watershed planning process rooted in Traditional Ecological Knowledge to achieve Water Security on the Navajo Nation.

Janene and Kern live on the Navaho reservation and were referred to me by JoAnn Armenta And Don Yellowman of the Forgotten Navaho who I worked with in the past.
Janene is an astute activist and articulates the unholy agenda of the corporation of America. Her husband Kern has been running food and supplies to standing rock family who are our light worker boots on the ground in this most important time.
Winterizing Fund: camp LegalFund:

Donations for medical supplies:

Asha Deliverance has sent domes for free to the standing rock community to provide shelter to those in need. Please check out her website here www.pacificdomes.comShe is committed to a life outside the box. As the founder of Pacific Domes, she is dedicated to the creation of a more sustainable future. She began her college education at 14 years old in Arizona, and became one of UCSC Farm Projects founders before the age of 20. It was at UCSC, now considered the Harvard of organic farming, that Asha constructed her first Dome on an old singer sewing machine. Over the next 15 years Asha constructed countless domes, while working as a Midwife. In 1980 the demand for Domes led Asha to start her own business, Pacific Domes. Asha continues to educate and surround herself with cutting edge ideas and thinkers, promising to create alternatives in technology, shelter, and design.
Good link to watch

Asha Deliverance

This video is not good news for the people of earth as the evil ones desecrate our sacred mother earth.

Rob Potter and Guest Jaqeline Hybrid Part 2 on 10-25-2016

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Part 2 Jacqueline Hybrid on 10-25-2016
Rob interviews a special sensitive who shares her life story of contacts since she was very young! This interview is with Jacqueline Smith an animal communicator and she claims to be a Hybrid 7 different ET races combined in her earth body!

She is very straight forward with her answers and really seems to have a positive message to share from her vast networks of contacts. She is clairvoyant which is difficult for us in 3D to completely embrace as a way of perception. I must be honest some of her information is very unique and I cannot say I understand it all. I am always constantly amazed with the many different people who have contacts try to keep an open mind on the myriad of experiences and reports of people.
This interview goes into her early experiences and even a trip aboard a mother ship 2012. Join me with a fascinating interview with Jacqueline Smith
Victory to The Light

Rob Potter with Guest Jacqueline Hybrid on 10-25-2016 Part 1

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Part 1 Jacqueline Hybrid on 10-25-2016
Rob interviews a special sensitive who shares her life story of contacts since she was very young! This interview is with Jacqueline Smith an animal communicator and she claims to be a Hybrid 7 different ET races combined in her earth body!

She is very straight forward with her answers and really seems to have a positive message to share from her vast networks of contacts. She is clairvoyant which is difficult for us in 3d to completely embrace as a way of perception. I must be honest some of her information is very unique and I cannot say I understand it all. I am always constantly amazed with the many different people who have contacts try to keep an open mind on the myriad of experiences and reports of people.
This interview goes into her early experiences and even a trip aboard a mother ship 2012. Join me with a fascinating interview with Jacqueline Smith
Victory to The Ligh

Rob Potter and Guest Christopher Kala from Tanzania 10-13-2016

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Rob Potter and Guest Christopher Kala from Tanzania 10-13-2016

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This show is about the CHILDREN please listen and hear about the plight of the children in the you may also see his website on facebook The Children of Africa Center / If you go there you will see the tremendous work that has been going on for 10 years. We are hoping for recurring donations for food if you can commit please do. We also have several projects for solar power , a water tank, and of course food. The children have school fees every year of $4,000.00 to cover expenses required by the govt for the 30 children. You may contact Chris directly if you are so motivated. The children need shoes and so much more. Please do your best to offer as much as you can. I thank you Christopher and the children Thank You very much. i pray we are successful in our efforts to help the innocent.
victory to the light Rob Potter

Rob Interviews Tony Rodrigues Space Program Whistleblower Part 2

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Rob Interviews Tony Rodrigues Space Program Whistleblower Part 2

Download MP3 here:

Rob Interviews Tony Rodrigues Space Program Whistleblower Part 2

Rob does his second interview after the SSP conferrence in Shasta, In this interview the Secret Space Program Continues Rob Interview another very credible Victim/ Whistleblower who has recovered quite a few memories like Corey Goode. Tony has a different experience which corroborates not one Corey Goode but Captain K or Randy Cramer the marine hero who is very involved in the forced disclosure process .
Forced because the bad guys don’t want to reveal their actions to the public. The cabal because they know they would go to jail. The military has reservations because they are somewhat complicit in these programs. We have so much pain and suffering to unravel and to expose this horrible on going program of the Nazi/ ICC Military Industrial Complex in the drivers seat. Let listen to tony and get a broader perspective.
Victory to the Light.

Rob Potter and Herbert Dorsey on 09-14-2016

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Rob Potter and Herbert Dorsey on 09-14-2016

Download MP3 here:

HERBERT DORSEY interviewed by Rob Potter

There are areas of science that are off limits to the public and are not taught in our universities. The science and technology of anti-gravity and extracting energy from space itself was developed in the late 19th and early 20th century by scientists and experimenters like John Worrell Keely, Nicola Tesla, and Thomas Townsend Brown. But today, this science is purposely overlooked and regulated to the world of “Black Projects.” The publicly acknowledged space program is but a “smoke screen” to hide a secret space program, overseen by NSA, the CIA and a secret branch of the U.N. Secret Science and the Secret Space Program will document and provide an in depth look at this secret science and technology and the secret space program that has already colonized Mars, built bases on our Moon and other planet’s moons and given us the ability to travel to the stars. “Black” science

Tony Rodrigues on the Secret Space Program – 09-10-2016

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Tony Rodrigues on the Secret Space Program – 09-10-2016

Download MP3 here:

Rob Interviews Tony Rodrigues Space Program Whistleblower 09-15-2016

Rob does his first interview after the SSP Conference in Mt Shasta. In this interview the Secret Space Program continues Rob’s interview with another very credible Victim/ Whistleblower who has recovered quite a few memories like Corey Goode. Tony has a different experience which corroborates not one Corey Goode but Captain K or Randy Cramer the marine hero who is very involved in the forced disclosure process .
Forced because the bad guys don’t want to reveal their actions to the public. The cabal because they know they would go to jail. The military has reservations because they are somewhat complicit in these programs. We have so much pain and suffering to unravel and to expose this horrible on going program of the Nazi/ ICC Military Industrial Complex in the drivers seat. Let listen to Tony and get a broader perspective.
Victory to the Light.

Rob interviews Anja Schäfer and Omec Onec – 09-2-2016

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Rob interviews Anja Schäfer and Omec Onec – 09-2-2016

Download MP3 here:

Rob interviews Omnec Onec the woman from Venus and her ever faithful Anja Schaefer. The have just finished a 2 month Tour of Europe with shows in Hungary, Holland and Germany . Omnec was recently telepathically contacted by her Uncle Odin. Her Uncle confirmed the surrender of many of those negative forces who have been running the show through fear and manipulation. This is a great confirmation and it is good to touch base with Omnec to learn more about the bigger picture as Earth goes through all kinds of changes. Victory to the light


The Vitamid

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Great !

We love this product for your vitamins and vegetables and fruit to keep them charged with vitality.

Rob interview Saeko Morishiro – (English) – 09-01-2016

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Rob interview Saeko Morishiro – (English) – 09-01-2016

Download MP3 here:
Rob Potter and Saeko Morishiro

Rob went to Japan not too long ago and did speak with several groups while there. One of the groups is based on information from Saeko Morishiro. A graphic artist who has had an awakening and is receiving some powerful images and has some of the visitors guiding her work. I don’t really understand her concept of the universe fitting inside the earth? But I think it being lost in translation a bit. However she has a project to get these sphere she has created out to the world. Her take on sacred geometry is important and I sure more information with be coming forward and the transformation of earth continues. Enjoy the interview and welcome to the work and world of Saeko Morishiro
English Version:

Japanese version here:

Here is video of Saeko’s Breathing Method


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Download MP3 here:
Rob Potter interviews Frank Chille

Frank and Rob discuss the secret space program and will be interviewing more Secret Space Program insiders very soon. Enjoy this show as Rob and Frank talk about the Golden Helmeted Ons and the old school contacts of the Rahma Mission bringing the truth to the regular people beyond the reach of the silence group. Franks is an insider who is working with George Filer , William Tomkins and many other insiders ready to come out now with more good Intel on the Govt versions of the various Secret Space Programs.

ROBERT POTTER with Guest Patrick Kehoe – Keshe Plasma Devices – 08-18-2016

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ROBERT POTTER with Guest Patrick Kehoe – Keshe Plasma Devices – 08-18-2016

Download MP3

Patrick Kehoe Keshe Plasma Energy Devices
“I grew up in Colorado, enjoying outdoor activities the whole time. My mom and grandma had an interesting in New Age subjects. I took it from there, researching everything hidden, every day. I’m an expert in health as I’ve had to cure myself from many mental and physical problems. I love rock climbing, the kind with lots of gear and thousand foot cliffs. And like some have said, I have a weird obsession with saving the world. I have a certificate in Geographic Information Systems and worked with aerial imagery making maps. Now I’m excited to be making plasma devices full time.”

Douglas James Cottrell-Interview by Rob Potter 06-16-2016 Part 2

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Douglas James Cottrell-Interview by Rob Potter 06-16-2016 Part 2

Download MP3 here:

HOST ROBERT POTTER and his GUEST Doug Cotrell Part 2
science-quantum-meditation/Clairvoyance, telepathy, intuitive healing, remote viewing, prophecy… in one extraordinary man.
Douglas is a gifted trance clairvoyant, intuitive, spiritual healer, teacher and author from Canada. He is one of a select few who demonstrates so many of the abilities studied by Noetic Sciences including clairvoyance, telepathy, energy healing, remote-viewing prediction and prophecy.

Douglas James Cottrell-Interview by Rob Potter 06-16-2016 Part 1

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Douglas James Cottrell-Interview by Rob Potter 06-16-2016 Part 1

Download MP3 here:

Douglas James Cottrell
Clairvoyance, telepathy, intuitive healing, remote viewing, prophecy… in one extraordinary man.
Douglas is a gifted trance clairvoyant, intuitive, spiritual healer, teacher and author from Canada. He is one of a select few who demonstrates so many of the abilities studied by Noetic Sciences including clairvoyance, telepathy, energy healing, remote viewing, prediction and prophecy.

He teaches people the world over about spiritual and psychic (“of the soul”) development through the practice of meditation and the application of spiritual principles in daily life. Join him as he shares extrasensory information and energies for our physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Rob Potter-Andrew D.Basiago-Part 2

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Rob Potter-Andrew D.Basiago-Part 2

Download MP3 here:

Andrew D. Basiago Part 2
He as one who served bravely in the two secret U.S. defense projects in which time travel on Earth and voyages to Mars were first undertaken.
As a result of his courageous advocacy as a crusading lawyer, Andy is credited with ending the time travel and Mars cover-ups by the US government on behalf of the American people. This arduous work in the vineyards of the Truth Movement represented historic breakthroughs in America’s understanding of our past and our prospects for the future.
Today, Andrew D. Basiago is running for President of the United States with a New Agenda for a New America. He has vowed that if elected President, he will lead the American people into a bold, new era of Truth, Reform, and Innovation as great as they are great.
Join us in supporting Andy in his quest to establish a Presidency as honest, just, and ingenious as the American people.

Rob Potter-Andrew D.Basiago-Part 1

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Rob Potter-Andrew D.Basiago-Part 1

Download MP3 here:
Andrew D. Basiago Part 1
He as one who served bravely in the two secret U.S. defense projects in which time travel on Earth and voyages to Mars were first undertaken.
As a result of his courageous advocacy as a crusading lawyer, Andy is credited with ending the time travel and Mars cover-ups by the US government on behalf of the American people. This arduous work in the vineyards of the Truth Movement represented historic breakthroughs in America’s understanding of our past and our prospects for the future.
Today, Andrew D. Basiago is running for President of the United States with a New Agenda for a New America. He has vowed that if elected President, he will lead the American people into a bold, new era of Truth, Reform, and Innovation as great as they are great.
Join us in supporting Andy in his quest to establish a Presidency as honest, just, and ingenious as the American people.

Ted Winslow Interview by Rob Potter on 06-9-2016

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Ted Winslow Interview by Rob Potter on 06-9-2016

Download MP3 here:

Ted Winslow is Interviewed by Rob Potter this week. 06-09-2016
Ted Winslow is internationally acclaimed for his pioneering work through research and development of sound healing and it’s positive affect on the human energy field. Ted’s music features SOUNDSYNCTECH™a customized brain wave technology developed through binaural beats, compositions, sacred geometry, numerology, tunings, state-of-the art recording technologies, and frequencies to create a Theta brain wave state. He is a bestselling recording artist, producer, and composer with an international following.

Corey Goode – Cobra interview w/ Rob Potter – Part 2

Corey Goode – Cobra interview w/ Rob Potter – Part 2 ~ Victory of Light Radio Show  ~ Pyramid One Network Radio
Mt Shasta Conference Part 1: Ancient Wisdom Teachings
~Mt Shasta Conference Part 2: Secret Space Program

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 9.28.31 PM

Click the picture above to view youtube version
This youtube has an amazing Secret Space Program photo gallery that is also on my website with an article.

May 2016 Cobra-Corey Goode Interview with Rob Potter Part 2


Hello, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, boys and girls, peaceful light warriors, welcome to Part 2 of the joint Corey and Cobra interview on the Victory of Light Radio Show.

I’m your host, Rob Potter, and my website is Please go to that page on the Victory of Light Radio Show and check out the Bonus Transcript for the links that will be shared there today for some very interesting information.

I’d like to thank everyone involved in this interview this week. We’re giving Danell a rest and we’re going to have a new transcriber to make things go faster through the Corey-Cobra interview here. We’re also needing to thank Chris Bell who’s taken over the audio for Rique Seraphico on this difficult project. And I’d like to thank Bob Charles and John Allen of the Pyramid One Network for allowing me to have a radio show on their station.

This information is very important and we’ve done it to create some unity. At the time of this recording of the intro on May 22, the interview has already taken place back at the same time as Part 1.

And something has come up. Someone has sent me a link to a post on the Sphere-Being Alliance website where someone told Corey, “Leave Cobra. He is dark.” And there was a thumbs up from Corey. This was inadvertent and I talked to Corey. He says he puts a lot of thumbs up there just to encourage people and didn’t really read it and he apologized and he would remove it when he finds out where it is, so it may already be gone. But there’s nothing major . . . no drama there against Cobra.

Cobra and Corey have agreed, as we all agree, we want Full Disclosure, honesty and transparency, and they’ve agreed to work together, especially for Full Disclosure.

I’ll remind you all that worldwide meditation for Full Disclosure and Prayer for our Planetary Liberation Day is July 8. We’d love to see some of you creating some, I guess I would call it, some artwork revolving around the July 8 meditation at 12:00 for 15 minutes for Full disclosure Planetary Liberation.

The exact meditation and prayer is unimportant. It’s the 15 moments of silence and the intention for the healing and the liberation of this planet and the revelation of truth of what’s been taking place here for a long time.


I’d like to also thank you all who did support the children’s orphanage some time ago and allowing those children to be able to have their school fees paid. Actually, we paid for food for two months. Food is always an issue there. I asked someone to create a free website and I was contacted by a nice brother named Daniel and his friend Little Fox. They’ve created a beautiful website. It’s called It’s a nice website there. They’re going to have more pictures of the kids, but they have some projects, a place to donate.

He worked hard to get himself a PayPal page, so for some of you out there who are certainly capable and abundant, if you could make a monthly commitment to helping these kids with food, it would be greatly appreciated. I myself have donated amply there to help them and I’ve so proud of all of you for helping those kids. They do have a Facebook page. You can check it out as well as the website there.

Kristopher Kala has done a great job. They need lots of help with solar power and water management as well as finishing up the house there. A lot of the kids sleep in the same room on the floor and it would be nice to get a few more rooms built. They work  hard everyday to just feed the 23 children. You can actually go visit them and take a trip. Kris will take you to Kilimanjaro and you can live at the orphanage, get to know the children and enjoy yourself there at Tanzania if you have a chance.

I’d like to remind you all I do have a free book on my site. Go here to download for free. Enjoy “The Veil of Invisibility”. It’s a book detailing the Bush-Nazi crime syndicate, evidence against Rumsfeld and Chaney and a lot of other information about the Nazis, Hitler, South America, the Secret Space Program, it’s location, as well as how the Nazis, Prescott Bush and the Bush family, who were actually Nazi spies, came to America and infiltrated the United States government. The Tesla Bush/Scherf/Hitler connection is evidenced amply.

This information will eventually become instrumental in the arrests, of the Bush family as well as the Clintons. You will find a lot of criminal activities going on in that free download there. I hope you get that free book and enjoy that and share it with your friends. It’s a lot of evidence and pictures with names, dates, facts and figures about certain things going on there.

I’d also like to make a couple statements about my website. Number one, I am coming out. We are selling Dr. Bell’s receptors and projectors. Unfortunately, I made that announcement and one of his daughters, who’s a little confused, she has her own website with that, has called me a fraud. Unfortunately, she doesn’t realize that I’m in a contract with her older sister who has just as much right to produce these receptors and projectors.


I’ve loved these items. In 1975, I remember at Christmas time, Fred Bell sitting in the living room of his house. He was very excited to tell me about this design and showed me the drawing that he had created about the receptors and projectors and the Pleiadian technology of the scalar wave energy.

There have been some improvements in the technology. In the late ’80s the Pleiadeans introduced Fred to the Andromedeans. They gave Fred a new design that is called the Andromedan holographic projector. To be clear both of the daughters have a right to produce these and so I’m working with the eldest daughter. I’ll leave it at that.


We hope to have Alana, my legal partner, work out the details with her sister soon. But I wanted for you all to know there is nothing illegal.  We will continue to get these out to the people as much as possible. I really do love these products. Contact me if you are interested in finding out more about these products. They’re going to be integrated into my website soon.


The other thing I’d like to share on my website is that I did have some Cintamani rings and we got into a big bog down on producing these. So I want to thank you all for being so patient.  I just heard, several days ago, around the 18th of May, received information that a large number, about 16, of these rings, which were very, very slow coming, were mailed out.

We have a few more to get out, but I want to thank you all for your patience. Some of you have been so kind and waited for over, I think, three months for some of these. Just know that it’s been beyond my control, but we’re finally catching up there, and you should be getting those as they are in the mail.

I’d also like to let you know that we do have our Mt. Shasta Summer Conference with Luis Maertens coming up at the end of July. I know some of you want to go to both. If you do, let me know and we’ll give you a discount if you buy both tickets. Contact me personally.

If you want to go to the August conference, I recommend you get your tickets. They’re selling very well. I was very surprised at how quickly these are selling. We’re over 100 days out now and these tickets are really selling fast, so I’d recommend that if you want to come, if you can, as soon as possible do get your tickets there and secure your seat at the conference. They are limited.

Luis’s conference is wide open and we have plenty of room. It’s going to be a very special, intimate time with Luis, who’s very famous for programmed contacts. And we hope to have one on the mountain when you come. The Forest Service is working with us this year.

They have okayed us to go up the mountain. In general, we’ll be having all the information and details as we get to the conference. All of our volunteer positions are already filled, folks, so thanks for applying. We do not have any more volunteer positions. They are all filled for both conferences now. So we thank those of you who’ve checked in early and got yourself going. We do have some vendor locations on those conferences still available.

I’d like to end this with a little statement here. There are lots of changes as we move through the vibrational phase jump on the planet. The energetic restructuring on all matter on Earth and the changing of the ley lines, grid or acupuncture lines as some call them is being aided by and in conjunction with the superluminal light beings of the Confederation and the Alliance.

The benevolent extraterrestrials and the benevolent Agarthan Network are working with advanced technology which includes The Primary Cintamani Stone bought from Sirius by 40 different ascended masters. There are tremendous changes taking place and the vibrations on the planet are shifting subtly and in powerful ways soon to realized by all consciousness on earth.

Within us are natural forces. These natural law parts of human consciousness are expressed in what are called the Gunas. We have Sattvic Rajasic Tamasic. These are the triune elemental forces within our physical bodies that react to different magnetic and energetic impulses and affect our personalities.

We are the hierophant of these energies and through our willful and rightful action and control of our thoughts can overcome these subtle forces which have tremendous influence on our feelings. We’re all human. And we all interact with these various energies or universal impulses that are affecting our corporeal bodies. As most of you can feel energetically things are becoming very intense in the internal mental processes and feeling natures of everybody.

So just remain calm, as I always say, keep your hands and arms inside the spaceship at all times, and sit on things and wait. I know I personally get very mentally oriented and I get kind of an impatient stress from having to sit at a computer all day.

I over stress myself with my self-imposed homework. Not in school, as I did all my assignments last minute in school and always had good grades as it came easy to me.

My professional life is different, and I am not so good on computers. I work very hard on the website and probably don’t get as much relaxation as I can. So I suffer due to attachment. We all are part of this challenge and just have to keep forgiving ourselves and others.

We can realize, as these thoughts and these stresses come to us that are not in harmony that this is just purging of our lower elemental nature.

We need to constantly check ourselves on our thoughts, our words, our deeds and our actions and harmonize our energetic field. So when these negative thoughts in these difficult times come through us, we need to just be patient and sit and wait on it and let it pass and realize that that’s our illusion and the reflection.

And if you get stressed out, just go to the beach or something, and watch some children. The joyful presence that they live in, the exact moment of now, and the joy that they share is contagious. Thanks to God they are so oblivious to adult concerns. Things like chemtrails and vaccinations and other troubles are not part of their reality. The simple freedom-from-care vibration they carry is the type of innocent joy that we need to express in our lives. We can be aware of these negative agendas and things; at the same time, we can let them go, and we can focus ourselves on the positive light of the future.

I just wrapped an amazing two-hour interview with Andrew Basiago and look out for that one. It will be quite interesting for many. Alex Collier, who is always relevant, has agreed to another show and that will be coming up on my interview list shortly after this show.

I also wanted to share with you all, the beautiful article called the Cosmic Plan. This article was written by Giorgio Pienza brings many things togwther. After speaking with him, he told me that his article is compiled from information from three major South American UFO contactees.

The first contactee is Luis Maertens who will be presenting at my Shasta Summer Conference Ancient Wisdom Teachings Part 1. The other two contactees are Ricardo Gonzalez and Sixto Wells. All three of these gentlemen have been receiving information from the same sources of extraterrestrials for many years. The ET groups who are very prevalent in South America are primarily in Bolivia and Peru. These are the beings from Tau Ceti, Alpha Centauri, Pleiades, Venus  and from the inner temples of the Great White Brother/Sisterhood from the area of Peru Lake Titicacca and Bolivia. I hope you will check out this article called the Cosmic Plan and enjoying my comments and the information provided therein. You may go to the article page on my website here.

Thank you so much for tuning in and

God bless you all.

Victory to the Light.


Rob Potter: Ladies and gentlemen, we’re back with Corey and Cobra for Part 2. An extremely interesting interview. Both of these gentlemen are confirming each other’s intel with a few additions by each. I hope you are enjoying this unification and remembering about the Full Disclosure Meditation, the Secret Space Program conference in Mt. Shasta, as well as we’re having Cobra’s Ascension Conferences coming out. So lot’s of places for you to connect with other light members and become instrumental light bearers or information givers to people in your community.

This is really about letting people . . . preparing for some tremendous changes that are coming to the surface of the planet and we’re looking for clarity in these interviews.

We’re going to talk to Corey first and this first question is from someone. It says, “Corey, you have mentioned that some ET groups have been here with a little bit of Service-to-Self. Is that correct?”

Corey Goode: Yes.

Rob: Yeah, you have stated the Blue Avians are here because we are a parachute, as you termed it. It seems the Earth’s mess is kind of holding them back from evolving. Is that correct?

Corey: Yes, and that’s the case with all beings that follow the creed or kind of model and tinker and create other beings. When they progress past that point maybe thousands or millions of years later, they cannot ascend to other levels or progress further until they go back and deal with their creations and whatever karmic entanglements they have with them. But we’re not a creation of these Sphere Beings, but their actions that they had millions and billions of years ago somehow had them tied with us to where we have to ascend or reach our next level before they can fully. They’ve gone as far as they can. Their goal is ultimately to return to Source.

Rob: Okay, and this is kind of an Earth-based thing. It says, “If so, this implies they’re here with their own agenda towards progressing.”

Corey: That’s in the answer I pointed out.

Rob: Yeah, they may not be here at this time to intercede otherwise, possibly. Does that make them self-serving as well?

Corey: Yeah. Kaaree used that to kind of punch me in the stomach, because she, I guess, took issue with their position that her people were Service-to-Self. You know, when it comes down to it, if we’re all One and we’re all karmically tied, or we’re all tied on some level, every type of entity would have to be, by that definition, Service-to-Self. Before they can return to Source they have to make sure that we are on the right path or moving on the right path. I guess, in that context, on that grand scale, I guess you could label them that.

Rob: Yeah, it just seems like they have bigger technology that everyone has to listen to them. Cobra, I’d like your comments on that little dialogue there.

Cobra: Okay. The whole galaxy is a living being. It’s a living entity and all cells in the galactic organism are connected. So if one single cell is infected with a cancer, the whole galactic body cannot evolve fully. And no race in the galaxy can evolve fully until the Earth’s situation is resolved. And the division between service-to-others and service-to-self is artificial. It’s a programming attempt to divide beings. Each sentient being needs to first take care of himself before he can help others.

The key is in the balance of taking care of your own needs and then helping others. And evolved galactic society keeps that balance. And taking care of your own needs does not mean stepping upon others. It means creating a respectful cooperation throughout the galaxy and this is what the evolved galactic races have achieved. They have created a civilized society when there are no wars needed, no conflict needed.

Actually, conflict is an aberration. It’s an anomaly. And for most of the galaxy what is happening here is pure madness. They live in a reality of love, in the galactic ocean of love, and for them, what is happening here is pure madness.

Rob: Thank you very much and I would have to agree with that. We’re definitely in a madness situation down here. I would like to make a little comment here. I’ve heard and felt the same thing that we’re all one and that, you know, people are here trying to resolve this situation of what’s going on here. And for those of us down here, we’re the same way. And if we could on the Earth . . . You know, we look around, we’re separated by programs and borders and Cabal. If we could realize we’re all one people and that people are starving in Africa, there’s little children, orphanages, and people that are homeless throughout the world and suffering, that we’re spending money on other things.

We could feed our neighbors. We could realize ourselves as one. And this is coming and this is what this movement is about for people to wake up and for the leaders to be honest and just. We’re going to bring out some differences here. We’ve established a lot of unity. And I’m looking for clarity. This isn’t to emphasize the difference.

Cobra, you have stated that the artificial intelligence that Corey kind of delineates that I would call the plasma scalar field mind-control network, which is multi-dimensional and it is reinforced by physical technology, but you say that it can be turned off and is part of a scalar plasma fence, which is linked to certain Cabal members and Chimera, including toplet and strangelet bombs, the point being that this is a sophisticated supercomputer that reacts so fast that it appears to be sentient. Can you talk about that version of your understanding of this control network?

Cobra: Okay, it’s a matter of terminology. Basically, what we have here is sentient organic intelligence that uses technology, that actually uses technology as its body. Fuzzy logic software program is part of that body. So one person could say, “Hey, this is artificial intelligence. This program thinks and makes decisions.” When in reality, there is a being behind that program that makes decisions and is assisted to a great degree by that program.

So if you would look from a certain perspective, what would appear is that the program is making decisions. But there is always an entity, a living being, free will, which is behind those decisions. And the Chimera group has invented so-called artificial intelligence millions upon millions of years ago and has tried to spread its infection throughout the galaxy through scalar plasma networks. And they were successful to a certain degree, but I would say that the most evolved cosmic races know how to deal with that.

Rob: Thank you. Corey, you have a slightly different version. Could you talk about your understanding? And, I guess, some of this is coming from the glass pads, but you’ve stated that it’s its own thing, kind of like the Terminator or the Borg, as we said. Could you share the information? You’ve said that it’s actually infected multiple galaxies. Can you comment on your version? And then we’ll have you comment on each others comments.

Corey: Some of what Cobra said sounds like a little bit of a mixture of  two different technologies if I’m understanding him correctly. I could be misunderstanding him. There is a scalar mind-control grid that has been around the Earth as long as there have been humans, you know, walking around. We can simplify it and call it a mind-control grid or a control grid.

There are two giant cruisers, or ships, that are not occupied. They are controlled by, basically, what we would call computer program. They complete the circuit of this control grid, most of which is down on the Earth. This is something that can be shut down. They’ve talked about shutting it down, but they think that shutting it down . . . it’s going to be very rough on humanity if . . . It’s the excuse their using for not shutting it down.

But the fact is that newer Special Access Program groups have studied this technology and they’re mimicking it and they’re using it for their own means. The inter dimensional AI signal that I’m talking about is a signal that was broadcast and it came in from another reality many, many millions, if not billions, of years ago. It cascaded its way through multiple galaxies, and in the manner I’ve described, it has infiltrated people’s bio neural fields. It has infiltrated technology and exploited technology, but it’s not technology. It’s not an actual artificial intelligence technology that’s created by organic beings here. It is a pervasive signal that now broadcasts itself through relay systems that it has tricked organic beings into creating for it.

This is something that these more technologically and spiritually advanced beings can deal with. Many, many, many lower-tech civilizations that are a thousand years more developed than ours on the surface are subject to having to deal with this threat.

Rob: Okay. This is completely different. Cobra, can you comment on or have you heard of this other kind of universal AI intelligence? Corey has stated that this intelligence lays nascent in hiding and then comes out, influences organic beings to create technology that it can then live inside. It can actually be in a computer. If you touch a technology, it can infect you and then it can receive from you. It has its own intelligence, he said. Cobra, can you confirm this? Can you say that you understand this or do you have a different view?

Cobra: Okay, my understanding is that this is plasma consciousness that can use technology as a vehicle of spreading the virus. I can confirm that this virus has infected one part of this galaxy, one part of the Andromedan galaxy, and one part of the M33 Galaxy and Triangulum, and to a very, very limited degree certain other galaxies in the local cluster of the galaxies. I can also say that the Resistance Movement has dealt with that issue and for their own society they have handled the issue. So if somebody would like to enter the Resistance Movement, they need to go through a certain cleansing process. It is something like a shower. You need to take a certain shower that removes all parts of that signal before you can even enter their region below the surface.

And they have also assisted quite much in removing this from the surface. They have not been 100% successful, but they have been very successful, and they have actually introduced a certain technology into shower gels through certain multinational corporations. And people using those shower gels were actually . . . they were being assisted in the removal of that virus, that signal. And, again, it was not 100% successful because the Chimera group have their own means in maintaining this, and the easiest way for them to maintain this is with people who are the most mind-controlled and the most under the plasma influence.

Corey: There is a plan that’s a part of the natural process of what’s going to occur with the energetic waves coming in to our solar system through our sun, there’s going to be an event that’s going to completely purge the signal from our solar system at some point.

Cobra: This is exactly what I’m speaking about the removal of this plasma scalar field removal of Yaldabaoth, this octopus entity, and this is exactly the Event. When this plasma field is removed, that is the moment of the Compression Breakthrough.

Corey: A solar event that’s going to have a lot of issues with electrical equipment and stuff like that, but it’s going to be what’s needed to push that signal out while they’re reintroducing some other very advanced technologies that will not be as vulnerable to this signal.

Rob: That will kind of put a shield up for us. That’s great. One more question on this for you, Cobra, was: “He said that this . . .” – the inter dimensional part. You were saying that it’s connected, it’s a technology, it can be turned off. From what you guys are describing this signal still is going to exist but it’s going to be pushed off the Earth but is still involved in other parts of our super-cluster of various galaxies.

Corey: Well, what’s occurring is these advanced groups have created a dampening field that does not allow the signal to broadcast within the sphere of this dampening field like most of them do. And I guess it is a shield of sorts. It effectively neutralizes the signal.

Cobra: Okay, according to my sources, the increased activity of the Galactic Central Sun is precisely the means to erase that signal from the galaxy. So the increased flow of particles, and I’m speaking of physical and nonphysical particles, and waves of energy, it is a purging effect that will actually clean the whole galaxy. This signal will not exist anymore, anywhere.  It’s an anomaly. It’s an aberration, and it will be removed.

And this is what the gnostics speak about when they say “correction of the original sin” and the “original sin” was actually an anomaly, which needs to be corrected and it’s corrected with this new energy which will heal the distorted space/time structure and this signal, which is just one aspect of the cosmic anomaly.

Corey: The information I have heard is that galaxy wide, the signal will usually return after a 1,000 years, which galactic-wide is not very much time after different galaxies have had their galactic emanations. It’s a pernicious problem, but it’s one that can be managed especially as we progress spiritually and technologically and catch up to these other groups.

Rob: Okay, thank you. I had a brief conversation with Alex Collier recently – I’m going to do another interview with him – and he was more along the lines of Cobra that it’s a technology-type of thing and kind of said that it’s a, and from his understanding with his conversation with the Andromedans, that it’s different. So I guess we’ll have to wait a 1,000 years and hopefully disclosure will reveal a lot of this information for us.

I wanted to go into something here. I was going to save it for later, but we’ve talked about the clearing of this energy from the heliopause with a system. Dr. Frank Stranges also spoke about this at a certain point in time . . . and I want to talk about the cleansing technology. He maintains that when he went on board the ship, the Victor One, with Commander Valiant Thor, that they kind of walked you . . . it’s like a magnetic field kind of thing that cleansed him before he could go on board. His clothes were taken off and this type of thing.

I’ve also heard from the past Atlantean, some transcripts I’ve read, that they take this artificial intelligence thing very seriously. Fred Bell had indicated to me, as well as Bob Reynaud of the TerraKor Files, has indicated that when an ET, who has been serving in the Earth situation, before they’re allowed to go back to their planet, they have an extremely prolonged security debriefing protocol, which is really more of an luminous and a soul-energetic cleansing to make sure this AI is not in there. Have you – either of you . . . Can you confirm this technology has been around for a long time and a lot of worlds are very, very concerned when people return from earth how about this? Corey, first, I guess?

Corey: Yeah, absolutely. We were warned and warned and warned by these different non-terrestrial groups not to mess around with this AI signal or these different artificial intelligence technologies that developed from information that we received from this inter dimensional AI signal.

Rob: Of course, the ICC and the Nazis disregard it and that’s our state of being.

Corey: Yeah, yeah. And not only that, they started using this AI’s probable future technologies to help them stay one step ahead. There’re so many times we heard that the Cabal’s going to go down. There’s going to be mass arrests. Well, they’ve been able to stay one step ahead of a lot of the Alliance moves with this technology.

But this technology has not been working for them recently. That’s another thing that’s thrown them in disarray. They’d become so heavily reliant on this probable future technology, and it’s not just using remote viewing and all these different things, but they’re now falling back on them.

They used to have all these different ways of looking at probable futures, but these certain factions became so reliant on this AI probable future technology that now they’re in chaos, because it’s not working for them.

Rob: Cobra, can you comment on the positive light workers that go through this? You say the Resistance members made humans go through that. Is there any of the Resistance or the positive ET technologies when their groups are down here and they go back up? Do they have to go through this cleansing as well? It’s not like you consciously engage this stuff. It comes into you subtly through your subconscious. Is that correct?

Cobra: For the Resistance members that come to the surface and go back, it’s quite a process. They go, as I said, through something that looks like a shower. Then they go through a shower that is actually a scanning device, and it scans their physical body, etheric body, plasma body, astral body, mental body, everything, and removes every kind of infection before they can enter. And then, of course, they have the medical check. They have other checks before they can enter again. And this is quite a procedure. And this is really why they don’t like to come to the surface because they know when they come back they have to go through all that process.

And the surface of the planet is infected and they know that. And they are very careful about this. The technologies to disinfect the surface will be available at the time of the Event, not before. When the Light forces have more power than the occupation forces, this is when the technology breakthrough will happen at the same time as the Event.

I was not speaking about this before, but there are certain technologies that the Resistance have and other Light forces have that will be brought to the surface at the moment of the Event that will disinfect the surface from many things. This is one part of the Compression Breakthrough.

So the living standards on the surface are artificially low also because of this. This infection creeps into the consciousness of human beings and this is why they are so depressed, so uninspired. And I would say the vast majority of human conflicts that are happening are engineered. They are not real. And this is all orchestrated by this technology.

Rob: Well, this is wonderful. It confirms a lot of the information that I’ve had. You buys have both confirmed that this technology exists.

Corey: I realized I didn’t answer your question directly, but yes, full spectrum decontamination is a standard operating procedure for just about any group when you’re mingling with a group other than yours or you’re going out of a controlled environment into what we will call an alien environment for them.

Rob: Yes, I’ve also heard they have extensive psychological questions and answers even after the screening that they’re very careful when a person returns. It’s very interesting. So that’s it, folks, we can look forward to some, I guess we can call them virus showers. I’ll get one and I don’t care if we’re out of hot water, I want one.

So that’s very interesting. I’m glad we cleared up this information in regards to the AI intelligence there for you folks. My suggestion that I talked about long ago in 2012 on Cobra’s portal was my understanding is that it feeds off the mind and your focus, so you can starve this field through entering into the silence and you have the will of your own thoughts and your own decisions to disregard these negative impulses if you hold fast to a virtuous life.

So here we have another question that kind of relates to this event breakthrough plasma field clearing of the Earth. It was noted on the official NASA website – we’ve talked about this energy and the cosmic winds coming from the sun – on the Internet it showed that the magnetic fields of the Earth actually kind of went into kind of a calm state. Can either of you comment on that recent event? Was that a technological thing that didn’t register or was this an actual change in the Earth’s magnetic fields that took place recently? I think it was about within a week to 10 days ago.

Corey: Well, yeah, the Earth’s magnetic field is connected directly to the sun’s, and as the sun is going through these different changes as the cosmic energy is funneling through it through the cosmic web, there’s going to be interaction. It’s going to ebb and flow – the electrical field of the planet.

Rob: Okay, so this was kind of a natural change that had a kind of a . . . it went to pretty much a zero calm state with the cosmic . . .

Corey: The report that the shield drops was incorrect that they went completely down. I’ve seen reports . . . I have a bunch of emails. I had asked about that in my last briefing and I saw the charts and stuff. It did not drop completely.

Rob: No, no, no. It didn’t drop completely, but it definitely changed.

Cobra: I would put it this way. Every planet on . . . and every star has a plasma field around it, and the plasma field around the sun is called the solar wind. And the plasma field around the Earth is interacting with that solar wind. The magnetic field shapes and curves the plasma entity and the plasma entity is not just particle, it’s a living being. And in the case of this solar system, the plasma being is called Yaldabaoth, the octopus entity. And there are many Light forces working on transformation of that plasma entity. It’s actually an entity which is trapped into cosmic anomaly.

And what is happening is that the Light forces are sending energies of healing and transformation in this plasma entity and this is why the oscillation and perturbations in the solar winds are happening. And NASA has released an image or a video animation of a spiral movement of the solar wind which looks exactly like an octopus. This is scientific confirmation of the intel I have been releasing. It’s actually a living being which reacts to our cosmic winds, cosmic forces.

And the heliopause is the area where the solar winds, the solar plasma field and this entity meets the interstellar wind or so-called galactic consciousness. And the galactic wind, interstellar wind, is part of the galactic plasma entity which is called Pleroma in some old gnostic sources. The Pleroma is the light emanation of the Galactic Central Sun and it creates . . . It actually brings light to the whole galaxy. And this interstellar galactic field is an Ocean of Love. So when this, I would say, not-healed solar system entity, this octopus, meets the Ocean of Love, this is where the healing happens. This is one way of describing it.

And the region where that happens is the heliopause. This is why there is so much focus on the heliopause recently. And whatever happens there then, actually, it cascades down through the whole solar system and will eventually trigger the Event on the planet Earth. And the changes in the Earth’s magnetosphere and the Earth’s plasma field, Van Allen belts, is a direct consequence of what is happening in the heliopause right now.

Rob: Very good. And, folks, Dr. Bell was speaking about this in his book, “Rays of Truth – Crystals of Light”, about 15 years ago, explaining, of course, we have various beings that we live in. We are a being and we’re supporting many bacterial lives just as we have a planet that has a life that is part of the solar system. And the sun would be considered the pineal gland. The Earth would be considered the heart chakra. Our sun is considered the heart chakra in the local system of which the Pleiades is the pineal gland and all of this is connected to the one life of the central super universe cluster through our galactic central sun called “Alohae” and then this energy is transmuted to the sun and that people of the Earth, our consciousness, is actually required . . . We have the power to stave off higher cataclysmic events with our attunment to this life force. The Earth is resonant to that. Would you agree with that that the Earth people have an influence on the relationship between the Earth and how it reacts or to the S and P waves of the solar system radiations, Cobra?

Cobra: Yes, of course, because every consciousness has influence on every other consciousness. I would say every cell and living organism of the galaxy has a say on what’s going on here. And as I said before, if there is healing taking place here on the surface of the planet, that creates huge waves of energy throughout the galaxy simply because the Earth is the focal point of the resolution of the cosmic anomaly. And this is not by chance that the planet Earth was chosen with a very highly evolved cosmic architect to be the focal point, the melting pot, of various races when very different, divergent galactic cultures could interact and resolve this cosmic anomaly.

This is why everybody wanted to come here. This is why the Dracos came here. This is why the Orions came here. This is why the Pleiadians came here. This is why everybody wanted to be here to take part in this experience and, on a very deep level, everybody wanted to resolve this cosmic anomaly.

And now we’re in the final phases so why this is happening right here is the focal point of the whole galaxy to resolve this and bring the galaxy back into balance.

Actually, there is an old galactic prophecy of the time when the whole galaxy will be light when the galactic network of Light will be completed and planet Earth and the solar system is the last point to be included in that galactic network of Light. And everybody’s waiting for the transformation to be completely here.

Rob: Right. And we can be part of the transformation. Corey, we talked about my little thing on the sun, if you want to comment on that or Cobra’s stuff?

Corey: Yeah, and what’s playing out here on Earth is playing out on multiple planets within the 52 stars in our local star cluster. The heliopause leaves off with (where) the heliopause of Alpha Centauri leaves off and begins. So these stars in the local star cluster are also connected, not only through the cosmic web, but in a more direct way through physically, you know, directly.

And in our local staff cluster there have been all of these different planets that have had these Draco groups and other groups kicking dirt and causing problems just like they’ve been doing here in our solar system. So there are a lot of things playing out on different planets in our local star cluster. And all of it’s tied together and all of it has to come together in some huge beautiful cosmic symphony.

We’re more focused on what’s going on in our solar system, and we’ve seen many intel about what’s going on in our solar system, but our local star cluster has been a big issue for the wider galaxy. And that is something that is being corrected at this time.

Rob: So we have a lot going on and most of us just need to focus on our own lives really and just raise our vibration. All this is very interesting. Corey, you probably are not aware, but Cobra has put out a very powerful document that I resonated and a lot of people resonated with, and it’s called the Galactic Codex. And it’s kind of like the laws of hanbury or the code of ethics or the Ten Commandments . . . it’s kind of a statement that is allegedly used throughout the galaxy and determines a planet’s free will.

I’m going to have Cobra break this down for you and then I’d like you to tell me if you’ve heard about this. For many of us, for me, it’s very valid and it’s been violated. And that’s why we’re having engagements with some of these regressive ETs.

Corey: Yeah, I’ve heard of these edicts, these things being set up. They’re slightly different for every solar system, for every culture, depending then on how they developed. The root of them are basically the same.

Rob: Cobra, could you share your Galactic Codex? Is this a galactic codex or is it different solar system by solar system from your knowledge?

Cobra: Okay, I would say that’s the spiritual evolution of the galaxy starts from the galactic center. So, around the Central Sun is the most light and this is where the so-called Central Civilization evolved. And when it was expanding throughout the galaxy, it was creating a network of Light and assisting in the development of other races throughout the galaxy and together they have discovered that there is a certain inner code which is not written anywhere. It is just how things are, how societies, the divergent societies, can co-create and co-exist.

And the Galactic Codex, that has been published on my blog, is just, I would say, an interpretation of that inner truth which is aligned with human mind. So I would say the underlying truth is the same throughout the galaxy, but the way beings perceive or interpret that is according to their own development and their own understanding of the truth. But some basic rules are the same.

There has been a lot of talk about non-interference like it is a cosmic law. It is not. Non-interference was just an excuse for the Archons to keep planet Earth occupied. What is really happening is if a certain entity on a certain planet wants to create contact, that contact should be granted.

And the reason why this contact has not been granted on planet Earth is not because of the law of non-intervention, or non-interference, but because somebody was and still is preventing contact. And if people begin to understand that, we will make one big, huge, planetary leap towards Full Disclosure. To understand why Full Disclosure is not happening now, it is not because there are no beings out there that would like to contact us, but because somebody is preventing that contact by taking humanity hostage.

So when this hostage situation is resolved, full contact will happen. It’s a natural law. It’s our birthright. We have a right to be speaking with our star brothers and sisters. We have a right to interact with them. This is our divine birthright. And this is what I’m fighting for.

Rob: Corey, could you comment on what Cobra has said here in regards to that it’s really not free will that they don’t interfere here with . . . the reason why we can’t be contacted and all that? There is an indication that our free will has been gone around here. It’s more of a safety issue and a hostage. Can you comment on your views on that?

Corey: In the Super Federation, the laws of free will are important and mentioned, but the laws are kind of soft and loose-knit. There’s ways around it. And they have obviously found ways around the laws of free will. Now, the fact that they were having open battles in the skies above developing humans for tens of thousands of years up until very recently, up until the point in time when they signed these accords after the time of Mohammad. That tells a lot. That to me, that’s openly and directly interfering with the development of a world genetically, spiritually and on-going interference with our civilization on a sociological level.

Rob: Right, and one of the articles that I have posted repeatedly, and I hope people will really get, is “The TerraKor Files – An Overview of the Omegan Situation” where it talks about the syndicate and indicates that the reason these treaties were signed is both the confederation, the alliance, and some of these syndicate, dark, regressive ETs had been in major battles that have decimated all sides. And at all costs, they want to avoid this battle. And would you both agree this is why hostile groups can share bases on the moon and yet respect each other’s space sort of. I’ve heard there are incursions and attempts all the time in these bases.

Corey: Oh, really? On the moon?

Rob: Yeah, the moon. There’s both positive . . . There’s Nazi bases, Dracos, next door to Confederation and Pleiadian and positive bases. Is that correct?

Corey: Yeah, they’re all kinds of embassies up there. A large part of it’s controlled by a negative group, but with all of the agreements that have been signed, especially on the moon . . . The moon is kind of like Antarctica. It’s all split up and it’s a major diplomatic area, but, you know, there’s fighting going on down in Antarctica. The only people that have attacked or have done anything to the moon has been us. Humans. These lower military Secret Space Program factions have launched all kinds of things at the moon. And they’re the only ones that have done anything overtly hostile. It’s a very delicate balance up there, but none of these groups are going to take a chance of screwing up.

Rob: Right. They don’t want to escalate into a full-blown conflict that could reach galactic proportions in the solar system. Cobra, your comments on the diplomatic relations on the moon and how this tenuous cease-fire to a certain extent is taking place between these various groups.

Cobra: Okay, first I will describe a situation on the surface of the Earth. Yes, this was true there were many treaties signed because if those treaties would not be respected we would have two things happening. We would have Reptilians openly eating children for breakfast, and we’d have Pleiadeans rescuing the victims of car crashes. And both things happening at the same time could lead to extreme actions, so this was not to be advised.

And this is why this uneasy treaty has been signed. And part of this treaty is protecting us, so part of this treaty was to protect the light workers and the light warriors. But on the other side of the coin, the same treaty is protecting the most visible Cabal members. So it goes both sides.

And this uneasy treaty is being respected to a certain degree by all beings, of course, not completely. There have been things happening on both sides. But this treaty will be respected until the time of the Event when the surface of the planet will be liberated.

I can confirm that what Corey has described for the Moon, has been happening on the Moon until quite recently. I cannot confirm what is happening there recently, but yet we have been . . . there have been many interest groups there with quite strict areas where they could move and they have to respect their borders otherwise they could have mutually assured destruction. And most races have discovered and most factions have discovered that that is not a safe option. So they tended to avoid direct open combat, direct open confrontation, because they understood that it would be the end of the story for them as well.

Rob: Yeah, it’s very sad our solar system is kind of a microcosm of the Earth and hopefully it’s a shame that they even have borders on the moon at this time. Hopefully, this will be resolved. I’m going to ask Corey this question first and then Cobra. Lot of questions about the moon. It doesn’t rotate. Corey, what is your story of the history of the moon? Is it artificial? Is it brought from another area? Was it a spaceship? What’s the story of the moon from your perspective – it’s history and it’s locked orbit?

Corey: It was a natural formation that was hollowed out and made into a giant ark. It may have been a part of the original defense network that was created by what they called the Ancient Builder Race, which was in operation up until the moment when this Super Earth blew up. It brought down this defense grid that was around our solar system and also protected the solar systems of the local star cluster.

When this technology went down, all these different races that we refer to as genetic farmer races, began to come in and, you know, mess around with us, with our genetics and just doing whatever they wished. Okay, I’m sorry. What was the original question? Sorry, I got off on a tangent.

Rob: That’s okay. You kind of answered it. So for you, it was a . . . It’s a natural created planet or moon that was created originally naturally and that was hollowed out and used as an ark possibly by Ancient Builders.

Corey: There is conflicting information about it from the different groups that have looked at the information when there have been archaeological expeditions throughout the moon. Depending on the group and their point of view or religious beliefs, they’ve come up with several different perspectives about what the moon is.

Rob: Okay, Cobra, I’d like you to comment on your understanding of the moon. Does this coincide with what Corey’s told or do you have a slightly different perspective?

Cobra: The Moon is a natural object which has an orbit that is locked to the Earth and this is quite a natural occurrence through most of the solar systems. It has not been hollowed out, but it has been honeycombed, which means that there have been tunnels dug below the surface of the Moon. There have been tunnels expanded through the natural lava tubes, underground cities and the various civilizations have been using those for quite extended periods of time. And I would say it’s a natural satellite. It’s nothing artificial about the Moon, but, yes, it has been used for many purposes in its past.

Rob: Okay. Thank you, both. That’s great. This is a kind of more for Corey question, but Cobra can you answer. Corey, we’ve spoken about this before, and this is from one person, but it’s not saying that you don’t think there’s positive galactic federation, but, again, your . . . so far in your narrative, you have given us the ICC, the Nazis infiltrating, this kind of hostile what’s going on with the Dark Fleet. We know you’ve gone to these Super Federation meetings.

You’ve told me personally in our private conversations since you’ve interacted with some of them, but it’s kind of lacking . . . This is just a general view of some people who . . . I’ve got a couple questions like this. So here’s a question: “It seems that Corey says that there are many ET races and federations with different agendas. But he doesn’t seem to believe that there is a Galactic Confederation of positive races working for the light. At least it seems he never mentions it really apart from the Sphere-Being Alliance. So the question, Corey, do you believe in the positive Galactic Confederation and do they outnumber the bad guys? And what is your take on their efforts? Are they benevolent?”

Corey: There, again, we’re throwing around ‘positive’, ‘negative’ and all this kind of thing. This Super Federation is a super federation. It’s made up of other federations, and these federations are made up of hundreds or thousands of solar systems, if not more. So this Super Federation could very well be made up of some of these groups that this person mentions, but they’ve not identified themselves in the same manner that people are identifying them on Earth or online that I’m hearing.

These groups, just as I’ve stated, some of them are positive from our point of view. They seem to very much want to help us even though they have their own agenda, which any beings that have their own agenda. Some of them really wouldn’t mind seeing us replaced with what they consider more responsible caretaker beings on this planet. So it runs the full spectrum between the people that are a part of this Super Federation.

For the most part, most of them are what we would call, from our point of view, positive. They want us to progress. They are a part of this Grand Experiment. We’re a part of this Grand Experiment. And if they want to progress, they want us to progress. So that’s the best I can explain on that.

Rob: Okay, thank you. I was thinking, obviously, we have this Ganymede that Cobra’s talked about that my friend Luis has been to this artificial moon, and it is a training ground for guides and teachers. And it’s a group that very much has motherly-loving instincts. It’s like a sore foot. We’re a sore foot in the galaxy and they’re here to mend it through mentoring the human consciousness field. So when I say ‘negative’, I know that’s a judgment and good and bad and all that, but I mean I’m talking about the groups that are working with the government and Agenda 21 – depopulation.

Corey: The Super Federation, they’re a much higher level. Most of the people in the Secret Space Programs are not even aware of these groups. They’re aware of more of the groups that they’re dealing with like these Draco groups or these other groups that have come in that are not heavily partaking in this Super Federation.

Rob: Right. My point being that what I consider . . . When I use the word ‘negative’, I’m not trying to deny an entire race of absolution or changing in any way, but when a race is violating the Galactic Codex, that’s the groups that I’m talking about that would be negative and it seems, you know, the viewpoint from some people is that the reporting and yourself . . . And I know we have a lot more stuff that we’re just waiting to hear. We want to hear details: who you met, what group they were, what they said, what their opinion is, what you could reveal about their positive plans. Do you have anything on that?

Corey: Well, there is some information that I have revealed and is yet to be released on Cosmic Disclosure that we’re having to do a little more editing. I ended up giving a lot of descriptions and a lot of operational information that I was told it was okay to share, but then some of these groups did not appreciate it. So there are still some things that I need to ferret out before I share information, especially in terms of what occurred most recently between Gonzales and I with an incident where I was picked up and questioned by a competing faction that has caused a lot more stress and issues between the SSP Alliance and myself. So I have to be a little bit careful not to rock a already very rocky boat.

Rob: Cobra, I’d like your comments on that aspect between the positive and the negative alliances out there. And are they really communicating? You mentioned the Dracos don’t communicate. They don’t take part.

Cobra: First, I need to say there is a Galactic Confederation that is positive. It’s very real. They have actually saved my life many times, so they are very real, at least to me. And there are many races that belong to that confederation. And it is, from my perspective, the most powerful group in the galaxy, because they live in a reality of cosmic love. And they don’t have any, I would say, bad motivation, any agenda. They simply would like everybody to have that experience. They have a natural tendency to share and expand that galactic love and experience throughout the galaxy and to heal the anomaly which exists here. This is their primary motivation.

And as the galactic network of Light expands throughout the galaxy, more and more races join through a process of integration to this galactic network of light. Through that process their sovereignty and integrity is respected and they enter this alliance as equal participants in the galactic evolution process. Races that don’t want to cooperate are basically mostly races that have an agenda, especially races that want to dominate other races, for example like Dracos.

And there remain negotiations with Dracos, but their negotiations style is not an attempt to find a solution. It is more for them to enforce their own way. So, at a certain point, they have to be enforced. They have to be put in certain situations where they cannot harm others, because by harming other races, they are violating the Galactic Codex.

And every race that oversteps certain boundaries needs to be dealt with. And now races that have overstepped the boundaries inside of the solar system, are being dealt with. It is that simple.

Rob: Cobra, with the great force that will come forward and neutralize these negative forces, perhaps with the technology of the Blue Sphere Alliance which seems to be able to repulse them, what is going to happen to these negative races? Will they actually be arrested? We’ve mentioned that some will be sent to the central sun to have their souls reset. Will some slip through the cracks and continue in other areas of the galaxy? Or is it intended that some of these beings are placed on quarantine status in other worlds where they work things out? What’s going to happen there, Cobra, to these beings? Will we have to revisit this situation in a million years?

Cobra: No. This is the final clearing process of the galaxy. All of the individual sentient beings that belong to those races will be given certain choices. If they want to cooperate, they will be given assistance. There were many attempts, positive attempts, to give them space to think about it and realize that the positive path is the path that makes more sense. If they don’t want to cooperate, they will have to go through the restructuring process, because darkness has a certain time slot in the history of the universe and this time is almost over. It’s game over for them. It doesn’t have any purpose in the evolution. It is simply an anomaly which needs to be corrected.

Rob: Thank you very much. Corey, Cobra has a very positive view of the future. Do you have any information . . . I know you’re dealing with a little . . . a lot of the Secret Space Program stuff, and I’m sorry for the violation of the group that contacted you again, but can you tell me, do you have this kind of confidence that the Blue Sphere Beings indicated to you that this is going to be healed once and for all and that it’s a galactic-wide cleansing and healing that’s going to take place through the planet Earth’s liberation?

Corey: Yeah, that’s very much the entire reading why they are here. That is their purpose. That is their mission. So I have to have faith and belief that it’s going to be the ultimate outcome.

Rob: Well, folks, that was a great interview with Corey and Cobra, Part 2. I hope you enjoyed that. To let you know, folks, they have agreed to do another interview. We’re going to let some time pass here and we’ll revisit this. They both have extremely busy schedules. It was very difficult to get them together, but we’re going to do it again.

I’d like to thank you folks for listening and if you check into my website, under the Victory of Light, there’s a transcript there with some bonus features and some interesting links and information that I’d like to share with you. Also, if you want to join me this summer, with Luis Maertens, in Mt. Shasta, July 29, 30 and 31, a very unique program with a bonafide contactee who will be probably producing a programmed contact for us on the mountain. We’re going to be up there in prayer and meditation. We’ll probably have a visit from the benevolent guides that he’s in contact with.

Also, of course, the Mt. Shasta Summer Conference Part 2, the Secret Space Program with Corey Goode, Michael Salla, Laura Eisenhower and myself, for three days of fun in the sun up there – a great venue – and have a wonderful time and look forward to seeing you there, folks.

Victory to the Light.

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower with Rob Potter 5-24-2016

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Laura Magdalene Eisenhower with Rob Potter 5-24-2016

About Laura:
Through natural alchemy, Sacred Union, and living the entire mythological body of the Goddess, Laura is powerfully creating global transformation on the Venus path. Taking on the darkest forces on Earth, Laura reveals the influence of the false matrix and conquers the hidden agendas that are affecting our personal freedom. She opens the gateways for ascension, reveals the source of ancient symbols, and brings to light the true Holy Grail.

Laura Eisenhower will be presenting at this summer’s Mt Shasta Conference August 26th, 27th, & 28th. Please click here for more details and tickets:


May 2016 Cobra-Corey Goode intervew with Rob Potter Part 1

May 2016 Cobra-Corey Goode intervew with Rob Potter Part 1


Click the picture above to view youtube version

This youtube has an amazing Secret Space Program photo gallery that is also on my website with an article. go here


Bonus Introduction with Links


Rob – Hello, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, brothers and sisters, divine embodiments of love. My name is Rob Potter, and this is the Victory of the Light radio show. I‘m your host here on the

I’d like to thank Bob Charles, the producer of that station, and John Allen from the land of wonder down under who make it possible. You can see the donation button on the website if you want to support this station and the speakers that it puts out. Go ahead and do so.


I’d like to let you all know I do have a Facebook page called the Victory of Light radio show and blog. You can check that out and get information. Also my website I’d like to thank Danell Glade for the transcription. I’d like to thank Rique Seraphico, who normally does the audio editing. We’ll have him back again. My webmaster computer god Ryan and also Jagat have my heartfelt thanks as well.


I’d like to thank Chris Bell who’s taking on this daunting task of modulating Cobra’s voice with a 24K mile signal delay at times. It’s made it a little difficult. We’ve shortened the time during the editing of the interview. It actually went over an hour but with the edits we had to do, it’s down to 50 minutes, so I’m doing a little longer intro. But I think there’s some interesting information that if you just will enjoy this for a second. We can share some information with you.


There’s a great book I have for free on my website under books called the Veil of Invisibility.

Veil of Invisibility – FREE DOWNLOAD


I got free stuff folks, yeah. The Veil of Invisibility. Download it for free. It tells you all about the Nazis and Secret Space program. It was evidenced and released by Hitler’s personal bodyguard Otto Skorzeny on his deathbed.


He has pictures and secret space programs, locations and underground bases of the Cabal. It’s quite interesting and you’re going to see pictures of George Bush, Sr. with Barbara Walker Bush, when they were very young, like 19 years old, standing with Joseph Mengele, “the doctor of death”, Reinhard Gehlen of the Gestapo and Martin Bormann, General of the Luftwaffe. This picture was taken in 1938, probably in the wolf’s lair in Berchtesgaden, somewhere in those regions. There’s evidence in that free book. I hope you get that.

Cosmic Plan

I also have an article there I want you to read. I’m not going to put it in this intro here, but if you click this link (will be up soon).  You’re going to go to an article called The Cosmic Plan. I cannot say enough good things about the article. It is written by Georgio Pienza. It puts a lot of things together.


It’s quite a long article and I will release it in parts with comments. I support a lot of this information. Is every single word gospel truth? Probably not, but I find it to be very, very intriguing as a general perspective and overview of the multi-dimensional situation. Like a puzzle, we have to put things together. This fleshes out the general plan and gives you a good idea of what things you’re looking at.

There are a lot of timelines that are missing but he goes into the ancient history of the Earth and our relationship with various ET groups. Please check out The Cosmic Plan article by Giorgi Pienza and my comments. I’ll be releasing more info on this over the next month

The Omegans

I must apologize to Corey, as I have misunderstood about the Inner Earth group that use the Omegan Symbol.  We talked about them in the interview so I will redact any statement about that group and take Corey at his word. In the interview, Corey was sure the ones I was talking about are NOT the ones he has met in the Anshar Alliance/Inner Earth Alliance meeting he went to.

I have made some assumptions that I must correct here. Corey has in my post interview conversation told me they do not call themselves the Omegans. He states they are not from the Inner Earth. They come from Venus and live inside the planet. They are not natives to Venus like the Venusians that Dr Frank Stranges knows. They are material beings and live in the honeycomb of Venus arriving there some 10,000 years ago, according to Corey.

Apparently, the group Corey met and wrote about in his Inner Earth article do not call themselves Omegans, but use that symbol. He feels they are just trying to protect themselves. However, they are the ones that chose to leave the Anshar Alliance and do not want to openly contact humanity.

They have refused to capitulate to the Sphere-Being Alliance agenda and the push for Full Disclosure. This is their choice, so we will await updates on who that group is and perhaps get more clarity on their historical interactions with us on the surface. Corey is respecting their request to remain anonymous as far as their name and their location.

The group that does call themselves The Omegans

I still feel this information is very important so you can read more about it using these links here as well Omegan Situation to Gabriel Green letter from 1988  Also, the link to the Terrakor files by Bob Reynaude that I have put in my previous Corey interviews is to the overview of the Omegan Situation and the Syndicate Omegan Situation Overview.

According to Bob Reynaude, who has been working with the Korendorians from the Alliance group for over 55 years, there’s definitely a group called the Omegans and they’re definitely what we could term evil and negative. The links to various articles makes it clear there is a very nasty group who call themselves the Omegans. Read it at the link and you can learn about this group, their relationship to the syndicate, and the tension that exists within their group’s agreement with a group known as the Kalrans.

We should be aware of them and not be in fear of them, but be aware of them. Check out that. It’s a very good article and I’m going to encourage people more and more to check out that website. Also on that site, is incredible information in ‘a love written in the stars to learn a lot about a not well-known human ET civilization contact that’s been on-going for over 55 years now. The information that’s been given there has never really been released to the public except through people who stumble on that site. I talked with him on the phone some time ago and he said he has never spoken in public at any event but did release information to Gabriel Green for a period of over 20 years. I have a lot of respect for Bob Reynaude. I hope you guys will enjoy all of his articles as well.

So I want to be clear, the article links above that I have posted here on the Omegans are not the ones in the links from what Corey has stated. Thank you, Corey, for clearing that up. 

Mount Shasta Summer Conference 2016


I want to announce that the summer conference going on is guaranteed in July 29-31 (2016) with Luis Maertens, a very wonderful heart-felt brother who really has a lot of amazing PowerPoint demonstrations about his trip to Venus and to the temple of purity of the positive Agarthan networks in South America.

He has had physical contacts with people from Alpha Centauri, the Pleiades, Venus and the message is Peace and love. They’re sharing with him as well as others information that will be shared in Mt. Shasta. It’s going be a wonderful end of July conference. Luis is famous for programmed contact and we are expecting something special for our group this summer. See you there.

If you don’t know already, we have launched a SSP Mt Shasta summer Conference Part 2, the Secret Space program,which is going to be taking place August 26-28. The speakers include Corey Goode, Michael Salla, Laura Eisenhower and myself.   Shasta Summer Conference Part 2 Secret Space Program

We may have another special guest. We’re still open to possibilities here and we’re working on something right now. The schedule’s going to change as well, folks.   We’re going to be having a little more activity on Friday, so prepare to arrive early. We’re going to have a great jazz musician, world class, who will be coming, as well as a fire circles and lots of fun stuff up there at both of these conferences in the national forest. This will be a really unique and fun time to be had by all.


The Children Thank You For Your Help  A female volunteer who traveled to Tanzania is in photo rear center left

Folks, I had an orphanage that I talked about some time ago. You folks stepped up and raised $3,000 in a couple days. It was really, really awesome. These kids got their schooling paid for. The government that was putting pressure on the 27-year-old father figure to these kids who had no father himself. He has 27 kids to feed every day. I can’t imagine how he’s doing it.

He works really hard and with your help, we were able to supply food for two months for the kids. It’s only like $500/month. It’s really cheap and it can fund about 23 kids for a month. So you helped in basic food stuff supply. Thank you. I wanted to keep that going so I ask for someone to donate a website, and low and behold, a man named Daniel and his friend Little Fox have stepped up.

They are donating their time and supporting the esteemed efforts of the beautiful Bethany Crawmer who helped Chris to get the children funded and brought that to my attention has done a lot of wonderful work from her shamanic designs website. Bethany has a lot of perks coming from God for her work for these children.  Now, we have a website where you can see the children and meet them. This is a real deal. It’s not a scam. I don’t touch the money. I have actually donated my time and some finances as well here. I really believe this is a good thing that you can do to make a change in people’s lives. So check out the website there by clinking the link: Children Orphanage website still under construction but functioning please continue to help these beautiful children

Without further ado, I think I’ve gotten through everything here. I’ve talked about the two conferences, the dates. I’ve thanked a lot of people and I want you all to keep your hearts open and enjoy the interview coming up here with Cobra and Corey.

Thank you all so very much. So you know we’re going to have Laura Eisenhower on my radio show next week and Part 2 of this interview the following week. We’re going to revisit this interview again the end of June. They’ve agreed to do another interview. I think it’s going to be fun, folks. God bless you all. Thank you very much.

May 2016 Cobra-Corey Part 1

Rob –, Cobra –, Corey –

Transcript Final Edit Complete 

Okay, ladies and gentleman, as promised, we’re going to get right to the interview now. This is a real important watershed moment for lightworkers. Some of the two largest, I guess we’d call them insiders, revealing what’s going on behind the scenes in the world today have agreed for the sake of unity of their followers and to provide clarity on various points that we’re going to be talking about are going to be answering the same questions and commenting on each other’s questions here. We’re going to go ahead now and begin this interview. I have some questions that have been prepared directly for these gentlemen. And we’re going to start right now.

Rob – Corey and Cobra. Despite the fact that certain aspects of your information does not match up with each other, do you both generally agree on the bigger issues such as: Full Disclosure, freedom for the people, release of hidden technology, an end to war and environmental destruction. Corey?

Corey – Yeah, I think that’s something pretty much anyone can get behind. We’ve all seen the signs of all of these topics not being conspiracies. They’re real. We’ve seen the different political movements. Everyone is tired of the lies. They’re ready. (Cobra?)

COBRA – Yes, of course, I agree with this, and I have been fighting with this my whole life, and, of course, I would agree and I would support anybody who would be fighting along the same lines.

Rob – Is there any reason that both of your respective audiences should not cooperate with each other towards Full Disclosure and planetary liberation? Cobra?

COBRA – I do not see any reason for that. (Corey?)

Corey – That’s one of the main things that we’re trying to do The Full Disclosure Project. It is to obtain unity in the community. There are so many different ideologies that we can argue about, but the one thing that we can all agree on is that we want Full Disclosure. We want to know the truth. If we put blinders on to all the things we disagree about and focus on what we agree on, we can get a lot accomplished.

Rob – Wonderful. That’s what the world’s been wanting to hear. Corey, do you know what the Event is as Cobra has described it. (No.) Cobra, would you like to give him a brief synopsis?

COBRA – Yes, of course. The Event is the moment of the compression breakthrough. The compression breakthrough is when the light forces from above the surface of the planet and from below the surface of the planet meet in the middle that is on the surface of the planet. I hope that we all agree that there are certain factions that support the light and support the liberation that exists inside of the solar system. There are some factions that support the light and the liberation of the planet that are existing below the surface. They’re progressing towards the surface of the planet because the surface of the planet is the main battleground and is the main focus of all this situation that is not just limited to the planet Earth. When this breakthrough happens, this is what we term the Event. The Event is actually many things at the same moment. It is when the light forces take over the mass media and release intel about extraterrestrial involvement, about the crimes of the Cabal, about the advanced technologies, so FULL Disclosure. This is part of it. The other part of it is the mass arrest of the Cabal. The other part of it is financial reset that the Eastern Alliance has been preparing for quite a long time. And, of course, we have been gradually going towards the first contact, which is an actual official contact between the Earth civilization and other positive ET races that exist throughout the galaxy. And the Event is a trigger point which begins that process. That’s the short overview of what the Event is. And, of course, we have the pulse from the galactic central sun. The galactic central sun is a living entity and at times the pulse of energy is according to our global awareness and the level of that awareness and the level of the awakening. And when we have this compression breakthrough, the level of awakening is high enough for humanity to receive that pulse of increased energy from the galactic center.

Rob – Corey, do you have any intel that confirms Cobra’s information on the Event as he has stated specifically?

Corey – Much of what he’s said are part of the current negotiations between all of these different alliances, Cabal groups, all of these are things that I’ve heard among things that has been negotiated. Yes, that’s very much a part of the reality of what is going on and is being negotiated. A lot of those things are in flux about what percentage some groups want to put out and all that. When it’s all said and done, they’re not really going to . . . They think they have more power about how stuff is going to come out and in what form than they really do.

Rob – That is really good news for everyone. The next question is for Cobra. Cobra, have you heard as yet any confirmation from your sources to confirm not just the Blue Avians but the Sphere-Being Alliance or the meetings taking place as Corey has described them with the Super Federation of 40, the Anshar Alliance and the various groups as he describes them?

COBRA – This is actually many questions in one. I can confirm that my sources have confirmed the existence of the so-called spheres. They don’t determine them in that way, but they say there are many gigantic objects in the outer region of the solar system, especially, and also throughout the solar system that are cloaked most of the time. Cloaked not only in the visible part of the spectrum but cloaked in all ranges of electromagnetic radiation so they are not detectable. They are also not detectable for remote viewers. And yes, this is what I can confirm. I can not confirm all the details that Corey has released, and I can not confirm his meetings with different alliances. But I can definitely confirm the existence of the spheres, not in detail, but general information I can confirm.

Rob – Again, ladies and gentlemen, we have gentlemen who are both having genuine contacts, and it seems these groups are working within their own different parameters. Corey, can you give your opinion? I know there are lots of different people having lots of different types of contacts. Is the reason that some of these genuine people with face to face contact working for the same reason, from your understanding, might not be on the same thread? There’s obviously lots of groups. What is your opinion on that one?

Corey – There are many different groups working in slightly different ultimate agendas that have the same overall, I guess, agenda, that are working their own segmented little operations and so, you know, they’re not always completely wise to the operations of other groups. They may have been working off a lot of the same intel, but they’re not working off of the same mission statement, if that makes sense. If you mean different, these different beings, you could meet two or three different beings that have different operational modes that they’re in and have different reasons for delivering information to people, even though it’s from the same overall operational goal.

Rob – Cobra, would you agree or do you have any comments on that?

COBRA – Yes, I would agree, and I would say that each group has it’s own cultural roots and it’s own strategy. It’s not easy for any of the groups to navigate the situation because there has been so much complexity in the situation and they have to . . . Each group has to find their own policy and it’s not always easy. Each group comes from their own perspective and when those perspectives come together there is always a period of getting to know each other – an alignment of intel. It’s a process that takes time, especially inside of this solar system, when there has been so much division and so much suppression of intel. So this is the process I expect to take some time.

Corey – That’s an important point that Cobra made. You have to develop a rapport with a being to understand their culture, I guess, where they’re coming from, the way they communicate, because all these different beings can communicate in a different manner just like all the different people that you run across in daily life.

Rob – That’s okay. Like Italians speak in a certain way and communicate . . .

Corey – Not only that, but different personality types and different points of view. People communicate differently and in our daily lives we may misconstrue our normal conversation so, you know, until you get to know a person then you’re going to understand what they trying to communicate to you. You have to develop a rapport with some of these beings before you can fully relate to what they’re communicating to you.

Rob – Okay, thank you. I usually choose questions that I get repeats on. This is kind of an interesting one. People have sent me links from news reporters from around the world with this same phenomena, kind of like those giant circular sink holes that have been showing up, kind of kept silent. But around the world lots of people have recorded on videos as well as on newscast reports certain cities are hearing certain noises. And the question is, what are the mournful sound of trumpets registered in countries around the world? Cobra first. Do you have intel on what these sounds are. They definitely seem to be real.

COBRA – Okay. According to my sources, what is happening is there is, I would term it, infrasound, which is just on the threshold of human hearing about 16 Hz and that frequency is harmful for human consciousness, and the Cabal is using scalar devices that transmit infrasound. The infrasound travels not only through physical space, it travels through the etheric space and it travels especially through plasma. By infrasound scalar waves they keep human consciousness locked into a certain vibrational state and people who have good hearing can hear that sound. Some of the people can actually feel that sound within their bodies as a certain vibration, certain suppressive vibrations. It is something that has been actually monitored, measured and documented around the world.

Rob – To follow up here, some of the sounds are actually reaching to be heard in certain areas. It’s been recorded like for a week, I think, I’m not sure, but somewhere in Utah they’re hearing these sounds, and it’s on the news, so is the technology of the Cabal breaking down, and it’s breaking into the audible spectrum now?

COBRA – Actually many people can hear that sound. It is not so difficult to hear if you know what to listen to, but people usually just disregard this because they have so many other things to focus on in their lives. As I’ve said again those sounds have been documented; they have been measured. The frequency spectrum has been measured and usually it’s just below the threshold of human hearing, but some people can hear it.

Rob – Okay. It’s being recorded so a lot of people can hear it. Can you talk about it Corey?

Corey – This is something I’ve been asked about quite a bit and it depends on the actual incident. This is a sound that is completely audible that you can record. Then it is a mechanical sound. This . . . If it’s regional, if it’s just happening right around a little city, a lot of time it’s been exchanging air with the surface with the below ground bases. When it’s heard in wider regions around the planet, the huge trumpet sound and other low frequency sounds, it is similar to sky quakes. It is from incoming, the rise of energetic waves that are coming into the solar system that are interacting with our upper atmosphere.

Rob – Interesting, thank you very much. We have the two different possibilities on these – a vibrational thing as well as a Cabal infrastructure. Both have agreed there. Here’s another interesting question I have here for both of you. Do either of you have intel on the explosions off the coast of Japan? According to Benjamin Fulford, these were subterranean battles underneath a military base that Ben Fulford said was to prevent WW III. Corey, do you have any intel on that earthquake off of Japan? Was it a small scale nuke or do you have any information on that?

Corey – Quite a few of the earthquakes that we’re having that are raging between 5.8 and 6.8 are triggered from various different exotic weapons. Part of the intel updates that we’re releasing . . . it’s either going to be this evening or tomorrow, David Wilcock is releasing it for me on his website It has to do with some terrible battles that have been going on in underground bases and caverns, especially down in South America and under the ocean around Antarctica. There’s been a lot of activity going on underground and a lot of different exotic weapons including fifth-gen nukes being used – all these different exotic scalar weapons – and it’s pretty hectic right now. Yeah, there’s a lot going on.

Rob – With that said, could you give us a little more info? Is this between different ET groups or is this between certain aspects of the positive military or negative military from your understanding, or all three?

Corey – All of the above, and here is one of the latest bits of intel from Gonzales recently. I’ve been hearing for weeks about massive reports of different types of orb kind of UFO’s over Australia. Some would say they’re metallic. Some reported they had portals going around them. Some recording that they were of Russian origin and then there were reports of these very large pumpkin seed shape cruisers which are Draco. It’s in Australia, Antarctica and then some of them had actually left the Earth’s atmosphere before all of these unknown dark chevron ships showed up and started attacking them, and as of the last meeting, it’s postulated that it’s some Earth Alliance group that has attained this technology, but they’re not claiming responsibility for using it.

Rob – Okay, so you’re saying that Draco’s were trying to leave from Antarctica in pumpkin (seed) shaped ships and chevron ships, which are rumored to be Earth Alliance ships, are the ones putting them back down. It’s not a major confederation. Is that correct?

Corey – Correct, and for months we had been observing Cabal/Nazi groups headed down to Brazil and Argentina, and they’ve been heading into their underground bunkers like ants into the ground, and they have been shuffling a lot of their assets and people down to Antarctica. So these people, we believe, were on these cruisers trying to get off the planet before something happens. Things seem to be reaching a crescendo of sorts, especially in the Earth Alliance with the Earth negotiations and what’s going on in the background.

Rob – Thank you. Cobra, we kind of went into other information but can you confirm the Japan information that Corey says is correct and these other things or part of this intel? Can you comment on that please?

COBRA – Okay. What I have received from my sources is, yes, there are battles in, I would say, shallow underground bases in Japan. Mostly conventional weapons were used that triggered some of the earthquakes, but not all earthquakes were triggered by that. There is also an increased activity of the tectonic plates which react on increased activity from the galactic central sun. The other thing that I can confirm is that there is a lot of movement of the Cabal groups. They want to escape through two routes towards Antarctica. One route goes from Texas through Mexico then to South America, mostly Brazil and Argentina, and towards Antarctica. The other one goes through New Zealand and Tasmania towards Antarctica. They want to escape because they think they will not be found there. Actually, some of them tried and attempted to escape from the planet, and according to one source, the group that Corey terms the Dark Fleet, the Nazi breakaway faction from of a long time ago, attempted to contact the Nazi faction in Antarctica and create a bridge that would transport some of the personal from Antarctica to the outer edge of the solar system towards the Kupier Belt. And that intel is not confirmed, so I can not 100% guarantee that, but this is what I’ve heard from one of the sources.

Rob – Okay. Thank you. Have either of you heard there was an ancient Pleiadian civilization in South America that was in a rain forest situation due to Earth shifts that no longer exists? But a long time ago there was a very deep underground, and still exists to this day, a technology that is stabilizing the planet. Have either of you heard of that deep underground Antarctica technology base from the Pleiadians?

Corey – Not from the Pleiadian’s you mentioned, but . . . Yeah, I’ve spoken in detail about a lot of this ancient type technology that’s been put in various parts of the Earth underground, including Antarctica, and some of it had been removed and it has caused problems with our tectonic plates and weather and other things, and they had traded and given away that technology, and it caused imbalance.

Rob – I’d like a clarity from Corey. Do you know who put the technology there originally?

Corey – It’s unknown. It’s extremely ancient. If I looked at the footnotes of the report, there was about three different postulations or theories about who could have put it there.

Rob – Thank you. Cobra, do you ave any information?

COBRA – Actually, we need to go a little bit back into the history of Atlantis. Atlantis on planet Earth was pretty much a global civilization which was seeded or encouraged by different waves of different cosmic races. There was a Pleiadian wave which has brought Atlantis to its heights about 200,000 years ago and there was colonization from the Sirius star system that created the peak of Atlantean civilization about 75,000 years ago. And each of those races have brought a lot of technology and a lot of spiritual understanding to Atlantis and each of those races that I have mentioned have created their own network of surface cities, of subsurface cities, of tunnel networks, of underground pyramids, of crystals, of stabilization technology for the tectonic plates. But unfortunately there was another faction that came from Orion which infiltrated those networks of Atlantis and misused the technology and the misuse of that technology actually was responsible for the deluge of Atlantis for the last sinking of Atlantis which happened around 11,500 years ago. A lot of that old technology is still spread (out). Some of it is submerged on the bottom of the ocean. Some of it is a little bit underground. Some of it has been purposely destroyed or suppressed. But a lot of those machines and technologies and crystals are still remaining, and some of the underground factions have discovered these old remnants, and a lot of this will be coming to the mainstream media at the time of the Event.

Corey – That’s much newer technology, that’s not the oldest technology in stones, subterranean.

Rob – So there’s much more ancient technology. I’ve heard that as well.

Corey – Yes, many hundreds of millions of years old.

Rob – Thank you for that. Yes, let’s see, this is kind of another question that ’s come up. Simon Parkes has indicated that he has heard that this was a battle. This is a little closer to home and we don’t know for sure because the people that filmed it. There were several groups. It was Area 51 that had a large amount of smoke and it didn’t look like a brush fire because it kind of came from one source. Do either of you have intel on that giant smoke cloud that was reported at Area 51? Was this underground base engaged in one of these battles or was this a brush fire? Do either of you have intel?

Corey – They had a large problem of getting rid of nuclear material from all their testing, and they’ve been openly burning nuclear material and it’s gotten away from them several several times out there. This is something that’s happened before.

COBRA – According to my sources it was just a brush fire.

Corey – Yea. They have been burning and releasing some things that get out of control and the whole area catches on fire. It’s happened several times. They end of shutting off radiation detectors in areas where the wind carries it. This is something that’s gone on several times.

Rob – Interesting. Both can be correct here. Cobra says it’s a brush fire. Corey . .

Corey – It was a brush fire. It was a brush fire. It turned into a major brush fire.

Rob – Caused from burning. That’s just madness. These guys are really crazy there. Thank you for that. So we have here the question for both of you, and I guess, Corey, since you’re kind of new to the Event information, the general theme of what you’ve heard from your various sources is pretty intent on the liberation. The question is: as the global situation is improving on the planet, even if it seems to be slow, do we really need an Event or a watershed moment in order to continue to improve the situation like what is already happening in the last years? Could it just be a slow momentum or do you both believe like I believe that it’s going to require an Ah-ha moment and an epiphany and revelation through mainstream media with a great focus of the world to create the Event?

Corey – Yeah. It’s going to absolutely require a catalyzing event for everyone to be jerked awake. If we’re going to slowly expect everyone to trickle into this new reality of understanding about all these suppressed technologies, let alone all this other stuff that Cobra and I talk about, we’re going to be waiting millennia. So there’s going to be outside sources that are doing all they can, but we have a part to play in this scenario – every single one of us. Not one person is too small to take a part and to make a difference and we all . . . They’re waiting for us to stand up and take our part in this. None of us can say that we don’t have any skin in the game. So as each of us contributes and puts our differences aside and starts to work with Full Disclosure to get the information out there to the general public, then the 100th monkey effect can occur. As more and more of them learn this information, you know, it’s going to become more acceptable and people are going to start asking the questions we want them to ask. When that catalyzing Event occurs, then they’re not going to be as much in shock as they would prior.

Rob – Very good. Cobra, we know . . . you obviously feel that there is going to be a watershed moment. We call it the Event. Would you like to comment please?

COBRA – Yes, of course. I would just give an explanation. It’s a process called phase transition. Phase transition is a process in physics that happens also in societies. So when you put a certain amount of energy into a society, it begins to behave like water that is boiling. So what we’re experiencing now is this boiling water. It is all this dissent in human society, all of this questioning, seeking. All of this restlessness in human society is a reflection of this cosmic change. When a certain amount of energy is brought into that system, the water begins to boil. It begins to change into vapor, and this is what is happening with human society. It is going through a phase transition. The moment of the phase transition is the Event. It is a sudden change, which can be felt before hand a little bit. It can be expected, but when it really happens, it’s a sudden transition. It’s a quantum leap. And this is the way transitions happen in nature. They don’t happen gradually. Phase transitions happen suddenly and this is what is going to occur because we simply do not have time. We do not have millennia to wait. We are actually responding to cosmic forces that are triggering this transition. They are guiding us through this transition so it can happen as fast as possible, as harmoniously as possible. The human race is known for taking one part of this transition, but it is a global cosmic Event and each of us, of course, plays a role in this Event.

Rob – Thank you. And I would add that for those of you who are familiar with . . . if you want to look at cymatic shift, you can see a plate of metal that is vibrated with sound, and you can see the sand is in a chaos mode and then it moves and when a certain frequency is established, the sand moves into a specific pattern, and we are going through this chaos position very shortly to re-establish a new pattern. Corey, are there specific plans that you know of for the Sphere-Being Alliance specifically to become allies openly with the Earth’s surface population at some future date?

Corey – No, not that I know of. What has been communicated to me is that they will remain in the background. As the outer barrier and these different spheres slowly are faded out or transitioned out as this cosmic energy comes in then, they will be no longer be needed here and we don’t need them. We’ll be in a different state ourselves.

Rob – So it seems that some of them we will never meet. Cobra, you speak of the Resistance Movement (RM) and we know that they are definitely involved on the surface of the planet. I personally feel that there are many other beings that are here on the planet that have been here a long time. Some come and go and some are lifetime Earth members now. Can you talk about the plans for the RM? You’ve mentioned this before, so from your group they do have plans to communicate with the surface population? Can you share with our listeners what those plans are? Many want to sign up. That’s really not the way, is it? Can you talk about that contact that will take place in the future Cobra?

COBRA – Yes, it is not safe now for that contact to happen, but after the Event the contact will happen. The RM will make physical contact with people who are, I would say, the most awake and aware individuals. This will be the first interaction that will happen and based upon how this goes they will gradually begin to reveal themselves to the surface population. They are not the main group to interact with the surface population. The main group will be the Pleiadians, and later the Sirians and the Arcturians, and I would say the other positive galactic races from our galactic neighborhood. The RM’s role is to tactically support the Event to make sure that the infrastructure is running, that we have electricity, Internet, food distribution chain. They will support the positive military in their operations. They will support the media that releases intel. There will not be so much face-to-face interaction with the surface population, at least not in the initial stage. At a certain point after the Event, they will have guided tours for certain surface people – a guided tour of their underground dwellings. They will show one part of this to the surface population. And for those who would like to join and be integrated, it will be possible if certain conditions are met.

Rob – Corey, do you have any comments on Cobra’s questions – answers, I mean?

Corey – It’s going to be part of the intel that we’re releasing. Kaaree, from the Anshar, had requested after she had had the meeting out in the Kupier Belt, she had requested a meeting with the Super Federation, and the purpose of this meeting was all of the groups that are here, just not long after the time of Mohammad, had signed this accord or agreement about open contact or appearing openly to humanity. It was to allow us to develop on our own, and they agreed do things from the background, you know, and contact people kind of secretly. I don’t know all the details of this accord, but it’s pretty binding and it came after some pretty major skirmished they had. This is something that they want to revisit and make some amendments to because some of these Inner Earth groups want to start making more appearances on the surface, and this is a meeting that has been granted, and they’re going to be coming up very soon.

Rob – Cobra, do you have any comments on Corey’s intel there?

COBRA – Yes, there have been agreements made, but the purpose of those agreements was . . . The real reason why the surface population was not contacted is because the dark ones have controlled and isolated the surface population. There were many positive groups that wanted and would like to contact the surface population, but they couldn’t because it was simply too dangerous because the Cabal would retaliate. There were some instances when the surface population was contacted and there were consequences.

Corey – The Dracos and other negative groups have signed this accord as well. This will be one of the trickiest parts. This next meeting will not only have representatives from the Super Federation, but it will have representatives from some of the negative groups there as well, which is going to be a type of meeting that has not happened since the accords were set up and signed.

COBRA – Yes, but the Dracos never negotiated. They just want to have their own ways.

Corey – Yes, I’ve seen them negotiate quite a bit, but they negotiate out of the side of their mouth.

Rob – So this is a question for Corey, and this has been something that I’ve had questions about. You mentioned the Anshar Alliance as if they are the only Agarthan network and they seem to be, have been negative, and you have indicated in one of your later, not the last, but one of your later posts that they were taken to the Kupier Belt and scolded by the Triangle Head Being and you have stated that four of them have agreed that their chiding was deserved and they have agreed to go into a more positive relationship with humanity and that three of them reversed. You have told me that the Omegans were one of them. Are these the only . . . .

Corey – We need to get this straight. You keep putting the negative stamp where it doesn’t belong. It’s a point of view thing. (Okay) These groups aren’t negative. They are in a hostile land trying to survive, but at the same time they’re delivering positive information to people albeit in a deceptive way. From their point of view, you have to understand they are trying to protect themselves from people from the surface that have the ability to attack them and kill them. So they’re living in a very . . . Things are not as cut and dry as a lot of people would like to say in the Ufology community. It’s a very wild paradigm that they are living in that all these groups are living in. They have a very strange political environment that they are trying to survive in as well – especially the ones who have their embassies here or spend all of their time in the solar system. Because as Cobra said, this solar system is a very dangerous place. (Right.) Not only are these dark entities very dangerous, but us as a people in the state we’re in, we’re very dangerous as well.

Rob – I understand that. We do have a bellicose and a violent nature. I was speaking especially about the Omegans. The chemtrail planes actually have the Omegan symbol on them, so I consider them hostile. You may consider . . .

Corey – That might not be related to them directly. Just because there were groups down there that had a Swastika, they’re not directly related to the Nazi’s or the Nazi ideology. So symbols can be taken and repurposed. You know, you can’t just see a symbol and immediately jump to conclusions without intelligence to back it up.

Rob – I would agree. Cobra, what is your view on that situation? Can you describe the underground landscape? Do you know anything? Would you consider the Inner Earth Alliance used to be hostile or can you delineate the different underground Agarthan Network groups for us, from your position?

COBRA – The situation underground is very dynamic and is changing all the time, but I would say I am in contact with certain of the factions, not with all of the factions, and apparently there are more different factions down there than we all know. But the RM, for example, has never claimed they are Pleiadians or representing themselves to any part of the surface population claiming that they are gods to be worshiped, nor have any other factions that I know of that form the global Agarthan Network or the Eastern Agarthan factions. Currently, there is process of unification taking place. There is a lot of contact, a lot of negotiation, between various factions and a lot of mistrust. Part of this mistrust comes from manipulation of the Chimera group of one of the factions against the others and cooperation between the Chimera group and the various subterranean Draco factions coming from 1930’s and 1940’s and the Nazi groups on the surface. So there was a lot of mistrust created at that time and a lot of healing still needs to happen. Also, I would say mostly the Eastern Agarthan factions have a similar perspective than the surface population Eastern philosophies would have had on life. And this is quite much different than what the Western people have – the Western outlook of life. So what is happening on the surface is actually a reflection of what is happening below ground. There has been communication established between those various groups and the healing is taking place. But again, this takes time. This is slow because they have millennia upon millennia of history that needs to be solved, resolved and healed. So . . . But I can say from my perspective, I have never heard of a group that belongs to a subsurface faction that claims to be either Pleiadian or Savior Gods or anything of that nature.

Rob – Okay, guys, so I have a question because I live in Mt. Shasta. It’s near and dear to my heart. It’s always been considered a bastion of the light forces from Lemuria. First, I guess I’d like to have Corey respond. This group is not part of the Anshar Alliance is it? Do you have any intelligence on the Inner Earth Agarthan civilization under Mt. Shasta?

Corey – I have received some information about the groups that are not only under Mt Shasta but around the region going for quite a ways up into Oregon and Washington. And they are definitely a very positive group and they are a part of a network as well, but I am not in contact with them.

Rob – Thank you. Cobra, could you comment on the Mt. Shasta group? My South American contactee, Luis, and several others, have indicated that there is a strong network that goes from Mt. Shasta all the way down to Central, through Central and South America, of a very positive nature. Can you comment on your knowledge of this group, Cobra?

COBRA – The group below Mt. Shasta and inside Mt Shasta is part of the, I would say, global Agarthan network which originates from the time of Atlantis when part of the light forces had to go underground because of the Archon invasion 25,000 years ago. And 25,000 years ago they created a network of underground cities and underground tunnels. One main tunnel goes from Alaska, through Washington State, through Northern California with Mt Shasta, through Southern California, through Mexico, Central America and down into South America. And there is another main tunnel which goes from Peru underground through the Caribbean, through the Atlantic, through Morocco, through Egypt and then onwards towards Tibet. This is all part of the same network, and there was a very, and there still is, a very positive civilization of light which I would call the global Agarthan network existing, and Mt. Shasta city is a part of this civilization. The surface population has received intel about this group through certain channels. Certain people that lived in Mt. Shasta have had encounters. I would say about 80% of that intel is correct. I would not say they are ancient Lemurians. I would say they are remnants of the old positive Atlantis.

Rob – Atlantis did have a science station here on Maui. The point is that they are being positive. Cobra, have you heard anything about the Anshar Alliance group underground, specifically the ones that Corey has talked about? He has mentioned . . . I don’t know if you saw his report. One is with this woman named Kaaree, the Omegans and some others. Have you heard about this Anshar Alliance specifically? Are you familiar with this group of seven?

Corey – The Anshar Alliance is only three. (Oh, three.) The ones that wear the Saturn symbol.

Rob – The Saturn symbol. Have you heard about this group Cobra?

COBRA – I have read Corey’s report. I have not heard about this group from any of my sources, but I know that Sheldon Nidle has mentioned the truce of Anchara back in 1995.

Rob – Okay. Thank you. Cobra, can you speak about your knowledge of the Halls of Amenti and the Akashic records as Corey has described them as kind of like an Earth-based library on the outer and then I guess the main records? Corey, you can correct me on this? Was it behind the . . . Was this crystal that they were trying to grow. Is that correct Corey?

Corey – Yes, and that’s a living technology that has a lot of records in it and that technology can tap into the Akashic records. I don’t know exactly what you’re referring to, but I’ve heard it referred to it in a couple of different ways. It’s definitely a major historical database that is very important to them.

Rob – Just for your clarification, Corey, Akashic records is the mineral kingdom which stores all information that’s ever taken place on the planet. It’s kind of like a living memory that can be updated . . .

Corey – I’ve heard it is also used . . . that it has all the . . . everything that’s ever happened in the Cosmos.

Rob – Yes, yes, I would say that . . . Cobra, could you talk about the Akashic records and the Halls of Amenti? Kind of play it off of what Corey talked about with his group.

COBRA – OK, the Akashic records are a natural imprint of any event in the etheric matrix, in the etheric structure, substructure of matter itself. With proper technology you can always read what is stored, that informational imprint. So light forces and most of the advanced races have technology to read that record directly from the etheric substance. Crystals, physical crystals can store that information quite effectively. I would say physical crystals are more and more advanced versions of our current hard disc for computer. They can store more information, more dimensionally and more effectively. Basically Akashic records can be accessed directly from the etheric plane with certain technology, and for more involved beings, they can access the Akashic records directly with their consciousness.

Rob – Thank you. Can you speak about the Halls of Amenti? These were spoken of in the Emerald tablets found in the temple of the Moon in Central America and they’re recording a person from Egypt named Thoth. The Halls of Amenti were kind of indicated as being below Egypt. Cobra, can you speak about the Halls of Amenti and are there multiple ones possibly that Corey was speaking about?

COBRA – Okay. Each city of light had their own records, and particularly for the Egypt plateau there were crystals, crystal records of the past beneath the Sphinx. And the RM have accessed those crystals back in 1999 before the Cabal could get them.

Corey – I heard they were removed.

Rob – Cobra and Corey, you have both mentioned we have a tremendous power of manifestation that the Cabal doesn’t want us to learn about. They even use techniques like programming, scalar plasma waves, mind-controlled imaging, that has us working against ourselves. If our group focus and the collective consciousness is the most influential factor to speed up liberation, shouldn’t we as a group, try to encourage the entire lightworker community to come together and to meditate and pray for a common goal? Would you both agree?

Corey – Absolutely. That’s one of the things that has been talked about in our Full Disclosure Project group. July 8th is Disclosure Day, and we’ve been planning to launch an ad campaign and all kinds of other stuff to promote Disclosure. So yeah, that’s a good time to do other things.

Rob – Cobra, would you agree?

COBRA – Yes, of course. I would agree that mass meditation is the one single most influential factor that the surface population can contribute to the breakthrough. July 8th is Disclosure Day and is one opportunity to unite diverse groups to a common goal and to focus our attention to that particular point in space and time to get closer to the breakthrough.

Rob – Okay. Ladies and gentlemen, a lot of you have been asking for this type of unity. Cobra already has a weekly meditation. I actually spoke to these gentlemen before and the suggestion I had was . . . let’s make this a unified, worldwide meditation as a common goal for Full Disclosure and planetary peace. So you’ve heard it right here. Both of these gentlemen are not going to be the only ones. But they are lending their support to coincide with Corey’s Full Disclosure Project, which is the same as Cobra’s. It’s not a name thing, it’s about planetary liberation. So you lightworkers that are out there creating banners and information and video and media, we would like you to . . . July 8 Full Disclosure Day, planetary world peace. This is the emphasis to bring people to the awareness any way you can, through videos to help support this so the world, at least the social media groups that are following us, can grow to clear awareness of what Full Disclosure is into the mainstream media to insert ourselves into the conversation and get people’s awareness of what’s going on So that’s a done deal. Now, folks, it’s up to you. You can focus through PFC. They’re going to pick this up and I’m sure Corey’s Full Disclosure Project is already working on this day, but we’re adding world meditation and peace day. That’s a done deal.

COBRA – I would suggest that other groups that are following or attempting to assist in the liberation process also support this. David Wilcock would support this. Other people could support this. We all need to see and manifest more of this support. It doesn’t matter if it’s my meditation or somebody else’s meditation. What matters is there’s a focus and common goal at a certain moment in space and time. This is what brings results.

Rob – Thank you. That’s exactly what we’re . . .

Corey – Focus on the unity. If all of us can work together like this and cross-promote each other’s programs like this, and partake of them together and we’re going to make a difference.

Rob – Very good. Both of you, Cobra and PFC, Untwine, has started this kind of network group that’s, of course, maybe you could combine with Full Disclosure group and you two can get together on their own. We’re coming towards the end of this first hour. We’re going to have Part 2 here coming out. Cobra, I’d like you to share your website, your blog, where you’re appearing and to let Corey’s people know about your information and to check you out. Some people will be listening to you for the first time. The same goes for you people who have been listening to Cobra. This is a chance for you to connect with Corey. We’re going to get all their websites coming up. Cobra, share whatever you think is important for people to know and to follow you and to keep in touch.

COBRA – If you go to Google, you can just Google: Cobra, Portal 2012 and you will find my blog. There is a vast treasury of information there:

Rob – We do have some, I guess you’re calling them Ascension conferences coming up. Are you ready to release any more future dates for people to hear that they can look forward to meeting you and hearing about this?

COBRA – Yes. We will have an Ascension conference in the beginning of June in Greece, and, of course, everybody’s welcome to participate:

Rob – OK. And there may be more released later. Corey, could you please share your websites, your Disclosure Projects, Folks, you can support both of these gentlemen through their websites. Corey?

Corey – Yes, my main website is That’s where you can find most of my articles. The newest site is and that’s the new site where we’re going to do a lot of the unity-in-the-community kind of events, and also working together with other groups. We’re already starting to work with Steven Greer’s group to help support his new movie “Unacknowledged’ and start working together with a lot of other groups. If you like to watch the show David Wilcock and I do together “Cosmic Disclosure”, you can watch some free episodes and sign up at

Rob – That’s wonderful. Gentlemen, it’s been really wonderful having you both on here for this first show. I hope people . . .

Corey – Don’t you have a conference coming up?

Rob – Thanks for reminding me, Corey. My site I have announced we are having a summer conference coming up. Corey Goode is going to be presenting for two days. Michael Salla is going to be there. Laura Eisenhower, myself and we’re announcing . . . I’m making time in the middle of the day a little longer than my normal conferences, folks, for those of you who’ve been there. For those of you involved who have been signed up and Corey’s team, Corey and Laura will be joining Michael and myself. There will be some discussions on the Full Disclosure to get those people who are working on the projects ready to coordinate and to meet. Those of you on the Full Disclosure teams, we’d like you to come and to meet the weekend Corey may be making some suggestions in how we’re going to work together. It’s going to be a great time. That’s all on my website, folks,  and on Corey’s website soon as we’ve given them marketing materials. Tickets are actually selling quite well. That’s the summer conference in Mt. Shasta Aug 26, 27 and 28th. Check that out, and thank you both very much. Victory to the Light. And we’ll be back with Part 2 very soon, folks.

Victory of Light Radio with Rob Potter and Ted Mahr ~ 4-25-2016

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Victory of Light Radio with Rob Potter and Ted Mahr ~ 4-25-2016


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The Promise Reavled Radio with Rob Potter and Brad Mullner 04-13-2016

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The Promise Reavled Radio with Rob Potter and Brad Mullner 04-13-2016


Rob interviews Brad Mulner The health coach who has an amazing array of product which are featured on robs Website. Quantum Holograms are discussed and you may go to this link here

either Purchase as a guest or join the team.

Brad and Rob talk about health and the various amazing new technologies that are out there. Brad has over 250 high end products in electro medicine, nutrition, tinctures, oils , water purification and anything else you can need for advanced health care. Rob also announces the 2nd summer conference called The Secret Space Program with his guests Corey Goode Laura Eisenhower and Michael Salla who along with Rob will be appearing in the amazing Mt Shasta venue this coming August from August 26th to 28th Ticket on sale on Robs website at the time of this interview broadcast.

Rob Potter and Corey Goode Interview Part 2 Victory of the Light 04-21-2016

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Rob Potter and Corey Goode Interview Part 2 Victory of the Light 04-21-2016

slider-mt-shasta-summer-conference-2016Solar Activation ~ Ancient Wisdom Teaching


Dear Promise Friends,

I must appologize for the one week delay in getting this interview out as we had some scheduling difficulties. Speaking of scheduling I am happy to report we have confirmed the joint interview date with Corey and Cobra. The interview will take place May 5th and we will release the transcript shortly after that interview. 

Because this is a 3-way conversation the voice modulation for Cobra will be difficult and time consuming. We are only going to offer a Transcript for this interview, however, if someone wants to volunteer to try and edit the Audio version please contact me and be sure to leave your phone number so we can discuss your involvement. You may also mail your suggested questions for this interview to the same email address.

In this interview, Corey and I discuss The AI signal, and I try to get clarity on exactly what this is all about. There is some talk that this signal has taken over galaxies, which is scary. Corey says this signal can be overcome, but much more information is needed.

We also discuss free will individual vs the earth people as a group consciousness. There seems to be this idea that even though we are not conscious on the physical level it seems we have made soul contracts and agree to come to earth with the awareness it will be difficult. I have spoken to Omnec and another Venusian who now lives on earth.

They both are here for the duration and, for some reason, cannot go home. I will guess this is the quarantine is why. In any case, they are stuck here like everybody else. They both said they had no idea how very difficult and painful their missions would become. They both were told repeatedly it would be difficult, but they chose to come out of compassion and to grow spiritually. Life on Earth, as we all know, is filled with a myriad of challenges. The many beautiful experiences are beyond measure and life is a precious gift.

We may even have it easier than some of our space family guests, because for them them a Paradise Lost descent may be more difficult as we have only inklings of previous experiences where life is more harmonious. A longing to leave and return to the planet of love must be suppressed by them, but they have a knowing from having come from there so they also know this is temporary.

We, on the other hand, for the most part, have the unbelievable beauty of planet Earth, which is our home to uplift and to inspire us towards the connection to the divine. At the same time, we are ignorant of our direct connection to our soul. We are light bulbs on a dimmer switch trying to connect to full light being status. We could access our past lives and have the understanding of what is exactly transpiring; it could make things more palatable. For now we strive to break free from our quarantined Earth human consciousness.

We must constantly seek the higher spiritual values as we wallow in the muck of the material world. Truth, honesty, justice and even love seem to flee from those who earnestly desire reunion. My faith is that there is a plan and that at a certain point this planet and our collective will can achieve. As we choose to nurture and to have tolerance for each other, our individual merits will turn the tide for love.

The space family in its entirety are the key to Earth’s destiny. Corey, Cobra and the many, many people before them, are part of this unveiling of the Truth. I personally have been seeking answers my entire life and I feel the lid is about to pop on many levels.

These interviews will hopefully establish in the group resonant field the reality we perceive is not the only reality that exists. The more aware and compassionate we all become the sooner we can rejoice together to live life as it is intended to be: free, prosperous, happy, joyful, peaceful and loving. We must realize our brothers and sisters the world over are not as happy as we are.

We must reach out to sacrifice ourselves or at least our complacency for the greater cause of justice. The money slave system reality is about to pop and we must not mourn its death and be prepared to give for the sake of giving – to be present because it is the right thing to do.

Listen and learn from all and ponder and reflect on what is real. Let your soul guide you into a path of service that will benefit not only you but our fellow man. If you are passionate, make ways to reach others aware that we are all brothers and sisters, and that we must stand up and create a better way and find solutions to the Earth’s problems so we are prepared when the opportunity arises to implement a new paradigm of living in the right relationship with all creation.

May the efforts of Corey, and the countless other people who are doing the right thing because it is what must be done, be a glimmer, nay a powerful explosion, of light that gives you hope and patience. The end of the tunnel is in sight and we did not come here to fail.  The time for what we must all endure as the changes upon us all will uplift and depress and through it all realize it is a wonderful time to be alive.

In The Light of Our Radiant One

Warm Regards

Victory To The Light

Rob Potter

I wish to ask if someone can donate their expertise for free to help Kristopher Kalla who runs an orphanage in Tanzania to create a website? He has 23 children to feed and his efforts and dedication are wonderful. This is real. If you doubt it, please contact him and call him on Skype. He is with his flock every day and you can see his situation.

If you would like to help, please either contact me 530-925-3502 or Kristopher here: or his Facebook here:

Please donate to the website fund here: Generousity website campaign


Transcript Corey Goode Part 2

Ladies and Gentlemen,
IAM your host Rob Potter and I’d like to welcome you to a special edition of the Victory of Light Radio show: – Corey Goode Secret Space Program (SSP) the push for full disclosure Part 2. I’d like to thank people at Pyramid One, Bob Charles and Bob Allen, for having me on their show. I’d like to remind you they do have a donation button to keep their site running and keep these shows going.

My web-site has a lot of wonderful information and pretty cool products out there. I’m moving into laser beams. We do have some Cintamani stones left. Another interesting product for you to get to help develop yourself along conscious lines. If you want to check that out, you may do so.

I have speaking engagements at these coming events: at Olympia Washington at the Galactic Wisdom Conference with my friend Ted Marr. That’s going to be taking place June 10-13 (2016). I’ll be traveling doing some workshops in Asia towards the end of June.

I will be returning to the states for my Solar Conference with wonderful Luis Maertens. I spoke to you about it a lot. I’m going to ask you to go to my upcoming events at and check out Luis’s information there. There’s lots of video’s there about him and his amazing contact, program contents. Michael Salla went there as well as many newspaper agencies repeatedly have gone to the mountains in Bolivia and have had UFO’s appear.

My group in Bolivia had one such experience in a very special retreat and that picture’s up there as well. We’re hoping we have the same thing take place at Shasta this summer. This is going to be a wonderful event. Luis has an amazing, very amazing, presentation. He’s always up for some experiential experiences that we’re going to have this summer up on the mountain.

I am working with the forest service for special permission for our group. It’s going to be a wonderful event this summer. Please do sign up. We are looking for vendors and for volunteers if you want a free ticket. Check out that information on the website.

Before we start the Corey interview, Corey and I spoke, and I wanted to make something clear. Obviously, I don’t know everything. Corey doesn’t know everything. He said I misunderstood something’s about the SSP’s relationship to the Super Federation 40. I have not read every single word Corey has written.

It certainly wasn’t very clear to me in the episodes. He maintains that we’re going to receive a lot more information about this relationship with the this SSP program benevolent group that have broken away from the ICC SSP group in order to bring technology and liberate planet Earth from the lies and corruption of criminal activity that’s been taken place not only on Earth but within our solar system by these breakaway groups.

And I’m looking forward to that clarity and delineation in the upcoming interviews. If I have made any errors I apologize. I want to thank you, Corey, once again for coming on here. I want to tell all of the listeners that I absolutely feel that Corey is absolutely sincere. He’s a really good, nice guy, folks. He’s doing the best that he can to share the information with us, and we’ll go step by step here as we get more and more revelations. Corey Goode’s welcome to the Victory of Light Radio Show. It’s an honor to have you on again.


Transcript For the Corey Good interview Part 2

SSP – Secret Space Program

Corey – Thank you

Rob – Please, again, share the information for those people who are checking this interview out first or maybe just hearing about you through me. Share with them our websites and your mission of full disclosure here.

Corey – Sure, yes. My main website is You can find articles and updates I’ve written under the news section as well as transcripts from David Wilcock and my show on called Cosmic Disclosure. If you’d like to watch the show you can go to and sign up there and watch a few free episodes.  I recently started, and I didn’t start this. It’s a collaborative effort among a bunch of different people ,and I don’t have permission to use their names yet. We’ve started an effort called the Full Disclosure Program to where all the different people in this community are going to get together, put aside our different belief systems and focus on the one thing we do believe in which is finding the truth and is the website and we’re looking for some good people to help us out in that project. If you have some good skills and would like to help, please visit. and sign up.

Rob – Well that’s wonderful and you can release my name. I want to be involved in this and I really think this effort is good. I’ve had a good feeling. I know Cobra is probably going to lend his, I can’t speak for him right at this moment, he’s pretty much on board with the information and full disclosure and working together so humanity can have the truth.
Corey, speaking of the truth, we were talking in our last show about this Artificial Intelligence (AI), whether it’s sentient or whether it’s a being. Cobra, and I wanted to bring this up and ask you a question. Cobra kind of says it’s both. He says that some of these very high beings who are what we would call iniquitous. They know they are going against universal law. They’re reprehensible. Let’s call them, in my terms, would be galactic criminals who are so involved in service to self that they literally become like an anti life-force and are destroying life. These technologies were created and they’re actually in feedback directly to the consciousness of some of these higher beings so it has a sentient element to it, but essentially the aspect of its suppression is a hyper-speed computer that reads everything, knows everything and goes into where consciousness is trying to overcome it’s control matrix kind of like a, I guess, really like a matrix.

Corey – My information is that and there are a lot of A.I.’s that have been created by this root AI signal that may fit that bill and there are other AI’s out there that have been created by root civilizations that have been destroyed because they’ve been cooperated and corrupted by the AI signal. The AI signal that I’m talking about is extradimensional signal that it comes from another reality. It came into the reality that all of us co-exist in billions of years ago and it’s been broadcasting through our reality and through the cosmos for that long and spreading. In it’s reality it’s just as much alive and interacting with itself as we are flesh and blood interacting with our society. That’s it’s reality. When it came to our reality, it was like a fish out of water, so the bio-neuro field of human or the electrical field around a planet or a star became the puddle or the water for the fish to get into in the beginning until it. . . And it was intelligent.

Rob – This is almost scary, I mean. (Yea) It definitely seems. It kind of puts this level of fear that it can not be stopped, it will not stop and the Gaia’s ‘come with me if you want to live’ in the terminator vinacular.

Corey – Some of these higher groups have been able to stop it. It can be stopped. It sounds very, for a lack of a better word, Luciferian in origin, but it’s not packets of information that will program that were sent out by an extraterrestrial race.

Rob – Interesting. Now here’s another thing, and I have questions, and this is not challenging you as person, and, of course, the information I’m kind of curious where it comes from. When we started talking millions and millions of years, like Carl Sagan, ‘billions and billions’ of years. How can we really know? I mean, these civilizations are long lived. I’m wondering where this information comes that this AI has infected and controlled entire galaxies that you’ve started. Is that correct.

Corey – It comes from the Super Federation ET’s and the other ET’s that we’re in contact with. A lot of their information is also available to us in our smart glass pad through a database that one of them, one group made available to humanity quite a long time ago. But that information ET database was made available in these smart glass pads if you had a need to know or access.

Rob – The question is: well that’s interesting. So these are the Super Federation, the good guys. Did they release this information? This was after the Earth Alliance, good guys kind of broke away from the ICC?

Corey – No, this is information that was dated back I think in the ’50’s. (OK) They had this information back in the, I believe it was in the ’50’s from. . . They received some sort of informational database, an ET sort of informational database from some sort of benevolent groups, and they put a whole program on it to start going through the information, and there was just too much information. It was like never ending infinite information. So they just started . . . They opened it up into one of the systems that the smart glass pads had access to and then just, I guess firewalled it, depending on your need to know.

Rob – Interesting. I’m wondering how they were able to re-dax certain information with infinite information in there?

Corey – Just like the Chinese do with certain key words or topical blocks.

Rob – I see. OK. That’s interesting. It sounds like the good guys in the holographic projection of the universe, it seems that the benevolent are seeding a lot of different things in various time lines to come about with a successful outcome here. It seems to me there’s definitely these benevolent ET’s – a group of 40. I consider them quite benevolent. The one thing you mentioned was service to self. We talked about this before the interview. According to my sources and The Law of One, which I haven’t read either (HA HA), but the service to others is service to self and they have come here to deal with this very challenging situation of the earth’s quarantine because the earth is kind of a prime location along an astral pathway.
They do see the genetics, some of them do see the earth’s situation and genetic diversity as a very positive situation to learn from, and they are here to try to help the earth people to develop an ethical understanding and to break the quarantine so that we can understand our true history and to move into a more alignment with natural law. Would you agree that many of the positive Super Federation are working along those lines?

Corey – Many of them are, yes.

Rob – Now you stated that some of them, as I understand it.  I got this download through a communication that I received, not the Voice of God, but I got a communication that in some of my frustrating years in the ’80’s and ’90’s when I was going through a tremendous amount of personal challenges with my information and knowledge and trying to bring it forward and the ostracization that we’ve all experienced.
You know I kind of saw, if you look at the soul and the human life forms as a very short lifespan, in one sense it almost makes sense to wipe the planet clean and start over and see if they can do it and I think from what I understand that’s kind of what the result of things that happened in the Atlantean time period, that part of the council decided that the soul doesn’t matter. They’re going to get their experience in the terms of infinity. What’s a couple of hundred thousands years for the Earth to repopulate itself?
You stated that this time that is not going to happen. David mentioned conflagration by water or fire. And as I understood it, the Earth would not be destroyed in that fashion and that the transmutation of the service to self frequency is going to be healed here. Do you have any information along those lines?

Corey – That there was a whole lot there. You heard that there was a promise that the Earth would not be destroyed by fire or water?

Rob – In other words, the Confederation is not going to do the wipe the slate clean as you stated in one of the things. In other words, the experiment’s gone bad so let’s just dump it. In other words, they would be responsible for cataclysmic activity. They would wipe human life from the surface. Is that what I gathered? Is that correct?

Corey – Not necessarily. They’re not the only ones involved in this grand experiment. They are just as much a part of this grand experiment as they are participating in it. They made that very clear. They’re not just sitting up there taking part in an experiment and we’re the lab mice.
Some of these groups, they incarnate into lives and live amongst us as a part of this program. They become the lab mice and live amongst us and then they authorize their beings to come to abduct them and learn about the experience throughout that lifetime. So the different programs are on a sliding scale. Some of them are mostly genetic in nature.
Some of them are mostly spiritual in nature while all of them are a sliding scale somewhere in between and some of them benefit the people doing (call them people) the beings doing the experiment benefit them in a tangible way not just in a ‘I feel good because I did service to others’ kind of way. So some of them are getting a tangible benefit back and part of their drive and agenda is to keep getting that benefit back. You know they have to allow . . . like right now we’re heading through an area that has a lot of broken up pieces of dirty comet. We may see more pieces of that flash in our skies, hit, maybe even come in small piece come in and hit like it did over Russia. Different things like that. They, you know, they’re not going to stop or be the cause of everything. A lot of things they just allow happen, allow to happen. And a lot of people, it depends on how you talk to, it depends on your point of view. Some people will see that as immoral and reprehensible. How could a benevolent being sit there and watch a volcano explode and a thousand people die or how can they sit back and watch the big Fukushima event to occur. So a lot of people have a hard time wrapping their mind around these concepts because it all comes down to point of view. Some of these beings are completely amoral, and we try to use our way of reasoning and our way of thinking, as I said before, superimpose that on top of the way these other beings think and feel and it . . . We can’t even do that with each other let alone these other species.

Rob – Yes, I understand. So some of these things. . . They have a very long term view, they understand the eternal nature of the soul and certain experiences are agreed upon. Would you agree that some other reasons the good guys can’t intervene in certain situations. For instance there was evidence of another light which mat have been a space ship that assisted when that asteroid came in over Russia and broke it up with some help from the good guys.
As far as earthquakes go, I understand they are working as much as possible to see that the telluric energies and the magma shifts of the planet will be as far away and remote from human civilizations as possible, but it can’t overcome every thing that it will be happening.

Corey – No, these new energies coming in. The Earth is going through a transitional change below our feet, so there are going to be some earthquakes. There’s going to be some things that’s gonna happen below our feet. There are going to be a few catastrophes here and there. It has nothing to do directly with (quarantine or the Cabal) . . . not everything is about us. Everyone wants to make everything about us. The Earth is going through it’s own process and it’s own sort of evolution and acclimation of these new energy waves that are coming in as well.

Rob – OK. Another thing I’d like to ask here, and I’d like you to just talk as much as you can and give us a background. When we use the words . . . and a lot of this stuff . . . My focus here, a lot of it seems very materialistically oriented. We’re physical beings and we’re looking for the bottom line, especially the average person is looking for their lifetime and changes instead of the grand scheme of the experience of the soul and this healing.
My question is, can you please tell us to your knowledge, what is the grand experiment and what are the various groups plays in here? And, obviously, they’re all feeding to the quarantine to a certain extent, supposedly. And that’s why they can’t interfere in certain situations like Fukushima, but I’m sure there’s definitely good guys in what’s called the Alliance, not the Confederation, that would have intervened if they had been allowed to by councils. Can you share with us, what is this experiment? Is it entirely genetic? Is there a spiritual nature to this? Can you elaborate?

Corey – Simply, simply the beings, these beings have communicated that all of experience in the cosmos and what we perceive as reality is the grand experiment. Everything that is, is a part of this grand experiment and at various levels there are those who are tending this great experiment, and they’re one of these levels and they are part of this great experiment just as they must be tenders of this great experiment. And it is overall . . . It’s spiritual in nature. It is. But at our level, we are these spiritual beings having the physical experience, so we’re seeing everything from the spectrum of this density, material density, of being physical.

Rob – Yea, well that kind of opens it up and it’s kind of like the Source itself as I’ve heard it described that all matter in physical form is ideation slowed down. In other words, it’s a divine thought, or we could call it the living word, as we’ve mentioned. Logos is a good term for the ever changing, ever-present divine mind reacting to itself. It’s a very interesting postulation that you made there, that EVERYTHING on all dimensions and all planes is an experiment. At the same time, it seems as though the information that we’ve received is that there is definitely a plan. There definitely seems to be coordination amongst super luminal light beings beyond dimensions that we haven’t even talked about here that are involved in the administration of the multi-dimensional universe as you said of consciousness and life forms and dimensions that we can’t even perceive, and it seems to be that there is an intelligent design here. Is there any form, obviously Ra’Tier and the Blue Sphere Alliance seem to be kind of the, I guess I wouldn’t call them puppet masters, but the control/fail-safe system as part of this experiment or are they part of that as well.

Corey – They’re part of that as well. They , if we’re correct in our suppositions here, they existed here billions of years ago as a society. They became technologically advanced, then they became spiritually advanced, and then they progressed into being higher-density beings and then left this area. And when they left this area, they left behind remnants of their civilization that billions of years later when our biosphere synthesized to new hominids, synthesized hominids to live here according to this resonant frequency that occurs that was all explained to me – that these beings were then supposed to be on a path of their own development, but in finding these relics that were left behind, it interfered with their development and long story short, they became karmically entangled with humanity and with what’s going on in this solar system. And until we can get everything straightened out on our plane . . . We’re behaving as some sort of a parachute, that they can not ascend to the next plane or go to the next level until they’ve handled, helped us handle, the mess that’s going on from the, I guess, the unintended interaction they had with our society.

Rob – Right. I want to ask if you . . . I’m going to give you some told school confederation information that’s come down through the years from when the government would not acknowledge the contact with the benevolence in our solar system.

Corey – Please give me the sources of the information. I’m new to a lot of this stuff. I haven’t read or looked into a lot of this information and I really don’t know. I’d like to hear the sources.

Rob – One of the sources from this is a guy named Richard Miller from the original contact groups with the Venusians, who, along with George Hunt Williamson and ____these guys that the confederation basically started telling some of the history of the solar system and this super earth that they call Maldek or the morning star. According to them, they had a similar situation and did blow itself up. According to one contactee, he was contacted by some beings that were on that system, and he was on that system as well, and he said, ‘Was I one of the bad guys that blew it up?’ And they said, ‘No’. They said they still maintained a civilization on one of the larger asteroids, but most of the people were killed, and as you said, the word I wanted to bring in here is called: laggards – people who have not quite reached the 4th density level where the unification of spirit and matter and the altruistic, let’s call them virtues, are in place. They would have more compassion are more in play. And that that planet was destroyed, as you said, different former races came here with beings that had ___, so it seems that there’s a lot of old habits and patterns and that the Earth has been, to a certain extent, not really a dumping ground, but let’s call it a hospital, which is intended to bring all of this materialistic separation consciousness and bring us back to the true source of the Law of One and the realization that we’re all part and parcel of the divine, and if we can look at ourselves as brothers and sisters whether we’re a Blue Sphere Being or a white winged Draco or a lowly Earth person that we are all children of the living loving positive God or Creation or Source. (I don’t want to get into religion here.) Seeing the glass as half full and working in unity Ubuntu style as opposed to this negative separatist vision and part of the stuff that you’ve been saying in all of your stuff is really kind of like ‘the Nazi’s and reprehensible stuff and slave trade and all of this stuff’. It kind of paints this picture of chaos and negativity and what I’m trying to do is to see my understanding with the divine plan. And if there is positive aspect to this. So if you can comment on that kind of stuff and just share with me what that is.

Corey – Well, you know, the divine plan is for us all to learn through these experiences and grow and then return back ascending through the densities and return back to source. And that’s my opinion from my direct interaction from all these different beings.

Rob – OK. I can hear you great. That’s good. I’m glad to hear that. What about the term ‘laggards’ and that this Earth has kind of been taken a lot of chances to kind of have this civilization’s consciousness raised beyond this and it’s failed in countless (countless, yes)?

Corey – Yes. Anything I would say about what’s been communicated to me about the state of humanity and our period after period not showing the potential that we have our spiritual growth has been, it’s been very disappointing to a lot of these beings and it would be disparaging for people to hear. But you know, because we’re programmed to sit back and wait for some savior beings to come and do it all and save us when, you know, these beings are doing what they have . . . what they can do under cosmic law, but we are free-will sentient beings that are part of a mass consciousness that is making its free-will decision on how we will progress as a group consciousness. And as individuals, we have to participate in this. It’s not something to where we can just sit back, bang on our keyboards, sit back and look at the skies and shake our fists. ‘When are they going to show up? When is it going to happen? When are the UFO’s going to show up and zap the Cabal, make them dematerialize and rematerialize in front of the Hague’ or something like that? It’s not how it’s going to happen. It’s going to happen. We’ve got to be a part of the process, and if we’re not willing to be a part of the process, then we’ve got to prepare ourselves to be disappointed.

Rob – I appreciate that. I want to make it clear and Cobra and I and many others agree that they’re not here to save us. They’re working along aside us to help us in every step that we take forward into responsibility in full consciousness and use our resonance center as a focal point to guide our actions, thoughts, words and deeds. The more they’ll be able to work with us. We have to be prepared to be within their presence and for something positive to come forward as the first contacts of the general populous begins. Another thing I want to say that a lot of people would say, and this is a common statement: ‘Free will my ass, Corey Goode.’ (laugh) We have a lot of interference from beings who are violating our free will, who are using subterfuge and using advanced technology.

Corey – You’re talking about personal – on a personal level. As a group consciousness and as a group, we have invited these beings in. There are negative . . . This is all being done on a . . . We are agreeing to participate.

Rob – Who’s agreeing? The governments who invited them here as representatives and by cosmic law. That’s who agreed, or is it individual . . . No one here remembers signing a contract. Cobra said when you come in, you agree to some of these things.

Corey – You’re still talking on an individual level. We’re part of a mass consciousness that is almost like it’s own entity and we are facets of that. We are personality facets of that larger entity, and that mass consciousness, larger entity, is what is making decisions and determining things and . . We contribute to it, but it doesn’t work like, you know, like each person gets a memo about “We’re going to make this type of decision.” It is your free-will choice to usurp that no. Under our free will we’ve given our power over. We pay our taxes. We vote. We’ve said, ‘OK, I’ve voted you in. We’ve put you in power. You represent me’. Well, they’re representing us, and there are some cases to where a lot of these countries with despots are in control. People could argue that those people’s free will are being violated, and it’s true, but that goes over to our soul contract level and what we have agreed to come into this lifetime and experience, to learn to balance out our karma.

Rob – That’s very good. That’s well put. I still think there is obviously some points there. Obviously, voting in America . . . They have computers that change votes. You are voting for the left wing of the CIA or the right wing.

Corey – It’s an illusion. It’s an illusion . . .but even if it’s an illusion, if you feel that you have given your tacit or even implied authority over to a person to enact laws or to do things on your behalf, you have given that person your power. That’s just one small example.

Rob – Yea, I would agree with that.

Corey – And we’re programmed to be that way. We’re programmed to look up and to not look with them. We’re programmed to look out to look up and give our power away and not look inward for our own power. We’ve spent all this time, and we’ve been put through these educational systems and social programs that have made sure that we do not understand the power of our own co-creative consciousness and the power we have within.

Rob – Absolutely correct, and I would say that those programs and that, I believe that a lot of that is artificial. I have more faith in nature and in humankind. I believe that the AI and the agenda’s of some of the negative groups have been very successful in keeping us from that by hiding our true ancient history and the fact that we’re not alone.

Corey – That’s the whole thing because we’re not aware. We don’t know. That’s why public education and making people aware and the 100 monkey effect, you know. More and more people discuss this it starts sinking into the mass consciousness, and it pops up in other people’s minds, and they don’t know how it even got there. That’s how the black magic of the Cabal works and how they control us, and it can work in the reverse way and how it was meant to work in a productive way for society.

Rob – Yea, that’s what we’re all working towards is that empowerment, and I think that that’s a very important aspect for people to gather. It is very complex and we’re going back millions of years in galactic history, and most of us are just waking up to ‘we’re not alone’, and with the Internet, there’s people out there that literally and in 6 months can come up to speed with things that I’ve been experiencing and pondering for 40 years. Wisdom isn’t always there. They don’t know where to believe and where to go from, but I think if people would filter. Would you agree people need to filter through their resonance center all this intellectual information and kind of come out of the back end with a positive result?

Corey – Depends on the information.

Rob – Will everything. I said we’ve looked at all of it. When you look at everything with your heightened level of contact and experience, do you see a positive outcome for the humanity, it’s an inevitable process and we’re just going through a phase here and eventually this will be cleaned up?

Corey – Yes, I do now. There were points to where I . . . That was in question for me.

Rob – OK, Corey, we were just asking. You mentioned about free will and group consciousness like when I said “free will my ass” I was playing the devil’s advocate and so I’ll just re-do what the person actually wrote, the question, and I know that a lot of us have made agreements. Here’s a question: “If we have free will, how realistic is it to make 97% of the people know what we’re talking about: SSP, event, technologies, structures on Mars, blah, blah, blah, blah, glass pads? 97% of people don’t believe these things because of the Cabal. How can we make a distinction as humanity when the cabal blocks this information? How can 99% of the people that are manipulated, brainwashed, by the system, use their free will?


Corey – Well, they can not actually make an informed decision without all of the information. No one can, and that’s not going to occur until we get a Full Disclosure. And so on one level we’re not receiving all of the information we need to make the decisions we need to make, so a lot of this is brought on by agreements that our forefather’s made with different non-terrestrial beings. So you know, it’s a very convoluted thing in cosmic law and there are loopholes that lower density or lower vibratory non-positive groups use to find loopholes, and the positive groups don’t look for loopholes that like . . . They’re abiding by cosmic law and free will and not trying to skirt the cosmic law.


Rob – I think that’s wonderful. I think our work is doing a lot to bring this forward. Of course, it’s opening a big can of worms and stuff. I wanted to ask you another question here. You had mentioned about the grand experiment that they are taking part of it. Can you talk about what specifically, and you said the whole universe and all of creation is a grand experiment. I’d like to localize that question. Can you talk about, from your knowledge from all of these different groups, maybe leave the Blue Spheres out of it for now, but what is the grand experiment here? Is it genetic manipulation? Give a little more details for us if you can on the Earth’s grand experiments.


Corey – Genetics and spiritual. It’s all about ascension and evolution and returning to Source. We were . . . Basically, Source expanded itself, and all these different realities and point of views that we have as individuals living our own realities and our own reality bubbles, having our experiences and learning from them. You know, all of these beings that are higher-density beings have gone through the process of Ascension, raising their vibrations and going up to higher octaves. That’s pretty much the model, the cosmic model. And this occurs through genetic manipulation and through spiritual upgrades. And you can’t separate the two, because in this grand experiment, these higher-density beings are just as much a part of the experiment as we are, and as I’ve said, many have been . . . will incarnate on the Earth and forget who and what they are and take part in this experiment side by side with us, and some of the people listening to this interview right now might be these types of starseeds.


Rob – Well, I’m sure that probably many are. You have stated that the experiment is about Ascension. I’m kind of curious what the situation is with all of the international space programs and some of these hostile groups that definitely seem to. . . like the Draco’s and the Mantoids, they certainly seem to be not aiding in that process. What is your view?


Corey – They’re taking an alternative Ascension route, which is what we would call transhumanism or the AI route, eternal life through Artificial Intelligence and technology. That is their path of Ascension. They’re genetically and spiritually programmed to Ascend as well, but they’re choosing to do it in and through a non-spiritual way.


Rob – That’s an interesting take. I’m not sure I can analyze that right now. I have a couple other questions from people that have kind of gone into different stuff here. I wanted to . . . People have some interesting couple of questions. One person said, “Regarding the virtual reality room being able to effect memory from your mind, do you think it’s possible your experiences in the virtual reality room are being accessed and created by other dimension beings or ET’s?”


Corey – They’re being accessed and re-created . . .


Rob – Do you think it’s possible your experiences in the virtual reality world are being accessed and therefore created by other dimensional or ET’s in the Earth-based technology, correct?


Corey – It’s an Earth-based technology that was actually based on technology that was given to us, but it was manipulated and used for that purpose and it wasn’t a room. It was a device that caused a virtual reality theme to occur in your mind. One part of the training was being able to detect that you are in a virtual-reality world. They would put you in all these scenarios and try to make you do things that are against your character or moral code and put you in training scenarios, and for the intuitive empaths anyway, it was a major test for you to be able to figure out that it was a program that it is not real.


Rob – OK. Thank you   Here’s an interesting one. “What happens if a micro meteor hits a ship traveling at warp in a portal?”


Corey – That doesn’t occur. There are no micro meteor’s. When you’re traveling like with a torsion drive, and you’re going 10 times the speed of light inside the cosmic web, you’re not balancing around with asteroids and comets. It’s not like the space inside the solar system.


Rob – OK. Another question someone had. “Do you look out the window? What does it look like when you’re traveling at that speed? Are you able to see outside the space ship? What does it look like?”


Corey – There’s not many windows, and I have . . . I stayed inside the solar system. I have not traveled outside the solar system in ships. I was in them when they were traveling quite fast and there was a slight visual light dilation effect, but really most of the stars that were far away did not change position very much because relative location was not changing positions (like if you were to travel from Mars to the Sun) the star would not look like it changed directions that much because your relative position has only changed maybe a portion of a degree in relation to that star.


Rob – I understand that. That makes a lot of sense. I didn’t know you hadn’t traveled out of the solar system so much.


Corey – Only in the portal but not in a craft.


Rob – OK, alright. Here’s another question from someone, and this could be from your knowledge or your opinion, and you state . . . really very conscientious and with integrity with what you do know and what you don’t know. Someone wants to know from your opinion, what event will trigger and lead to Full Disclosure if it’s supposed to happen since our space friends will not intervene and help us with specific disclosure?


Corey – You know, I have been told the catalyzing event is going to be, most likely, its going to be an economic collapse that was going to jar the public, and then when they realize that they’ve been deceived, and it was just a giant Ponzi scheme, that they were going to be primed and ready for all of the other information to be released in data dumps. But the Earth Alliance and the Cabal groups started negotiating that maybe it’s not a good idea to allow all of this information out because they both had a lot to lose. Recently, we had the Panama Papers. That seems like it was kind of a shot across the bow of the Earth Alliance. And I kind of expect you’re seeing some other people to be behind another document dump, but this one will be directed towards the Cabal, and it might be a ‘tit for tat’ until that document dump, until it all comes out. Right now, it’s still kind of up in the air, and so it’s all negotiated. It would be really great if we had a ‘dog in that hunt’, because I would really like to have someone negotiating on our behalf, truly.


Rob – That’s a very good point. It seems like the Cabal members, that if they have supposedly negotiated certainly don’t represent us. Another question here was in relationship to Obama and Putin, and I know this may be top secret, but do you know, and, I guess, are Obama and Putin at these secret meetings?   Did they have any actual things to say? Would you concur Putin’s kind of a good guy or . . . ?


Corey – I can concur that Putin has been at meetings, and he has been very much involved in the Alliance, and he’s probably one of the most knowledegable people on the planet about what is really going on.


Rob – That’s really good. That actually concurs a lot with what Cobra has said. Here’s another question. We’ve talked about my first interview . . . Ladies and gentlemen, I am just learning here. I thought I had seen all of Corey’s stuff. He did say he has released more information of the Super Federation, the benevolent interaction between Earth and the SSP program and what their views are with different people. I didn’t see it, and the guy didn’t update, and there is another one that hasn’t been released yet. I certainly don’t know. I’m learning a lot of from Corey. I apologize if I’ve made anything sound wrong. Corey, can you please clarify? I’d like to hear details of names of groups, what they’ve interacted with and the positive interactions with, I suppose, it’s the liberated SSP program. I’m sure they’ve had contact in these meetings before they became the breakaway from the SSP, the good guys that you work with, they have been under mind control and it’s been dangerous for them. I’m not really interested in that type of information because I think it’s limited. Can you share about the outreach, not from the Blue Spheres, but from the positive alliances and their relationship to the group that Gonzales works with and you work with, although they are contentious with the SSP? Can you talk about what their views are to these 40 groups? Are they in agreement with them? Are there various levels of groups that want to work closely with and some are more militaristic? Is there positive informational exchanges taking place and can you share that information?


Corey – Yes, the Super Federation is made up of between 40-60 other giant federations. It’s like major groups, and these groups . . . I’d call them positive and negative, it’s going to depend on our individual point of view.


Rob – From your point of view, the people that are down here . . .


Corey – They have made clear that everything they are doing is part of . . . They are taking their part in this grand experiment, and they feel that they are just fulfilling their, I guess, what Source or the Universe wants them to do. Their purpose is being fulfilled by coming in and manipulating our genetics and bringing us spiritual information to help us, you know, evolve. But some groups see that as intervention that shouldn’t happen. So it’s totally point of view.


Rob – I will just say, so there are many different agendas in the Super Federation. (Oh yes) Some are hands off. Some are literally, as you said . . . the Draco’s feel that we will ascend if they dominate us, vanquish, eat flesh and ascend with artificial intelligence. Do they literally believe that. Is that real?


Corey – Let me be clear that the Draco federation is not a part of the Super Federation and are never a part of the meetings.


Rob – OK. So . . . Alright, so they’re not even aligned with that. Have you heard of two different types of groups? I’ve heard that there is one called the Confederation which is very non-violent, doesn’t interfere with anyone’s free will and is ripe for the plucking of hostile extraterrestrials and come in and subjugate the planet through stealth and implants and things of this nature, and there’s another group called the United World Alliance, and they’re much more . . . They considered the Confederation non-intervention policies unrealistic. Are you familiar with those two different groups and alliances?


Corey – The first one . . . There’s several groups that call themselves ‘Confederation’. The second group . . . I have not heard that name out there. There are several groups that call themselves ‘Confederation’ and star systems, and some of them are confederations of 12, 15, hundreds of stars.


Rob – Wow. So I’ve been told we all get different intel and stuff, and we spoke before this of the 2nd interview, and I’d like you to share what you spoke, kind of agreeing with me in my first intro – we’re not going to get Full Disclosure until the Cabal has been arrested or removed some way. Is that correct in your opinion?


Corey – I don’t know if either the Cabal will have to be arrested first or if it will happen simultaneously. It will be . . . I think it’s going to take a while to roll up all of the Cabal people, and this information is going to be coming out before we have them all rounded up and before we have them in front of any world courts in my opinion.

Rob – I kind of agree with that. I’m hoping that we can get some major arrests so we can control the media, so we can have a dialogue . . .


Corey – Things are moving so fast. The SSP have stuck to the timeline that a Full Disclosure was going to unroll between 2018-2023. That’s what I heard the whole time I was out. Things are moving so fast, I don’t know how we can get to 2018 without it happening. Everyone is seeing all these incredible things that are occurring, even in mainstream right now.


Rob – That’s really encouraging Corey. I’m really happy to hear that. We’ve been here a long time. I’m really patient. I agree with you that it’s going to be slow, step by step, and maybe some giant leaps there and people having to assimilate that. I wanted to ask you . . . There’s a couple of interesting questions people had. I haven’t heard you talk too much about Atlantis. You’ve talked about distant former groups. Can you talk about what was the situation or was it just multiple situations going on? What was it that caused the destruction of Atlantis and how long was the decline of that civilization? Some people say that it took thousands and thousands of years, and some people say it was a shorter time. Can you talk about what the Atlantean’s experiment was and what was going on, the different players and what led to the problem?


Corey – In the different views that I’ve conversed with about Atlantis, I don’t really like that term. They said that it has become too many things to too many people. Advanced societies that have developed and fallen because of this cyclical major and minor cataclysms that occur on this planet that we have a genetic memory of this and many of these different rises and falls have been rolled up into a single narrative, you know, so we talk about Atlantis. They ask you exactly which civilization are you, which advanced civilization are you talking about? Are you going back 17,000 years, 28,000 years? There are a number of civilizations that have risen and fallen in a similar manner.


Rob – In the same area, was it called the Atlantean civilization by themselves or is it the name we give it?


Corey – That was a name we gave it later on.


Rob – When people talk about Atlantis, they talk about a time in antiquity that there were many different interactions and many different civilizations rising and falling on the earth. Is that correct?


Corey – Yes, and some people could be referring to one particular civilization that rose and fell, and, but they insist that actual name Atlantis was something that is attributed to them later on.


Rob – Okay. Thank you. That’s clarifying a lot for us. A lot of us . . . We don’t know any better, so the clarifications by you are wonderful.


Corey – You know, there may have been civilizations that had a name similar to that, and we butchered the name or changed the name around. Who knows.


Rob – Right. Another question I have is, I read information that I would call credible contactees and federation sources from a long time till now and they mentioned that there was a technology. The Earth was exposed to certain cosmic and solar rays, and one of the reasons some of these civilizations went down was because of a protection layer that was man-made. I understand there are ice crystals placed in, I’m not sure, in the ionosphere. I’m not sure where it was, but it was supposedly to protect us from radiation, and that there was certain experiments, maybe like HAARP, that were taking place that they foresaw this crystalline thing would fall and cause the flood. Can you talk about the flood and is that correct about the force field surrounding the Earth?


Corey – I’ve never heard that. I’ve never heard anything of that nature. The only thing I’ve heard on the timeline is that during the major and minor cataclysms the Earth, not only had it’s tilt changed, but it’s position and orbit to the sun has changed, which has affected the atmosphere. The atmosphere has at different times been thinner and at different times it’s been much thicker with a higher barometric pressure, and there were times when there was a much higher, I guess, magnetic field.


Rob – Can you address what was the flood? Why did that occur?


Corey – That was from a meteor strike.


Rob – OK. I heard that as well. Was there . . . What about this story of the long period of rain? Did that coincide with that time?


Corey – Yes, yes, but if a meteor strikes the ocean and vaporizes the water, a lot of water can be thrown up in the atmosphere, but a great deal’s going to be vaporized as steam and then that steam is going to have to become condensation and that condensation is going to have to come down as rain because of the density of the atmosphere. The rain comes down as certain weight comes down until all of the moisture has disbursed.


Rob – Right that makes sense. Norm Paulson, who wrote a book called Christ Consciousness, (available on my website) talks about that meteor strike and that makes sense. I have another question. I’ve been told by certain sources, and this could correspond to the three days of darkness, but in certain cyclical time periods, and I don’t know if this is natural, normal or like clock work, or if it’s precipitated for a certain reason, but the Earth will reverse it’s rotation and the sun and is supposed to in the future, not necessarily, I don’t know, a pole shift (I’m not a geologist physicist). What about the Earth reversing its spin and the sun rising in the west?


Corey – I have heard that there has been cyclical occurrences, and I don’t know exactly the cause. I don’t know if it’s the nemesis star or what has caused Earth to go into similar . . . to like, retrograde to where it’s orbit is affected for a short period of time before the celestial mechanics corrects itself.


Rob – I was talking about the rotation of the Earth.


Corey – I haven’t heard anything specifically about the actual spin.


Rob – Interesting. OK, Corey, again, I need to thank you, and ladies and gentlemen, I apologize if I’ve made any errors or misconception . . .


Corey – This is a lot of complicated stuff. It’s going to happen. No big deal.


Rob – Corey’s going to give me a little pass there folks. I try to remain in honesty and integrity and to report everything, and, again, I do filter things through what I’ve heard or known because I want to learn here too. Corey, again, I thank you again for your time. Folks, sorry this was delayed one week. Corey’s been very, very busy. Lots of updates coming up from him. I’ve confirmed again with Corey we will be scheduling very soon the interview with Cobra, so that’s coming up soon. Corey, thank you so much for coming on. I’m going to encourage people again, to go to your website listed here and to please get the interviews though Corey’s website please and allow him to have some financial support for him and David. They do a tremendous amount of work and Corey is working 18-20 hours a day folks. It would be really nice if we could support him. Also, the Pyramid One as a button has a donation button. Corey, thank you so much for coming on the show. Were looking forward to the Cobra/Corey interview to unify for people who are under the banner of Full Disclosure that we’ve pushed for for so long.

Corey – Thank you.

Rob – God bless, folks. 


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Rob Potter and VOL with Corey Goode and the Blue Avians Part 1…04-07-2016

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Rob Potter and VOL with Corey Goode and the Blue Avians Part 1…04-07-2016


Dear Promise Friends and Family,

I have followed Corey’s information for some time and I have been completely fascinated. In the beginning the context and the information was disturbing to me in that the gist of his revelations and the tone of his narrative has been all of the ET groups are at each others’ throats. He was indicating the ICC and SSP groups were in complex hostile we vs. them type scenarios with almost everyone and they were always fighting against each other.

It seemed they were all competing and vying for the upper hand. It seemed all of them had agendas of not so nice intentions towards the earth populace. They are very materialistic and have no concern for the Earth populations or that the technology they were receiving and trading for was the result of slavery manipulation and even murder.

Clearly, they are aware of the hostile agenda run by the Earth minions of the Draco Cabal or Syndicate Alliance. In Corey’s early narrative it seemed that none of the 40 Super Federation guys were positive. I was mistaken, as since then I have talked to Corey several times and have gotten a clearer picture.


Obviously, we can view the Sphere Beings as being positive, but I was at first concerned that Corey may have been used to promote them as being all bad and only the Sphere beings can save us or control the Earth’s quagmire and quarantine situation. This may be true to a certain extent, however, the rabbit hole is deep even for those in this field for decades.

My experience and information from many other contactees is that there are many positive and spiritually advanced groups who have a great deal of love and compassion for us down here and they hear our prayers and are moved to help us. They are involved in the Super Federation Alliance of 40 as Corey has stated.

Corey even related information from the glass pads that challenged my views on certain things. I have not completely agreed with all of these glass pads Intel views or information still to this day. Corey has not declared these are exactly true as these are reports from the SSP. The SSP can be easily misled by some of these inter-dimensional beings in my view.

To mislead the SSP would be child’s play for certain benevolent ET groups from my understanding and the SSP glass pads could be wrong. Corey acknowledges the glass pads could be wrong in one of our interviews. I certainly do not blame Corey for reporting these things. I am aware that many of my preconceived ideas may be wrong and it will be difficult to swallow the pill of complete chaos and a lack of honesty and compassion is the only thing out there. However, I am not yet ready to acquiesce to some of his Intel about my experiences just yet. I will leave the details off the table as personal for now.

When Corey mentioned this, I told him go ahead, do not hold back and bust peoples bubble with the truth, as you understand it. We must all be more flexible in our preconceived beliefs. I agree with Corey – we must be permeable in our reality awareness.

I had not seen all of Corey’s Gaia shows until just before this interview. I watched every single one to be prepared to talk to Corey about this. A much broader picture of information is becoming clear to me. Through my approximately 6 hours of private conversation with Corey before the interview over the last 7 months or so I have come to a great deal of respect for this man.

First of all, he is humble, he is sincere, and I detect no agenda or manipulation from him in his intent or in his actions. In fact, he is going through a learning process as well. He is obviously advanced in his experience and a super intuitive empath with 20 years in the SSP to accelerate his learning as his experiences grow.

I will ask Corey to correct me if I am wrong, but I am sure he is given no details, no situational info, on where he is going or who he is meeting with when he is picked up in the sphere portals that transport him. He is like a newborn fawn in a way and has only his wits and inner integrity to deal with each encounter that he has in his journeys as the chosen delegate. He has handled himself admirably from my view of his reports.

This puts him at somewhat of a disadvantage in regards to the SSP “good guys” who want to get full disclosure out ASAP and protect themselves at the same time. The SSP good guys would rather have Gonzales, who would give them actionable Intel to allow the superior position over all ET groups.

It seems to the SSP that all ETs are hostile and dangerous and the SSP is very defensive. Rightly so from their perspective, but I feel time will alter this viewpoint they have as they begin to grow in wisdom and understanding of universal laws and have more experiences and understanding of the quarantine and the intentions of the Super Federation 40.

Corey, in my opinion, is acting as our reporter. He is for everyman and he is like an impartial camera reporting to us what he experiences based on his honest and transparent reporting. He is doing an excellent job and he is dealing with an amazing set of experiences in a very transparent and honorable way in my opinion.

I must be frank and give my personal view on certain things and these are my opinions based on my life’s experience and Corey’s conversations with me.

First, it would seem that the individuals in the SSP, including Corey, had zero contact with the benevolent Super Federation 40 groups in the past. This is apparently changing. However, Corey has had no direct contact or discussions or understanding of their relationship to Earth from these groups directly. His reports are all about the Nazi groups, their expansionist history on Earth, the solar system, on other worlds, and even in the fabric of time itself.

This lack of contact is not unreasonable as prior in his work under mind control on the 20-and-back he would be in great danger if any contact was attempted to have taken place during his tenure in space. This goes for the good SSP defectors trying to liberate Earth as well as any bases in our solar system.

Secondly, the entire program of the SSP, the ICC, etc., has all stemmed from the Nazi’s. The Nazi actually won the war in a sense and have continued the reign of terror via greedy power hungry corporate types who have wreaked untold havoc on the Earth and in outer space. The lowest moral character has joined forces with the Nazis and this has led us to where we are now.

The freewill of millions of souls in the programs and on Earth have been violated by kidnappings, lies and the amount of suffering is beyond comprehension when we consider the suppression of healing technologies as well as the manipulations of wars. There are too many atrocities to name. We all now know what is going on and we are demanding justice.

The lack of compassion by the good guys in the SSP to help Corey with his health is disturbing and wrong. Although it sucks for Corey and all of us, it is understandable as these people are victims as well and have seen so much carnage and evil that they feel their view and motus operandi is the only way. They choose to remain entrenched with fighting and military might as the only way out. As Corey said, they like to bomb their way out of situations. Many of them are true heroes and very circumspect and do not want to destroy. I will ask them to have compassion at this time.

Most of their work has been for the Cabal syndicate and they have had relations with Dracos, Mantoids, Greys and the like. They have been at war on Mars and throughout the solar system so it is natural that they have no trust for any of the ET groups and it seems no respect for even the Super Federation 40 groups.

The quarantine has had a treaty since Muhammed times to not interfere with the surface population or to contact us in any way. This has been accepted as the full on war of their combined technological might used against each other would destroy thousands of worlds if unleashed. The loss of life would be unimaginable and they all realize this. This is why hostile groups can have bases next to each other on the moon and respect each other’s space…..Sometimes.

I have heard of reports of various minor skirmishes that test the limits of the other side’s reaction on the moon in particular. So with this complex political situation in a fluid motion with multiple cultures it is certainly a difficult situation to resolve. We here, without our full consciousness restored, have it very tough indeed. The Earth is prime real estate and we are fodder in the way to some.

As Corey has said to me, we have free will and this is true especially individually. We can refuse the system and we can overcome the AI matrix. We may suffer the consequences of AI of Earth laws as we follow universal truth and may even lose our lives even. But Corey is right – the power of decision is ours to choose.

I do feel our mass consciousness has been unfairly manipulated and our freewill has been taken from us in a very evil and cunning way with advanced entrainment technology systems of slavery physically and mentally foisted upon the unsuspecting Earth person. Our Earth culture and true history has been hidden from us, and we must bite the bullet and try to get ourselves free.

First, we must free our souls into our divine birthright and access our god presence and adhere to the integrity of love and the powerful revelations that true soul contact confers. Secondly, we must unite ourselves under a common goal to find alternatives to the evil that we are perpetually entrenched in on Earth that we support.

I will submit that there are very positive and benevolent forces in the Super Federation 40 group who very much have been working hard for out liberation. The fact that Corey nor I or anyone else does not have all of the details does not mean that my postulations may not be true.

I feel that Corey is taking us through these revelations side by side with him and we are learning from him as he generously shares his experience with us. I cannot help but think that more details will come forth that will clarify what has been happening in the past and the current state of affairs.

I feel this is planned so we can gradually uncover the onion layers of the deception to heal ourselves to be free and liberate the planet.

I also feel we need to take this out of the intellectual argument phase and realize that we will not really going to get full disclosure from Corey OR Cobra or anybody until the criminals are arrested on Earth – which is our job. We must disengage from the hostile matrix at all costs. We must also be free from the hostile agendas of unfriendly beings off the planet. I also feel this must come with the help of the Sphere Beings and the Super Federation 40 good ET groups.

When it is safe for all involved and hostilities cease, then we can have the full truth. Some Earth-based intel that is being held by many brave souls to reveal the dirty truth of what has been happening here will come forward, I promise. We can then process this information that will be able to be corroborated by inner record chambers and Akashic records via crystal holograms in a unified disclosure to all.

There are many other inner Earth Agarthan networks who are not mentioned by Corey’s narrative and this will come forward in due course. Many of them will come to the surface after the AI threat can no longer threaten their civilizations.

Then I predict at some point we will have open first contact with multiple groups who will openly and lovingly explain their side of the story. In the meantime, we must keep an open mind and an open heart and a permeable bubble. This will not be a false landing with another agenda, I hope. But if this is attempted, we will know and we will reject the lies.

One day we will all be offered to join our planet in love to other positive races to learn and grow and take our place with love and true freewill to become as fully conscious and sentient beings alongside of other races. I know we have much to teach them as well . We will be free and we will explore the universe in peace and spread goodwill and compassion throughout the cosmos.

Thank you, Corey Goode, for allowing me to interview you

God Bless and Peace Unto All

Victory To The light

Rob Potter

Enjoy the interview

Transcript For the Corey Good interview
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Rob – Hello, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Rob Potter. I’m broadcasting from here on the island of Maui. I have a very, very special edition of the Victory of Light radio show. I’m interviewing Corey Goode, one of the top whistleblowers in the world at this time, really coming out with some amazing information.

For those of you who know me, I work closely with Cobra in the past and I have also worked with in creating some information about the coming changes. Corey Goode, for those of you who know, is bringing out a lot of information in his life in the SSP.

I’m not going to go into too much into the history. I have an idea here that this is going to be an advanced interview for people who have already been following Corey’s information. For those who have not watched all the Gaia TV episodes I strongly recommend you do so.

They contain a lot of information. You can go to Corey’s website. We’ll be talking about that in a second. I’m going to bring out information here, try to set the playing field and give us a clearer understanding of what’s going on out there.

I’ve already spoken to Corey. We’re going to bring up some suppositions and test the limits and see if we can get some understanding on, you know, what we call the glass pads and the SSP, the Alliance, the Earth-based Alliance and their views and their position here.

So we’re going to get into quite a few different things – slightly political to get some clarity here. Then we’re going to go into some of this information. So much to go forward here today, so I’m going to try to keep my questions to a minimum, but I will be setting the groundwork for some of this information. So without further ado, I’m going to introduce Corey Goode and just bring him on and we’re going to get started here.

Corey, it’s a wonderful pleasure. We’ve spoken several times in the last 7-8 months on the phone. It’s really an honor to get to know you and to finally have you on the show. So welcome to Victory of Light radio show. How are you doing?

Corey – I’m doing well, how about you?

Rob – Really good. Right away there maybe . . . there’s some people who haven’t heard of your information. Why don’t you share some of your websites where people can connect with you and of course so if you can give some websites so people can follow up with your information to help support our mission.

Corey – Sure. My main website is and that’s where can find a lot of my news updates, transcripts to all of the shows that David Wilcock and I have done on which our show is Cosmic Disclosure. That’s on If you want to sign up for a subscription, if you go to, that way David and I get some sort of credit for it.

We’re also starting up a new project which is I’m sorry, I thought you were about to say something.

Rob – No, I was on mute. I just want to move forward to the interview here. Folks, I’m going to give a very brief history here. Corey Goode was a part of a unique talented group of children that was researched and chosen by the government to become what is known as an intuitive empath and he became part of a Secret Space Program.

This program which really absolutely reads like the most outrageous crazy sci-fi television show. This is so out there that the average person can look at this material and just roll their eyes and just call this a bunch of junk and a bunch of made-up stuff and disinformation and a lot of stuff that people cannot just wrap their heads around it.

I’ve been having experiences since 1970’s and spent a long time, and I’ve been expecting this type of disclosure and information to come out. I spoke many years ago about when the SSP military guys come out it’s going to make the average contactee look like a choirboy and that’s what’s happening here.

We’re getting tremendous amounts of information in regards to the history of the current Earth civilization’s development and technology and alignments that follows. Corey has gone into outer space, worked for 20 years, come back and then actually then physically regressed to a youth again and lived many years with these memories and eventually has been able to come out and share this information with the public.

There’s a unique situation in that. We could call them the good guys of the American or the world’s based, mostly American SSP, probably the most advanced SSP that we know of, have decided to come out. They have broken some of their control mechanisms, and I guess we could call it programming, and have decided to come out against their masters in the international space conglomerate and to reveal information.

So the main players in the white hats of the SSP have their own ideas. They’re kind of militarily-oriented and they have their own liaison, a gentleman named Gonzales. You can read about what the Blue Sphere Beings say. Specifically, they wanted Corey Goode to represent them and this was kind of an “upset the apple cart” so to speak.

The good guys in the SPP kind of have a hostile or contentious relationship in regards to him. They don’t trust Corey and that’s one of the things we’re going to talk about here. Corey, when I look at you being chosen here, it seems almost like the perfect choice because you were not involved with the SSP (at the time).

So there’s no necessary alliances there, you’re not treated really well by them and it seems as though you’re more of an impartial observer and this is allowing the general public to get a direct, let’s call it “a birds eye view” on this situation.

I think it was made pretty clear, you know when you were scheduled to go with the Draco’s and it was revealed all the things they wanted to do with you in one of those meetings it was good that you did not go.

If you look at it, as I was looking at it then it became clear even if they did something to you Corey, god forbid. But you’re protected and they didn’t.

The reality is someone else could take your place. You are not a policymaker only a witness delivering information like an ambassador. I’m sure there’s another intuitive empath, like a back-up plan, that could do this.

You were really like a camera and I think they realized that now and there’s anything they want to do they can replace the camera and there’s no agenda here. So in that way it makes no sense to hurt you.

I’d like you to, if you could, I’d like to start off with a thanks and gratitude from the world for you coming forward with this information. I’d like you to talk about your first meeting with the Blue Sphere Alliance and if you could tell me if they had more personal interaction with you than when you first talked. If you could talk about the first meeting and their mission statement for you as it was explained to you.

Corey – My first meeting were definitely all more of a person nature – of a personal spiritual nature and a personal nature . . . information that I still want to keep personal but also was starting to prepare me for things that were coming down the pipe. So I don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, but it was personal stuff, things that I needed to do to grow, things that I wasn’t doing at the time because I was stubborn. I wasn’t getting on a high vibratory diet, I wasn’t spending as much time in meditation as I should, and, you know, they were trying to get me in a more high vibratory state. In the beginning I was resistant. I guess, maybe on a subconscious level. I wasn’t just saying, “Oh, OK. I’ll just do that then.” It always took something occurring, some sort of catalyst like I finally got on the high vibratory diet at our last shoot at Gaia TV when I had food poisoning so bad at the beginning of the shoot. We shot, I think 10 episodes was all we were able to shoot that week because I was just deadly ill and after that my body would just totally reject meat or . . . all I eat is fruit and vegetables and I’m constantly eating, but that’s all I eat. So I somewhat refused to go on this high vibratory diet and you know, things occurred to steer me that way any way.

Rob – Very good. You’re preparing the vessel for the work to connect your, I guess we call it your higher self, your I AM presence, or what you call the resonance center, to receive this information and to be prepared to assimilate this higher vibration. I was talking about identification and information. I was wondering if they told you anything about your past lives and did you get an overview of the situation and the political situation going on with the mission or has that been kind of kept from you?

Corey – I’ve been asked a couple times if I wanted to know who I was, who I am and who I will be, whatever that means. I assume that means past lives and I know that, but something has told me that I don’t need to know that and that has been my response that I don’t need to know that right now. What was the 2nd part of your question?

Rob – I understand that. You don’t need to know that as part of your past, I meant in relationship to them. The other thing I was wondering about, did you speak about philosophy and vetting them for what is their belief and their agenda and what is the information that they wish to convey through you to the world?

Corey – These are not conversations like I’m having with you right now. These are very . . . it’s taken a while for me to learn the way they communicate is so cryptic. They’re so big about not violating free will and given they provide information and when I tell, when I tell David, you know, when I would communicate with David Wilcock after a briefing, he said that’s how they communicate things in The Law of One.

I have no reason why, I have no idea why, but it’s a bit frustrating, you know. It’s just the way these higher density beings are. I mean we try to overlay our 3rd, 4th density way of thinking on top of them and that’s just not going to fly. These beings are in a totally different wavelength literally and they’re basically talking down or coming down to communicate with us.

This non-verbal communication does not occur in linear form like a sentence or a conversation would. The communication occurs in images and smells and tastes and all the different sensory input types that you would think of.

Rob – Right. So it’s a full kind of telepathic communication where you get a lot of information and there’s a lot at this point in time the details are kind of open ended for you. I do have a question because a lot of the contactees, and this includes even the scientific contactees, have a different positive feeling from them .

Those who I’m working with say in the Super Confederation Alliance of 40 worlds their interactions seem to indicate a very kind of a spiritual inner orientation. You have brought out in your interviews, but it hasn’t been really like at the forefront, and I think that’s because obviously you don’t want to get people wrapped up in religion and polarization and you simply want this information to come out.

Still, we are there in, I guess, we could call it the law of one or a spiritual orientation. What I would postulate when it comes to God, and I’m going to the Wendell Stevens book with the Iargan group that kind of look like an ape (they come from the vegan system), they postulate that there are basic axioms for understanding God.

People question is it god or is it evolution? I would say that god created evolution. When I say God, I do not mean an anthropomorphic being sitting on a throne with a beard. I’m talking about divine intelligence that knows the beginning from the end and has a plan for souls and certain laws of the universe. We can call it the law of one or whatever.

Their axioms are this: “That something cannot come from nothing, so we are something; therefore we came from something! That something could be called the creator or god.”

The alternative paradoxical axiom is that that source that has created us had to come from something. So there’s really no empirical logical dualistic mind way of saying that there is a God. There is also no way to say there is not a God or creator.

Yet, if you choose there is no god, it’s kind of like, it’s just a materialistic random universe that leaves it quite cold, and the benevolent ETs assure us this is not the case. They are emphatic that there is a reason and a purpose and that the power of love is the binding force of the universe.

In fact, the nature of all creation, and the what they would call, you could call the divine intelligence, source or creator. I don’t want to pop anyone’s religious bubble and relations here. Can you talk about your understanding of this or have they mentioned to you anything about the creator or the positive side like looking at the glass as half full – that through faith, as opposed to demanding rational explanations for everything?

Corey – Well, most of what’s been communicated to me is basically their beliefs. Most of their beliefs go back to something about a oneness – that there is an intelligent resonant field and this intelligent resonant field, this resonant field, creates a geometric pattern that is the basis of matter, that creates matter, and then this matter is intelligently manipulated within the different fields and torsion fields that have consciousness that’s a part of this resonance consciousness is in a resonant field and that they call, that we all call the created source, that David Wilcock called the Source Field in his book. There are many names for it.

Rob – Right. All names would belong to this. Anything that we can use with our mind would limit the infinite mind of this source field. I’m not uncomfortable with the word creator. I have another question for you. We have spoken previously privately, and you spoke in part of your implant removal process was to invoke the name of Jesus Christ and when you had spoken about this to Ra’ Tear you stated that he bowed and acknowledged you and I’m wondering, was this. . . did you get a sense like this was, “Yea, whatever dude, bow” or was it kind of like, “Yes, we acknowledge that source of information.”

Corey – They acknowledged that source of power.

Rob – OK, thank you. Have they talked about implants ?

Corey – These were, you said implants and I guess that could be terminology, but these were entity attachments.

Rob – Right, OK. Yea, entity attachments. I was going to talk about that a little bit in the future. I wanted to talk a little about the term breakaway first. According to one of my friends that passed over, Dr. Frank Stranges, who was working with a gentleman named Commander Valiant Thor, he claims to have gone to Venus with him as well as to some Inner Earth positive civilizations. He had mentioned that some of the Mayan civilizations like the ones some of the ones that healed you did move the Pleiades.

So my question is about the word breakaway as it kind of sounds like a competition and someone moving it in a power sense. It seemed to me from the explanation that was given to me for this group was that they had reached a level of community and . .

Corey – Bifurcated is more accurate. Bifurcation. They just split away.

Rob – At that point when they broke away the world there wasn’t much communication to other parts of the world. So they were not a lone world order kind of thing. They just basically bifurcated. They decided their predilection was to move beyond the Inner Earth and go elsewhere.

So there are other groups, you would agree, that are not necessarily along the lines and agenda of the SSP international conglomerate that are separate from us but are not necessarily hostel to us or breaking away in that sense?

Corey – That are part of our current era?

Rob – Well . . That brings us to another questions, but let me just say the question would be: You would agree that there are other . . . In the history of our Earth, there have been groups of people from the surface that have basically either moved to the Inner Earth or off the planet.

Corey – Yes, absolutely. Our recent breakaway civilization thing that has occurred, it is not a phenomena that has occurred for the first time on this planet. There have been other civilizations that developed to a certain point and then, of course, the priesthood who guarded the knowledge and the science and were also the science class, you know guarded this information and kept it and them and the elites just like us and our elites kept that information and segmented themselves away from the general population.

Rob – OK. One of the things that I’ve heard about from what I understand from Inner Earth is that there is a positive Agarthan network that you haven’t mentioned in any of your talks. Would you go into that a little bit? We talked about things called the Ra’s. We talked about Ra Tear.   From the Atlantean civilization at the time they were forseeing cataclysms coming through the misuse of technology.

I guess the basic battles going on between these farmer groups were destabilizing the Earth’s tectonic plates and that some of the spiritual centers of Earth groups around the planet chose to go inside the earth.

Thus, they created an Agarthan network and they were called the Ra’s. Beneath Giza is Ra, beneath the Himalayans is Ra-Ma, There’s one beneath the Bermuda Triangle called Ra-Yolo, There’s another one called Poisided in Brazil. Beneath Shasta is Ra-Mu. There are many other ones I imagine.

Corey – Where does this information come from?

Rob – This information comes from what is known as the Great White Brother/Sisterhood. This is one of the things I was kind of curious about to address because some of your experiences with the Inner Earth groups, the Omegans and the groups you have met with, seems that they are not very far evolved. They have a beautiful technological civilization there, but there’s still fear. 18 million years that group is in their projecting themselves and making telepathic communications out of fear to rule the surface population?

Corey – No, they’re connecting with people to give them benevolent information, but they’re using subterfuge as . . . to protect their location, as any group would do for protecting your home base and your assets and all of that.

Rob – Yea, I can kind of see that, and on another level I was kind of thinking there would be more of positive open interaction and I think that’s what . . .

Corey – That’s what they’re lobbying for, and the reason there hasn’t been that is that back to the close to the time of Muhammad,there was a major treaty signed among all these groups, and it had to do with open contact walking among humanity, and it had to do with letting us develop on our own with only . . . with them skirting the rules with mild and manipulating from the back-ground through proxy, human proxy agents mostly. So this is one of the things that the Anchar Alliance have requested to have meeting with the Super Federation to see if this treaty can be re-visited.

Rob – Is this treaty between the Inner Earth groups of the Agarthan network?

Corey – All the groups in this solar system abide by this treaty, even the Draco. There was open warfare in our skies above our planet up until even our current historical era between all these groups, until this treaty was signed.

Rob – OK. I guess that leads me to another question here. So they’ve all had this treaty that I call the Quarantine, and it’s based on to keep things so there’s not battles in the skies but there still are.

Corey – Not only that but not allowing them to be seen and walk among us – to allow us to develop our society without direct physical interaction and manipulation by them even though, as always, it seems in all these cosmic treaties and rules there are little ways in the background for the benevolence and others to circumvent parts of the treaties.

Rob – Obviously there’s certainly evidence, the bad guys are circumventing this clearly. One of the gentlemen that I sent you a link to named Bob Reynaude has a website called the Terrakor Files

Terrakor Files this is a good group of ET’s not in the Federation but from what is called the Alliance. I’d like to share with you one of the things that they have stated that since Earth this is a Confederation world and as such we do not have any military confederation type protection for ourselves.

They said that they had discovered that in the 1800’s a group called the Omegans came to earth and infiltrated us and are using subterfuge in violation of those agreements and are infiltrating us. The Omegans have done this on many different worlds in the past.

Through the political and the military process and they keep the people at each other’s throats. To counter this threat the Alliance has also infiltrated the Earth through a technology which they talk about which is basically how they work amongst us. They can have their life form body from another world.

They step into a portal and they disappear and they show up on Earth in a human physical body that is adjusted to our gravity, that is kind of like a holograph relationship to the soul that can exist in our environment. So they are definitely involved as sleeper agents in all aspects of society and religion and society and media and science and military and political and things of this nature. Do you have any information about the positive groups working to stem this . . . these other groups who are seeking a parasitical nature with us?

Corey – Could you be a little bit more specific about which negative groups? You gave a lot of details there with these people you gave me links to.

There’s lots of different parasitic relationships going on on the etheric level and on, even on the physical level you have relationships every day that people have in their lives are parasitic relationships.

Rob – Right I’m talking more specifically in an intention work that is coming here to infiltrate this planet, use it’s resources and subjugate the people through the NWO kind of technology here. I’m talking about the reptilians, the Grays and some of these human groups even which I would say are like, some people call them the Omegans are the Kalrans.

These groups don’t generally like to work together, but according to this gentlemen, some of them are forced to work together like “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” so to speak. He talks about these different groups that are actually, we would call them down here the forces of light. It seems that the Ra Tear is viewing the same thing kind of like there’s been a lot of interference here and they’re here to kind of clear the playing field, is that correct?

Corey – Yes, they stated that their main purpose has been to basically interact with the humanities’ co-creative consciousness, mass consciousness in a symbiotic way. Work with directly with that mass consciousness to help it – help it to determine it’s path and future outcome and that’s the high level area of what they’ve been doing. The low level area of what they’ve been doing is more on the level of, you know, speaking to me or to these others or speaking, communicating to these other beings. Because when they first . . . when their presence was first made known, all of these beings were trying to hail them or get in contact with them but they were not being acknowledged.

Rob – Obviously they’re not being acknowledged. I’ve heard reports that some of these ships were here since the ’70’s. I have another kind of question . . .

Corey – I wouldn’t doubt, (and they’re not ships) I wouldn’t doubt these sphere’s have been here since, probably for many many decades before that if not longer.

Rob – Yes, and a lot of our information here is based on our physical plane experience, and so I have another question for you. How far up in dimensions have, if you know, is the Cabal or the NWO SSP program been able to go? I know some of the technology allows them to travel on the astral plane where time doesn’t exist – beam ship portal technologies. I’m kind of curious.

Corey – They’re able to travel to other realities or dimensions. There’s one reality that they’ve traveled back and forth in-between now. Most of the travel that I’m aware of has to do with travel within our solar system and the information I have of travel outside of our solar system with souls and through portals.

Rob – Oh. So we don’t know exactly which dimensions. It’s not really known or deciphered at this point.

Corey – Well. . That’s really hard, Dimensions . . . like if you’re looking at crystals or diamonds, there are different facets. Those are different realities timelines, and dimensions, densities are not the same thing. So you know there’s a lot of, you know, there’s a lot of confusion out there.

People talking about going to, you know, going to another dimensions or another density and these other density beings, their consciousness and their molecules, they’re vibrating, their frequency is vibrating at a a higher frequency than ours and they’re higher vibratory beings.

I’ve physically touched and interacted with them and they have the ability as they get higher and higher frequency to just change their self to complete energy and forego, for a lack of a better word, or teleport wherever they like. They just change frequency of their consciousness to the frequency of the location they want to be and they shift to that location.

Rob – Right, these are some of the higher beings. I wanted to go into that in a couple seconds, but I wanted to confirm what you talked about. Beam ships have cameras above and below the bottom of the ship, and as you said, they have these star, the star pathways are mapped out and so at certain times when there’s less star systems in-between they can go much quicker and they can just project where they are and where they want to be and they just jump and they’re there.

Corey – They really don’t use cameras, they use remote imagery that there is nothing that we have.

Rob – Obviously it’s an interactive technology that maps astral pathways and the numbers are always mapped into this super consciousness things. Here’s another thing I wanted to ask you is I personally have had initiation experiences in regards to leaving my body when I was very young and having experiences with positive benevolent forces, and in my experiences I recognized that I am an luminous being. I was actually able to look down and to see that I was, I guess you could call it, the soul or the light body that was . . . The physical body was encased in it and I looked down below my navel and I saw that I had these filaments that would reach out and touch the world. A famous author, Carlos Castaneda, who studied under Don Juan, said this is called the Will.

There are supposedly various points on the body that correspond to physical organs like the spleen would be the dreaming. We have what is called the Tonal and the Nagual, which also correspond to different points of the body. The center of feelings is at the tip of the breastbone. The reason is in the head. I actually experienced that on my luminous body there’s a position called death and it was to my left as it was stated in the books.

I actually could reach out and touch it. It was kind of a yellowish field and when I touched it and acknowledged it, it kind of filled me with a higher light vibratory energy. I was wondering in the SSP or any of your contact with the Sphere Being Alliance, did you have any experiences of this nature of understanding the luminous self and how it is different than the physical body and what that type of information and knowledge you might share with us?

Corey – Well yea. When we were going through the MILAB programs we were constantly being put through programs, put through processes where we were having out-of-body experiences and through the remote viewing and remote influencing training, we were, you know, doing the visualizations and the experiments to where we were leaving our bodies and looking at our light bodies and then expanding our light bodies and that kind of a thing.

Rob – Can you describe the light body? For me, it looked like someone had bundled up some hair, there were luminous filaments, almost hairy like a spider’s legs and they were within my body and it was a very kind of like a separate reality type of thing.

Corey – Yea, it was a giant . . . With us, we were told to picture it this way, so I guess it was some sort of front loaded into my way of perceiving it, but it appears as a bright energy field with different color and size orbs floating around, and we would then float around inside the light body and visit orbs and visit the orbs for information and the orbs were a conduit, were said to be a conduit to our higher selves or a symbol of a conduit to our higher self. A lot of what occurs with people is that we’re in communion subconsciously with our higher selves all the time and our higher selves is very, very much connected into the root of source and we’re being fed and given a lot of information that way. And a lot of people have a real high connection, a real close connection, to their higher self and our higher self and our conscious self will, our conscious self will take information from our higher self and present it to us in different ways. So sometimes we’ll perceive some mystical or spiritual experiences and it is a mystical and a spiritual experience between you and your higher self-receiving some very advanced information, but we perceive it as something else because consciously from our belief systems, or from our experiences we’re front loading the experience. That’s not all cases; that are some cases.

Rob – Very good. It seems to be filtering through the programming. I want to offer for you that we are, as David Wilcock says, a toroid, this fractal of light is when one looks at the top seen as a toroid. When you look at the front of the toroid it is like we are a human light or magnet. The electro magnetic flow from the anode to the cathode or from the brain and to the base of the spine we look like a butterfly.

One of the Shaman’s explanations is that where from our resonance center that we are projecting an assemblage point on our luminous self that we perceive things from and in some of the ancient mythology and technology that I guess from our. . Part of our problem is that we have these programs and belief systems that allow us to only experience the omniverse from one assemblage point and one perspective .

Corey – A lens. Yea. It becomes a lens and we see everything through that lens. New information comes out and we pull out our accumulated experiences and belief systems out of our pocket and dust it off and shine it up on our shirt real quick and we hold that up to the new information which some would call incoming light and that light is refracted through that lens of our belief system.

Rob – Right. And they said that a man of knowledge who follows the path with heart must be more fluid in his understanding where reason is not a despotic guard that should be a broad minded guardian to more higher dimensional be able to see the multi-dimensional information that’s coming in from different levels.

Corey – Yes, and that and self doubt. Wisdom and self doubt go hand in hand, because once you feel like you’ve got everything locked up, you’ve closed yourself off to any further growing. A wise person may think that we may sit there and think we have things all figured out, but we’re wise enough to listen to other information but keep our reality bubbles permeable to new information, but then again we’re running it through our filter of our experiences and belief system.

Rob – I wanted to talk about that filter of the lower personality vehicle which is the physical body and to state that some of these hostile groups like the Draco’s, who have an advanced awareness of this light body that they have as I understand there are, if you have ever heard of the engram or there are 9 points where you’re the giver, the knower, the leader, etc., etc.

There are names for the type of personality and according to these light beings that we have these fixations, which are our filters and beliefs that we’ve held that have become very rigid, and there are 9 of them. In ancient Hindu mythology is Kali – this girl holding a skull and she’s got 9 skulls and her knife.

It looks like a deadly evil thing, but it really is a good thing as it represents the cutting of the attachments to these viewpoints to allow us to hear more from our resonate center. There are these fixations which skew our view into a narrow bandwidth of perception.

So I’m wondering . . . it seems like the SSP and all these guys, everything they’re doing is geared along the lines of the black monks for control and power and that all of the things that you’ve described for the most part have been this historical breakaway civilization with the Nazi’s, which is just fascinating. I don’t doubt a bit of it . . .

Corey – What’s interesting about that is this new whistleblower that’s coming forward, William Tompkins. He was writing his book, “Selected by Extraterrestrials”, and he released it in Dec 2015. He’s about 94 years old now. He worked for the Navy. He had NO idea of the information that I was releasing. A person passed . . . Right after he published this book, a person passed my information that I’d given through Dr. Salla’s book “Insider’s Reveal Secret Space Programs and Exraterrestrial Alliances”, and he contacted Dr. Sala and was shocked. He said he’s a part of the Navy sanctioned disclosure project and that he’s going to be the first person to put a lot of this information out. He’s pretty shocked. I got his book. It just arrived. I haven’t got a chance to even look at it. A lot of people’ve been talking to him and much of the information correlates. I was told whistleblowers are going to start coming forward, which was about 7 months ago, and then I heard crickets and nobody came forward and I was getting nervous. There’s another person being vetted that came forth and 2 more in the wings that are being prepped to come forward that are whistleblowers. It looks like some exciting times ahead of us.

Rob – Yes. It’s a wonderful time. Michael Salla talked about that to me before, of course. We have this long history of ancient aliens and you don’t have to worry. I think there’s going to be a lot more people coming out. (I’m not worried).

One of the thrusts for this interview is kind of lay groundwork and a foundation for the orientation of these different groups. When you think about, OK we have the Earth-based Alliance, the good guys and the SSP. I’m really concerned with their ethics and morals.

As you mentioned, they bombed their way out of things. They’re contentious towards you. You’re at the lunar operations command and they won’t offer you healings. We have people down here on the Earth obviously that need healing. Some have awakened up and feel guilty about things they did under mind-control and they are concerned about blowbacks and reactions. It’s a human condition.

Corey – You haven’t even touched the Earth Alliance. They’re just as damaged as a group as you’ve just mentioned. These are considered the good guys right now out there fighting on our behalf while we’re sitting here not doing a whole lot.

Rob – Right, that’s part of, I believe, our mission. My mission is to wake people up so that we can empower ourselves. There are tremendous amounts of secret agents and guys who are working against this NWO (Oh yea) who have had tremendous loss of life and are very frustrated and have to live in absolute secrecy and I’m sure some of them are hidden in underground bases and things of this nature.

I wanted to ask you, maybe you could, and one of the things I’m looking for is this. . . Somehow this plan of unity. . . It seems to be fractured with the surface population orienting towards this spiritual, not necessarily pie-in-the-sky, but this nonviolent view of transformation and change. Do you believe it’s possible that the spiritual vibrations and the Galactic federation of 40 planets in conjunction with the benevolent Inner Earth groups, if they’re aligned properly at the right time, can overcome this Artificial Intelligence, AI, matrix?

Corey – Well, yes. There’s a plan for that AI matrix to come down. There is a plan that it’s all a part of . . . and I can’t go into it. It’s a . . .and some people can probably extrapolate, it’s a situation that will happen solar system wide and after that we will be having a need to be working on a a whole new type of technology anyway, so it would be a perfect time to usher in the new technologies.

Rob – Yes, I understand they’ve done this on many worlds before. That these hostile groups that are kind of conjoined with this AI-type of technology are usually choosen worlds that are not under a confederation or alliance umbrella and they take over these worlds. They’ve had a lot of practice with what they’re doing to us here.

Corey – They don’t care who’s in control.

Rob – Right, but they take whoever’s in control and they manipulate the situation behind the scenes, would you agree with that?

Corey – Yes. They manipulate things covertly until they get a certain . . . to a certain place operationally and they become very overt and take over. Yes, this AI presence permeates everywhere and it’s an issue that all groups have to deal with and only very few groups have totally eradicated the problem from their area at all by finding a way to completely dampen their signal all together from coming in to their region of space.

Rob – Yes, I think this is one reason for the quarantine and one reason that I was told by the benevolents that they are very concerned. In the text of the link that I sent you by the Terrakor Files, by Bob Reynaude, you can read the history. He was revealing some of this information back in ’88.

They have extreme . . . All the benevolent groups are very concerned about this AI. They quarantine people who are on missions to Earth and do this technology and do this psychological testing repeatedly and again to determine if this person has some sort of AI, which can infect them.

Corey – When did this come out?

Rob – This came out in 1988 (WOW) and he said one of they’re . . . He’s been underground. He spoke and gave information to Gabriel Green. He was receiving radio signals in the late ’50’s. He actually fell in love with one of these beings and has been to their world. It’s a very interesting bit of information. Some of the information he was receiving, some of the negative forces came on an Earth-based hill and projected false-based information that he didn’t discover for years.

So it’s a very cat-and-mouse game between these guys. He mentioned that the good guys have a transponder net around the planet where they can teleport and beam out an operative in moments. It’s not complete. In city areas it’s more difficult. Their agents are here constantly working.

He also revealed what they do on any worlds they infiltrate. They get within the governments, and then they attack the world and then claim it’s the confederation. They do minor infrastructure damage, with a lot of loss of life, and then they say ‘look Earth people, why don’t you sign an alliance? We’ll protect you from the confederation.” Whatever the plan it is they agree with these guys and they sign up and they don’t realize they made a pact with the devil, kind of like what we’ve done.

Corey – You see with all these different narratives floating around, we can see why this community . . . we are chasing our tails right now looking. There’s more information than ever and more important information than ever out they’re for us right now, but there’s just so much information and so much information that is just slightly different or some information that conflicts here and there. For the average person out there that’s in this community it is confusing as heck enough. Now imagine the sleeping masses out there approaching them with the information and trying to get some of this information disseminated to them and they’ve been socially conditioned with the giggle response to anything if they hear a word ‘non-terrestrial’ or ‘UFO’.   As humanity, we’ve got a lot to overcome in this disclosure process, and as a community that lens I was talking about that we use as a filter about what is true and what is not true and what we’re going to allow into this reality bubble of ours to let it expand or not. We’ve got to not throw away that filter that we’ve created over time, but what we need to do is put it in our pocket and say ‘You know what? None of us have the truth – the full truth.” We have bits and pieces of it. When it comes, when we get full disclosure, I don’t care who you are, Cobra, me, and anyone out there that are out there giving information. They’re giving information as they experienced it. When we get full disclosure every single one of us will be set back on our heels, and we’re going to have to adjust to a new reality.   But we’re going to be far more prepared than all the sleeping masses out there. As the starseeds, as the people who are more consciously prepared, we’re going to have to deal with the new reality that occurs and then we’re going to have to lead out there and help all of these people that are going to be shocked and they’ll have a hard time with the full disclosure narratives. As David said, there are going to be people that aren’t going to want to get out of bed and want to take Xanax and curl up with their pillow and lay in the dark and you’re going to have to make them get out of bed and take a bath and eat. There’s going to be little bit of that. They say that we can’t handle disclosure, but Laura Eisenhower said something, “We’ve been handling all their false flag wars and their disease and all the stuff they’ve been doing. We can handle disclosure.” It will be rough, but we can handle it.

Rob – I absolutely agree with you there. We can handle the truth. It’s just a ploy by them to hide their crimes and continue their selfish behavior. It’s reprehensible and they’re criminals and they need to be arrested. I’d like to announce Cobra and unity and we need to come together. We all have parts of the truth. Ladies and Gentlemen, I can confirm now that Corey will be doing a joint Cobra interview sometime later.

I have one more thing I’d like to address here and I have a question for you. I’ve watched your interviews very carefully. You’ve talked about AI infecting a computer and it lies dormant in the planet. It seems as though this AI, which exists in the Internet, would infect everyone, and you kind of make it seems like you don’t get infected and it’s harder to get. It seems like every single person on the planet is infected to me. Some of Cobra’s information is about the scalar plasma field technology of how this AI acts in a parasitic relationship to the luminous body that you talked about.

So can you clarify for me . . . You kind of made it sound like you go onboard and they can see that you are not infected. (Yes.) How can anyone know if they’re infected if you don’t have this technology? How cannot everyone not be infected now with the way the Internet and smart phones and everyone is touching their technology. Obviously they’re infecting everyone or does the infection come and go?

Corey – Exactly. Everyone is potentially compromised, but it kind of is in a state of totally traveling around. It’s very dynamic. Now if you happen to be a person that it can evaluate you and know your operational use to it, then it’s not going to waste time on you. Does that make sense?

Rob – Yea, the programs. You’re eating weaponized food, you’re sucking in the chem-trails, you’re smoking cigarettes, and you’re in the system big time, folks.

Corey – Yes, and the signal does lock in with your bioneural field. The biology of your body, your neurological system puts off an electrodynamic field and within that field is where this signal hosts itself and there is equipment not available to us that can . . . it reads your field and through that field they can also read all of your vitals and even your brain waves and they read the field and look for any crossover brain – something in the brain waves and something in the field to see if there’s any cross over or to see if it’s normal. If you show up as being positive, then you have to go through a process and I don’t know the full process, but I do know it involves a moderate shock, an electrical shock to clear your bioneural field.

Rob – Interesting. This is very much in alignment with Cobra. And I want to ask you one more question on this before we end this show. Folks, we’re going to do Part 2 here right away and you’ll be getting that next week. Cobra has mentioned, and I totally agree with this, that this AI is not like the Borg ‘resistance is futile’.

We do have our super soul resonance field to connect into that can overcome this, so it’s a very difficult process on this world. I want to confirm with you that this AI reacts so quickly it seems like it is its own intelligence, but it’s actually a technology and it’s run by someone on the program and it’s an auto program, but it’s still a program and it can be crashed and it will be crashed. Is that your understanding?

Corey – Well, no. It is a life form that we do not understand, but it is a life form. There are a lot of different life forms out there that if they were to be given to you, you would right now not classify them as a life form. You would classify them as something else. They are not exactly an actual program or a code. This is an intelligent signal. This intelligent signal is most comfortable and able to do more while it inhabits in electronics in technology. It is not a program. Now the nanites are programmed. Some of them are programmed and some of them are nanites – drones for the AI signal, which is being broadcast.

Rob – OK. Absolutely. That’s interesting. It’s going to be interesting when Cobra and you discuss this information; this one in particular I think is a unique one. It’s sounding like terminator and Star Wars and it gets really scary. When you think about and look at all this negativity out there to lend a little light heartedness to the end of this conversation.

I kind of think back to David Spade and Saturday night Live ‘Who’s in charge”, the Church Lady goes, “Satan”. I’m kind of curious, maybe we’ll get into this the next interview, if there is a specific group that are doing this service-to-self the numbers of them vs. the benevolents. I want to address in the next interview a little bit about the Super Confederation of the positive guys that are nonviolent, that are the hippy dippy, that do come from Love and are trying to heal the situation in a nonviolent way and their position and their numbers vs the other guys.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s been fascinating. Corey, I want to thank you so much for this first interview. We’ve barely scratched the surface. I have lots more questions. Thank you so much for coming on here today. We’ll see you again next week.

Corey – Thank you.

Rob – Alright folks, anther update: I do have a Mt. Shasta Summer Conference going on with Luis Maertens in Mt. Shasta. When this comes out I’d like you to check that out.

The conference at the end of July is with Luis who is also connected with Michael Salla and he is in contact with some of the Benevolent’s civilizations from South America and Bolivia.

We’ll also be sharing in Shasta some of the viewpoints with the positive physical people from the planet Venus. More of a spiritual nature exploration kind of like a boot camp training – like Corey Goode’s SSP advanced learning.

We will focus more aligned towards spiritual lines in developing our luminous selves and the pituitary and pineal gland to prepare ourselves for direct contact with these higher vibrational beings. It’s pretty good folks. Corey Goode is now a vegan – changing his lifestyle. God bless you all and thank you so much Corey.

Corey – Thank you.

Rob – Thank you, Corey Goode.

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